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Zone 14 bass Opener.


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I love Zone 14 bass opener.  I've got my milk run that I've been doing for quite a long time and it never disappoints.  Water temps were 66 when I got to my spot, started off quick and that wasn't going to be the ticket today.   Long bomber casts with spybaits was the pattern that worked for me today.  Winds were ripping out of the west so it was bumpy out there.   I did keep two fish (I know, unheard of for this guy) and one was still full of eggs.   Spawn has been crazy this year.   If I would have known that she would have gone back.    I did however set a PB for another species I chase in Gbay, lol.   The funny thing is I swear I've raised this fish 3 times over the past 4 years almost every single 4th Sat in June.  It was nice to finally meet her.   This is definitely her home base and today was my lucky day.   I was by myself, it was chaos, I'm so happy I left my muskie gear in the boat (Net included).    I tried to get a tape on her but with her not sitting perfectly straight in the net it was almost impossible and I wasn't taking her out to lay her in the boat to do that.   She was a giant.  I don't know if she touched 50 or over but it had to be close.   She spent a few seconds out of the water for a quick pic and back in she went.  Took about 5 mins to revive her, I'm glad the water temps were low.  Way too long of a fight on bass gear but not much I can do about that.   She righted herself and stayed a few inches below the surface for about a min or so, and I just followed her around with the boat.    After that some healthy tail kicks and down she went.   I'd love to meet you in the fall sweetheart when you've got a feedbag on!   It was really nice to make your acquaintance.   



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That’s a 50 for sure. I look at my PB 46 and this looks wayyyy longer. I’m still waiting for the day I run into one of these giants. Only caught lots of smaller ones in the spring and one ok one actually trying to fish for them. It’s something I need to spend more time doing.

i thought with the spring we’ve had being so warm and the opener being a week late the fish would be already holding to more summerish patterns but low and behold they are still stacked up right up in the sand still in any of the pockets I find them. We shall see what this heatwave does this week.


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