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  1. He on Facebook, every time he gets home from working the mine I think it’s two weeks on two weeks off or something like that
  2. Ah, takes me back to my days in the military lol
  3. lol i have an outboard on mine they are nice for longer runs or if the misfish wants to water ski
  4. So. Trying to keep up with me. Lol. Hope you find one
  5. I bet he runs for cover in a lightning storm
  6. https://barrie.ctvnews.ca/mobile/ice-damages-docks-along-lake-simcoe-1.4384387 New was just saying ice was pushing up on that side of the lake so if wind comes from the south between now and when you go it should be good
  7. Looks like all the way over to keswick but I don’t know about boat ramps
  8. Next Monday 945 pm its a crap shoot but with the coming weather rain and wind should move the ice the smelt should start
  9. Heavy equipment will be using diesel long into the future. New diesel cars and trucks maybe 10 or 15 more years and then their life span
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