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  1. Terry


    Never saw a robot call in sick and post on Facebook selfies from the beach
  2. Terry

    Barred Owl

    Great shots
  3. Terry

    Fly tieing a Goby ?????????

    They look good
  4. Terry

    Refresh my memory, jaw jacker

    A windlass tip up jigs by itself. So I don’t know
  5. Terry

    I present to you THE MINI MEEGS

    great baits
  6. the next bigger scotty has a counter but i can see the ball on my fishfinder so i know how deep the ball is
  7. I have the Scotty with the clamp no counter and 4 or 5 lb max ball 100 ft of cable
  8. its one thing to beat a dead horse but to stand there and make a gif of it is just wrong
  9. well, with me you can assume someone else caught it
  10. and i will never convict someone with out knowing all the facts they may be guilty but maybe the thing attacked him and all he had was his boots and the metal on his snowmobile to kill it with i doubt it but i dont know and neither do the rest of you Honestly kind of surprised people just assume
  11. That’s was the point I was trying to make that until we here what lead up to the beating. How can one be judge and jury maybe it killed their beloved pup maybe just punks but untill I know the facts I will not come to a conclusion on the killing
  12. https://www.trollingmotors.net/products/minn-kota-us2-adapter-cables-garmin
  13. Terry

    Anyone own one of these Kodi boxes?

    I use both of them and they are working but bk nox build Kodi is what I use most. With numbers video add on