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  1. I don’t think I will buy one anymore
  2. I have had one for a year but have never used it I thought my wife paid 35 bucks for it last year
  3. I bought one 15 years ago and just last year I bought a new one but still have not used it cause the old one just keeps working and some people here will tell you I am hard on all my equipment so two thumbs up from me
  4. The headline is manslaughter A10 inch hole will not get you charge with manslaughter it’s the big holes left when you remove a permanent shack. As in a hole big enough to fall in and drown
  5. Sure when we use to cut holes with chainsaws we would mark the holes with trees if we moved the hut
  6. Oh. Perch and crappie will be calling your name long before then Lol
  7. Just because you are offended doesn’t mean you are right
  8. I thought tiger Muskie were sterile
  9. I hear the rivers off Hudson Bay aren’t crowded oh and nice fish
  10. Or maybe it is true, I googled and saw many of the facts matched before I posted it http://don cherry visit troops christmas 2010 Hockey Night in Canada star Don Cherry signs heavy artillery during a Christmas Day visit to troops stationed at outposts in Kandahar, Afghanistan. STEVE RENNIE/THE CANADIAN PRESS/STEVE RENNIE/THE CANADIAN PRESS STEVE RENNIE KANDAHAR, AFGHANISTAN GLOBE AND MAIL UPDATE PUBLISHED DECEMBER 25, 2010 UPDATED 1 YEAR AGO Email to friendShare on twitterShare on facebookShare on linkedinShare on whatsapp Coach's Corner came to Kandahar for Christmas. Hockey commentator Don Cherry helped spread some seasonal cheer to Canadian soldiers at outposts across southern Afghanistan.
  11. I had two of them hit me before I learnt how to control it
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