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  1. Hey I don’t fish for spawning / nesting fish but if someone wants to during open season I’m not going to say anything to them for fishing within the law
  2. Why not if it’s in season it’s legal so everyone has the right to fish within the law
  3. I was on balsam last week and saw to boats clearly targeting bass
  4. Well you can’t get into trouble for giving it to him and most likely if it’s not allowed they will take it off him at the airport and eat it themselves
  5. The good thing is the more wind the harder it is for bugs to bug you anyways
  6. Full sport limit if he is from Ontario Uses part of your limit if you are from out of province
  7. the guys i know that use them for hunting and ice fishing love them but the guys that want to run the mud holes with the big boys wish they never bought polaris
  8. Polaris is getting better then they were but when i was running the mud holes if you went off the road with a polaris, you were tow back to the road by a yamaha or honda
  9. yup, for 200 bucks you can rent me out to bring you luck and a boat load of fish lol
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