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  1. I would say the tension on the coupler need to be tightened or you have a 2 “ coupler and a 1 7/8 ball
  2. Chains help for a few inches of snow and works real well on ice however in deep snow you want the machine to float on the snow with chains it digs in as deep as it can and if it doesn’t connect with something solid you get stuck
  3. exactly. Even a couple of fish of their own would do it
  4. You have to have it going fast enough to steer, speed 2 works on my garmin electric which is super slow
  5. I troll all the time with my 9.9 and use my garmin force electric to steer. With it I can set a course with the remote or I can follow a track that I made before on my garmin fishfinder, I can spend hours without having to steer the boat even while fighting a fish it is truly an autopilot
  6. Solar will not do anything to run an electric motor
  7. And the home owners are in possession mom not saying it’s right but it is the way the law is a judge May believe they were going to come back for them and go easy on them but I wouldn’t count on it we were told that if we wanted one car to transport all our fish in the cooler from a fishing camp while some people were in other vehicles, we would have to have them packaged in individual bags sealed and with name address and phone number . Types of fish and numbers of fish
  8. Even if you gift fish to a person that person can not possess over a limit so from the little info you gave, they are guilty
  9. I have the same make I still use the same suit the video is from 5 years ago
  10. They only need to be approved if they are replacing a life jacket on the water by far the two piece suits are the most comfortable and just as safe ,unless you going to sit in the water for an extended period
  11. Eat them and you get bloody toad stools never mind. Lol
  12. 4 am ,what a waste of perfectly good sleeping 🛌 time
  13. If you have a meter check if there is power at each stage of the wiring if not take the bulb out of the tail light add a little piece of wire and test at the car and trailer to see what power is there
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