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  1. There are no new 2020 tundra long tracks in Ontario. There are some in Quebec ,so it that or buy used
  2. Yeah I have always used scratchers and I have used a bolt through the back of the ski too I have also had a flying stud Poke a hole in a heat exchanger
  3. Yamadoo is sold. but UTVadoo May make an appearance but I had a lot of last winter I could not run the atv on simcoe but a skidoo could run the lake
  4. That’s was my thinking for the 550f . We just can’t depend on snow and cold weather thanks
  5. I am looking to buy a long track snowmobile for ice fishing. I want it light and dependable in all weather. So should I get a550 fan or the 600 4 stroke The fan can run with little snow . They start easy and easy to work on. But they are louder. And poor mileage but dependable as they get 4 stroke not as loud great on gas. but the heat exchanger needs lots of snow to keep cool so what would you buy if you were about to buy one. Oh yeah skidoo 2021 tundras no longer have the 550 fan motor
  6. Cool but I have no where to bury them
  7. The old walking talls or the rock one i have been watching tv shows the unit and dark angel and upload
  8. Lol I wish that’s why it is and for the record I don’t have an inside garden only outside
  9. Innisfil never closed the park to non residents except when it was closed to everyone however they did close all municipal parking lots to non residents but the parks remained to all
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