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  1. It is underpowered a 115 is a 115 a 150 is a 150. he is trying to get you to buy what it is equipped with
  2. If there is enough flow it could power your whole house
  3. But I would say that thousands of people carry a small motor to lakes every year and if gas motors get banned those great fishing trips will be done or will be done by oars and strong arms not electric motors
  4. Hope you had the video running , it would be fun to watch a polar dip. Lol nice fish
  5. They are only good for 90 days, unless it changed recently
  6. Please keep that pleasure to yourself lol
  7. Boater card for life boat registration, long time registered grandfathered in but newer ones have an expiration date
  8. Yup, that was my point , while not saying it
  9. All my fly-ins the gas was already there or they brought 2 twenty gallon cans , electric you would need a generator and lots of gas and be charging it all the time and when I portage to back lakes I carry a 2.5 hp motor and a gallon of mixed gas couldn’t carry a motor and a couple of batteries or more
  10. Yes a good one that doesn’t log activity
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