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  1. Terry

    New toys for the toon

    And now the spending starts 200 Bucks for map chip 100 bucks for iceducer 130 for bag damn i think you're catching up to me lol
  2. Terry

    Boat Storage - Indoor vs Outdoor

    You can pick moth balls your self but it is hard to get their legs apart lol never mind
  3. Terry

    tents that attach to your vehicle

    For me, roughing it is a hotel that ends room service at 9pm
  4. Terry

    Bill Murray as Hercules

    I just tried the second link and I had to try 3 times with pop ups but it worked
  5. Terry

    Bill Murray as Hercules

    So, did it work for you
  6. Terry

    Bill Murray as Hercules

    Took me 4 seconds to find it but a lot longer to find a proxy that would allow me to see it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FX1XEt8uEKs https://proxysite.site/index.php?q=oaam06xvZGWt2K2PqtPX2daUnJSTodBn2ZaqyZ13qKN_imO7fqltq3usqQ
  7. Terry

    Do you recycle your plastic baits?

    Good video
  8. Terry

    29,000 year old fishing equipment found

    I think they believe because there is a hole through each one of them implies man made
  9. My neighbour uses one just like that and it seems to do a good job on the weeds
  10. Terry

    Minn Kota Power Drive 50 - troubleshooting

    Yeah, but his multi-meter is horse drawn lol
  11. Sure do what I did punch your boss in the face quick and complete retirement lol
  12. What day is it anyways