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  1. i guess with the changing dollar it just depends on the exchange rate of the day
  2. again that is us, it says free shipping but , when you click canada they add 15 bucks shipping the cost in canadian bucks is 88.12 canadian all in
  3. Terry

    Needed items for atv?

    tracks are good
  4. plus shipping come to 88.12 canadian
  5. Sounds like you have the adapter card not the Navionics card/chip with the maps on it Do you know what S O L means sorry
  6. Terry

    Gar in GBay

    Ok. I’m not eating any fish that you need a pair of tin snips to cut into the skin.
  7. Terry

    Muskoka Lakes Pickeral

  8. Terry

    Muskoka Lakes Pickeral

    nice fish
  9. I'd give my left arm to be ambidextrous 😁
  10. right handed right for baitcaster , left spincaster
  11. yup I feel your pain I am thinking about dropping a bunch of bell packages I would like to go from 140 to under a hundred for their crappy service over 3/4 of the channels i get i dont want or dont speak the language but they come with the package
  12. Terry

    New parking options for innisfil

    yup a while back the town sent everyone a letter telling us we could rent our driveways i want 1000.00 bucks a day, so far no takers lol
  13. Terry

    My goby tied fly/bug worked

    nice going dude be verwy verwy quiet hehehehehe were hunting that wrackally whitefish
  14. Terry

    Adventure Fishing Maps

    thats better