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  1. The cost to straighten it all out will be overwhelming when you have one nurse and 1.5 psw to feed and put to bed and look after 32 residents which can’t be done now properly . Then you add covid and it becomes a cluster sex act
  2. Welcome to my club. but maybe the bugs are getting less each day and they will return to eating lures and jigs
  3. And 5 people die each year from malaria in USA so far 100,000 Americans have died from Covid in 4 and a half months So what’s your point
  4. Thing is we are not talking about pulling skiers we are talking about the ability to get home safely on a wavy day i really think it need a 40 hp minimum
  5. On a day with waves it may be hard to get it up on plane with a 25 on it
  6. I would take spring all year long. I hate the heat of summer
  7. When non residents can launch at Innisfil beach park it just got much more expensive The cost to park at Innisfil Beach Park just went up. On May 13, Innisfil council approved the increase. Innisfil residents with valid parking passes can continue to park for free, but non-residents will have to fork out $10 per hour, up to a daily maximum of $50. Buses will have to pay $50, plus $10 for each person on-board, except for children under 10, who are free. Story continues below The fee to use the boat launch is also increasing to $25 per launch. In 2019, it cost $7 an hour up to a maximum of $45 to park at Innisfil Beach Park, and $20 to launch a boat. The 2019 price of $7 an hour for parking still applies at other town-operated lots within one kilometre of the Lake Simcoe shoreline in 2020. According to town staff, in 2019, parking revenue at Innisfil Beach Park was $332,433, and parking revenue at Shore Acres Drive and Guest Road was $32,717, for a total of $365,150. The fine for a parking infraction remains $75 for voluntary payment and $90 for a set fine.
  8. Yup I ended up booking everyday next week. Just so I can get out on the nice days
  9. And again it depends on which company you used to get the card. Some do not have a record of who they sent cards to
  10. I don’t get it they can organize a 100 car cruise to drive by a hospital and that’s fine but a car club doing the same thing, just driving by something else is illegal
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