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  1. The only place I get walleye From shore on simcoe is near Beaverton and as for the others the good spots I have are good because not too many people know them. So sorry but I can not share
  2. Yes you don’t make it too tight if you manage a real far cast the line will peel the tape off so you don’t lose the cast and you just put the tape back on
  3. When you start out with a bait caster make the best cast you can , then peel out another 30 ft of line and put 4 inches of electrical tape on the spool and reel it back in. It will stop bird nests and as you learn to cast better you just put the tape a little deeper. This is the best way to learn
  4. I have SiriusXM radio and a Bluetooth speaker in my boat and it goes in my sxs for the winter
  5. I don’t like to hand feed my dinner lol
  6. I don’t think it would be illegal you can gift fish to anyone you want and he can gift back so not illegal
  7. That merc has great customer service
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