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  1. No after they stopped making you pay at the service Ontario spots when you registered the trailer now the fed gov gets the info from the boat register place and at some point years later demands you pay the tax they tried it on me and I say I bought from a marine and they took the tax off me , so go after them if you didn’t get the tax I already paid and i never heard from them again
  2. Bass clubs do habitat rehab , put 100s fof trees down to support fish ,every bass masters club is too organize lake clean ups I spent a lot of days removing tires and shopping carts and much more as directed by the tournament clubs they always give large numbers of rods reels and tackle to kids and charities. And have kid days out on the lakes and we have had disabled days on the water where we found ways to get them out to fish a
  3. Part of every entry fee went back to the fishery and they hired biologists to do studies on fish and fish habitat And you typed let’s hear the benefits not benefits to the fishery unless I misunderstood
  4. Tournaments were the catalyst for modern fishing boats, motors, electronics ,tackle , rods and reels and made a lot of people better fishermen and maybe even the odd fisherwoman
  5. Looks good yeah chains on bare ice work well. Chains on deep snow not so good they dig in just bare tires work better. And skis work a lot better
  6. Looks like you have to take a road trip to the US to look touch and try on.
  7. That’s what she said. Lol. cabelas carry a bit https://www.cabelas.com/product/home/frogg-toggs-rainwear/pc/105625080/c/1548694080/frogg-toggs-mens-hellbender-ii-bf-pnt/2605700.uts?slotId=7
  8. https://www.amazon.ca/s?k=Frogg+togg+waders&ref=is_s
  9. Not releasing OOS fish is illegal tournaments are not peoples moral compass has nothing to do with it and shouldn’t have anything to do with it lets stick with science and the law
  10. No I get what he is saying. A large group of tree huggers, politically correct morons that also want tournies to end ,also want catch and release to end if they get momentum in their movement they will end fishing as we know it. Just like a lot of Europe’s countries that do not allow catch and release and in some cases you need a license of each type of fish and for each body of water and in some countries a lottery to see if you can fish. We as anglers need to stick together and support all the different ways we enjoy the outdoors or the P.3TA /PC crowd will piece by piece end all types of fishing and hunting
  11. So you know if cabelas sells just the charger I can see it listed anywhere
  12. No wonder it’s taking so long to finish the cabin lol. Get off the internet and build just kidding I have more post then you
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