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  1. With the way the draw is, most likely that’s the only way I could get a moose these days
  2. I think they say every 100 hours or minimum once a year
  3. My poor old eyes sure have a hard time reading highlighted text
  4. But the plant is net zero emissions, they planted some trees and pays their share of the carbon taxes, paying a carbon tax is going to save the world oh and the budget will balance itself
  5. I just sold a rude 2003 9.9. because it broke down and there were no new parts or aftermarket parts i found a used part after a lot of looking and sold it right away but I still have a 2001 rude 90 Hp I’m thinking I have to sell if I can find a different make for a good price
  6. You know I was talking about the fish and the meal lol
  7. Yeah, that would put a new twist to it Then quit stocking them seems to be the answer to start with
  8. Make it simple get a 24 or 27 group size regular starting battery there are only a few manufacturers so buy a less expensive one if you can
  9. From what I heard they only have cold drinks and they are handing them out for free this weekend so no double double
  10. And there it is he edited his post and added advertising link so I did read into it what it was
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