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  1. I as of last March I have been in contact with two other people other then the people In my household I have not been to any gatherings, weddings or anything we get our food and other things delivered or curbside pick up i have not been to a job or a tackle store and all this even when there was no lock down I have been to a gas station I wipe things down pay at the pump buy in bulk for my toys and wipe must down when done I am one of the most careful people in Ontario but I go fishing when I want and that is not a loophole it’s legal if you don’t feel comfortable doing it don’t But don’t try to make me feel bad doing it hell it’s been almost a year without fishing with a friend in my boat atv or skidoo
  2. The fact is there are no travel restrictions and someone in Toronto is not going to be able to snowmobile in Toronto so to do a legal and stayed activity they must drive out of the city . Of course my region is southern Ontario so I can find a place in my region to snowmobile
  3. And the reason they say you must follow Healthguidelines and they said bylaw officers can fine you they are leaving it up to the municipalities to make their own rules. Just like in the spring. The simcoe health board said when the provincial rules said recreational businesses had to close all municipal sites and access to to lake would be closed. And the fine for breaking the rules was about 800 bucks So if they say no one from out of town can park or access the lake in Innisfil. They can and will ticket people. It’s not a travel ban it’s a local bylaw enforced by the local Heath Unit
  4. I think I will keep it a secret so not as many people will bother me while fishing 🎣 https://covid-19.ontario.ca/zones-and-restrictions?fbclid=IwAR3nbxUo3q2MRxH3xs3jgKHFHmndifhBY4GYCFy0LxuhWlQ9RTSuT-tN8Bs
  5. Icefishing is on the list of acceptable activities so if you have to go 40 k to get to good ice to icefish or the same to hit snowmobile trails which is another acceptable activity how can they argue although some stupid bylaw or police it will try to impose their own opinion of the law
  6. I watched his whole speech and question answer period and he did say it
  7. Ford said you can go stay at the cottage just take all the supplies you need for the stay. He said it. So I would determine traveling that far is ok. So me running 1. .5 km to my lake is golden I am sure there will be clarification in the future but for now we are good to fish for food or exercise
  8. It’s going to be up to municipalities if they decide to block access due to medical officer then only people with privy access will be fishing. But right now there is nothing that states we can’t fish and you can still have a group up to 5 at an outdoors gathering
  9. Yup , you do you need more equipment
  10. Thanks that is what I thought
  11. Ok i have had some people tell me they got tickets for snowmobiling outside there area tues and another Wednesday. I have not heard anything that is a law against travel. Has something new happened that I haven’t heard
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