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  1. https://www.cabelas.ca/product/76683/eagle-claw-rod-tip-repair-kit
  2. Hide it till the conservatives get back in power
  3. I should have taken a photo of the mirrors and front window. Couldn’t see a thing
  4. Yeah I need to put some type of fenders on mine too i went for a spin off road and the mud flying was crazy
  5. I have had mine on my trolling motor for 3 years now, it’s ok if you want to look the same direction the motor is pointed in anchor lock mode on the trolling motor it’s hard to use as the motor is moving all over the place trying to be stationary so I am hoping to find a suitable separate mount for mine over the winter
  6. As I remember you walk out and I transport you back to shore when you are done fishing lol
  7. After years of dependable fun with the Yamadoo I had to retire her I sure missed her so after a couple of years I need to build another one I have a side by side cfmoto uforce 800 and decided to put tracks on her. The wheels on. UTV sit way forward where as an atv rear wheels are right at the back of the machine, so the same system would not work So I had to make a whole new axle and way to attach it to the bike Well introducing. The CF MotoSki I still need smaller tires on the front so it has the same forward movement as the tracks so I can run it in 4 wheel drive but the hard work is done and she will be running the ice come winter
  8. This is it https://www.pcl-pep.snbservices.ca/1001/pubweb/default.aspx?lang=en-CA
  9. Do you know if it has an icefishing transducer or boat mounted ducer hard to use an ice ducer in the summer
  10. I use and love a 9” screen plus livescope but I ride not walk walkers may want smaller size if they are carrying it in their hand but if it’s on a sled your pulling , then I say go big
  11. I wore a one piece suit for about 25 years and thought it was the best way to go then I got a two piece and realized I was wrong in every way a two piece is more comfortable you don’t condensation in it you can remove the jacket if you start to warm up too much and farts don’t slowly escape out the top of the zipper just 6 inches under your nose
  12. I would put a thick clear outdoor epoxy rein on it some have uv protection too
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