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  1. with my 2.5, im lucky to get 9km out of it
  2. bet I have told that joke hundreds of time
  3. if you look at all the photos and the size of the boat , I think the ram held up pretty well, I wonder how one of those aluminum made trucks that a tool boxes rip holes in them would have stood up
  4. good report, I love balsam but have been having trouble with walleye this year too
  5. i spent many years fishing the ov pro bass tourneys
  6. Some how I think it was for icefishermen and their portable units he was giving the tip to and it was a good tip I put my finders and underwater cameras on charge and my electric auger too
  7. Terry


    im glad your gone, you are misinformed well tell that to the people with epilepsy, who havent had a grand mal seizure in over 6 months , tell that to the people with parkinson's disease that can now feed themselves
  8. Terry


    I dont think you have a clue what you are talking about it has great medical uses, is not addictive (for some it can be habit forming) and most heavy users that i know quit hard drugs and or booze and settled with pot as a milder alternative to heavy drugs not the other way around
  9. nice fishes a little wavy
  10. ????????????????? dont know what you mean by that
  11. My trailer had square tubing all the way the way to the axle, so I removed the hitch bought 10 ft of tubing that fit inside the trailers frame put the hitch on it slide it in drilled some holes to pin it and I had up to 10 ft of extension which I needed for a lake I fished. And it was always on the trailer just slide in and out as needed the trailer I have now I can’t do but if the trailer is the right shape it works well
  12. its only illegal in canada without a permit i did a tourney some years ago and they did have a permit and the final weigh in was at another location
  13. yes it does, hasnt happened lately to me but in the past it happened a lot
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