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  1. Maybe you could convert a bowrider? Seem cheap and plentiful. Never understood why but Always looked like you got a lot more for your dollar in the used market.
  2. As others have stated I think you’re unlikely to find what you want at the budget. Not saying it’s impossible as really good deals do come up; particularly if you happen to live in Sudbury or kapakasing but they go fast. I check kijiji obsessively and at that price point your looking more at a half decent 14 foot package. People want crazy money for their stuff.
  3. You haven’t heard? They’re getting rid of spring. Cost cutting.
  4. Looks like you can still buy one at tradex for 125 dollars. No licence required! Of course I have no idea if it’s metal but if you feel like living life on the edge, give it a shot. Because sometimes you just gotta know.
  5. I’m no gun expert but am an occasional hunter. I think proper assault rifles have fully automatic firing capabilities, and were already banned in Canada. I think the list is in large part rifles styled to look like assault/sniper rifles. It’s a long list and I’m unfamiliar with most of the names on it. Handguns are still legal so far as I know, you just need a special licence. I think gun enthusiasts and collectors are most likely to be affected by these new rules. I think the most commonly purchased bolt action rifles and shotguns are mostly unaffected from your average hunters perspective. But that’s just my 2 cents
  6. I like to think noon is more a state of mind.
  7. Hey Iron, not sure what you’re doing above me there. Grimsby was just saying there is no mention of tragic, or tragedy. Pretty sure you’ve got it figured out at this point. This is supposed to be a friendly post. But I thought I should clarify, Just on the off chance That your dementia is acting up, rather than your dyslexia....you know I’m ribbing ya. Love your posts.
  8. This makes sense to me. Fish, but don’t be stupid about it.
  9. The article makes fishing look like a highly sociable activity, which I guess it could be, although doesn’t have to be. Never got into trout fishing so I don’t really know. I do know though that I could pick a spot on the Otonabee and fish for carp all April long and not even see another angler.
  10. Substituting 35 percent cream for some portion of the milk goes a long way to making it rich and thick
  11. How can you close just one zone? I can’t imagine they have enough staff to police all the access points in any zone. Although I can see it happening, I did after all just shell out close to 200 bucks for a three year sport and small game card. With a little luck they’ll cancel hunting in the fall too.
  12. Yeah, I can see how you might have to shut down a few high traffic areas but, if people can give each other 6 feet in any of the many stores and workplaces that are still open, not to mention city streets, they should be able to do the same in the great outdoors.
  13. I would’ve thought going for a walk in a CA or provincial park would be one of the safer activities you could do at the moment. Plenty of elbow room at this time of year. I was going to try and do a little fishing in a provincial park later this week. Guess not.
  14. Is that a bobcat or a lynx? Never been fortunate enough to see either and I wouldn’t know the difference if I did. Very cool though.
  15. Cool video. Been a few years since I did any ice fishing. God, just looks so cold though.
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