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  1. There’s a 2020 Tohatsu 3.5 for sale on Kijiji, East Gwillimbury , asking 990. Supposedly mint.
  2. I picked up a like new 2018 Suzuki 2.5 for 500 for my sportspal, which I figured was a good deal. You might be somewhere around that price point. I have the narrower flat back sportspal and actually managed to fall out when I stood up and leaned over the motor to check that it was pumping water out. Thought I was gonna tip the canoe so flopped out. Ruined my cell phone. Some weight up front would’ve really helped. Other than that it was good.
  3. At least a couple of lighters as your guaranteed to lose the first one before you even use it. A hatchet. Some kind of camp knife. Couple pairs of cheap cheater glasses. Something to read on rainy days or if the kids ever give you a moments peace. Aspirin because they probably won’t.
  4. I woke up at 12 to take a look. Unspectacular. “Wow…the universe is so boring.” Bart Simpson
  5. Might be worth a look. Between 10pm and 12. Supposed to turn reddish.
  6. Is this legit/accurate? Funny you mention non political as the article clearly has a political bias. But whatever. I can’t say I’ve heard anything about these changes but it’s been a few years since I’ve been hunting and haven’t really been paying attention. Did some reading, bill c71 has been in effect for a few years now. RCMP web page states that you still don’t have to register non restricted firearms in a private sale although you are supposed to verify that the buyers pal is legit. I dunno.
  7. You had me at shrimp. Sounds like a real good time. Been telling my family for the last seven years we’re gonna road trip it down south one of these winters….maybe some day
  8. Yeah, I think you guys got me. April fools inspired post. I figured if I could get even so much as one google lure search then my work was done. Thank you Akri. My existence is complete.
  9. Wow. Can’t believe nobody’s mentioned a few classics. Spickle’s original Nasty Floater PoGo StiX in a jalapeño tiger pattern, deadly in low light conditions Chumbawamba Tubthumpers-1/2 ounce Timmie’s Cruel-lures ( just about anything’s great from these guys)
  10. MONSTER!!! Right on, stoked for sure.
  11. I did some googling. Apparently the United States produces just about all their own gas domestically. They’ve seen a pretty similar rise in prices over the past few days or year. There’s more to it than just lack of domestic supply
  12. Wow. That’s some basement. Think it was considered natural/nickel. Single Colorado blade. Mind you, I was only half way serious, I’d have to mortgage my house if I had to come up with enough cash to buy a box of musky baits at todays prices. I think the last time I bought one it was from Lebarons and was about 12 bucks. Thought it expensive then!
  13. I’d love to have a peek in that basement. Well stocked. Any chance you’ve got a crate of spare Slopmaster spinnerbaits? Caught my first musky on one; will forever hold a special place in my heart.
  14. Smitty; that wasn’t intended to be a holier than thou type of comment. Personally I’ve done nothing to change my carbon footprint, would gladly make a Unimog my daily driver if someone gave me one.
  15. If you don’t care what people think why would you spend 20 minutes making your case? Sure, the weather/climate has been historically subject to erratic extremes but that doesn’t mean climate change isn’t at least a possibility.
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