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  1. Smitty; that wasn’t intended to be a holier than thou type of comment. Personally I’ve done nothing to change my carbon footprint, would gladly make a Unimog my daily driver if someone gave me one.
  2. If you don’t care what people think why would you spend 20 minutes making your case? Sure, the weather/climate has been historically subject to erratic extremes but that doesn’t mean climate change isn’t at least a possibility.
  3. Providing you can find open water (and species in season) I don’t see why not. I had a big pike follow in Ashbridges bay and saw my dad catch one over near the western gap. Both winter time although 10 plus years ago. If you’ve got yourself a nice day I say go for it.
  4. Nice boots. Baffin titans supposedly come in at 7.5 pounds a pair, mens size 9. I had a pair of 13s or 14s and they felt like close to 10 pounds. Warm though.
  5. And why? …never mind. Did a little reading. Interesting.
  6. I just ate dinner (steak) yet I’m salivating at these steak posts. I must not be eating enough! Onion rings, fries and beef, oh my! Pretty sure that’s how the saying goes…
  7. My sticker expired in June and I finally got around to renewing it in March. Only cost me 40ish bucks for the remainder of the sticker, if I remember correctly. Thought it odd, seemed like an incentive not to renew on time.
  8. That’s awesome man! Been reading your posts for Eons, really looking forward to seeing what you can do with a boat. Congrats, that’s pretty much exactly what I want. Problem is we already have 2 dogs.. maybe some day.
  9. I’m pretty much in full agreement with AKRI but I’d even suggest going with 50 pound braid. You can always dial it back later to 20 if you wish, just makes picking the knots out that much easier, and less frequent in my experience.
  10. Beautiful. If I recall last years fawn had some kind of injury. Did you ever see it again?
  11. I never chummed for anything other than carp, which is still a go. Have I been missing out?
  12. Why not break some new ground? Sea Lampreys are probably fair game. Maybe toss a cormorant or two in the smoker too while your at it. Everything tastes good once it’s smoked!
  13. I think they are considered endangered/protected now, no? Used to often see them washed up on the beach as a kid, haven’t seen one in years .
  14. All wives love musky gear. Sometimes you just have to spoil them; something like a 400 dollar St. Croix rod should do. Expensive? Perhaps. But the look on her face will be priceless.
  15. The future sucks apparently, cause now I’ve seen it.
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