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  1. Well, read this thread and was almost worried it might be like shooting fish in a barrel but squeezed in an hour this morning shore fishing the Otonobee river. Bass weren’t biting, none caught or seen. Mosquitoes were much more obliging and showed up in droves.
  2. I have very little experience catching walleye, although I have fished Nipissing once before, many moons ago. Dressed Mepps black fury 3 with a worm was landing walleye if I remember correctly.
  3. Thanks for the heads up. Splurged on a new spinning reel. Daiwa Fuego LT. I think with the free shipping and 10% off it would be hard to beat.
  4. Holy smokes!! Wow, dude, I caught my first carp with, and thanks, to you! Back when the world, and ofc, were young! Grass was geener, mountains taller and children kinder! Before I even had one of my own. Been many years! Thought of a telescopic rod hadn’t even crossed my mind funnily enough. I’ll pm you some contact info and we will figure things out. Thanks!
  5. I’m thinking that’s probably still to open ended a question and I should provide a little more info. Would love to be able to fish a Florida pond for bass but be able to chuck something out into the ocean surf for whatever. Possible?
  6. Been ages since I posted although still frequently check out the board. Was hoping to get a few opinions regarding a good travel rod. I know that’s a vague question , kinda like asking what’s a good multi purpose do it all rod, but all the same I’ve been lucky enough to be on vacation a few times recently (Florida and Mexico) and found myself without a rod. I’d love to have something that would qualify as carry on baggage, although I could check it providing it wouldn’t lead to too much extra hassle at the airport. I could always make a hard case out of pvc piping and take a rod I already own I guess. Anybody been through this?
  7. I've got to be the only guy who ever got a bad pair of the Baffin Titans. Mine leaked (both I think) within a very short time of getting them. They were definitely warm though prior to the leaks. If I ever needed another pair I'd still consider them, I'd just be sure to keep my receipt for the first time in my life. It's also worth noting that these are big, cumbersome boots, not light by any stretch of the imagination.
  8. Nicely done! Still looking for my first grouse ever, haven't even cracked the gun safe yet this year. Just feels too hot but hoping to get out soon. Trees are starting to get some nice colour, makes me feel I should be out. Looking forward to a crisp morning and some spare time.
  9. If I were a betting man (which I am) providing the bolt pattern and centre hub match up up you'll be fine. You can typically go a little lower profile with no trouble, going bigger is a often somewhat trickier as it leads to rubbing issues.
  10. I can remember watching the air shows in Toronto as a kid. The Vulcan was my favourite. Sounded absolutely incredible and would break the sound barrier. Do they still do that at the air show?
  11. I've had my eyes to the skies the last few nights,1am, 3am, up late or up early depending on which way you look at it but I haven't seen any sign of anything. Moons been bright though at times, might ruin any sign of northern lights. Can't imagine the streetlights help either.
  12. Maybe the time has come (again) for a pick up with an incredibly tiny bed. Think Subaru Baja. Seriously, take a look at 99 percent of the trucks on the road that aren't in commercial use and they have jack squat in the bed, haven't had anything in the back all month and won't next month either. For what's it's worth I don't think that things that ugly, stick a hemi in it and a dodge badge on it and the same folks who are rediculing it would be drooling over it.
  13. You've summed up little lake pretty well. I still have a soft spot for it though. Vegetation seems to have changed in it over the past 10 years, not saying I ever experienced fantastic fishing in it but don't believe it is what it once was.
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