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  1. Great report! Wish I was there.
  2. I have oak, ash, white pine some maple on my property. Fortunately no ash near the building. Not there year round but when there in colder months heat with oak and ash that has been split and dried for a year. Dry hard wood gives more heat and less creosote. I have more ash at the back and when they are dead I too hope the ash borer does not move to other trees.
  3. The plastic gaff (not sharp) was used to hold the bowfin because of sharp teeth. It was released back into the lake.
  4. My son caught a bowfin in a shallow weedy lake north of Orillia. I have never seem one and did not know they existed in Ontario. The fish was re least. The bowfin has existed since primordial times. It is part of the Amiidae family and is the only living representative of the order Amiiformes, which is traced back to Jurassic times. Bowfin fish are often referred to as a “living fossil.”
  5. The newer boats with more efficient motors will hold their value but the older glass boats that are gas hogs will drop. The older RV's that eat a lot of gas will drop in value.
  6. Yes Thermarest or any good quality sleeping mat from a store like MEC.
  7. New tents can leak especially if the tent fly ( cheap tents) does not go to the ground level. Spray fly and floor seams with silicon on the outside. Get a warm sleeping bag good to 0C or lower. I would not use a cot just a good thermacell under the bag.
  8. Is there a way of contacting Mitchell to confirm his availability? Thanks for your reply.
  9. I am also interested in fishing Lady Evelyn. Does anyone know of a trailer tow service for hire to get my boat (500 lbs with motor and gear) around the dam from Mowat Landing? I plan to camp not a lodge.
  10. I have this problem as well, using Chrome.
  11. The older heat pumps did not work well at -20C but Mitsubishi claims its high efficiency models work down to -30C. How well I am not sure.
  12. How does your father's MItsubishi heat pump work when it is cold (-25C) ? Thanks for your reply
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