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  1. I’ve also been out with Ian more than a few times for musky and once for walleye on the river. He’s a good guy knows how to fish LSC. That livewell setup he has is pretty sweet too. Those are some nice skis! Congrats!
  2. A couple of the places I called also told me this. Maybe the weight is the issue or perhaps the height the motor is mounted at? That’s what I’m starting to lean towards? I have two group 27 for TM. And 1 group 31 for 3 graphs and everything else.
  3. Big money for lithium batts. Was talking about this at work today with the sparky. Max rpms are 5500 as per manufacture specs.
  4. I called a couple local places, waiting to hear back from one. Was told I should up the pitch to 19? Would this be a step in the right direction or a waste of time?
  5. I can’t say for certain how long. Id like to say approx 4 or so seconds. How do you determine prop slip?
  6. I’ve weighed the current batteries I’m using for the TM and they are right around 60lbs if my memory serves me correctly. I weighed them before putting two of them in my old tinner
  7. No I wouldn’t be able too. I’ve called around locally and everyone has told me I must buy them they won’t lend them. And unfortunately that is to far from where I’m located. I would just like to get the most out of my motor and from what I’ve read I am not. Will double check gps when I get out next and the potential weight issue. X2.
  8. From what I’ve read online the way it’s mounted currently is how it’s usually done for a boat Like this. I will double check this with the other graph and my phone. Stamped with the size and pitch?
  9. Yes, I agree. From what I’ve read online I should be in or around there.
  10. I’ve been out a few times and messed around with this and where I had last night seems to the “spot”. Any higher and I feel the boat start to slow down. Could it be the height the motor is mounted at?
  11. I use my graph. Humminbird helix 9 g3n
  12. LOL. Last night I had myself, a passenger, full tank, 3 batteries, and tackle bags trolling motor and excluding the tackle and trolling motor weight was around 600+LB. 200each per passenger, 100lb for gas 60L, and 60lb per batt. So that more then likely is the problem? The motor is set on the second hole from the top, which I’ve read is the norm for a boat like this?
  13. Hey guys, hope everyone is staying safe. Looking for some wisdom on how to get the top speed of my boat up. Currently running a 90hp Evinrude Etec on 1650 Crestliner Fish Hawk. I was out last night with a passenger and only getting 30.5mph trimmed at WOT and getting 5500rpms. I have an aluminum 14x17 prop. I’ve read online that I should be getting closer to 40mph with a boat and motor of this size . Would switching to a different aluminum prop get me closer to the mark or would I need to go stainless to get there? Any help is appreciated.
  14. Looks like a great day! Congrats!
  15. X3. Friend and I both bought Terrovas at the same time. I got the 24v he opted for the 12v, after a year and a half he now regrets not getting the 24v.
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