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  1. They’re awesome seats. I’ve tried them on Erie when I was with my friend navigating 4ft + rollers in his 22 foot walleye boat. Worked well and my back was fine. The third guy who didn’t have one said he felt 2” shorter from spinal compression lol. And yes I’ve been told I have a problem lol. But hey have to get ready for that body building comp somehow lol 😎
  2. Those are some hawgs! Erie is a great fishery. If you have back issues you should look into smooth moves for you chairs. They are pricey but a friend of mine has them that also has back issues and says they’ve been great for his back.
  3. Friend of mine send me these, thought you guys might find these funny and get over the hump day blues! 🍻
  4. Awesome, it's a great series! Episode 3 airs tonight!
  5. Not sure why you would have to upgrade your graph unless you're looking for the I-Pilot link features. I-Pilot would work with the current graph you have. I-Pilot Link would be the only reason to upgrade your graph, even then you need the Lakemaster chip. I don't know what kind of motor you have but if budget is a factor why don't you just buy the head unit upgrade for Minn Kota to give you the I-Pilot features? It's cheaper then the Pronav. You would be getting spot lock and auto-pilot I'm pretty sure.
  6. Looks like a pretty sweet product however pretty pricey for just an add on to the motor. Also looks like the remote would be an additional purchase. Im not sure what motor you have but IMO it would be far more worth it to save that money you would spend on that a get a new motor with I-Pilot or I-pilot link. I believe you would be much more happy with your purchase as I was in the same boat as this last year. I ended up biting the bullet and buying a Terrova (which was pricey too) with I-Pilot and couldn't be more happy with the buy.
  7. Episode 2! Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GfHI0me6XKw
  8. That's awesome! Some real beauties there! Good Stuff!
  9. I thought he was going to completely fall in lol. I agree with the fly in bit. Wasn't to keen on that as you already know they're going to get tanks from Cree Lake. And the young kid is definitely annoying as hell. That kid and a few other kids, not really kids but guys approx 24-30 have the youtube fishing thing wrapped up. They have big sponsors and have the highest sub count exceeding a million subs, not Alex specifically but another one of them. As well as their own one of baits called Googan Baits. All of those things combined generate a big revenue stream for them. As well they are involved in some way with MLF fishing. I believe Alex and Aaron as well as Jay have started a company fishing company called Frostbite Fishing. Making ice fishing stuff, rods and lures and other things from what I understand.
  10. My Brother ended up going on Sat. Said whole lake was frozen and there was a 4-5" of ice.
  11. That's nuts, good to hear you and the dog made it out!
  12. There is an actual compartment with a lid between those spaces that I intended to put the charger in. If it does I can just throw my tackle bag there to balance out the weight.
  13. Has anyone been to couch recently? My brother and his buds are heading there tomorrow and I was thinking about joining depending on ice conditions.
  14. Yes, that's what I'm worried about. I did this in my old tin boat and put everything up front and the bow sat Real low in the water. Had to move them to the almost the middle of the boat. The engine is approx 330ish lbs if I remember correctly. Along with a tank of gas, someone fishing, 3 batteries (1 crank) and a charger and whatever other things end up back there, I think might be a little to heavy for that boat?
  15. No I haven't run it and yes thats what I think I might do either that or do the sandbag idea. I will have a look at those sites. Thanks. Yes, I'm looking at kind of a similar idea.
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