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  1. Looks like a great day! Congrats!
  2. X3. Friend and I both bought Terrovas at the same time. I got the 24v he opted for the 12v, after a year and a half he now regrets not getting the 24v.
  3. That’s a thiiiccc boii! Solid fish man. Congrats!
  4. Is it a 17 pitch ss or aluminum prop? I have the same motor but and 05. I’m only getting 30.5mph.
  5. What is your top speed with your 90hp etec?
  6. That’s a good price for that unit. It has mapping, 2D, down and side imaging.
  7. I’m willing to travel lol Ok awesome. Thanks. I wasn’t able to take out the boat today. Hoping I can make it tomorrow after work. Will post how I make out.
  8. Would these size rivets be appropriate? https://www.fastenal.com/products/details/11138207
  9. Would I be able to get the solid rivets at brofasco or a similar place? And should I use 3M 5200 on the patch as well?
  10. Ok. Trying not to open a can of worms here, however this is a used boat I purchased December last year and wasn’t made aware of these problems, I was mislead during purchase process and at the time of the purchase I was unable to water test due to weather. So it unclear as to when this happened. If a patch is needed, what type of rivets should I use or should the patch be welded?
  11. Yes, from the rear corner. No I did not drill stop the corners. I did not read to do that until after I had the weld done. Could I not have the welder knock down the patch enough to put on a patch or should I just leave it?
  12. Hey guys, looking for some wisdom here. As the title says I have some stress cracks in the bottom of my aluminum boat. The crack is located underneath and partially to the side structural support in the rear of the boat, behind the driver seat. Roughly the size of a toonie. I had someone tig weld the crack closed. My question is has someone here had any experience with this type of problem? Will the weld I had done Be enough to fix the problem or will it continue to crack? Should I have a welded or riveted patch put on top of the weld? I apologize for the numbers of questions, just don’t really know how to fix it properly and permanently. Attached are pictures of the crack from the bottom of boat, inside the boat (front and back of the crack location), and with the crack welded closed. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.
  13. I agree with the above mentioned, I would also pass. Not enough power. But at the end of the day it’s up to you. I did venture out onto Lake O couple times in my old 14’ tinner with a 25hp but those days were flat calm. Have to pick and choose your days.
  14. I would agree with the plastic scenario. Probably the best bet IMO. You could always cut the plastic out in the middle with a jig saw so the mechanism will pass though and pass through the gunnel wall.
  15. Yessss we’ve done this a number of times. S&V miss vickies is good cool ranch or cheese Doritos are good too. Other then that we usually use fish crisp, more often then not Cajun or the Italian flavour.
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