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  1. X2. Do know guys with boats with both brands and both say they like them.
  2. I’m not sure if fisherman’s pier has a seasons pass. I’ve always paid every time I fish the bay and lake O lol, maybe it’s something I should looked in too lol. The launch at bay front is good, however you have to go early in the mornings and be back by lunch time-ish on the weekends or it’s an absolute disaster there with knuckle heads clogging up the ramps. Night fishing is an option there too, we’ve tried that a few times. No one clogging it up then lol. I’m going to get the seasons pass at fisherman’s pier this year to avoid the s show at the Dunville public launch. Last I was there waited over half hour to pull out... I’ve heard rumours that may still be a thing 🤐
  3. I more often then not start off with some black/dark coloured baits when either trolling or casting, those I have the most confidence in. If that doesn’t work I usually switch to something more natural. If I’m fishing with someone else we usually run opposite colours and different size baits.
  4. Hey everyone, I’ve been contemplating the idea of taking my boat to the Niagara river to fish. Is there anything I should be aware of when using my boat this late in the season besides draining the motor/ boat? Can I keep my lead acid batteries in the boat hooked up to the minnkota charger or should I take them out after every trip? Is there any other precautions I should take or should I scrap the idea?
  5. That would definitely keep you busy. You’re probably right. I feel like that couldve happened a few times while I was up there.
  6. No, no skis for us this year. Just some nice gators. We didn’t fish musky that much over the course of trip as I was the only one wanting to spend the time trolling😔 lol. There’s just too much water to cast there for me. You’re right though, the big girls are elusive there. We mostly fished eyes. Seemed like this year the big eyes were out to play. The guys staying at our lodge said the storm that rolled through a couple days before turned on the bigger fish, seemed to be the case. Only a short drive North back to PAB!
  7. Nice report and nice fish. Was only able to get up to PAB couples times this year. The summer it was crazy high but did manage to get up there for a few days this fall. Weather wasn’t the best but we managed to follow suit and stick a few nice ones. Nice report.
  8. LOL No, me and the gf go faster. Myself and my buddy with gear topped out at 30.5mph.
  9. Great stuff! I was supposed to go with my brother and his buddy on New Year’s Day. I was in no condition to do anything but they went. Launched at 50 but didn’t do so well. They only went 5/6.
  10. After a long drawn out process, I have come to the conclusion that my top speed is being affected by the weight issue in the boat and possibly the overall design of the boat. I made a point to go out with just the gf for a ride and was able to get the boat up to 33mph.
  11. As stated above it really depends on how you fish. But I would spend the extra $ and at least have the option. I personally use both. They both have their time and place.
  12. Have to agree with this. Just seems more practical imo.
  13. I’ve also been out with Ian more than a few times for musky and once for walleye on the river. He’s a good guy knows how to fish LSC. That livewell setup he has is pretty sweet too. Those are some nice skis! Congrats!
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