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  1. Musky Plug

    Hours On Outboards

    Both motors are 4 stroke. The boat that has the 115hp is 17ft and rated for 125 max hp. The other with the 90hp was 16.5ft and I’m not sure about the max hp as it was already sold before I had a chance to look. I also was going to take it to a Honda marine mechanic in that area to have the appropriate test run.
  2. Musky Plug

    Hours On Outboards

    Yes, I like that idea. Yes I've taken a look at a couple and the pictures were deceiving. The Interior carpets weren't in great shape and neither were the interior compartments. Yes I've been told to check everything with a fine tooth comb and make sure everything is in working order.
  3. Musky Plug

    Hours On Outboards

    I agree i wouldn't want some random trying to do these things however I'd think if you wanted to sell it then that's something that you would do? Also why would you leave it there? Wouldn't you want to see what comes of the inspection? Not taking it to a mechanic for me would be a deal breaker. That would say to me that there may be potential issues with the motor. I'm not that well versed in outboard mechanics and would prefer someone who is trained have a look, before I spend a bunch of my money on what could be someone else's problem. I agree that you can't take it to a mechanic for every potential buyer however you should be able to weed those people out and try to deal with only serious buyers. Also if you do end up taking it to a mechanic, would it not be possible to get the things that most people would want checked it writing?
  4. Musky Plug

    Hours On Outboards

    Read this and it reminded me of a girl a used to know I will have to look into this, thanks. Thanks Ironmaker. Yes I wouldn't buy a boat without taking it to a mechanic or a water test.
  5. Musky Plug

    Hours On Outboards

    Thanks Ironmaker, I will check it out.
  6. Musky Plug

    Hours On Outboards

    What does WOT stand for?
  7. Musky Plug

    Hours On Outboards

    I'm assuming I would have to take it to a mechanic in order to check those?
  8. Musky Plug

    Hours On Outboards

    Hey guys looking for some advice. Currently looking at possibly purchasing a new boat one with 115 Honda 4stroke and other Yamaha. Both boats are around 13-15 years old. Both are in visibly good condition but how many hours would be considered to many on a boat of that age?
  9. Musky Plug

    Tips for buying a used boat

    Some good pointers in the video. Thought if someones in the market they could take something from the video.
  10. Musky Plug

    Eyes In The Night

    I don''t have any glow in the dark baits but I did try rippin raps of various sizes as well as cranks. We just couldn't get them to go. You would think? we used jig and minnow and dropshotted them but still nothing...
  11. Musky Plug

    Eyes In The Night

    Hey guys, Was at PAB for a few days last week with a few others for my first real outing this season. Weather was good first day was over 30 degrees and the the remaining days I don't think broke 20 with cold nights. We caught some good fish, one being a 4LB 14Oz smallie and another was 3LB 13Oz. Caught a few decent pike trolling for musky biggest being just shy of 37inches and a few others around the 30" mark and many other small guys. However they were no musky caught this trip sadly put just under 30hrs trolling in over 4 days and didn't even get a sniff. But that's part of it. So my question is, at night we took a break from trolling to try to find some eyes. We found them (or what I presumed to be walleye on the graph) only at night when the sun was down, they would school up and feed on huge schools of small bait fish. We could see the minnows swimming around next to the boat with the head lamps. Trying the catch them was impossible. Tried jigging, drop shots, cranks, harnesses, holding the jigs with minnows in the feeding area, rip baits. But still couldn't catch any. Is it as possible that they are just gorging on the other bait so theres no interest in what we were using or were we not doing the right things? Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Musky Plug

    Some Nipissing Musky

    Beauty skis!
  13. Musky Plug

    Another heads up, TORNADO WARNING

    Talked to my uncle yesterday, said this bad boy tore up his neighbours who live down the road. He's on line 7.
  14. Musky Plug

    Pointe au Baril info

    I believe the main part of the river is around 60 foot. Also I agree with Ohio your time can be better spend else where at this time of year. I agree with ak September fishing there can be a puzzle but it can be solved. Yes walleye are difficult to catch but if you find some bait you should be able to find them. X2 with the SMB info. No, the rock isn't Whitson Rock. It is in the Shawanaga river. If you look at the river there are what look like 3 small bays on the top. The rock is in the middle of the channel by third bay. If I'm a little unclear ask Geoff owner at Rock Pines, great guy he might be able to explain it better. Yes the lighthouse is past raspberry island.