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  1. Friend of mine has a cottage down the river from Cameron. Fishes there regularly. Says there’s lots of bass there, and has managed to catch a few decent musky as well.
  2. Thank you for responding and thanks for the info about the general store. Awesome thank you. I will have a look at my navionics and mark out some areas like that to fish. Have you fished west hardwood isl in that area?
  3. Hi everyone, I’ve rented a cottage in the Lavigne area at the end of the month. I’ve never fished this area or Nipissing for that matter. I’ve read this of Nip is a better bass/ pike area and musky fishing is better fishing in the west end of the lake. Any input would be appreciated.
  4. Hi everyone, looking for some suggestions for new lakes for spring pike/walleye trip 3/4 from gta. We have been going to the same area and looking to try somewhere new this year. Would prefer a lake with size over numbers. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
  5. They were good. Bought a couple treys. Show was disappointing. Only good tackle stand was Pro J. I did pick up a couple things though. Was hoping to hit the Lund, alumacraft shimano and h bird booths but none of them were there.
  6. I bought my boat used, but I did call all the local dealers and ones within reasonable driving distance but some said the same. Not willing to do anything, the others said they would have to send it back to crest liner to have it assessed.
  7. I did manage to find someone that was able to help with jacking the boat up. Looked at the underside for a while and under the areas covered by the bunks however there was no damaged areas. There was a small start of a crack on the side opposite of the original crack. So he did weld that up. So the plan is to take it it over the weekend and see what happens.
  8. I went a few times last season. Worm harnesses and smaller stick baits worked. The public launch was a disaster though.
  9. X2. I also have Simms raincoat and bib. Challenger series I believe. Quality stuff, bone dry. Kept me dry and warm with layers underneath of course during a rainy fall musky trip. Costs more but after I cheaped out on some sub par stuff and fed up with getting wet I coughed up the dough.
  10. Yes, I’m fairly certain that they aren’t leaking. I used blue tuck tape over the drain holes of both live wells and poured 5gallons of water in each live well. I had the back deck removed and did not see any water anywhere, and no water leaked out from behind the tape. It is a 05 16.5 crestliner fish hawk. I am located in the burlington area. what did you use to block the transom? Do you have any pictures?
  11. Hey guys, long story short I my boat is taking on water again this time I think from somewhere under the bunks. Dropped the boat in last weekend for the first time and almost immediately started taking on water. I noticed when my boat didn’t even out on plane. Took the boat out and a fair bit of water drained out. I have looked at the areas inside the boat by removing the back deck but I could not see much. I have also re assessed the plug the live well hoses and intake and the bilge system both are in working order. In order to see the areas I must lift the boat up. I have found boat jacks but are these worth spending the money on or is there a better/ easier solution? A friend of mine also suggested first filling the boat with some water to see if it leaks from the suspected areas instead of spending the money on the jacks? I have done this with small tin boats but not a boat of this size. Any help is appreciated.
  12. X2. Highly recommend this place took my rig there when I broke off my skeg last season. Straightened and repaired for $150/$175 can’t recall for sure. Had it done in one day. They even repainted my prop and lower unit for no charge. Great customer service.
  13. I’m going next weekend for my opener. Looking forward to it.
  14. Which launch did you use? Was thinking about this weekend!
  15. X2 wow is right. At the end of the day people should have the freedom to choose how they want to live. Either in fear or the choice not to. If you want to stay home and live in fear that’s your choice but I along with probably many other refuse not to. I refuse to let someone else ruin my life and my livelihood, when I worked my f’n ass off to build my company to where I am starting to see progress. The survival rate is 98% respectively for most age groups who are healthy. I currently know 2 people with COVID who are fine and know several people who have had COVID and all have recovered. Most people who have died in the past year in Canada even when COVID wasn’t the direct cause had COVID written as the cause of death. They’re are countless videos on the internet with hospitals from all over the world showing COVID units and ICU units empty. A simple search will show the videos. As stated above the overdose deaths in Canada have increased over the last year but no one has reported on that. The suicide rates in Canada have increased as a direct result to COVID and lockdowns but no one reports on that. The oncology departments are operating at 60% respectively and once COVID is over there will be a dramatic increase in cancer diagnosis or people who could have their lives saved with a diagnosis. But no one reports on that. Not to mention all of the respiratory and health affects and skin affects constant mask wearing have. The flu has seemingly all but disappeared this year which is also a virus spread in a very similar was to COVID. However social distancing measures have all but eliminated that but not COVID. And dispite some of the strictest lockdowns COVID cases still rise? Something just doesn’t add up for me. But what do I know, I’m just a dumb construction guy sharing my worthless 0.2.
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