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  1. I was wondering the same thing.
  2. Beauty thanks. I looked up that area of Severn Sound on navionics, I've never fished there and looks like a big area. We will be there from Sat morning to Sun morning, was thinking it might be to much ground to cover in a day.
  3. Thanks everyone for the replies. Sounds like I have my work cut out for me. What about Tea Lake near Gpool? Has anyone fished it? Found some old forum posts from different forums claiming there to be walleye.
  4. X3. Read an article not long ago by Gord Pyzer about bed fishing bass and the impacts it can have.
  5. Hey guys, The GF and I are heading up this weekend to visit her dad for Father’s Day and hoping to get some fishing in. He’s on a lake connected to Glouster Pool on the lower end. Would like to try for walleye and pike in the Gpool but haven’t been able to find any good info. Should we fish Gpool or would we be better off fishing Little Lake? Any info would be helpful. Thanks.
  6. Some beauty gators right there! Nice job!
  7. Tomorrow I'm booked to go fishing. Sunday I don't think I'll be in operating condition lol. Thank you for the offer. Need to meet up there and do some fishing.
  8. I would’ve jump in but I have a wedding on Saturday.
  9. That’s crazy seeing that. Yes definitely some big ones were hungry. To bad there oos. They were inhaling 4” and 5” swimbaits. The walleye were eating them the same way too.
  10. A bit of both. The ones we found on the main lake were smaller about 10"-12" range. Ones we found closer to spawning areas where bigger around 16"+ range no donkeys though. But the ones we found near the spawning areas some had spawned and some hadn't. There were some tank small jaws mixed there and I doubt that they had spawned as well even the small ones looked like they had been eating tennis balls. I wouldn't doubt if the pike are behind as well. It was tough for us to judge because we were only there for one day and to be honest spend a total of maybe 4 hours fishing pike.
  11. I have a 14' aluminum. I have a 60" on mine and works fine. It does stick up a little but not a big deal to me.
  12. Drove up to PAB for the day Saturday, ended up being a nice day weather wise. Fishing was slow but did manage to catch some decent eyes and just enough for a dinner and a few oos smallies, couple pushing 5+ lbs. Swimabits and jigging raps were the goto. Tried for pike in the afternoon, figured we would let the water warm up from the cool morning but the warmest water we found was 51.5 in some of the back bays. No pike to be found which was not ideal. So we just went back to fishing eyes.
  13. I can also speak to Muskie Bay at rice. Stayed there a few times, fairly clean and nice cottages. Boat are also good. Also stayed a percy's reach a few times, which isn't far from rice. Decent fishing and cottages in that area too.
  14. Yes, I do have musky rods but they're both on the heavier side. One is rated from 5-10oz and the other 6-16oz. I'm looking for something a little bit softer. Yes the lipstick is a pool cue. I will check out the Jerk.
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