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  1. 2lb and it is pretty small... I am wondering how it is going to work for you in the long run.
  2. What a beauty... How the Ryker served you this summer? 5.5k - I am guessing it did very well?
  3. Gorgeous trophies. Those bites by the boat... totally exciting.
  4. I know nothing about inflatable kayaks then When I tried to do quick Google search all I was getting were those Intex kayaks. Great setup by the way. I completely forgot you switched from a pontoon.
  5. Gorgeous report, truly enjoyed.
  6. I do not think you are going to find inflatable kayak suitable for fishing... I think you might find zodiac style inflatable boat quite useful.
  7. Cheaper kayaks (Costco, Canadian Tire) will be uncomfortable, heavy, cheaply made. However this level kayaks may be good enough for a small lake. I was trout fishing in cheap Pelican small lake in Canadian Rockies last month. I survived, because the bite was on, views were incredible. But my back... oh boy. Fishing kayaks... possibilities are endless basically. Sit in, sit on top, pedal drive, motorized etc Everybody's preference and budget is different. The best advice I can give you: find a shop which can give you a test drive. My buddy almost purchased sit on top after watching YouTube. He quickly changed his mind once he flipped it during the test drive.
  8. Awesome pics. I would wear GoPro if this area holds any wildlife.
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