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  1. You guys are posting and then me logging overtime in my time sheets. Thank you so much.
  2. ^^ second to that Fresh shrimps, $6/lb? That's illegal.
  3. Beautiful. I am guessing, not from here?
  4. Fresh and free, what could be better? I am jealous
  5. Unfortunately, the Silver does not have Hypersmooth (this crazy good stabilization), removable battery, front screen, wake on voice, Time Warp video, and many more.
  6. I am not sure what is your budget. If you can afford GoPro Hero 7 Black, even the used one, it would be all you need. Waterproof, excellent image stabilization, etc. Another option would be GoPro Hero 6 Black. If you are thinking about alternatives, I would recommend checking its codecs, accessories, batteries, waterproofing (if you need one), cases, etc
  7. Good idea. I will have to get used it though 🤣
  8. Solunar tables... that's interesting. Any use of them on Kawarthas for example?
  9. I must admit, nice setup you have over there. And this weather...
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