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  1. I must admit, nice setup you have over there. And this weather...
  2. Keep going your rambling Have a good day!
  3. Puffer!! Thank you for the pics, keep them coming 😎
  4. Same here. I only wish Cliff posted min 1 picture with his report 🐠
  5. Amazing Is it common for these 2 species to fly together?
  6. Wow, wasn't expecting any of this reading your post from my cubicle this morning. I am glad you are ok!
  7. You even disconnected smoking, congrats!
  8. This is really nice of you, thank you.
  9. Nice pics. I am wondering how far you were from the birds? What lenses are you using?
  10. Thank you for the report. It looks like you basically live on the water during the season.
  11. Do you know which features exactly I am loosing if I do not renew?
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