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  1. OMG 6.3 pounds, 17-inch, live nightcrawler on a drop shot rig. I cannot imagine his reaction
  2. 21k signed already https://www.change.org/p/doug-ford-ontario-boat-launches-open-to-fishermen
  3. It is good now, I agree. Is there a functionality (link, button) which would list all unread content? I see something like that on other forums.
  4. $37k, oh boy. I received tax refund check as well. It will cover few packs of Senkos.
  5. My is always doing bunnies spring cleanup. 20-30 of them each season. Me and my neighbors are rabbitts free so far.
  6. you got it so close, very cool
  7. ^^ agreed! Just googled them for the recipe, there is quite a few of them. @FILTHY OAR thank you for the inspiration
  8. Who cares, the meat looks so good!
  9. That sucks. I was not thinking about indirect flights.
  10. Canada banning flights from India, Pakistan for 30 days https://globalnews.ca/news/7781588/canada-travel-ban-covid-variant-india/
  11. From the comments: "Come Closer my dear. I am So Cute."
  12. I was about to disconnect my land line. I haven't used it for ages. Right now I wanna keep it, obviously. The only thing is I do not want to have it with Rogers. Do you guys have any recommendations maybe? Bell wanted $50/mo last time I checked.
  13. No need to do anything, Rogers will apply the credit automatically on your account. https://about.rogers.com/news-ideas/an-update-for-our-valued-customers/
  14. mamona


    Nice shot. You love HDR, don't you?
  15. Quite a few zoom lens, nice bodies. You cannot go wrong with 16-35, I love it as a run and gun lens.
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