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  1. I love it. But kinda missing your photos with fish
  2. Well done, I completely forgot about the cave existence🤦‍♂️
  3. I am wondering if there will be anyone enforcing the law at a boat launch.
  4. Looking great! Good thing my wife does not see these photos... I would be digging in the dirt instead of rigging my pike rods.
  5. I am glad you had a great time
  6. OMG, they are flying. It looks like they have auto kill switch as well.
  7. More info https://www.sail.ca/en/store-notice
  8. Hopefully it will be not that bad. No trips for me, rigging my yak this weekend.
  9. So maybe eat them? How to Cook a 'Murder Hornet' https://skillet.lifehacker.com/how-to-cook-a-murder-hornet-1843298411
  10. Me too, no need to be crazy accurate. Honestly, this recipe is all about what you feel like.
  11. @akaShag I am using regular kitchen scale with tare function. I sum up meat amount, in this case 3000g. If I want to know how much I need salt for example, then I do 3000x1.8% = 54g I hope that helps.
  12. Simple version pork neck - 1.5kg pork shoulder - 0.5kg raw bacon (no skin) - 1kg Salt - 1.8 % (no Cure just salt) Black pepper - 0.2 % Red ground pepper - 0.1 % Marjoram - 0.05 % Onion flakes - 0.25% Water - 20% Potato starch - 3% Grind using 5mm plate. Mix all together. Fill jars compacting as possible, leaving around 1/2" space on top of jar. Rim of jar should be very clean before placing a cover plate (Mason jars). Then follow a manual for the canner. You can cure the meat for 2 days before canning. Possibilities are endless. You can use any meat, depends on your liking. I am finding that adding more fatty meat makes final result a bit tastier.
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