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  1. Personally I am lined up for Mini 2. The new features are soo good (considering the price). The only thing I wish this tiny bird had is obstacle avoidance.
  2. And I am spending 6hrs to smoke them
  3. $419 at Best Buy, $539 price the fly more combo which is best choice in my opinion. I badly wanted this one and was ready to get it once it's on sale. Now is the time. I almost lined up. Almost because Mini 2 has specs I really want. The biggest differences between 2 and 1: - it shots RAW - 4k resolution - OcuSync 2.0 - 2x beterr range - up to 10km - way better controller - a bit faster - better wind resistance For flying around the cottage the Mini 1 is way more than enough. Just be aware, those Minis do not have obstacle avoidance. But you do not need license.
  4. Wait a sec, you are making ribs in a pressure cooker? Recipe please. Any other sins?
  5. How did you manage to keep one, they look soo good
  6. mamona


    You made my morning today. It looks like you were truly busy.
  7. ^^ what just Terry said. Getting a nice rig for a good price. Especially these days.
  8. Lovely pics. I hate when they turn their back towards the camera. The last one at least noticed you.
  9. Andrew, you created new post, victory! I am wondering how are you coming with trip ideas?
  10. I think Terry is right. Never had issues even in remote locations where it was hard to have cell reception. Log in at home, update your maps and you are good to go.
  11. I am packing all possible lures.Muskies, pike maybe bass. But all I care is to be on the water few more times to be honest.
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