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  1. And why? …never mind. Did a little reading. Interesting.
  2. I just ate dinner (steak) yet I’m salivating at these steak posts. I must not be eating enough! Onion rings, fries and beef, oh my! Pretty sure that’s how the saying goes…
  3. My sticker expired in June and I finally got around to renewing it in March. Only cost me 40ish bucks for the remainder of the sticker, if I remember correctly. Thought it odd, seemed like an incentive not to renew on time.
  4. That’s awesome man! Been reading your posts for Eons, really looking forward to seeing what you can do with a boat. Congrats, that’s pretty much exactly what I want. Problem is we already have 2 dogs.. maybe some day.
  5. I’m pretty much in full agreement with AKRI but I’d even suggest going with 50 pound braid. You can always dial it back later to 20 if you wish, just makes picking the knots out that much easier, and less frequent in my experience.
  6. Beautiful. If I recall last years fawn had some kind of injury. Did you ever see it again?
  7. I never chummed for anything other than carp, which is still a go. Have I been missing out?
  8. Why not break some new ground? Sea Lampreys are probably fair game. Maybe toss a cormorant or two in the smoker too while your at it. Everything tastes good once it’s smoked!
  9. I think they are considered endangered/protected now, no? Used to often see them washed up on the beach as a kid, haven’t seen one in years .
  10. All wives love musky gear. Sometimes you just have to spoil them; something like a 400 dollar St. Croix rod should do. Expensive? Perhaps. But the look on her face will be priceless.
  11. The future sucks apparently, cause now I’ve seen it.
  12. Yeah, no kidding, I remember reading this The first time around. Weird thing is I can’t remember to put the garbage out when the wife tells Me the night before. And now I’m Fat...what the hell?
  13. Beauty fish. Thanks for sharing.
  14. You had me at brothel but so far as I can tell the link you provided just brings me back here. To this page.
  15. Rouge river used to be sure thing for small catfish. I think I recall my buddy catching a white/silver bass there. This is going back 20 years so it might not be what it once was.
  16. Awesome. I don’t know why I’ve never put in the time to learn how and where to fish for trout. I have the canoe part. Got to get off my butt I guess.
  17. Yeah that looks good too! My mouths watering. Have a vague recollection of caraway seeds being involved too
  18. My memory is a sieve. Recipe is long forgotten. When the time comes I’ll just have to wing it. Possibly with a little help from google.
  19. I used to work for a talented German chef. He’d make smoked pork hocks with sauerkraut and apples. Fantastic. Serve them mashed potatoes or spaetzle. I haven’t made them in years but I’m thinking I should.
  20. Yeah, that Lund deal is rediculous. If you held out for a lifetime waiting for a deal that sweet you’d most likely die boatless. That deal seems to good to be true at twice the price.
  21. Maybe you could convert a bowrider? Seem cheap and plentiful. Never understood why but Always looked like you got a lot more for your dollar in the used market.
  22. As others have stated I think you’re unlikely to find what you want at the budget. Not saying it’s impossible as really good deals do come up; particularly if you happen to live in Sudbury or kapakasing but they go fast. I check kijiji obsessively and at that price point your looking more at a half decent 14 foot package. People want crazy money for their stuff.
  23. You haven’t heard? They’re getting rid of spring. Cost cutting.
  24. Looks like you can still buy one at tradex for 125 dollars. No licence required! Of course I have no idea if it’s metal but if you feel like living life on the edge, give it a shot. Because sometimes you just gotta know.
  25. I’m no gun expert but am an occasional hunter. I think proper assault rifles have fully automatic firing capabilities, and were already banned in Canada. I think the list is in large part rifles styled to look like assault/sniper rifles. It’s a long list and I’m unfamiliar with most of the names on it. Handguns are still legal so far as I know, you just need a special licence. I think gun enthusiasts and collectors are most likely to be affected by these new rules. I think the most commonly purchased bolt action rifles and shotguns are mostly unaffected from your average hunters perspective. But that’s just my 2 cents
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