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  1. Always enjoy the fish'n tales when you and the little guy get out together !!
  2. Exactly the point I was trying to make Shane, scan the area then turn the light off again, not running down the lake with flood lights on and trying to light up the other side of the lake.
  3. As I said in my original post, if someone on the O'Leary boat had taken a second to scan the waters ahead once in awhile, none of this would have happened. No deaths, no injuries and no lawsuits. Sad deal all around.
  4. Just an FYT Cliff, but a message just came across the tube warning of possible tornadoes in the French River / West Nipissing area. Hope things stay good at your place up there.
  5. We're all entitled to our opinions but I was just referring to myself when using a flashlight and for me it worked great for many decades and as stated above it helped keep me from hitting other boats.
  6. Been watching a bit about this verdict this morning and according to the judge it was determined the other boat had no lights on and Linda O was not speeding and wasn't drunk. Seems to me there must have been some amount of speed to hit the other boat hard enough to kill 2 people but I wasn't there and didn't witness the crash. I'm not a judge but have spent an INSANE amount of time over my lifetime fishing in the dark and IMHO driving a boat after dark without using a flashlight to see what's in front of you is just asking for trouble. I couldn't begin to know how many times I came across people fishing with no lights on the boat and I'm sure I would have hit some without a light shining in front of me. Again, just my opinion but it seems to me if your driving a boat in the darkness without a flashlight and you collide with an anchored, unlit boat you should be held at least partly to blame. I doubt many people would drive down a dark hiway without headlights and I really don't see a difference. Just wondering what others may think ?
  7. Yeah, they WERE fun days LOL
  8. IMG_0304.JPG
    Hi guys, we've been up on the West Arm of Nipissing for the last week and had a fun trip. Had a momma bear & her cub come outta the ditch in front of us and while Mom ran across the road the youngun was smart enough to wait until we got past cause I sure wouldn't want to hit either one. Couple days later I was walking down the road near the cabin and another bear came outta nowhere about 75 feet in front of me and crossed over into the bush. I always carry my camera but never got a chance to take any pictures. Never saw a moose this time but there were several good fresh tracks one morning when I went for my daily hike. One set was very fresh tracks of 3 moose crossing the road together and I figured maybe Mom and a couple kids. There was also another good track just up the road from there. There was a Ministry water bomber working close to us but there was no obvious signs of fire so we figured maybe they were just practicing but interesting to watch just the same. I attached a couple pics.
  9. Shimano Peterborough is some of the best customer service I've ever come across.
  10. Problem solved, I was able to get in touch with the wheel company the rings will be included with the wheels.
  11. Bolt pattern & offset are important but with aftermarket wheels that have a center bore larger than the wheel hub a hub ring can prevent the wheels from wobbling but with only 2 mm difference I don't know if I need to worry about that. I always torque wheels to spec but just want to be safe, specially with it being my daughters car.
  12. Morning boys, I'm getting my daughter a new set of alloy wheels & winter tires and the wheels have a center bore of 56.1 mm and the car hub is 54.1 mm and I'm having trouble finding rings that size. Any body KNOW FOR SURE if I need rings for only 2 mm difference ?
  13. We always stay in cabin 5 and the shower is tiny and when we were up in June they said they were hoping to get a bigger shower installed later this year. Your right, they do seem like good people.
  14. Good to hear you enjoyed Mashkinonje and got into a few fish as well. We're heading back up next Saturday for another week.
  15. Retired 22 years for me and never looked back. And your right about no talking about work, pretty well all of my friends are retired and none of us ever talk about the jobs we worked at....those days are long passed.
  16. 020-1.jpg
    They can get feisty when you stick hooks in them too
  17. IMG_0293.JPG
    As the proverbial crow flies I'm about 50 miles north west of CFB Trenton where they fly C-130 planes among others. I must be on one of their flight paths as the come over my house several times a week and sometimes unbelievably low. Just 2 weeks ago a pair of them came over so low I felt I could almost touch them. Over the years I've got some great pictures of them. I was working in the yard this morning and could hear one circling close by but couldn't see him for the trees but got my camera just in case. Sure enough he turned my way and came directly over head and again was very low. Tough to find them in a small view finder but I got a decent picture anyways. Don't know about anyone else but I love seeing this sorta stuff. Here's a couple more from other years
  18. Been crazy times for a lot of folks for sure Brian, there's a house trailer dealer just up the road from me at Burleigh Falls who normally has a huge inventory but now there's only a couple on the lot. As for the eye opener, I just had a cataract removed this past Monday and that was a pretty darned good eye opener too LOL
  19. The smile on the little guys face tells the whole story. Congrats to the pair of you.
  20. I had a custom cover for my 150 HP Yamaha that fit like a glove and also had a cinch strap that snugged it right down and there was no movement at all and after 8 years the paint on my motor was still like brand new. I would imagine cheap generic covers would/could cause issues though.
  21. Congratulations Dan, but I'll bet you'll be missed by all those customers who knew you were an honest guy to work on their cars. You should really enjoy retirement though as that's the goal we all work toward. Just be sure to keep yourself busy with whatever you enjoy doing and never get in a rut of staring at the idiot box. As I've always said, once your retired every day is Saturday morning.
  22. I've caught a ton of Pigeon Lake muskies over the years and when casting always did well with brightly colored bucktails in the north end and big spinnerbaits in the shallower southern half of the lake.
  23. May be tough for you to get the answer your looking for, this thread is 11 years old.
  24. We had a trailer in a small park south of Burleigh Falls for 36 years and enjoyed every minute of it Cliff.
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