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  1. As far as I understand it, the owner of the lodge/camp can give you a small test and if you pass he can issue a temporary license while your there...but things may have changed.
  2. That's where I go now too, only 20 minutes from home.
  3. And being on an island there's not many options for firetrucks or ambulances to get to you in a hurry if needed and although I don't know, that could make getting insurance an issue. And transporting yourself and gear back and forth on lousy rainy days is never fun.
  4. Just saw Dan McTeague on the news and he's expecting we'll be paying $2.10 next week.
  5. Good luck with the new home & country living Geoff.
  6. I'm using chrome with no issues.
  7. Picked one up last week and installed it the next day and all's right with the world once again. 🙂
  8. We'd see it the odd time but certainly nothing like what's happening in some parts of the country today. And as far as the sticker rebate, I got a cheque yesterday for $320.
  9. Jeeez, I could have turned this into a great road trip, down thru Southern Ontario, then on to Southern Ohio then all the way northwest to Yellow Knife and back home again. 😁
  10. Back in my days as a fireman we had a great shift. We'd work 4 days then get 6 days off, then work 4 nights and get 4 days off, then we'd do 3 days followed by 3 nights and get 4 days off and that was the month done. We worked 10 hour days and 14 nights so it was long shifts in fewer days but lots of time off in-between. Basically it was 7 day shifts & 7 night shifts a month that worked out to 168 hours a month or 42 hours a week I've been retired 22 years now but these days they work 7 shifts per month and each shift is 24 hours which again is 168 hours per month..
  11. It's clean in that picture but believe me Wayne, it doesn't always look that good LOL
  12. Your old Chevy is a real piece of art Dan, hopefully you get a place to really show it off.
  13. Just got back from town with the correct ballast but won't get it installed today as I'm putting up a new gazebo but it'll give me something to do tomorrow and thanks again for the assist boys. And I agree about the Skeeter Phil, it still seems odd to me sometimes too but I've still got pictures of it parked there LOL.
  14. Thanks Phil and Chris, your both a long ways away and the hardware store is only 10 miles and I have to go near there today anyways. 😁
  15. Thanks Phil, I figured you'd know.
  16. Turned on the fluorescent lights in the workshop yesterday and everything works fine except the lights above the bench. Power comes from the switch to the center of an 8' fixture with 4 tubes then branches off and feeds 8 other fixtures in the room. Everything was good until yesterday when I turned on the lights and all worked except the 1st fixture in the line. I have power all through the fixture so that's good and I'm thinking the ballast is shot and hoped one of our electricians could verify or give me another idea. There's power in the wires leading to the ballast but no apparent power in the ballast its self but I don't know if that's normal or not. Bottom picture shows the light above the bench when it's working normally and feeding all the others.
  17. Last time I was ever in a movie theater was to see Jaws....1975 I think.
  18. Shimano in Peterboro is some of the best customer service you'll ever come across.
  19. We knew what you meant Barry, there's a few of us around here with the same issue. LOL
  20. And gas is going up another dime on Thursday.
  21. This mornings news reported Alberta is gonna cut their gas tax by 13 cents on April 1st to help folks.
  22. Congratulations to your son Dan, sounds like he's building quite a reputation in the industry.
  23. Congratulations on the new home Geoff, your moving to a nice area for sure.
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