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    FLANK STEAK TAKE 3 After doing 2 of these , so called, toughest cut meats and having the first one turn out well IMO, and the second over done using the new smoker ( more heat from a larger element ) I did both times at 5 hours . I wanted to try and get the cook right with the new . So picked one up once again for $25. Yah it,s pricey, but I can get 2 meals out of it. Pressed sea salt on one side,pepper on the other and mustard spread . In the fridge til the next day. Home from a day on the river ( ya,it was not the best conditions with all this rain ), fire up the smoker, pop the rack full of meat in for 4 hours. 2 pans of smoke chips. Apple/hickory mix . Once the pans were done, cover the smoker with the box for 2 hours. 1/2 hour left,wrap in foil and finish. Leave in the foil til ready to cut. I did not look at this piece of meat til it was time to cut. While this was all going on,I grabbed a bag of my roasted peppers and garlic out of the freezer,chopped and sauteed. Once I had everything put together,toasted buns,meat, cheese and peppers, it tasted like a sandwich I had at a an Italian place called Rosies in Etobicoke many years ago. Before I moved to Barrie, yup, that's many years ago . Now back to the meat. 3rd try at cooking of this cut and I will tell you this for 100%. It was, melt in your mouth perfection. I was like,stop cutting and eating. DANG it was so good. Almost for got I pulled a pack of my sliced bacon yesterday so I could try jerky bacon. I put a rack full in the smoker same time as the flank. Left it in for one pan of smoke, pulled and finished it off in the oven at 250 deg for 2 hours. ( rethinking,the dripping of bacon fat on the beef,might of been a nice bonus )YUMMY YUMMY. More snacks when on the river.
  2. Large rubber O rings will prevent most of the water that drips down the bar when paddling , and there are plugs you ca buy for those holes. Guys are out in wet suits, spring and fall. Calm days they have the plugs in. When water get on the yak, they pull a plug or 2, drain and put back in.
  3. This sends water rushing over its gills, giving it a blast of oxygen.
  4. P8040002_LI.jpg
    Fall batch done . McFly foam ,is sweet to work with. A mix of both McFly and reg UV yarn eggs.
  5. Look how nice you can rig up a pontoon,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,LOL 2017.
  6. I must add,I have fished from a sit on tube, inflatable pontoons and now this OutCast. Sit on was very comfy, used flippers to get around. It was easy I must say. The pontoons ( had 3 ) Rowing is easy, can use flippers to maneuver around easy. Other then the OutCast, the others can be lifted with easy and transported by putting on your back, and drop in the water .
  7. 20210515_081225.jpg
    All my buddies that fish out here on the big water of Simcoe,ALL have sit on top. 2 motorized,1 pedal drive and one that paddles and has scotty stabilizers . One guy even has a 2.5 hp outboard rigged up on his . Might have a pic of it.
  8. P8020001.JPG
    Remember those end cuts of the bacon I did a few weeks back and cut into cubes ? Well they got fried up to get most fats removed . There is a real nice sweet and smokey taste to them . Well they all went into this cheesy mac and cheese . 1lb old and 1 lb mild . Lots of smokey cheesiness favor for sure.
  9. There is pike there and perch . Get yourself a canoe or small tinny and fish Doe.
  10. ASAP Beans,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Sorry.
  11. Yes still a bit of oil . I could of went another hour or swapped the racks as there were some real nice dried out pieces. That grate is suppose to be one use over a bbq, but it will last for a smoker as long as I spray the grates with pam and lay on the racks for the smoker.
  12. P7250001.JPG
    Got around to my peppers and yes,extra lean, makes a world of difference. Next will be buying pure beef and grinding it up to make . Even slice some thin. Have to be careful not to make it to hard,teeth are getting old. LOL I need to grab another box of peppers me thinks . I ran out last winter to soon . I would sooner do peppers, than tomatoes. The acid is killing me these days . Hope to get another real nice box like the one I got. They were nice . The peppers with the added few roasted cloves of garlic,make for a great easy dish of pasta. Just chop up the peppers and garlic,add some butter and parm, stir into the pasta. Perfecto. Some added steam muscles or clams, is a nice treat. Doing over charcoal was a bit of a learn for me,as I did it over a propane grill before. Charing (sp?) happens faster.
  13. I am only going to add this Cliff . I know a ole fella that is as kind as you . Heart of gold. His mrs,s passed and a few years later,he met another and well,it did not work as he had planned. She tried to take from him, but he was wise and said,out you go. Question Have you been watching grumpy ole men and grumpier ole men ? Both are hot ole ladies .LOL That was a laugh for ya, just so ya know .
  14. Copy paste is easy Lew Beautiful 1st pic Lew. Stunning. No smile, no fish though,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Ya I know,yer retired,,,,,,,,,,,,,LOL
  15. My Simms are over 25 yrs old. I am the 3rd user of these waders. I had to seal a crotch seam when I got them 3 years ago. Still good to go. They are much heavier then the ones they make now. I looked a a pair today, not paying $700 .
  16. But do not drive with them on.oops
  17. Those prices look like aliexpress.
  18. I had it get to 170 and they were on the bottom 2 racks . I think the middle racks would be better. Trial and error . I also used just 1 pan of apple chips, had no hickory . One pan was plenty IMO .
  19. 20210905_070141.jpg
    So with all that smoking and cooking going on in my other thread, I did manage about 6-7 hours of wetting a line over this weekend. Sunday I got a text from #1 son the bite was on . Not being prepared yet for the fall run,I grab my rod and a few of my balanced silly leg jigs. I have never fished one, but with the orders coming from my son and his buddies, they must work, right ? So get there early,my spot was secured by my son and the other young fellas . They are all rigged up with roe,skein and beads . One of the young fellas asked what I was going to use ? I showed him . That is a nice looking silly leg sir. I said as I always do,do not call me sir,KID. LOL. These young guys are a good bunch of fellas. Respect like when I was a young guy that showed respect to older sirs,I mean ,older fella . Light finally comes after sitting 1.5 hours of darkness . Time to fish . Throw the float,watch as it goes by,twitch as they say in the twitching bug lingo and well,wham . All I felt was the rod tip pull and it was fish on. I was laughing like a young boy. So excited to have a hit on my bug. Then it starts. Leap after leap . Not me,the fish . A steelhead I yelp .SHHHHHHHHHHH, is all I heard from the guys . I couldn't help myself,it was one drift and a hit on my own bug . A nice battle and in the net that my son helped with . Now I know why I have been asked to tie so many. They do put a beating on the jig. So with that adventure day behind me.I wanted to get back at it again this morning. Same bait, but also had my hot shot set up with me. No room yesterday for that. At the bank at early dark to just get the spot that I wanted. Day light comes,start with the bug, but nada. Switch up to the hot shot,nada. Buddy nails one on a 10mm bead. Hey,I got one of those in my back pocket. Not really,It was in my jacket buried some where. Ah, there you are. retie,peg the bead and cast. Float goes by and gone . Set and fish one. Dang me, it,s another nice fish. This one went leaps and bounds . Fresh fish are the best fight. Nice fight,in the net . Want to get out for a perch fish before I put away the float boat,but the river calls.
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