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  1. You know the granddaughter is going to want another picture taken David.
  2. Well he is the back up, not the number 1 . With play like the leafs have been doing, kind a hard to up that percentage. Shots against is way to high .
  3. Ya, that game last night was not on him. Piss poor playing by his team mates. Sorry if that comment offended anyone, but the leafs are not looking like we all thought at all.
  4. Hutch has been waived. Just heard it. 😢
  5. Leafs had their butts handed to them in the 1st. Total break down in front of their own net. Not sure if they turned it up, or if the Hawks thought they had the game won already and sat back. Mariner gone for a month atleast. Not good.
  6. Is there a reason for the new location David ? Is parking free ? Will see you there as always.
  7. Well there was no rain to test, but there was certainly wind ,and I will say, with the hood up and secured, it was very nice to have something that kept me warm and comfortable . -0 high +3. I even fooled a couple of the regulars standing out in the pool. Usually I have my camo coat on and hat. I was bundled up, and they had no idea it was me . That was until I lit up a stogy. They complimented me on my new purchase. They were impressed with the quality. This coming from decked out Simms guys.
  8. That is what cash and deck hands are for. LOL
  9. Me bad, I have the Pilot III https://www.froggtoggs.com/pilot-3-wading-jacket?quantity=1&custcol_item_color=72
  10. You tree can go auger 2" holes in yer pools, and push yer heads through them. 🤣🤣
  11. First off, thanks to all you guys for your input. Yes the Simms is a great jacket. I tried a couple on this morning at Sails, and tried to convince myself to pay the big ticket item price, but I just couldn't pull the trigger. Headed over to BPS and they had limited selection, but the FroggTogg Pilot II was just as nice fitting and at 1/2 the price of a cheaper Simms . I was comfortable with making this purchase. Got X-large so I can layer up under it. The neoprene cuffs are a nice fit,lots of pocket space, nice tight waist band and well, I am happy to have a life time warranty jacket and the 5 star report made it for me . Now to put it to the test.
  12. Lew I like the early morning shift. Real early shift. On ice at 6 am, off by 9-10 am. I try not to look down the hole. Scares the fish away. Just watch the screen, drink coffee and catch a few fish. LOL What are you saying ? Hell is going to freeze over ? Did you get some brown fur this morning ?
  13. BTW The steam was rising off the bay this morning real good. Might be an early freeze up. Jan 1st works for me.
  14. There were reports of huts getting buzzed last year on another site. I too, do not believe Tim would do this. Been out there to many years to be pulling that crap, and with the WWW he knows word spreads fast.
  15. Should I use a prepaid credit card, or is using my personal one safe enough ? I have noticed the seller is up there with as far as great to deal with.
  16. We haven't had Indian summer yet. Looks like in 2 weeks,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  17. 80 then 90 kmh from Stayner to Collingwood. Nice paved road all the way to the orchards.
  18. That new HWY sure cuts the time in half though.
  19. Ottawa is raising fighters. We should get some. LOL 4 fights in the 1st period. LOL Hang,n and bang,n hockey
  20. This from a guy from,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, LMAO
  21. Oh look at that Blue one. Seems those cars are not a rarity down there. LOL What a beautiful site.
  22. Oh a new game, find Wayne's car. Top Left ? I see 6 of them.
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