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  1. 2/3 done but ran out of floro orange, but had a lighter shade and thought I would try it out. Turns out it,s butter cream looking. Made 6 for now as the rest need to get done first. Will be adding this to the arsenal.
  2. Temporarily sold out of all customs. Will post when I more. Thank you for the support
  3. I see no problem here. That is called,the way it is and will be.
  4. A few more . I am doing batches of 12 of all my customs.
  5. Yes,I am tired then. To many hot dogs and pizza slices
  6. I am at the loading zone well before the transit starts. Hell,I am already out and set up,while the transit is being fueled and loaded. Nice work buddy.
  7. Would explain you showing up after all the holes are done. LOL
  8. My 598 is more then enough for ice fishing. The 958 I have, well,that is a huge screen. If it fit in my ice bag,it would be there, but it does not.
  9. LOW,,, aint the word. I can walk a 2 mile stretch with out bush wacking. Crazy low. Nice fishing there LF. Well done.
  10. Thanks fellas. Here is another 3 batches I have added to the arsenal I use this nail UV machine to make sure I have a pure cure.
  11. These I have limited stock, but will tie on request. Sold out first batch quick. #6 with 4.8 mm tungsten bead. $4 each plus ship
  12. Going to bump this once. Season is coming soon. They are selling.
  13. I have used them all. My now to me is a 2 piece Striker. Zero complaints.
  14. Just need to cross that Russian border line, you,ll find them,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,LOL
  15. Well Lew,it,s not better, but holding. As I get older, it will start to get worse. I just live and get on.
  16. Had to see the eye guy this morning. Those that remember my detachment,I need to see him every 6 months. He was happy with what he saw. Things seem to be good from what I can see as well Black and purple #6 jigs. Tungsten bead heads. Streamer style and twitch jig.
  17. Where the fresh cometh in. Was pretty much a 30 minute window. After that,shut down. All reports the same from buddies.
  18. Finally we are getting that fall weather that sings, steelhead is in the rivers. Yes they are. A couple of nice eaters.
  19. misfish


    It was disgusting to watch this video. This leads me to say I really like where the bass tournys are going to in the states. A scrutineer that is with the angler and weighs the fish right there and released. I think you will see a length instead of weight coming soon for pickeral tournys. . To add, I was very surprised these guys were not getting their licks from the ugly mob. It could of gotten even worse. Good on the other anglers for just keeping as cool as they could , under the circumstances.
  20. Also depends if he is a morning or afternoon shift angler,,,,,,,,,, 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆
  21. And Mr.Big, still flips the had backwards. That,s saying something. COOL DUDE.
  22. Rod builders retire and get to go fishing ? 🙄 Great pics forsure. Thanks for sharing them.
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