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  1. Is that the one Cabelas had on sale yesterday 🤔
  2. Lollipop chicken last night. DANG they are something lickable. These things are so good. Tonight, ricotta ,spinach and crab meat pasta rolls
  3. Used the past 2 seasons, lightly. Comes with backing and 2 Boca ceramic bearings in package. Bearings are good that is in it. Well maintained. This is a older model. Bought back when tight lines was selling close out. It is the lightest pin on the market.6.8 oz Asking $300 for the pin,bearings and pouch. Shipping at buyers expense. Can be picked up in Barrie 9/10 only cuz used. Thanks
  4. HELLO ALL Been improving and getting a bit out of my comfort zone using different materials,as I am getting requests from some guys that cannot find what they are looking for or have one or two baits left that they cannot get any more. Also a new line up of ice bugs for this upcoming ice season. 80% of my beads now are tungsten. This seems to be the way to go now,but there is still many that want the brass and SS beads. I seem to be getting away from tidiness these days. LOL New job is great, loving it. Weekends seem to go bye quick even though they are 12 hour shifts. Busy busy.
  5. To bad yer not closer bud. These guys know and would set you up. Great guys. B & I's Complete Truck Centre
  6. I once counted 46 shiners and 7 gobies from one whitie fish. Eating machines. Then there are the ones that have nadda. Just mush from ground up zebras. Depends on the area I am fishing.
  7. Just like Napoleon BBQ. Sign still says MADE IN CANADA. NOT. Assembled in Canada.
  8. Meegs guy through and through. Grumpy does have some real nice baits forsure.
  9. I have been looking at some many boats. I have seen many that look good,click on it and then see a motor that should be in a museum or it,s way under power for the boat. Then there are those like said,20 years old and want today's prices. I needed to pass on the boat I wanted due to truck repairs, but I am sure something will come. I plan on buying for next season now.
  10. Guess who,s coming for dinner? AGAIN,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 🤣 Home made pogos,onion rings,perch and double fried fries. I am pooped. LOL
  11. You will be there one day. I am sure yer pop enjoys that way. LOL
  12. Rainy day foodie eats. Nice bud.
  13. And good fer ya. LOL I could go for some of that Doug. Pouched though please . Budda is bad for ya.LOL
  14. Retirement is killer. No time for anything these days. 😂
  15. Temp probe for live bass
  16. No idea. Where is that Wayne guy when ya need him? 😆
  17. Buddy was at Algonquin this week. Stayed 2 days. Mosquitoes and horse fly,s were nuts. They were getting eat,n alive.
  18. DAT A BOY,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,✋ I like to break them up in small pieces. That way I get some in every bite.
  19. That pan your using is what makes it all good. I use the same.
  20. RIP Ronnie Think I have played this song like 10 times the past couple of days.
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