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  1. This is what I ended dup going with... great reviews everywhere I looked... "best $100 ($US) rod on the market" according to several sources... Ordered it on amazon... https://shop.falconrods.com/collections/falcon-bucoo-sr-series/products/bucoo-sr-spinnerbait-jerk-bait-brc-5-168?variant=13573330632804
  2. Can't remember the site, but one of the US sites that sells online (from Cali i think) is where I came across them. The reviews are really good on them. Made in the USA which is nice... everything seem to be made in the PRC these days... for $20 more than the G2X I can get one - a medium action, medium power.. for the kind of species and lakes I target, I am leaning toward it.. that or the GX2
  3. This might fit the bill...https://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/ugly-stik-gx2-medium-casting-fishing-rod-7-ft-0775227p.html#srp
  4. Thanks guys..l should have also mentioned that I am fishing generally from a kayak.. and from what I've read shorter rods are an advantage on a yak.. but I suppose 7' isn't too long.. I am 6' tall so my reach is pretty good..
  5. Hey folks, 3 weeks back I posted on my first bait cast combo.. I ended up getting an Abu Black Max for a good price. Seems like a good reel to get started in bait casting. I now have to decide on a rod and a few of you suggested Lews, Abus etc.. I came across Falcon rods and they get really good reviews.. I have also considered the GX2 Ugly Stik...The Ugly sticks tend to get very good reviews but several say they are a bit on the heavy side and lack sensitivity.. As a beginner I will probably not notice this. But am thinking if I spend a bit more I can get. abetter rod that I can use for a long time. The Falcon is not easy to find but I found one on Amazon for $88. It's 6'6" medium power, medium action and since I cast almost exlcusiveley treble baits (cranks, occasional spinners), I am thinking the medium power and action is well suited for my style of fishing. The Falcon HD only casts up to 5/8 oz while the GX2 I am looking at is Medium-heavy..and cast 3/4 plus can take heavier line (which I don't think is important to me). For the smallmouth, walleye, pike and odd small muskie I catch, I am wondering of the lighter outfit is better? Plus the Falcons get great reviews. The GX2 is $60 so price difference isn't huge.. Thoughts? thanks!
  6. One piece or two? Does it matter ?
  7. I've heard great things about cochrane air. Someone who did Reno's at my place said it's awesome. Checked out the prices and not too bad. Several different lakes to fish too.
  8. What y'all think of the Lew's products? This one is well priced and "Amazon Choice" (whatever that's worth..) https://www.amazon.ca/Fishing-Laser-Speed-Casting-LSG170MHFC/dp/B075MY7ZP2/ref=pd_sbs_200_13?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B075MY7ZP2&pd_rd_r=b60dd231-f39c-44db-b956-d2209f2d820c&pd_rd_w=vO3vx&pd_rd_wg=Vr0cM&pf_rd_p=c2360efe-cd48-4541-ac20-e99c48f6c1e6&pf_rd_r=RJSTDE6E245ZKP7K3ZSE&psc=1&refRID=RJSTDE6E245ZKP7K3ZSE
  9. Thanks guys... Ohiofisherman, you don't prefer the cork handle? I guess not necessary? What the diff b/w medium and medium/heavy? Fast action? Just got my reel.. so small..
  10. thanks guys! Lots of Youtube Vids out there to helpm too.. So back to one of my original Qs - what rod should i pair with the ABu black max (between $50- $100)? And what line? Thanks!
  11. Why is mono/flouro better? So you'd go 100% flouro? Interesting... and if I'm going with 14lbs mono, would I tie a lure on directly or is a leader required?
  12. And no line twist either correct?
  13. thanks guys.. Thought I implied budget when I mentioned the Uglystik. I tend to cast a lot of rapapa-type cranks...the odd spinnerbait... I also enjoy trolling... I probably troll 25% of the time out there.. I am total newbie at BC so didn't think about this.
  14. The Seafood depot selling it makes sense.. I'm italian background and that is an Italian owned business. My mom would fry eel every Christmass eve - but only the uncles/aunts/nonnos would eat it! She would buy them live (that's how they sell them at those places).. I remember them squirming around in a bucket when she brought them home...very cool.. that was in the early 80s...
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