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  1. that precise and predictable? In know Algonquin varies by several weeks in many years.. mid-April to mid-May
  2. Hmm.. I wonder if there are mayuaky left....
  3. Loon Lake? I've been wanting to hit that lake. Seems to have a lot of different species... not sure how good it actually is though. I think it's stocked with Lakers...
  4. Hey folks, I'm assuming there's still quite a lot of ice on the lakes up in Haliburton... with milder weather FINALLY here, when do you think ice-out will happen on most smaller and mid-sized lakes? Cheers
  5. Hey folks, anyone know of a marina that rents aluminum boats (no motor)? Anywhere within 2 or so hours of the Newmarket area.. thanks!
  6. Hey folks, as the title states, I want to take the little guy on his first outing.. I'll need to keep it short and looking for panfish action. I live near Schomberg, so York Region waterways or Caledon would make sense and we'd be fishing from shore. I actually live near the Holland canal but it seems like it gets pretty busy at the access point along #9 and there's a fair amount of trash too.. I've never actually fished it though so maybe harshly judging it! Terracotta used to be alright but I don't think there are any fish left in those ponds. We'd be using worms and bobber to keep it simple. Any suggestions for some shore fishing? Thanks!
  7. Oh, and Amazon and Microsoft too. What did Ike say? Beware the big tech/pharma industrial complex... or was it the military industrial complex!
  8. Do any of you wonder why hospitals are getting paid (in some cases thousands per report) for Covid positivity tests? This is well documented and is occurring throughout the world. Personally, it makes me shudder. Well, we can all agree one thing - Phizer, et al, have made a pile of money from this. Gaurenteed contracts for years to come. Nice bit of business eh?
  9. How's everyone enjoying the erosion of your rights and freedoms? I'm beginning to wonder about this virus. last year I was fairly concerned, mostly for my folks... then people I know got Covid.. a few dozen over the past 12 months last time I counted - no one died. Worst case characterized as a 3 week nasty flu.. most others said mild to moderate symptoms, some no symptoms.. yes, the elderly were hit hard in the homes.. but this is not the first time a flu outbreak has killed elderly people in Canada. If you can trust the numbers, 3 million deaths out of 8 Billion people. That ranks pretty average and even on the low side of other diseases killing people. By the way, more people died of drug overdoses on BC last week than Covid. I don't know.. this seems like a massive overreaction. Some must be benefiting large from this otherwise there wouldn't be so much attention. Schools should not be closed. ALL students should be back in class. This is terrible for young people and equally bad for business and the economy. Wait til the bill is calculated! Are we mortgaging the future of our children?
  10. Hey folks it's been many years since I've been there and I understand that the centre was sold but I am assuming you can still freely access the lakes? I am going in just for a day trip with a kayak on the Kennisis side of the area. Is there anything I should be aware of? thanks
  11. What about using lead weight? like a 1/2 ounce?
  12. Thanks to all for the excellent and thoughtful advice! I will update you on my birdsnest count soon!!!! 😆
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