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  1. We went to Dalrymple.. had a good time.. fishing could have been better but the little guy enjoyed the sunfish.. we accidnetly caught a few bass too, including a solid 3+ lbs smallie It's a nice lake and we'd go back.. looks promising Cheers
  2. Thank you! Pike and pics too I am assuming? Will have to locate which one you're referring to. Would like to confirm before driving 1.5 hours. I just hope these places are open on weekdays. We are heading up tomorrow..
  3. Thanks! We are actually going tomorrow! Those lake are even further from us.. we only have 1/2 day
  4. Hello folks, Been a while since I posted here. A buddy asked me to take him and his boy fishing. Both have very little experience so I figured a day of panfishing and maybe some decent game fish possibilities would be nice. Balsam comes to mind as a good choice even though I've never fished it. We just want to rent a basic tin boat. I know Rosedale rents but their boats are pricey and more than what we need. Any other renters on that lake that rent basic boats? Any tips on fishing it would be great, too! Thanks in advance..
  5. Yes we encountered those tiny little flies too... really small buggers that are very annoying... when there's little wind it's worse..
  6. Wymbolwood... a few miles south
  7. Care to explain? I hope not either...
  8. Funny because I can't recall ever getting it before... I've been swimming in the Great Lakes for 35+ years... I read up on it and it's some sort of parasite.. i think Thanks for the response..
  9. Hey folks, Did a beach day with the wife couple of days ago.. This was the second beach day we did this summer.. and, the second time I ended up getting a bunch of little "mosquito-like" bites all over my legs adn some on my body, arms too... We swim at a Georgian Bay beach (Tiny township). I think this is swimmer's itch b/c it only happened when I came back from the beach. My wife did not get it becuase she didn't swim. Does this sound like swimmer's itch and if it does, have other gotten this swimming Lk Huron/ Geo Bay or other lakes in Ontario?
  10. http://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2013/08/29/tagging_study_reveals_game_fish_coming_back_to_revitalized_toronto_harbour.html Interesting...
  11. This is what I found on the OMNR website. If I am reading this correctly, my 17 nephew will not be required to purchase a license to fish as long as he's with me while fishing? He's a U.S. citizen and coming up for a portage trip I am planning for next week. Can someone confirm this hasn't changed please. Thanks! Non-Canadian residents under 18 years of age may fish without a licence if accompanied by a person who has a valid Ontario-issued recreational fishing licence (or deemed licence). Any fish caught are part of the catch and possession limit of the person who holds the licence.
  12. Embellished weights? I don't know... all I know is that I caught a 12 lbs smallie yesterday...
  13. i remember when soda pop was a nickel...
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