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  1. Pics from trip.. the site was furnished for us! Amazing. Does the ministry do this? I've seen sites with some basic prep tables, maybe a bench. This one had a toilet that was better than what I have a home! Anyone know what animal that is? Bear or canine?
  2. Just cam back. All small mouth. One tiny pike. Biggest Amalie was about 2lbs. Lots of little guys. Good fun and beautiful place. Rock hazards were not too bad. But definitely need to watch it especially near the points as they extended out pretty shallow. nice area - semi remote wilderness not too far from home. I'll post pic of the biggest small mouth once my buddy shares it.
  3. The one I got seems to be working well... Batteries seem good may just stick to what I got for now.
  4. I've heard the bass fishing is decent.. and pike. Assuming walleye will be thought bite unless we are out at night. Are there a lot of rock hazards? thanks
  5. Thanks... I guess I could raise the motor and use the trolling motor how's the fishing ?
  6. Hey folks, We are heading up to this area this weekend. I want to know if the Magnetewan can be accessed from Harris Lake (Wallbridge/Parry Sound)? I am looking at the maps and the narrows to access the river seems very "narrow"! Not sire if a 16' boat can go through especially at this time of the year. We intend to camp along that stretch of river as there is crown camping there but I've never been up there. Otherwise we will have to find somewhere else, although Harris Lake may have crown camping as well, which is an option. Thanks
  7. Any recommendations for a good charger (under $100 preferably)?
  8. I'll check out the intelligent charger... So could you "over charge" with what I got? No risk of damage?
  9. Just bought a G27 deep cycle and a dual purpose 24 Marine. Based on the charger I have (see attached) what should I put my charging settings at? thanks..
  10. Hey folks, anyone use this launch? Is it decent? Was hoping to head for a day out there with the family. Hoping to fish then swim at the park beach... Thanks
  11. Anyone experience the boat launch at BL PP? Was intending to go this week with the family for a day of fishing and relaxing by the beach. Can you get a day pass and then launch and use the facilities? I've heard the fishing right out from the beach is decent.
  12. I was gonna ask you guys about that. My TM is a clamp on. I intend to mount it off the stern (port side). If my transducer is positioned in that area, will the TM interfere with the readings/signal? I'm heading up to cabelas in the morning. They are holding a Basspro group 27 deep cycle for me. I forgot I had a gift certificate for that place! Bonus... I've decided that that will be my TM battery. I will either stick to the tractor battery for a cranking source and run my depth finder off of it too or maybe get myself a dual purpose battery (24?) for the main motor/finder. If I ever set up lights I can use that battery for that. I'll keep the TM on its own battery since it seems to be the big energy eater
  13. Yes, I've learned to rope start that motor already, and it was easier than I thought. I think I'm going to stick to the set up you've suggested. Maybe the 27 will give me an extra day... We won't be able to charge as we are going to a boat access camping site along the Magnetewan, launching from Harris Lake... that's the plan, anyhow! Thanks! P.S. looked up CTC batteries again, and came across this option to use as a starting battery and run my finder too. It gives me more cranking amps (probably not important) but it's a 24 and it has 90 minutes of reserve capacity - would this not ensure that I am not going to run out if I am using the finder constantly for the 3 days? I would then use a 24 or 27 for the TM. https://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/motomaster-nautilus-group-size-24-starting-battery-675-mca-0102493p.html?loc=plp
  14. Any experience with these? https://www.princessauto.com/en/gc24rv-dual-purpose-rv-marine-battery/product/PA0008680563
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