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  1. you made the right choice cliff. Just recently went through the same thing with my girlfriend. We are now living together and the lawyers sorted out the details perfectly for us.
  2. I personally believe her sobriety is based on a technicality, but nearly impossible to prove due to the circumstances. I also believe the people that got hit are totally negligent as well for parking a boat at night with no lights on. Heck, unlit boats are nearly impossible to see at twighlight if they get up against the shoreline. Multiple times I’ve seemingly had boats just appear out of nowhere after cutting to the middle of the lake after being near shore after the sun has gone down with no lights on. a tragedy is what I would call this on all parts. Two people are dead because people didn’t follow the rules.
  3. love watching those planes swoop in, but a much better feeling when you know that there is no fire presenting an immediate danger!
  4. spend the money, you wont regret it. Although if you talk to PUMPKNOWSFISHING he will steer you away from simms. Ive been running simms and they only started with a small leak this spring after fishing them for 7 years. Dont forget to super over dress under your waiters when making the switch. Breathable ones feel like standing in your regular pants in the river, you just dont get wet. I generally get pretty damn cold after a long stretch in the water and im usually wearing long underwear plus sweatpants and heavy socks. Late September mornings can be really cold with that flowing water pulling heat away from your legs.
  5. Damn man, all the best to your friend. Scary scary stuff. ive seen a few similar stories on the bass boat central forums. Guys literally posting from the hospital, somewhat stuck, they seem to be recovering but then they go off of the oxygen and their levels just crash and back they end up on oxygen.
  6. late summer bass, especially smallmouth can be one of the toughest fish to stay on top of. They move so friggin much throughout the day. The small fish will always been on classic smallmouth spots but finding big ones is like finding a needle in a haystack sometimes. In general they are hanging nearby where youd think theyd be, except they will be deep and difficult to find without electronics. Take this past weekend, the regular spots were absolutely loaded with small fish, but the big ones were suspended out in 25 up to 40 fow literally off of the structure but not really holding to anything in particular. Youd see them on the graph though, and if you did mark them, they had no problem biting. In general these fish will move up in the early morning and later evening, but during the day they are elusive and very difficult to pattern in.
  7. Your kids break into your home and Rob your smoked meats eh? Let me know if you ever want to hire a security guard. You can pay me in chicken and bacon
  8. Jeez bud, you do all of this while wearing running shoes! Animal!
  9. My Tournament partner was running all smokes that he purchased within the last decade. Unfortunately they are all toast now. that’s just been what I’ve witnessed. He doesn’t abuse his gear either, actually quite to contrary. The drag etc was solid, but the gearing didn’t hold up to the test of time.
  10. From what I’ve witnessed on the water in my boat, the reels just don’t last. If you don’t fish a lot you will be fine
  11. The fact that you consistently bring up your “charter rights” In this thread and others just screams “I’m an enlightened anti vaxxer, and you are all sheeple” is your legal name Chris Sky by chance? I wasn’t aware that the law is only enforceable when someone commits a crime multiple times. I guess we should all go rob a bank because the first ones a freebie! Funny you mention my career, I’m not a lawyer, but I have been working for a decade in regulatory compliance. So thanks for the encouragement for success in my actual career.
  12. call me crazy and i could be totally out to lunch, but in my car club days the only thing we concerned ourselves with was bolt pattern and offset. We were running our cars stupid lowered and the wrong offset meant a whole heck of a lot of fender rubbing.
  13. its not very surprising coming from you, but if you chose to read what the OP said and considered his interpretation of the situation rather than blabbing on about what you personally are entitled to, you'd easily be able to figure it out yourself. So here I will do you a favour since you are seemingly struggling to use the internet From the original post, "Needless to say, a fun experience became a stressfull one, since we had to wait for him to leave before we could leave ourselves as we didnt want any kind of additional harrasment from him." Fairly blatantly implying that our member here Huz felt that if he were to walk past the individual a confrontation could occur. "Which Law?" https://lmgtfy.app/?q=harassment+ontario+law you will then find the criminal code of canada, specifically the section on criminal harrassment! Heres the hyper link for you https://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/eng/acts/c-46/section-264.html Criminal harassment 264 (1) No person shall, without lawful authority and knowing that another person is harassed or recklessly as to whether the other person is harassed, engage in conduct referred to in subsection (2) that causes that other person reasonably, in all the circumstances, to fear for their safety or the safety of anyone known to them. (2) The conduct mentioned in subsection (1) consists of (b) repeatedly communicating with, either directly or indirectly, the other person or anyone known to them;
  14. Aaron weibe has been running a 250 for a few years on a warrior. Not my cup of tea but if I was fishing anything but a bass boat I’d be in a tiller
  15. You can find tungsten drop spot weights almost anywhere now. Id suggest ordering online from Peterborough pro tackle better quality from a small business rather than garbage from big box. The last time I bought bass pro brand tungsten the swivels fell out instantly out of the package. Just garbage.
  16. you arent allowed to verbally harrass people or specifically intimated/threaten them. If our guy Huz is adhering to the law and some guy begins to verbally harass them, swearing at them and intimidating them and carrying on, the guy is breaking the law. The funny one here is that guys say that that they would walk up and beat his you know what in, but i can assure you they wouldnt. No one here is actually going to take an assault charge and go to court, serve time/pay a fine over someone talking ish. this isnt the 1970's, you fight in public you literally go to jail.
  17. this site needs more of this content! Great trip, and some great fish caught.
  18. Agreed, I like them and trust them better than any other set up including bearing buddies. You know the grease is going right to where it needs it
  19. my uncle caught a 120lber in the 90's. You can no longer keep a fish that size. It was so big they simply dragged it home in the water.
  20. had one fly over me while fishing smallies on Gbay, i almost feel like the pilot purposely adjusted his flight path to buzz us as we were a loan boat out in a vast expanse of water and he buzzed us.
  21. literally thats what it is. Humminbird products always undercut the competition but you end up needing to buy accessories to get it loaded the way you truly want.
  22. lol this is actually pretty smart. I could see someone mass produce these on some scale for guys with the powerdrives i pilots
  23. Remember the draw on a TM in heavy wind or in your case attempting to get back to shore is quiet significant. Were talking about high amps with risk of fire, sparks etc etc.
  24. Heres my two cents...its always smart to throw an inline fuse on a unit. But im also guilty of when I hook my helix 7 up for ice fishing its unfused. You buy a Marcum ice fishing flasher...the power cables come with a pre-installed in line fuse, because thats the way its supposed to be. You buy Garmin Sonars, the power cables come with an inline fuse from the factory, because thats the way its supposed to be. Johnson Outdoors cut corners and costs on their products that's why the sticker price is always cheaper then the competition. This isnt me bashing them, I have humminbird electronics on my boat, its just my observation having two companies on my boat. When my helix 7 is in the boat its definitely fused though, I installed the inline fuse myself. When wiring electronics in your boat Always keep your electronics on an isolated power source away from all of your other accessories (i.e. dont wire your units into your main BUS) Either buy and create a new one strictly for electronics (if you have multiple units) or just run clean lines with inline fuses directly to your battery. (this is the best way) Wire everything with 10 gauge marine wire or 12 if the run is short, if its at the front of your boat from a battery in the back, run 10 and solder shrink tube or get waterproof crimp connectors at minimum to ensure everything stays nice and dry. The idea here is to absolutely minimize line loss, eliminate corrosion and avoid any interference from any of your accessories in your boat to ensure the best imaging quality. I can assure you that in reply to this very post, we are going to have multiple people reply to it saying "I wired my units all into my accessory BUS without any issues!" ya...well ok, but its simply not the right way to do it and their imaging quality is degraded any time an accessory is running in the boat. You can find a pile of stuff about guys and their voltage levels when wiring boats. Its a very real thing, the more clean power your units get the better.
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