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  1. thanks for the link I placed an order for 2 20 packs. I recently paid $8 for I think 6 of these or something outrageous. One of those things where you know you are getting taken.
  2. what "model" number did you choose. There's no reference to what that means. Im assuming doing something in the middle fits your standard treble hook?
  3. they actually kind of reach the top of the curve, those hulls can only go so quick. Hole shot gets better, but not different than with bassboats how a ranger with a 250 will only do 70's while a gambler will approach do in the 80's and a bullet will get close to 100. ive driven a boat 70 now...ive been in a boat that did 74...its fast enough. The idea of driving one of those big hulls into the high 60's terrifies me, they arent designed for stability at really high speeds.
  4. Looks like one heck of a trip. Some great catches and beautiful scenery. Thunder Bay airport is always a breeze too.
  5. Guys are running 400’s on 21 foot boats. That whole “max horsepower” rating thing is basically out the window these days. You can effectively strap whatever the hell you want onto big boats now.
  6. Lol no one is paying 80gs for a 12 year old boat. especially with an old terrova and one graph. Not a chance in hell. i guarantee that right now. That thing is going to sit for a longgggg time until someone talks some sense into the dealer.
  7. Link for these, the prices at the store for them is ridiculous
  8. I got mine on Amazon when I owned Humminbird’s cause they smudged so bad. Haven’t put them In the Garmins
  9. As a rule, when you buy a used boat even if the impeller is working, you change the impeller. unless of course the owner tells you that he literally just had it done. i did an impeller on my 130 on my front lawn having never done one in my life and I found it very straight forward. Hardest part was realizing how to twist the housing down on the rubber so that it would actually go into the housing. It’s one of those jobs that because everything is intact to begin with and typically nothing is broken, you simply disassemble and then just reassemble in the exact same order with your new parts (gaskets, the impeller) the hard part on a big motor can be re-aligning the gearshaft and that’s just because it’s heavy as hell. On a small motor, easy Peazy can be done by yourself. youtube is your friend for sure!
  10. Impeller is easy if you can get the kit. I’d make sure you can still get one. im also curious as to how this guy knows that a new impeller is all it needs? It’s so easy and reasonably priced to do it seems strange that he would sell it without it done? Could be larger issues at play?
  11. Siwash speaking from my own personal experience, you will probably have a pretty good feeling that you are buying the boat prior to even seeing it. Both times in my experience, the communication from the seller was perfect leading up to the transaction, I basically knew everything about the boat before even meeting them. I showed up and within 5 minutes I knew I was buying it. I just then went through the process of confirming that the compression was correct and that the boat didnt leak. Good sellers are typically guys that are only selling this boat because they upgraded to a better boat. That a lot of the time means that the guy was fishing out of the boat you are buying and simply went bigger/newer. One boat I test drove, the other i started from cold in the driveway and revved it up. On an aluminum boat I probably wouldnt buy it without seeing it sit in the lake for half an hour just to make sure the rivets aren't blown right from the get go. An honest seller will probably start the conversation by telling you everything wrong with the boat lol. My newest boat the seller outright told me, yup I hit a rock and had to replace the lower end. He then even gave me the receipts for the work. Pointed out a few chips in the glass and told me about getting a recall done from yamaha. Its pretty obvious the guy isnt hiding anything when they do that. Remember no used boat is perfect, even ones that say "immaculate" they essentially never are. Its a matter of the fundamentals being in check. A bad engine or hull is a problem. A few nicks and bangs or wear spots give the boat character and a lot of things can be cleaned up or fixed with a bit of elbow grease, silicone and PC 11
  12. source for this? Canadian Tire has always been my go to. The other spot i go is in curve lake, they have marine fuel ethanol free
  13. With climate change Ontario is literally now getting warm enough to link in with the traditional “tornado alley” rough go for everyone up in the north east. Sadly this is not going to get better any time soon.
  14. thats another thing...the right boat will not last. Ive bought two boats now and Ive seen a total of 3 including the two boats I bought in all of my searching for boats. When you are ready to buy, you will know when you have hit the right deal. The due dilligence is the test drive, leak check and compression test. From there if its priced right, bring your money with you because if it is, it wont last.
  15. Hthm is 1000% correct, do not buy a used boat without a budget to work and fix the problems that you will inherit. It’s a normal reality, boats break…a lot lol they are a life of tinkering if over 7 years old effectively. If that’s not your thing then go new.
  16. Clean the carb, and clean up all of the ports. re-do the gaskets on it, check the reeds consider replacing them. run seafoam heavily through it. check the cylinder compression, if it’s low you may have a bad ring/gouged wall and are losing compression. My assumption is that your carb is just gunked up. But I’m a little concerned that it runs really fine once it’s warm…that can mean that once things are warm and expanded they seal up nice. Aka when it’s cold you don’t have enough compression to keep the motor running. Don’t ever run gas with ethanol in it ever again.
  17. Yup, sounds like you want an aluminum tiller. Save you some $ towing around too
  18. Those house interest rates spike, you are going to see a pile of rona boats on the market with guys that aren’t so fond of the payment owed now that their wives aren’t letting them go boating more than 1 weekend a summer. the used market is certainly dipping without a doubt
  19. Basically every single aspect of an aluminum boat wins over a glass boat except for perhaps the most important aspect, and that’s ride quality. Ask yourself this, owning a glass boat is like a sacrifice, if you are willing to wash the boat after every use and ceramic coat it every year and baby it? As my boss said yesterday when I was talking about how much I baby my boat, “you obviously don’t have 3 kids!” no matter how solid the hull, I’ve fished in those ultimate heavy duty aluminum boats everything from a lund tyee, kingfishers and alumacrafts, right down to the entry level smokercraft, and StarCraft and the middle range crestliner etc and you will just never ever get honestly anywhere near the ride of a glass boat. and then each glass boat will ride differently than the other, ask a bass guy about the ride difference between a ranger and a skeeter, or even crazier a nitro and a champion or gambler. The hull designs on glass boats matter a lot, with each company somewhat owning their own hull design, it’s not a standard “Deep V shape one size fits all solution” personally I’m thinking you will want to try and take a ride in a variety of aluminum boats and feel the difference between their hulls because it’s noticeable by brand. Then go take a ride in a glass boat, you may or may not fall in love. i wouldn’t worry too much about this “put a hole in a glass boat” thing unless you fish a hell of a lot of lakes without any charts in them? I’ve been boating 15 years now and have yet to hit a rock with my boat. I also drive with a big graph in front of my face at all times. To my it’s the only truly safe way to navigate on the water.
  20. I have a Garmin force, and the number of times I have used the remote in 2 years is exactly 0
  21. If you want to catch bass throw a whacky rig basically in any sparse weeds in 7-15 fow in southern Ontario and you are going to catch bass
  22. I watch the boat market very closely. I think the idea of new boat prices dropping is a pipe dream. Until supply chain issues clear the prices will remain high. however what we are seeing right now this spring…I can’t stress enough this is within the past three months, there is a pause of sorts occurring in the used boat market. Not that boats that are priced “fairly” ( I say that word very lightly ) but boats that aren’t asking astronomical prices are finally in a price freeze of sorts. guys that ask for that top covid dollar for their boats are not getting it. Which is all fine and dandy because the a “good price” right now is still astronomically high. Especially for used boats from the first decade of the 2000’s they are nearly selling for their new prices still if only slightly less. heck I got an incredible deal in the fall (still haven’t found an equivalent boat as cheap since November watching the market) and I still only paid $8 k less than the new price for it and it’s an 06!
  23. It’s the only way for him these days haha, even when he’s in my boat I catch him far too often sitting dragging his bait around.
  24. Then certainly don’t go without a foot pedal
  25. Totally dependent on how you like to fish. If you fish from the front of the boat and cast a lot you will want a foot pedal for sure. If you like to just vertically fish or troll from the back of the boat like my old man and sharp shoot remote is just fine.
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