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  1. hes gonna be a in a world of hurt if hes planning on tugging that thing by hand through any snow lol. I know because ive done it too many times when my sled isnt running or the ice isnt good enough lol
  2. i think people are reading way too far into this...and the hilarity of that, is the ones the most concerned about the rules are typically people that follow the rules anyways. Just like a padlock....it keeps an honest man out. If you havent realized by now that you shouldnt be getting together with a group of buddies and all driving up north in a truck to go ice fishing together, then YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM This is the thing about covid...you are always at the mercy of your weakest link. In Ontario currently (luckily!) It hasnt got as bad as it is in the united states (yet) and the reason for that is the general concensous is that yes...this thing is dangerous...yes we should be wearing masks sanitizing our hands and washing them frequently...yes we should by hyper aware of who we come in contact with and the reason for all of this is because the large concensous is that we as a country have agreed that we should be doing everything reasonable to combat this thing. What gets scary is that in the United States, the disease is so rampant that its literally impossible to avoid. I have been hearing stories about people that much like Terry have been compromised by a simple a trip to the pharmacy even after taking every precaution they could. Thats a level that I really hope we never get to. The point in this stay at home measure is to maybe get some of us to clue in to the fact that even though a guy like me, gets to work from home, and I take every single precaution I can, that if Im going to go ice fishing, I most definitely need to be doing it on my own...or at absolute worst if a friend is on they lake...im still fishing alone but that friend may be nearby cutting his own holes, landing his own fish in his own tent. If you havent figured that out yet then you probably never will. You will be at the mercy of the law and being harassed by law enforcement/MNR. Drive to your fishing hole, obey the road rules, travel alone, fish alone, catch a lot of fish, keep some for dinner..drive home alone, pay at the pump, santize your hands immediately without touching anything in your truck, dont go to the tackle store, stay sober...enjoy your day fishing. You arent going to have a single problem in your day except maybe getting bit of a time or two by a pikes teeth. Tight lines!
  3. is this getting attached to a tongue and snowmobile? or are you hauling it by hand? If by hand are you planning on adding anything to get it up above deep snow? I like the overall design though. Nice and organized and alls for you to absolutely know if youve left anything on the ice at the end of the day.
  4. Ohio I hope and pray this is the news we hope for and it can bring you some relief!
  5. youve already figured it out...sounds like you arent going fishing with a group of friends...then you will have no problem what so ever.
  6. the generosity of the fishing community and specifically some of the members of this forum gives me faith in humanity. 410001661 (i hope its ok I identified you if not let me know and i will remove this!) approached me and helped me out immensely. Just a fantastic helpful generous person. I cant thank him enough, kudos to him. These kind of acts are what keep this community alive!
  7. What this translates to is very simple...if you and a bunch of buddies are all planning on getting together to do some ice fishing up north...you’re asking for it. if you want to go up north and keep it low key and do a bit of ice fishing, no one is going to bother you. Common sense would dictate that you shouldn’t be gathering up with your friends anyways right now.
  8. Go fishing, just keep it low key and don’t go with a big group of your friends and all fish in tents piled up with eachother. It’s pretty straight forward. If you and a buddy go fishing considering each taking your own car. No one is going to ever bug someone sitting in a fishing tent by themself on the middle of the lake.
  9. It’s no bunk report, but I do my best! Thanks for reading
  10. We will definitely need to go flip a few buckets at some point. I have a lot to learn from you, I can tell.
  11. I’d never seen it done aside from on social media and sure enough it happens twice in two days...even weirder is the second day it was one of the few bites we had. So strange indeed
  12. start by fishing near where you see other people fish. if you are new to ice fishing, please please please wear a floater and read about "spudding" and how to get yourself out should you fall through. The ice everywhere although it may look totally frozen can be good in one spot and terrible 20 feet to either side.
  13. muskies from shore with consistency? are you some kind of wizard? Thank you for the report...did the sturgeon wreck freshwater fishing for you forever more? lol
  14. You really really gotta pick your spots. Small lakes are ok, but any bigger water is a nightmare/not frozen yet. Even areas that traditionally have access all winter aren’t even safe to walk on yet. that’s the other thing, I’m not trying to make assumptions about this guy in particular, but some of our older “bigger” gentlemen would have a difficult time on a good day pulling their body weight up over the ice. I know my pops would have a hell of a time getting back up on top if he went through. unless you are young and physically capable of doing a pull up and are spudding your way in a floater with picks ready, you are really taking a chance going on sketchy ice.
  15. The idea of trying to ice fish quinte when I can’t even get on the ice in parry sound is mind blowing to me. guys stay safe and be prepared to go through. The ice is absolutely terrible everywhere right now
  16. Move move move...and before you fish check the charts to find structure to fish by. If you aren’t fishing a hole or an edge of some sort your production will declinr significantly. Finding green weeds can be a key depending on what you are targeting
  17. you wont have any issue, just make sure they are charged fully and you will be good to go. I dont know about your lower end but id also consider making sure you dont have any water in it after your trip? i know some guys their lower end seals leak a lot so their oil is nice and milky come fall...I personally never have any water at all in my gear oil but i still change it every year. I dont run my boat in January but I have run my boats in december and its usually no big deal...just be careful of your hydraulic steering if you do have it. Ive seen it fail when it hits -17 in a brand new boat. Pretty common thing when its that cold.
  18. I agree that most of this is going to be sled design. A nice little smitty that you can strap a bagged 1 man pop up and your auger to would be the way to go. Anything with built in seats etc is going to be heavy. Fold out fabric chair, auger, unit, rods and a small tent pop up on a smitty should be easy enough to drag.
  19. No...proof is in the fact that the most expensive fly fishing rods you can buy are in pieces. Typically for bass rods 1 piece rods are higher end and there’s an argument to be made about the parabolic action of them. you won’t notice a difference except the two pieces will be easier to transport around and the eyelets will be crooked lol
  20. I’ve been impressed with the quality of lews products as a lower price option.
  21. Strange that the sell everything but 4 and 6 guage lol.
  22. Not sure if you are Amazon “averse” but you can buy anchor marine wire in all gauges and lengths on Amazon. That’s where I got mine
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