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  1. Yessss we’ve done this a number of times. S&V miss vickies is good cool ranch or cheese Doritos are good too. Other then that we usually use fish crisp, more often then not Cajun or the Italian flavour.
  2. Sweet footage. Do you use the waterworlf camera?
  3. The line at Sail burlington was from the door to the corner of the building earlier today when I drove past.
  4. I just ordered mine online if I remember correctly couple years ago because I lost mine as well. Didn't have to redo the test though...
  5. Doesn’t the Terrova have blue tooth as it has a gps puck that connects via Bluetooth? Or are you referring to being able to connect the motor itself to another separate product? The other features that you’re talking about are the Ipilot Link features. Maybe you should’ve considered the link model before rather then on another product to do the same? I know I should’ve bought the link model but I’m still happy with the basic ipilot.
  6. Mind Hunter on Netflix. Good series IMO.
  7. Does anyone know if there is there a way to take the way points you make on the app using this feature and transfer them to Humminbird units?
  8. Some info on the topic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pFmtmO2cnlg
  9. I’ve seen these before on Facebook. They make custom stuff like the video above. https://justencase.com If you have an idea or blueprint of what you want you could have P&A plastics in Hamilton make you something custom. I’ve order custom things for work, a bit pricey but may work for what you want.
  10. Did this exact same thing on my last boat. 14’ crestliner. Cut a 16” long opening removed foam for storage in the front bench. In the middle bench cut a 24” long opening removed foam and installed welded aluminum box with lid about 20”long x 8” deep x 6” height with recirc pump. Also didn’t affect boat performance. Just make sure to not affect your boat’s structure.
  11. I think this is what I'm going to do. Will report back with findings.
  12. My plan was to do that but my question is specifically about the interference from transducer to transducer. Would one interfere with the other because of them being close to one another? Or would the helix 7 G2N chirp be able to read the Mega chirp 2D readout?
  13. Thanks. I did see these in the owners and instruction manual.
  14. Hey Guys, Would there be interference if I mounted 2 different transducers approximately a few inches away from one another? Or on the same transducer board? One would be a Mega SI transducer and the other would be the HD SI transducer. Or is it possible for a Helix 7 Chirp G2N to read the 2D sonar reading from a Mega Chirp transducer from a Helix 9 G3N? Both of the units are chirp and use the same frequency when using the 2D sonar and they would be networked together at the console. Any info would be appreciated as I haven't been able to find anything. Thanks guys.
  15. Only if the model is G2N or G3N then they can be networked together. I have a Helix 7 G2 and i can't link it with my newer graphs which is a bummer. The units DI feature will work best until about 5mph above that it doesn't read. Even with the highspeed ducer you won't be able to use the DI above 5mph. The high speed ducer will only read 2D at high speed . I have the stock HD ducer for my Helix 7 si and using 2D image it sometimes did read the bottom and sometimes didnt on my tiller doing at about 25mph. But at stated above it could've been where I placed it.
  16. I spoke to the people at acme battery last week, I was told that if I wanted to run 3 graphs, fuse box and be able to start the motor without problems on a single battery to up to a group 31. If you're using an onboard charger don't all the batteries have to be the same kind?
  17. Same as above. I wouldn't go any smaller than a 500, with a 600 you will have plenty of capacity. last season I used Okuma Convectors, which are a cheaper LC in a 500 size with 100LB braid. They've been good. I wouldn't go any lower with the line LB, it has saved me from losing a bait or three lol.Was also looking at getting Tekota's also, in the 600 size.
  18. There’s a place on Kenora St in Hamilton by the transfer station that does boat covers. I had then do a repair for me a couple years ago.
  19. This is the reason I seldom post fishing pictures online.If I do I blur or alter the background or make the person turn to open water so it’s harder to recognize. We put a lot of time and effort into finding those spots and it could take no time for them to be blown up.
  20. The BBC channel is also free right now on fibe. All day documentaries with David Attenborough. He could talk about grass growing and I would listen. Watched the new Star Wars IX on the box last night. Good watch, would give it a 4/5.
  21. Yes I would only like to this once. Should I replace the old panel with the Blue Sea one or should I put it in addition to the old? If I did go that route and add another fuse panel, would I have to add additional inline fuses for each unit? Out of the box they don't come with any. Wouldn't the panel fuses be enough? Wouldn't it be better to have less breaks in the wire? If I did wire them direct to the battery would having the original fuse panel, 3 graphs and a charger be too many connections on one battery?
  22. I will put an inline fuse if do the direct connection to the battery. If I put shrink tube over the crimp connections wouldn't it make it moisture proof as well? What size crank battery do you have? As I will be running the same size graphs.
  23. Is 6 gauge wire to heavy of a gauge? Humminbird website says with the longest runs I should use 12G for both units with an inline fuse, 3amp for the 7's and 4amp for the 9. Will coiling up the transducer wire and taping the coil together cause interference? Unfortunately I don't have enough room to have a second battery for just the accessories. So I would out the graphs on first then the bank charger on top?
  24. Lmao Just finished watching 1917. Was a decent movie out of 5 I would give it a 3. Ok movie overall, cinematics and story were good. Just a few parts didn't sit well. Also watched the Coldest Game last night on Netflix. That was pretty good too. An alcoholic mathematician trying to stop the cold war lol. Not bad overall I'd give it a 3. Ford v Ferrari is on the list to watch.
  25. Hey guys, my question is, should I wire the graphs into the fuse box of the boat or should I direct connect them to the crank battery? I have just enough space for everything on the fuse box however I've read conflicting reports that when starting the motor it may or may not cause the graphs to power down. If I do connect the graphs to the box what gauge wire should there be from the battery to the fuse box as it would be full at that point. I'm unsure what I should do. If I go the battery route, that would be three graphs and an on-board charger on the crank. Is that too many things? Any info is helpful as this is my first attempt.
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