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  1. They look good oh, and the meat too
  2. It missed us for the most part. Could hear lots of thunder but not too close to me
  3. I think everyone should already know, my tv goes to the alert every 5 minutes and my phone every 20 minutes I think there should be a ok I got it button to shut it off once you clearly know about the alert
  4. It depends on the type of fishing you do and the lakes you fish. Lake Ontario, Simcoe. Steering wheel. But if you fish smaller lakes, if you troll shorelines, if you back troll I would go with a tiller every time
  5. 40 wow. He may be a thief but he’s a hard worker lol sorry
  6. If you can run it for 5 minutes then do the test
  7. From his back porch lol the Yukon
  8. It’s the walk there and back you seem to have forgotten
  9. Nice fish. brr just wait a few month , then you will know what brr is
  10. To do what ? hand held or mounted ? removable lens or fixed ? pictures or video ?
  11. Most wraps have life span of 5 years i would go with paint if the price is right
  12. Looks like a good way to spend a morning nice going
  13. I hear what you are saying but for 10 years I had it sideways on a skidoo and never had a tipping problem so I think it will be fine. Time will tell
  14. Oh yeah I have a auger mount I will be using
  15. This is a mock up of what I’m doing with a big box and auger on top of it and still room for two to sit
  16. You don’t need the bibs to float however once you get out of the water the jacket and bibs will help keep you warm while you try to get off the ice i tested mine in a swimming pool and to my surprise the bibs and jacket kept out much of the water which would be a big help in minus temps
  17. Yup brand spanking new the last new skidoo tundra lt 550f sold in Ontario.
  18. This thing is long. A person would fit behind me
  19. And she’s home and sorry with my luck there will be no snow this winter lol
  20. So he’s racist too. Hope they throw the book at him.
  21. I have that same one and it worked well for me. But I can’t find where I left it the last time I used it guess I’m buying another one
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