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  1. And that’s why I have a bit of a funny response he needed to give his location he needs to give how far he will drive he needs to give what time of year he wants to fish maybe what kind of fish So in leu of info i decided he wanted to fish now and I gave the only location that may be good right now
  2. Nunavut has some good ice and great fishing bring a 5 ft auger blade
  3. If you have an old battery charger , it would work best as it is helpful to boil the battery a bit to bubble off crap that will be stuck to the plates from being dry
  4. And you stated so, it was not ambiguous at all
  5. Yeah I can’t tell if it is dead or being gently held with a gaff as to not have to touch the ugly thing
  6. No I don’t think they will shoot the dogs and bury them
  7. Have you tried Teflon tape on the treads a simple thing that should solve the problem and you retape once a year when checking the oil in the fall
  8. 50 bucks is a good price https://jtsoutdoorfabrics.com/Sliding-Track-Assembly-With-Nylon-Side-Mount--White_p_18996.html?lt_c=1&quickcart=1 but add shipping and it’s about the same price
  9. Closer to the front end or the back end. lol
  10. When running the main motor what does the meter say and I think your kicker has charging, what voltage does it say when trolling, if with both motors you see low voltage. It’s the battery or the gage is not working right. Your motors are still able to start with this low volt showing
  11. I knew I should have started that go-fund me account lol hope you find someone
  12. Really depends on where and what you fish for However i can go a lot farther in a boat and carry more toys also I have never tipped a boat. Lol
  13. I had 24 inch on my Lund they are great because I had 3 different types of rod holders that all fit in the tracks. I just bought the cheapest I could find at the time that was comparable with the most makes of mounts Brian made a couple of mounts for me to save even more money traxstech was the make I had
  14. Well it’s possible that once you find a good trim spot, it may work no matter how much weigh is in it but you don’t know till you test it
  15. You need to do that fine tuning once your on the water depending on the weight. Of everything in the boat and the power of the motor you will want it tilted up for top speed but not too far that you can’t get up on plane you will know pretty quick and a few adjustments will find the best spot
  16. You have water in the oil ,drain it and put in fresh gear oil and you should be good for a day or two
  17. Looks like extra long to me
  18. That’s not what the seal said
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