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  1. By todays prices, it seems about right i paid just less then that for a year newer Lund with a 90hp and a 9.9 kicker no downrigger and no good fishfinder or electric trolling motor
  2. Good deal and it’s make for a ram , the used one I bought I had to make it fit ram
  3. Yeah and sone want your address without asking to see it i now make them give me their phone number and tell them I will call them the day they want to see it and give my address I have heard of people getting the address and stealing it that night
  4. Yup they do it all the time doesn’t matter if you posted it 30 seconds before , they still ask if it’s still available kijiji and other sell sites are the same too
  5. When the government download lake access to the municipality everything went to hell in a hand basket They saw profit. they sold some they closed some and they started to charge for parking. Local government listens to locals so they put up no park signs limited access and raised prices to discourage out of towners from using accesses. And they did a study and found that the people who come to use Innisfils boat ramps and beaches buy nothing in town, no gas no food nothing , so that make the local government feel they were doing the right thing if they did not control the access, free easy access would still be available in Ontario
  6. Parking for your vehicles and boats on the main land and access
  7. Drill some holes and bolt the motor to the transom hammer the end of the bolts so the nuts are hard to take off
  8. Looks like a short to me get the right one for the boat the best performance is when the cavitation plate is level with the bottom of the boat or a hair above
  9. Yeah, is the gas station at the watershed still open
  10. Yeah under 30 hp Yamaha made their 4 strokes till2006 except The verados
  11. I have always had great luck with mercs and I’m known to be hard on equipment
  12. Great trip i wonder if I could start a go-fund me to pay for it lol
  13. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=553H6IguYPo
  14. Yes I know that but their website is made for Americans this is why they advertise it us bucks even thou they are in Canada i prefer to give my Canadian money to a business that directs their business to me
  15. I just checked their website, their prices are in US dollars I would look to see if other outfitters on the lake carter to Canadian clients
  16. I always wanted to fish there, so I will be watching this good luck
  17. Are you guys running ad blockers, that could be the problem and what browser are you running
  18. Well depends on how many hours you work a day, in the summer we use to work 10 hours a day four days a week my math says I didn’t lose any pay
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