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  1. I looked at their website not very useful unless they have more then one website could you share price and what you get in a package thanks
  2. A boat the size of theirs would do major damage even going 10 km I was trolling out from picton one night and all but ran into a boat that was sitting with no lights , we ( the 4 of us) could not see the boat none of us drank any booze and about 15 ft from the other boat we heard them yell and still couldn’t see them we stopped and drifted into the boat but used our hands to push off to not do damage I agree with the outcome of this ruling
  3. Real nice and they work too
  4. Long time indeed Fishing looks great i thought I be seeing photos of you at night getting big walleye from docks lol
  5. Well, you will need to buy a place with more property A man has to have his toys and I’m sure you will Love retirement
  6. Looks like Great trip thanks for sharing
  7. What voltage is the battery before you start it for the first time of the day. What volts when running the motor at trolling speed and up on plane. What is the volts after you shut the motor off to start using the electric. The reason I ask it could tell you if the motor isn’t putting out enough or if the battery isn’t holding a good charge. Or if something is draining the battery
  8. At 4 grand I would also look at the garmin force trolling motor. Best on batteries by far
  9. Day 2 after COVID shot and I can’t lift my arm sore as hell
  10. I get my second shot tomorrow finally ,they tell me it will be Pfizer again
  11. Very nice, I always feel the more info the better
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