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  1. http://www.rockthelake.com/buzz/2018/01/muskie-caught-ice-fishing/ A rare central basin muskie, that one didn't get a chance to spawn.
  2. Saw some videos of guys fishing the Buffalo harbor area and catching them too, LOL, one charter captain didn't want that stinky fish in his boat. At times I wonder about DNR's decisions, they could have stocked muskies on this side instead of Coho or Steelhead? Not a species that wasn't native, although at one point in time there may have been trout here, LOL before humans improved things?
  3. Hi Phil! It would make sense that some of those Lake St. Clair fish would wander down this way? Have you seen any new areas of weed growth around the island area? I can picture them finding a mix of habitat in Sandusky Bay or possibly East Harbor but the main lake was pretty devoid of weeds. Still fishing with Captain Joe?
  4. Nice fish Pigeon! Years ago I caught pike in the very early spring here, never personally caught a ski or even hooked one fishing Erie. About 40 years ago a friend caught one around 10 pounds around the Avon Lake power plant and he was a straight up guy so I believed it. They would make the Lake a bit more interesting to fish?
  5. Nice place John. That storm hit here too, I saw a news story that said there was a 10 foot difference in the water level between Toledo and Buffalo.
  6. https://www.cleveland.com/sports/2019/11/lake-erie-walleye-shoreline-and-night-bites-heating-up-fishing-report-for-nov-1.html?fbclid=IwAR2JYMTnN1_XnmLKbIb1sGdeBS5XhJ_tXAJtdVplc7GSWLEQvxtUpHU4eM4 12.690 28.50 SHAUN GOOD 11.6.19 Talk about a weight difference in two fish of similar length? 6.625 29.50 MARTIN BOSSONE IV 10.18.19
  7. (3) Yamaha Trim & Tilt Trouble Shooting Fix - YouTube Might help?
  8. I always like an extra layer, on Ebay I used paypal, on Ali Alipay.
  9. I have tracked some of the stuff I have ordered, it can reach the states and then seems to take weeks clearing customs, but on some they do seem to take a while getting out of their country.
  10. https://www.wholesalemarine.com/steersman-aluminum-steering-guard-7-8.html# Many years a go I put a product like this on my steering cable, it was really easy and never had any steering issues, but my motor was only 35hp. There seems to be a number of similar products out there, as I can recall I got mine one fall on closeout from Walmart for a couple of bucks.
  11. When you buy off any of those sites ebay included you have to look at the feedback of the seller and or comments, but that is probably true with any online purchase. Ali charges you to use paypal, their alipay is free.
  12. LOL, after the repeated claims I see here about the Walleye fishing being the best ever I do wonder about the need for a third rod? I don't know how the charter captains work, are you done for the day once your charter has limit of legal size fish? It might allow them to book 2 charters a day?
  13. https://www.afs-oc.org/wiper-caught-in-lake-ontario/ I don't know if any of our states stock Wipers or Striped Bass where they could migrate to the Great Lakes.
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