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  1. It's not a bad program, it seems at times they add drama to everything though?
  2. No bungee cord to keep your rod and reel from being pulled in? small fish pier?
  3. LOL, hard for me to say on that Lex, last time I was on Erie it could have used a couple more feet of water. Lake Erie walleye still biting; trout stocking continues — Fishing Report for Jan. 17 - cleveland.com
  4. I am probably going to side with Terry on this, some of our best spring time fishing was in places that a bunch of different species spawned in, and sometimes their spawning seasons overlapped. Depending on the spring weather you might catch crappie, bluegill, large and smallmouth bass or an occasional northern pike from the same marina in shallow water.
  5. Lake Erie is usually 40% covered by ice this time of year; so far in 2020, there is none Open water fishing! if you don't get blown away!
  6. Just wondering Dan, I used to be able to get plastic drums from customers and keep a few in the garage or barn with the tops cut off and store dry kindling in them for my wood stove, some of them would break easily in very cold weather.
  7. Dan, that plastic you are calling " puck board ", is that cutting board plastic? and isn't it prone to breaking in cold temperatures?
  8. LOL. here in the tropics Saturday's forecast is 62 with wind and rain.
  9. I'm glad you and your dog are ok, you only get so many chances in life, don't use them up early.
  10. I am not positive but I think Lew had the same boat, not sure what he had for a electric bow trolling motor. Like others mentioned as far back as you can.
  11. Looks like some decent options there Dave.
  12. A picture of the original one might make it easier for ideas?
  13. Brian at 6:33 it looked like it was hooked under the dorsal fin and the ball head was hanging by the tail, my eyes aren't what they used to be though.
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