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  1. OhioFisherman

    Bass opener with kids

    Great! LOL, kids devour more food and snacks than those little raccoons! Sleeping beauties! mine had the ability to fall asleep before we would get to the corner of my road, and faster on the way home! Did you get the " are we there yet " sound much?
  2. OhioFisherman

    Hidden Poacher Cams

    LOL, I think Bill Dance ran into one of those in his bloopers videos?
  3. OhioFisherman

    Motor guide problem

    http://www.motorguide.com/support/dealers/locator I'm not seeing a lot of options for you as far as repairs.
  4. Pump, they also have them on ebay for a couple of bucks.
  5. OhioFisherman

    Waterspout becomes Tornado in Selkirk On.

    Just wondering Old, haven't seen the lake except in pictures and videos since Deg and Whopper got me out on Erie, must be 10 - 12 years ago? As I recall the boat was leaving a mud trail as we left the dock, it needed a couple more feet of water then.
  6. OhioFisherman

    what song are you listening to right now???

    Auto tunes!
  7. OhioFisherman

    Waterspout becomes Tornado in Selkirk On.

    Old, are your water levels there high?
  8. Pump, ya I noticed that 4 wire set up first thing, and according to this you can use 5 wires but have to leave one hookless. http://alabamarig.com/regulations/four-hooks-legal-fishing-the-alabama-rig-in-ontario/ We can only use 3 hooks here, the top 2 would probably get a couple of 3.5 willow blades or a screw lock and dummy bait with no hooks. In that video they mention using 3 baits and leaving the bottom wires empty to make it more snagless in rocky areas, I just wonder if the 3 baits on the top wires throw off the balance? You can get 5 wire a - rigs on ali for a couple of bucks.
  9. mamona, I think we can only guess at that, I used to pitch a floating Rapala into holes in the lily pad fields at Pointe Au Baril, you could see L/M bass rise right up behind them, some would commit with a twitch and some would just swim away. I am just guessing it happens a lot more with lures we can't see?
  10. Pump, this video is pretty good at covering the A - rigs. Ohio only allows 3 hooks, but you can load up the other wires with dummy lures.
  11. OhioFisherman

    Fishing help - fishing the Midland Area

    To avoid any unpleasant experiences check your fishing regulations, I used to fish 3 states and Ontario, what is legal in one place may not be elsewhere.
  12. OhioFisherman

    Grass seed and re-seeding/ patching lawns question, nf

    LOL, @ the astroturf, I was driving thru one of our eastern burbs here and a house had green painted limestone for front yard grass.
  13. OhioFisherman

    Grass seed and re-seeding/ patching lawns question, nf

    LOL, I have country grass, disk ed up the yard with a tractor, raked most of the rocks out, spread seed and put straw on top top hold in moisture. Show them dandelions a little love! They are wildflowers!
  14. Cool! Interesting look on the a - rig. Never got to try one, but those might have worked well for Erie smallies.
  15. OhioFisherman

    Tried my hand at guiding this morning

    Yes, I fished a smaller tournament here a couple of times and no one caught a fish, and some of those guys normally did well. I have blanked myself more times than I care to remember, and even using live bait fun fishing.