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  1. Never had a bill actually break John, but some would loosen up from the plastic and fill with water. It must have been an issue with them for a while because I know they were made with a plastic bill at one time. On Erie? http://erieoutfitters.com/index.php?cPath=25_85&osCsid=luti1v4qatqa49bekskrg0b2u7 They host the fall brawl here, and what they are selling for walleye lures also have to produce sales?
  2. If it's any help? http://www.hotbitefishingcharters.com/top-ten-crankbaits-lake-erie-walleye-2/ The Blue Pike - Walleye days on Lake Erie were over when I was a kid, but all the people that used to fish for them always seemed to have a bunch of Flatfish in their tackle boxes, or Benos. Storm wiggle warts and Hot n tots always caught fish for me back in the 1980's years of the hot bite. I preferred the Wiggle warts because the bill was molded as part of the lure, the hot n tots had a metal bill that would break loose and allow them to fill with water making them useless. Bandit crankbaits like the 200-300 series worked too, but the wiggle warts seemed to have the edge most days. Probably depth control and the ability to keep a lure running at the depth were they are hanging out on any particular day is more of an issue? Caught Erie walleye casting blade baits, lipless cranks, and tubes, LOL, just lucky enough to stick them in their faces!
  3. Obviously from what I read and have experienced in the past not all the Walleyes migrate or go very far if they do. The number of boats out fishing for walleye here looked like new islands from a distance, and the follies didn't end at the launching ramps, some carried them onto the water.
  4. LOL John, shorter hours of daylight must be triggering the migration this year? I don't feel cooler temps yet! 3 days pushing 90 this week here, and you are welcome to share!
  5. I can't picture a farmer harvesting corn off the ground, the machines I have seen them use don't appear to be set up to operate like that? Labor costs to do it by hand would break them? Because of the very wet spring here the corn crop is down by an estimated 35%, some fields never got planted. Have a great time traveling!
  6. Usually this time of year they are moving shallower, the migration from the eastern to western basin. It stormed here too, sounded like someone shot off a cannon right outside my bedroom window when it started.
  7. LOL, we usually trolled Wiggle Warts or Hot n Tots on a long line, some bites you didn't feel, you just saw a walleye water skiing behind the boat. It was usually pretty hard to get me to Walleye fish on Lake Erie, I had a lot of other options.
  8. Not sure of their exact method of determining the catch per hour Lucas, if they are asking all anglers fishing for them I would expect some to do worse than others. Just curious? What were you using for lures? I know things have changed since the last time I targeted walleye on Lake Erie.
  9. https://www.cleveland.com/sports/2019/09/lake-erie-walleye-fishing-golden-era-officially-returns-with-record-catches-big-hatches.html?fbclid=IwAR3P1mOqmGyrKxIxkVGxqzzIuMM0PBf9VtSpsCG2vLfcQwBE8Tqyyzo2O24 https://www.cleveland.com/sports/2019/09/lake-erie-smallmouth-bass-biting-around-where-else-the-bass-islands-fishing-report-for-sept-13.html?fbclid=IwAR0Lgi7XAEMk-MYglH7LlDhAnkcMc3ZeuVJVrWMfQHkITI0NPaac-Z0jqcw Pelee Island on the north side was always known as a smallie destination too, has that changed?
  10. I recall seeing Perch eyes used for bait here too, as long as you are keeping that Perch to eat would it be an issue? If there is a stream in you area? Small creek chubs, dace or darter minnows might work as well?
  11. How does the fuel line to the tank look? I am guessing it is an older motor? might have pin holes and be sucking air?
  12. Just my experience is that perch will eat almost anything if they feel like it. Different laws here in Ohio, but as a kid we would buy a buck's worth of minnows and when they ran out scale a perch or other fish and cut strips of it with the skin on for bait, it worked. Worms, but you might end up feeding the gobies and every other fish out there. Not sure what they sell as bait in your area, here some bait stores sold maggots and wax worms as pan fish bait, possibly a leech? I have caught Perch up north that were spitting out crayfish, so small uncooked shrimp might work, a small piece of bologna or hot dog? I have seen videos of people using them to bait minnow traps. In my younger years when the lake front bait stores here couldn't get enough Emerald Shiners they sold Fathead minnows as bait, I never had much luck on those anywhere! The trend now seems to be hatchery raised small Golden Shiners,
  13. Today? every day is different! It was like 72 here Monday, then hovering around 90 Tuesday and Wednesday, and back to the lower 70's today, unstable weather can throw the bite and fish location off, deeper fish might be less affected by the changes.
  14. 2019 Fall Brawl They call it the fall brawl, no summer slam as yet! Of course location of the Tackle shop and fall fish migration have a lot to do with it. Like 400 new participants in the past week? I am guessing that will continue!
  15. Swine Fever Is Killing Vast Numbers Of Pigs In China : The Salt : NPR Stuff like that keep's happening and we all might have to become grazers.
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