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  1. I remember living in Avon Lake about 1/2 mile from Lake Erie and trying to get into my condo without letting 100's of them or midges in at the same time.
  2. Loss of power near nuclear reactor along Lake Erie caused by ‘mayfly accumulation’ How many did that take?
  3. Disabled now for about 17 years, I have to listen to other peoples fish stories instead of generating my own. In the past Ohio, PA, NY, and Ontario, I guess bass were always the focus, if not a darn good back up plan!
  4. https://www.mikesreelrepair.com/shimano-stradic-2500fh-schematic/ Usually good schematics https://www.mikesreelrepair.com/content/schematics/Shimano_stradic_2500fh.pdf I see only two springs listed in the parts for that reel, 7467 looks like the one to me,
  5. Good looking fish, that size are always fun to catch!
  6. Nice fish! Georgian Bay has plenty of places for them to grow.
  7. Usually I get meat from a small grocery chain south of me, they ordinarily have an 8 - 9 page sales ad, last week it was 1 page.
  8. 1.) China had a hog problem before covid started https://www.cnn.com/2019/09/04/business/china-pork-swine-fever-pigs/index.html pork prices shot up here 2.) Not sure how much of your meat - poultry - veggies are imported from the states, but a number of big meat processing plants here have been shut down due to large numbers of their workers with covid, more grocery prices rising. 3.) Hog farmers, and i would assume other types are talking about having to euthanize their stock, can't get them processed and can't afford to go on feeding them? 4.) Labor, plant a crop that might end up rotting in the field? an expensive waste of time? The US and Canada both rely on large amounts of cheap foreign labor for farm work.
  9. A lot of boats? had problems with the wood in the transom rotting out? A lot harder to notice on a glass boat than an aluminum boat? From a liability standpoint giving insurance to an older sight unseen boat might open the insurance company to more battles? The need for speed? There wasn't as many boats that came close to the speed of today's boats when I was young and who knows how good they are maintained? Lots things can go wrong, and the price to fix them or replace them keeps climbing?
  10. Heddon River Runt, Black Shore Minnow I believe midget? I also seem to recall they were made in wood and then plastic. Heddon Sonar for the metal blade bait, those are still sold today, although the color choices are probably different. I don't believe either is really worth any serious cash, but I could be wrong. Ebay is a decent reference place to see what some of these old lures go for.
  11. https://realfishing.com/all-about-lake-trout/ " Lake trout spawn in the autumn, between September and December, in water between 48ºF and 57ºF. They prefer to spawn over large areas of lakes with boulder or rubble bottoms but they are also known to occasionally spawn in rivers. The eggs fall into cracks and crevices where they will remain for between four and five-months before hatching in March or April. " Not something I was aware of, 4 = 5 months for their eggs to hatch? Makes those eggs more of a target if dropped where gobies thrive?
  12. One of my friends went to the Lunge Lodge every year, late 1980's we drove up from Pointe Au Baril to visit and fish with them for a day. We followed them around, because of the rocks, and caught bass, basically all we fished for. His son and another guy from our bass group here end up buying the lodge some years ago, they sold it a couple of years ago. They had an annual bass tournament for guests every September? from what I could see from following their facebook site the big bass was usually in the 4-6 pound range, and it could be either species.
  13. Just my thinking that goby traps will catch a lot more than gobies? It may give them a way to compare the number of small fish species though?
  14. A lot of people from this side of the lake make the run over to PeLee island, any rocky protected from pounding waves.
  15. It was in the low 90's here Tuesday and Wednesday, and struggled to get out of the 60's for the weekend.
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