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  1. OhioFisherman

    The poor maligned Pickeral

    " Questions for Thought: Cumulative effects can be difficult to predict and measure. Should commercial fishers have to reduce their fishing level because of pollution caused by another industry? No matter who is to blame does it make any sense to net a species to the verge of extinction? A lot of fishing in the Great Lakes and other regions is conducted from charter boats, boats that are hired for a day or a weekend to take fishers out to the good fishing spots. Boat owners and skippers depend on this business for their living. Should this kind of fishing be considered sport fishing or commercial fishing? Why might it make a difference in some cases? " A great lakes boat can be a pricey item, and some people don't want to make that kind of investment for an item that might see limited use. A charter captain is selling a service, helping people catch fish, they are not actually selling the fish?
  2. OhioFisherman

    Great expectations?

  3. OhioFisherman

    Great expectations?

    A little overkill?
  4. OhioFisherman

    House Boat

    https://www.canadahouseboating.ca/ Here is a list that includes rentals in Ontario, as far as a fishing platform? I imagine they catch a lot of wind?
  5. OhioFisherman

    The poor maligned Pickeral

    1 vote for river perch! eh?
  6. OhioFisherman

    If I ever win the lottery

    https://www.boattrader.com/listing/2019-scout-420-lxf-103489156/ 800k for a 42 footer? Talk about sticker shock?
  7. Ya, same here Dave, I don't ever recall seeing a lefty knuckle buster. My first free spool reel was an Abu 1750, not much difference in size than the Langleys and also casted well. LOL, I think I paid around 15 bucks for it new, and around 25 bucks for my 2 5001c's, sold all 3 of them to a Japanese reel collector back in the later 1990's for 450 bucks. Given the price price of reels these days I broke even?
  8. Even a lot of tackle stores didn't stock lefty's back then, my first was an Abu 5001c I saw at a local tackle shop and bought on the spot, he only had one. Not positive of the time line anymore, but we moved to the burbs in 1973 and I know I had it when we moved, it was the only lefty I had ever seen up to then. I think Shimano did a lot to make them more readily available.
  9. OhioFisherman

    Vacuum sealers

    https://www.walmart.com/ip/Nesco-Vacuum-Sealer-Black/36908832 I bought one of these 2-3 years ago and have had no issues with it.
  10. OhioFisherman

    Simcoe Perchin'

    Thanks David, not an ice fisherman or any other kind of fisherman now, I thought it was some kind of slip float.
  11. OhioFisherman

    Moving North? Things to consider

    Years ago I saw pictures of Ken Lea camp in PAB in the winter, I would want to be sure who plows the roads and what is on me! Not everyone can handle the isolation that a winter outside of the city or burbs might entail.
  12. OhioFisherman

    Simcoe Perchin'

    Dang! almost makes me want a fish fry! David, what is that thing hanging out of the last fish's mouth?
  13. OhioFisherman

    wish this was today, birr ?

    LOL, be patient, it's coming. I am probably a good distance south of you but I am starting to hear birds in the yard that I haven't heard since fall.
  14. OhioFisherman

    Moving North? Things to consider

    " I am astonished that your taxes are actually so low, considering the fact that I live in a condo and pay close to that, mind you property values are ridiculous, hence high taxes. " Akri, I live in a rural township here, a move to the nearest small city would almost double my property taxes for a home of equal value. The township is run by elected trustees and they are basically part time employees, we don't have to pay taxes for a full time mayor and things like that. Our police protection is contracted out thru the county sheriff and our fire department is volunteers.
  15. OhioFisherman


    https://www.hlrbo.com/Listing/Search/OH Heck it seems like an industry here in places, part of it is way more people and a lot less public hunting lands, most of the public areas get hit really hard. There are all kinds of options? daily, weekly, monthly, and annually leases, and on some sites you bid on a lease like ebay.