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  1. OhioFisherman

    The Result of Gun Contol

    Dear Santa, I need to upgrade my Christmas wish list, my single shot musket is so 18th century. I need some tanks, aircraft carriers, jet fighters, and an army to protect myself from the evil government!
  2. OhioFisherman

    I just love a good fishing story!

    13.745 12.090 12.005 11.975 11.805 11.790 11.690 11.675 30.50" 29.75" 31.25" 31.25" 29.25" 31.75" 30.75" 31.00" John, those are the weights and lengths from the top fish in that fall brawl thing on Lake Erie, there is quite a bit of variation? the longest fish wasn't even in the top five? #5 was 2 1/2 inches shorter than # 6 but weighed more? The one in the story looks like a nice healthy fish, but not particularly fat? and it doesn't give a girth? A fish to be happy with though no matter what the weight? and a nice release? 15lbs +? hard to tell?
  3. OhioFisherman

    I just love a good fishing story!

    That is a long Walleye!
  4. Jimmer, if I was going to pay for someone to drop the pan on that vehicle to replace an o ring I would probably pay the couple hundred bucks for a new oil pump too. You really don't want to have to do it more than once? Engine noise, you would probably hear lifter and valve train noise before you hear bearing noise like from crank or camshaft bearing, but by the time you do hear the noise from them it is already too late.
  5. No idea if that is your problem, but it seems to be one?
  6. OhioFisherman

    The French need to fish more ......NF

    France fuel protests: Who are the 'gilets jaunes' (yellow vests)? - BBC News It would seem that it is actually the French people behind the protests? but like with any protests things can get out of hand fairly easily? Some people just look to start trouble?
  7. OhioFisherman

    Fly tieing a Goby ?????????

    I don't know Brian, but if a whitefish won't eat them a smallie would!
  8. OhioFisherman

    The French need to fish more ......NF

    I don't know all the details, or even much of them, but some of the stuff makes no sense to me. https://www.cnn.com/2018/12/07/europe/who-are-gilet-jaunes-intl/index.html " A recent favorite with the media is Jean-François Barnaba, 62, a former director of culture and tourism in Indre, a department in central France, who was removed from his post and placed on extended "gardening leave" on 80% of his salary, 10 years ago. Barnaba currently receives $2,900 dollars a month, which he says leaves him with just $1,000 a month to support his wife and seven children after all the bills are paid. " 62 and still supporting 7 kids? " gardening leave "? growing a fresh crop of kids?
  9. OhioFisherman

    Braided line fluro leader

    They show some knots for braid to a leader on this video.
  10. OhioFisherman


    I haven't worked since 2003, but even before that it was a pretty common complaint from smaller companies that supplied parts to the auto companies. They want us to cut our prices to them so their executives can make more! Some of those smaller companies were trapped by allowing the auto companies to become their major source of business.
  11. OhioFisherman

    This will keep some boats in the water late this year!

    LOL, John it's a beautiful late fall day here, sunny and bright and the temps will be pushing 60, although they are calling for storms and wind later on in the day. It's looking like one of the nicest days weather wise in the last month, and the tournie ended at 8 am this morning. The weigh in station was supposedly open all night for last minute fish entries, it was raining and blowing last night here so the numbers are probably final? big fish in the open 13.745 30.50 inches and in the kids 11.275 31 inches, better weather might have changed those numbers a bit over the course of the tournament, but I doubt by a lot, maybe a pound or so, it's Erie and those numbers are pretty good for a walleye anywhere? Ya Lake Erie can be a beast any time of year, it doesn't take much of a sudden storm to get it moving. I still recall going out one late fall day years ago smallie fishing and having the fog roll in, we were only fishing less than a half a mile from shore and luckily could hear the trains passing on shore or we wouldn't have known where shore was, I put a compass in my boat before the next trip out. Kind of mixed emotions about this, it's nice to have great walleye fishery close by, but just from experience in my own family and circle of friends it has changed tourism to Canada, very few people that I know that used to make an annual trip up north still do. Different strokes for different folks? The scenery and Canadian experience was always worth the trip for me, good fishing or not.
  12. OhioFisherman

    This will keep some boats in the water late this year!

    Time is running out, but they are pushing 14 pounds now. There will a couple of happy people with new boats.
  13. OhioFisherman


    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Giant_sucking_sound Ross Perot was right! That nafta agreement decimated manufacturing in this area, there was an older Fisher body plant on the east side of Cleveland, it was turned into a used machinery store to sell all the equipment from factories closing up because of it. I seriously doubt if there is anything the union can do except to try and get enough public and political support to change some of these " free trade " agreements, they all seem to have hidden costs?
  14. OhioFisherman

    This will keep some boats in the water late this year!

    They broke 12 pounds! With the weather we have been having here this fall? hats off to those guys!
  15. OhioFisherman


    One of the trucking companies I worked for was a major carrier for ford gm chrysler, those numbers are probably pretty close. A lot of the parts that go into a car aren't made by an actual auto company. There used to be dozens of metal stamping factories in the Cleveland are that made various pieces, spring companies, wiring, seat assembly s, and even the vinyl for the seats, floor mats, oil filters, you name it.