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  1. https://www.oceangrafix.com/chart/zoom?chart=14860 Just from looking at the map finding fish shouldn't be too hard?
  2. Missed that myself Terry, they have also closed the Maumee River which is a short drive west of there.
  3. https://www.cleveland.com/coronavirus/2020/04/record-ohio-walleye-run-huge-crowds-lead-to-fishing-license-restrictions-sandusky-and-maumee-river-closings-during-pandemic.html?fbclid=IwAR1VLFBS-mNTeWJujgcBufMPT0TGxLmpVUj4dSnPKKBXB2JTqCrjhqh-6i8 Social distancing doesn't appear to be going well there?
  4. Caught a lot of bass, day and night using little 1/8 th ounce hair jigs that didn't look as good as those!
  5. ODNR not selling hunting, fishing licenses to non-residents during coronavirus pandemic Traveling to fish or hunt maybe on hold for awhile? Don't know how many others are doing it.
  6. I had a co - worker whose wife sold his outboard at a garage sale for more than he paid for it, he wasn't happy!
  7. Thanks Dutch, there is a lot bigger selection over there and it's probably easier for a weak link to be found.
  8. I'm still trying to make sense of some of the info out there, supposedly this started with people eating wild animals? A tiger at the Bronx Zoo tests positive for coronavirus - CNN If a wild animal can get it and spread it? Why not a dog or cat?
  9. LOL, I had a couple of cars that I set mouse traps in, they were both Chrysler products.
  10. Fish, you really didn't have to troll years ago either, drift and cast an erie dearie or silver nuggets tip with a worm. I caught them casting lipless crankbaits and blade baits and others. Never a big fan of fishing on erie, it was almost always the closest water around with a high success rate.
  11. Things must have changed over the years with the cleaner water? We just dragged a wiggle wart, hot n tot, or bandit 200 on 8 - 10 # mono.
  12. KraTTor, no details needed, thanks though for the offer. That's how it was years ago here, it did take a bit more than a couple of hours at times.
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