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  1. I’m putting together an old tinner Jon boat for my son and I’m in the process of patching some holes in the bottom. I searched a bunch of YouTube videos on patching with aluminum brazing rods. Did the whole routine with the MAP gas , aluminum rods ect…….. thought I did a decent job but after moving the boat around the aluminum welds just popped off. going to give it another go and make sure I heat up the aluminum really hot hoping for a better stick. does anyone have experience with this ? oh and here is my son with a massive crappie from this spring
  2. Zone 15-4th sat in June Zone 17/18-3rd sat in June Zone 20- early c and r season Jan 1- May 10 ( largies and smallies ) 3rd sat in June ( largies ) and 1st Saturday in July ( smallmouth ) Zone 11-3rd Saturday in May
  3. I can’t help my addiction for hunting largemouth. Had one of my best seasons last year. Refining what I love to do which is flippin an skippin. Some green porn for y’all
  4. My buddy sold his 19 ft Alumacraft for a 19 ft Lund of similar specs. He regrets it and said he liked the Alumacraft better. So either way great boats from what I have heard
  5. Not true. One of my old favourite started off as a 7 ft 1 , then turned to a 6ft 10. Now it’s a 6 ft 6. Just gave it away to my friends kid after 18 years of catching fish.
  6. Maybe the megabass whip snake is your next rod. I heard good things about it. anyways ……… my complete Wacky rig set up almost exclusively these days is a 7’4 med heavy casting rod. ( GLX 893 ) I mostly throw 6 inch senkos with VMC wacky ring. 40 pound braid with 15-20 pound floro leader. I have tried every hook out there and nothing beats a 3/0 Owner Jungle wacky hook. Expensive but has the strength to hold up to a casting rod with braid. I can skip that bait so for and have way better control than with a spinning rod. 5 inch senkos I use a standard 6’6” med heavy Diawa rod with 2500 series reel 15 pound braid. Sometime straight braid or 12 pound leader. one good tip is to have one rod rigged Texas and one for wacky. You can recycle you beat up Texas rigged baits as wacky baits on the other rod. Will sometimes convert the wacky rod into a Neko rod. Hook facing up
  7. Shimano Curado ( lefty ) 201 7:2:1-$125 Shimano Chronarch ( lefty ) 201 7:1-$125 GLoomis IMX Pro 894C FPR -$250
  8. Awesome guys ! Keeping the next generation involved can be challenging however, it seems that if you give them the opportunity they will take you up on the offer. It’s up to us to continue the tradition
  9. So you are saying that indigenous people should only be able to bow hunt Atlantic Salmon ? Not sure if I understand your rational ?
  10. I don’t see anything wrong with it if the individual is of Native decent. It would be within his right to do so.
  11. Hi Bill. Will this unit run on a UNiversal sonar Minn kota ?
  12. Can negotiate the price. Paid $1000 for it 3 years ago
  13. Trolling motor has 3 seasons and runs great. $450
  14. Those purple jigs look deadly
  15. Unfortunately that won’t happen this year. It’s gonna get raped pretty bad this year
  16. Hi yes they are. You can text me at 6472122941 for a quicker response
  17. 18 flipping jigs. 6 brand new Missile Ike mini flips 3/8 and 1/2 oz 9 Punisher mini jigs 7/16 oz 3 Punisher full size 7/16 and 9/16 $60 pick up in Ajax or meet up in Durham or T dot
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