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  1. Unfortunately that won’t happen this year. It’s gonna get raped pretty bad this year
  2. Hi yes they are. You can text me at 6472122941 for a quicker response
  3. 18 flipping jigs. 6 brand new Missile Ike mini flips 3/8 and 1/2 oz 9 Punisher mini jigs 7/16 oz 3 Punisher full size 7/16 and 9/16 $60 pick up in Ajax or meet up in Durham or T dot
  4. GLoomis GL2 894C 7ft 6 with Lewis speed spool 7.1 lefty $300 Curado flipping stick 7ft 6 with Shimano Chronarch 7.1 lefty. $400 would like to sell as combos
  5. Excellent thread and information gentlemen. I’m going to re wire the TM after the fishing season this winter and will definitely be reaching out. Akrisoner- I have never seen those connection before. Very clean slick work buddy. And congrats on the new boat !
  6. msp

    Boat pedestals

    Hi Hack. Sorry. Didn’t see this till now. I’m in Ajax. You can text me at 6472122941 for a quicker response
  7. Nice. You are speaking Greek to me lol. I have no need for a plug. I find they can be a pain in the ass. Show me your set up when done. You got the boat ? Heard you had troubles with getting across ?
  8. Thanks for all the recommendation gentlemen. what gauge wire would you recommend ? I’m running a 24 v 65 pound maxuum typically not always running it on high speed for long periods. Mostly just to get to another spot quick without starting the main. Must be a crappy connection at my batteries or where I hardwired it in. Maybe I just run all new directly from the pedal to batteries with no connections ?
  9. It’s whatever gauge comes attached to the pedal. I’m assuming it’s 6 maybe
  10. Batteries are fairly close. Under the front deck. Assuming a 9 gauge wire. It’s actually hardwired as I removed the plug years ago. Based on the responses here it’s most likely the connections. Will go over it and possibly re do the connections and clean all the terminals. Thanks for all the replies everyone !
  11. When I’m on anything over 80 for a prolonged periods of time on my maxxum trolling motor it suddenly cuts out. Eventually it will turn back on after some time to cool down. Any ideas as to what is happening and recommendations to mitigate the problem ? Possibly overheating ?
  12. Two boat seat pedestals.free to a good home or a small donation to my tackle addiction
  13. I inherited three downrigger/trolling rods and reels that I am looking for a home for. Please make me an offer as I’m not really sure what they are worth. See pics attached
  14. Thanks for all the tips gentlemen. Will start saving now for next year
  15. What is the process ? I have numerous gor tex jackets that leak like crazy. I have a higher end MEC and a north face jacket that are pooched
  16. Thanks Bill. Had this recommendation in the past but my buddy said his pooched out after a couple years. The rain goes right through it now. Maybe it’s a maintenance thing ?
  17. After this years bass opener with four straight days of rain I quickly realized both sets of my rain gear are pooched. Looking for recommendations on good quality rain gear that will last a long time. Not sure how much I am willing to spend but will start saving now for next year. Let me know what you guys recommend
  18. If guys like us who are die hard fishermen who have been fishing in Ontario for years can’t figure out the regulations I think we have a bit of a problem. Could you imagine being a new Canadian and trying to figure out the regs........ sanctuary before the Friday before the last Saturday of June in all waters between the second bridge on the right with CN tracks and the red barn. Please see exceptions .........
  19. I had a chance to play with the curado 70 MGL. Oh boy is that a nice reel. I just don’t like the small spool. Would be great as a dedicated flipping reel for sure
  20. LA county California had the earliest and most strict lockdown measures in the entire country. Their deaths per capita were the same as New York. The correlation between safety measures and outcomes is not there. hiding behind masks and lockdowns is not the answer. Vaccinations may be a short term solution but improving our resilience would most likely be the best path forward. I am glad that this thread is not locked yet because we are having some really good debate on this and I am happy to hear the opinions from everyone in here. I hope we can all get through this
  21. How come it’s okay for people in our country to fill themselves with fast food, cigarettes and alcohol and the become overweight with cardio vascular disease or cancer? But they deserve a bed in ICU? At the beginning of this pandemic we should have focussed on creating a healthy lifestyle for ourselves. Instead we close the gyms, lock ourselves up and drive ourselves stir crazy. look at the stats in the US. Lockdowns don’t work.
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