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    Thanks for all the kind replies guys. 2020 has definitely been a roller coaster ride. Old Ironmaker said it best. We should be very thankful for what we have and appreciate and be grateful for all the little things. I have for sure put my time in and am very proud of some of my fishing accomplishments this year and hope you guys appreciate the fish porn. Had some more pics to share but couldn’t load fir some reason. Maybe next time. Let’s hope for a great 2021
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    IMG_0084.MP4 IMG_0084.MP4
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    Despite 2020 being a complete $hit show, I had some fun out there on the water. was a later than normal open water season for pike but we did well teaching the young lads how to fish for spring pike. Explaining the finer points of jerkbaits to the kids it was fun watching them hone in on their new found skill. bass fishing was hit and miss for me this year. I fished a total of 8 new lakes this summer which took up most of my bass season. Some a complete waste of time, some still on the radar for further exploration next summer. My typical late season largemouth trips went right up until November 22 and may extend to one more trip. Possibly a couple trips to the mighty Niagara coming up soon but with the borders closed and no drifting allowed on the US side I may focus back on pike to round out the season. Here is my best fish porn of 2020. Enjoy
  4. Ajax Mississauga Scarborough sometimes Woodbridge
  5. You may also want to consider the horsepower and weight distribution expected. I have a 16 ft SC with a 50 hp and if it was a tiller it would probably have a hard time getting up on plane with my fat a$$ at the back of the boat. I do love the open space of a tiller tho
  6. All the pics are great ! I especially love those green buckets ! Nice
  7. Older model Curado 5: 1 gear ratio.Left hand retrieve This is the older model green Curados that have sort of a following and a reputation as bullet proof. Great for things like topwaters and or jerkbaits. A bit of boat rash but cast excellent. loaded with 30 # Power pro. I just don't use it any longer. Looking for $50 firm
  8. awesome fish Bill ! Congrats
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