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  1. I prefer a 6 ft 6 to 7 ft MH rod for senkos. Here is a great tip to save on senkos if your budget allows. Have two rods on deck. One rod is used for texas rigged senkos and one rod rigged with a wacky hook. Once your texas rigged senkos are spent, you can transfer them to the wacky rod. double the life of your expensive senkos
  2. I ran into this problem with my new axle. Went to a trailer place and they re positioned the spring seats for $ 100. easy fix and the new axle fit perfect
  3. till that one breaks down. went through 3 in ten years.
  4. Sorry. Just to clarify...…. The axle weight rating was low for the boat with gear ,fuel, ect….. I was getting very uneven wear on the insides of the trailer tires. Spoke to a couple of trailer guys and they said that typically these trailers are for cottagers that put their boats in the water at the beginning of the season and take out at the end of the season. I am averaging 15 000 km per year on questionable roads. A new axle took care of all my problems.
  5. You may want to consider replacing the entire axle. After going through trailer tires almost every season, I soon realized that the trailer axle was under rated for the amount of driving that I am doing. Replaced with a 3000 lb axle from PA. about $ 400.00. easy job. Now I have no more uneven wear on my tires. This all started with a simple bearing replacement. lol
  6. Well said ! We need to start making better choices for the environment. If eating a little less meat and being more conscious about single use plastics such as water bottles, plastic bags, straws ect..... our future generations will be thankful for our choices. A tough sell as meat tastes sooooooo good. A little bit at a time will go a long way. BTW..... Im not a vegetarian !
  7. The flipping jig is very versatile. you can fish it deep, shallow, fast , slow. experimenting with weight and rate of fall is more important than colour. 5/16 oz 1/2 oz and 9/16 oz are all standard weights. switching out your chunk/trailer makes a huge difference with the rate of fall. For example, a 5/16 oz jig with a large trailer with flapping craw type trailer will have a very slow fall rate. This was key for me last weekend to getting bites. Sometimes it the exact opposite. a 9/16 oz jig with a small chunk with little action could be what the fish want. ( more of a reaction bite ) as the fish don't have time to inspect and just react to the fast fall. Sketty55- PM sent
  8. The number one big bass bait of all time is a flipping jig with trailer. Try a 1/2 oz flipping jig in brown or black and blue with a zoom chunk. Stick with it and be confident. I guarantee you will catch the big ones with it.
  9. I guess you are correct. The US lakes do a ton of stocking and Ontario is strictly reliant on natural reproduction. Predation by Gobies probably does not help.
  10. Very true however, many of the US lakes are stocked like crazy
  11. MNRF should just open a catch and release season for bass from May long weekend to bass opener
  12. Central Ontario.
  13. Spent quite a bit of time on the water last week. Fish didn’t come easy. A couple of skunkings on walleye, a broken trolling motor, many km and plenty of hours on the water. Finally found some active fish. Got them on a variety of baits with the big swimbaits and soft plastic jerkbaits getting most of the fish. They did not want the jerk bait at all for some reason. The new Minn Kota maxxum performed flawlessly. I should have got one long ago. Love the responsiveness of the cable rive
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