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  1. Older model Curado 5: 1 gear ratio.Left hand retrieve This is the older model green Curados that have sort of a following and a reputation as bullet proof. Great for things like topwaters and or jerkbaits. A bit of boat rash but cast excellent. loaded with 30 # Power pro. I just don't use it any longer. Looking for $50 firm
  2. awesome fish Bill ! Congrats
  3. Its amazing how hard they smash the hardware. well done !
  4. did crappy. my spot got poached all week. walked a couple other home tribs and got some fish here and there. nothin special. may be my last year fishing opener.
  5. To the OP …... sorry for your loss.to bad you didn't get a chance to fish more with your old man. Love reading everyone's stories. My story is similar to everyone else's. Started very young with my dad. cut my teeth a child on Pigeon Lake family friends cottage fishing walleye, smallmouth and the odd incidental musky and a rental cottage on BOQ in the early 80's fishing pike and eyes. I also vividly remember cottage rentals on the French river. The old man soon bought a large boat and docked it on Simcoe for a few years trolling Lakers and live bait fishing crawfish for smallmouth. I still remember the looks on the tournament guys faces when we put a beating on them at Duclos point. One of them may have been Dave Chong lol The big boat got moved to Port Whitby for a few years and the old man got hit with the Salmon bug. I still remember going to Gagnon sports when they were on Simcoe street south to pick up our first set of downriggers.Trolling was fun for a few years but when I turned 15 it was getting harder and harder for my dad to wake me up in the morning. Chasing girls and partying took front stage for a number of years and the old man sold the boat and downsized. This ended up being a blessing. The riggers came with us and the smaller boat opened up so many opportunities for us to explore all kinds of water.My dad was always cool with lending me the boat and truck and it was pretty much every weekend exploring the Kawarthas and beyond. Figuring out new bites, new lakes is what always kept things interesting for me. soon after I bought my own boat and had been fishing steady for almost all my life. passing on the passion to my son now is the agenda as he is looking forward to trout and bass opener every year. I hope I am creating fond memories for him and someday he can tell his story on here about how his old man was the best fisherman ever lol about 43 years and still learning !
  6. This can be a slippery slope. all the extras that you need/want can become very expensive. as some have mentioned here in the thread, you would need at a minimum a battery pack and decent memory card. Some of the newer versions are only compatible with good quality memory cards. Not a big deal but an additional $100 on top of the purchase price. I just got one last year and still havnt figured it out yet. a bit of a pain in the a$$ actually
  7. Plus the wide angle lens makes fish look HUGE !
  8. Apparently all the launches are closed on BOQ.You may want to consider this before driving out. I don't target Crappie on BOQ however I have caught HUGE slabs on full size jerkbaits there in the past.
  9. I agree about fishing for fish on beds.( not cool ) most fish have spawned long before opener and are in dropback mode.
  10. Fishing for steelhead is probably the least sporting type of fishing in general no matter how deep the water is. I mean heck, they return to the same creek every year.
  11. So now all other rivers are going to get hammered pretty hard. The Ganaraska River is the only river out east that can support that quantity of fishermen. say good bye to fish stocks on the other tribs in the area. I walk my dogs almost everyday along the banks of Duffins creek in Ajax and speak with fishermen all the time. word on the street is that a $ 100 trespassing fine is well worth it vs a "social distancing fine " I went last week to check on my opener spots and there was clearly evidence of poaching. 20 pound test all over the place, footprints and garbage. people don't have ethics anymore. Its quite sad that fisherman are disgusting pigs and ruin it for the majority.
  12. How does one " retire" from fishing .......I don't understand
  13. Very interesting. Can the MNRF make the regulations any more confusing ....... im not sure how I feel about this one. If anything the early season Jan 1'to may 10 should definitely be catch and release only I am a bit bias because I don't fish for smallmouth but the US regs bass is open all season and it doesn't seem to affect the fishery. Do they stock more ? Idk ?
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