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  1. msp

    Flipping Rod recommendations

    7 ft 11 heavy. problem solved
  2. msp

    Braided line fluro leader

    Back to back uni knot is all I use. not just for ice fishing. for all applications
  3. msp

    Fall Largemouth Question

    Typically your summer shallow water patterns wont hold at this time of year. Start looking for green weeds in 6-10 ft. They tend to group up together and get very condensed in specific locations. So it becomes more of a game just finding them. If you do find one you will find many. When you do find them, stick with it as there should be more around. I was out last weekend fishing some of my go to fall spots. Water temp was at 50 degrees. I did find some fish all around 3.5-4 pounds but could not locate that large pod of fish. I was unable to determine if the fish had already vacated the spot or if it was just starting to stack up. I like to fish suspending jerkbaits to locate them and then slow down with a jig n pig or senko.
  4. Thanks guys. Found it at princess auto. worked out well and got some fishing done
  5. I am looking for this fuse for my trolling motor. Fuse reads shortstop 24VOC R20 40A Does anyone know where I can find this ? please help ASAP. Need to fish on Sunday thanks
  6. msp

    Rapala fishing rods

    I was given a R-type spinning rod. 7 ft 2 medium heavy. Had it for almost 10 years now. Not a bad rod at all. good for dragging tubes and wacky rigged senkos
  7. msp

    Late Summer Laker Beatdown!

    looks like soooooo much fun ! well done dude
  8. msp


    I met Kevin once by chance standing in line at a Tim Hortons. He was looking at fish pics on his cell phone and I interrupted saying " nobody looks at fish pics without me knowing " We instantly recognized each other and became "instagram " friends. A great guy. My condolences to his friends and family.
  9. msp


    What the hell does the video "Killing Joke " have to do with the thread ? My condolences to family and friends
  10. Added some more pics. Have had a great season so for experimenting with different baits including the Ned rig. Fished three new lakes with some success and got my little guy out a few times and got him casting with a bait caster. Looking forward to the fall, winter not so much. Enjoy
  11. msp

    Faded braided line

    The suffix 832 turn white almost immediately. The line casts great but a little to supple for my liking. It tends to wrap around the guides way to much. I rarely use a flouro leader. Power pro is by far the best braid out there. It does turn white eventually. not as quick as 832 . A black marker takes care of this.