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  1. msp

    Boy tames Snook.

    That is awesome ! congrats to the little guy
  2. msp

    Big whitie!

    That is excellent ! I don't ice fish but can appreciate the great catch. well done!
  3. I have a Shimano Clarus flipping stick 7 1/2 foot telescopic. Great rod for pike. It is paired with a Lews Tournament MG speed spool Lefty 7:1 gear ratio let me know if interested
  4. msp

    How to choose braided line.

    15-20 pound Power pro on spinning reels. 30 pound power pro on baitcasters for moving baits like jerk baits, spinnerbaits ect.... 50 Power pro for flipping baits like worms, creatures, jigs or frogs. Cheap mono from Canadian Tire ( red wolf 10 pound ) for backing will last you a lifetime for 5 bucks. Power pro all the way !
  5. msp

    Raven Helix Spinning rods

    My buddy bought the same model this fall for bottom bouncing on the Niagara. He absolutely loves it. I purchased a 9 ft 6 Fenwick in the same price range and found that the Raven was way better. I ended up returning the Fenwick. I used the Raven for a couple of drifts and thought it was a great rod for the price. From past experienced with Raven, they have an excellent warranty as well
  6. I agree wit Dave Chong. Go with 50 pound braid and a flouro leader if you feel you need it. Your reel should handle 50
  7. msp

    Spruced up an old ranger tiller

    awesome boat ! great motor as well. I have had my 50 yammy 4 stroke for about ten years now. love it !
  8. msp

    Season Endings Big Fish Bendings.

    Excellent Bunk. The Yammy 4 strokes really are bulletproof. Never have I seen such a reliable motor. The pics of you and your daughter are priceless. The two of you will cherish those pictures for years. Great report and great fish !
  9. msp

    Flipping Rod recommendations

    7 ft 11 heavy. problem solved
  10. msp

    Braided line fluro leader

    Back to back uni knot is all I use. not just for ice fishing. for all applications
  11. msp

    Fall Largemouth Question

    Typically your summer shallow water patterns wont hold at this time of year. Start looking for green weeds in 6-10 ft. They tend to group up together and get very condensed in specific locations. So it becomes more of a game just finding them. If you do find one you will find many. When you do find them, stick with it as there should be more around. I was out last weekend fishing some of my go to fall spots. Water temp was at 50 degrees. I did find some fish all around 3.5-4 pounds but could not locate that large pod of fish. I was unable to determine if the fish had already vacated the spot or if it was just starting to stack up. I like to fish suspending jerkbaits to locate them and then slow down with a jig n pig or senko.
  12. Thanks guys. Found it at princess auto. worked out well and got some fishing done