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  1. Hi Bill. Will this unit run on a UNiversal sonar Minn kota ?
  2. Can negotiate the price. Paid $1000 for it 3 years ago
  3. Trolling motor has 3 seasons and runs great. $450
  4. Those purple jigs look deadly
  5. Unfortunately that won’t happen this year. It’s gonna get raped pretty bad this year
  6. Hi yes they are. You can text me at 6472122941 for a quicker response
  7. 18 flipping jigs. 6 brand new Missile Ike mini flips 3/8 and 1/2 oz 9 Punisher mini jigs 7/16 oz 3 Punisher full size 7/16 and 9/16 $60 pick up in Ajax or meet up in Durham or T dot
  8. GLoomis GL2 894C 7ft 6 with Lewis speed spool 7.1 lefty $300 Curado flipping stick 7ft 6 with Shimano Chronarch 7.1 lefty. $400 would like to sell as combos
  9. Excellent thread and information gentlemen. I’m going to re wire the TM after the fishing season this winter and will definitely be reaching out. Akrisoner- I have never seen those connection before. Very clean slick work buddy. And congrats on the new boat !
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