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  1. Not sure if this helps but I just throw my one pieces inside the my ram in the middle. I have the tip of the rod at the front dash resting on a small blanket so the rod guides don’t scratch anything. Good luck on your trip.
  2. Just wondering what are some things you do when it comes to preparing your boat for winter storage? Personally I bring my boat into the shop in December and get them to do there thing and just recently learned on a recent post to lift my trailer off the ground with a couple of axle stands. Any info guys would be great. Thanks
  3. This game should be going to game 3. That was the luckiest hit I seen when springer and bo collided. Well there’s always next year lol.
  4. I always keep an eye out for them at the tackle swaps. My avatar was caught on a 6” deep diving perch one.
  5. I purchased a new 20hp manual start Yamaha last year and I regret not spending the extra for the electric.
  6. So one question guys. You drive up to a launch and no one is there. Do you drive off to the side and load your boat up or do you back your boat up right to the launch and load your boat up there?
  7. We are coming upon our second year camping off the grid and we are still learning as we go. Just purchased a new Yeti cooler ($400) to keep our meats cold for the week. If you like fires bring a saw or bring your own wood with a tarp. I like using disposable plates and bowls. You'll probably forget some things like most people. Disposable wipes is an important one too. Have fun and good luck Glen.
  8. Down with the ship we go again
  9. I get it all the time. The worst is when they ask for measurements of whatever I’m selling. I send them the measurements then hear nothing back. I don’t bother anymore.
  10. Beauty. Multiply species day on the grand are always nice.
  11. I look after a bunch of college buildings in Brantford which a few are unfortunately located next to a homeless shelter. I see those fire guys everyday helping people who overdose. I have my opinion about that but I'll keep that to myself. Lew, how was the overdose situation when you were still working?
  12. Just 1 in 6hrs. It was a stinker.
  13. Was out a few weekends ago. Only boat out there. It rained and snowed the whole time and it took me a few days to recover from that. Glad I brought my rake for the launch thou.
  14. This is crazy. I never thought that. No wonder nobody posts that much. I think even there was a guy who posted a report on here a few years ago about fishing for some Brookies and someone somehow found out where it was exactly he was getting them. Anyways welcome to the forum. Tons of knowledge folks on here always willing to help.
  15. Thank you guys for the tips. I’ll be sure to do that before heading out next Saturday. Adjusting the winch mount looks pretty simple.
  16. Looks like it’s 6” from the bottom of the transom. Similar to the previous trailer.
  17. Not sure why the pictures turned out like that. You may have to bend your neck to look at them lol. Here in Norfolk county we got hardly any snow left.
  18. Managed to put the boat on the new trailer this morning. Luckily zero issues came up. Thanks for the advice guys.
  19. Started years ago donating to a couple of charities. I set it up so $10/mt gets automatically taken from my account and sent to Sick Kids and WWF. It’s not much but I think it’s something we all should take part in. Maybe with this post some of you will follow the same and pick a charity that means something to you and give back.
  20. Pick up a new Ram last year but decided to just go with the V6. It’s hauls my 14’ no problem. I rarely see one that’s not the Hemi out there.
  21. It definitely makes for a very long day. 2 hour drive up. 2 hour drive back. Walking onto ice. Using manual auger. Putting up 4 man tent. Good times.
  22. Thank you. Sounds like it will just be the usual dropping the wife and gear off then parking and walking 20 minutes back.
  23. Just a quick question guys. Planning on heading to cooks with the wife Saturday and was wondering what’s the parking situation at both Gilford or Lefroy. Haven’t gone for a couple of years to Lefroy and about 5-6 to Gilford. Thanks
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