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  1. That's fantastic to see Lew. Great pic.
  2. Are we trying to run before we crawl? C/AV death today

    haha good point. I still think it's easier to idiot proof a computer that it is to idiot proof an idiot! lol
  3. WOOHOO!! Spring Is Here!!!!

    That's nasty...I'm so ready for a nice warm day!
  4. Dollar store find

    Good idea. Just thought...I should buy one to ship broken rods back for warranty! lol kidding...
  5. Dollar store find

    I'd grab one too for that price...if I owned even one two-piece rod. Good deal.
  6. Are we trying to run before we crawl? C/AV death today

    Just reading this now....it was so predictable that the first incident would spark the anti AV campaign. I'm sure the change outrage has happened multiple times though history like when the iron horses first hit the streets and when the first plane went down. But the reality of it is this, it's coming and if you don't believe it you're in denial. There's computers controlling traffic lights, air traffic control, your vehicle's onboard systems(ie ABS, throttle), planes, on and on. And all these things have "what if" circumstances everyday. I see people making decisions on the highway every damn day that a toaster could have done better. This is the evolution of technology and it may not happen tomorrow or next week but it's coming.
  7. 2017-2018 Hockey Thread

    I don't hope they move...I hope they stay right there and suck for another 100 years. WAAAAAY more fun.
  8. 2017-2018 Hockey Thread

    Sure they do...step 1 - lose all season and destroy the already weak fan base, step 2 - miss the playoffs and valuable revenue required for player retention, step 3 - make a sudden comeback and blow any chance at the #1 pick, step 4 - blame the city and the fans, sell the team.
  9. 2017-2018 Hockey Thread

    Rebuild to cup run in 2 years?? lol Is that Ottawa's plan? I like JVR but I must admit, it kinda bugs me when players "catch fire" right before it's contract time. Just a coincidence lol
  10. Outboard service

    Wow, this surprised me. I know that area well and never thought "marine" for Priceville. Just not a lot of water around there other than Eugenia really. Doesnt matter though, I'd use them if they're good and my buddy still lives 5 minutes from them...good reason to visit! Thanks for the info.
  11. Daylight Savings

    I think they should scrap too! But it's here for now and I hate 5:30pm darkness.
  12. Daylight Savings

    Don't forget to spring those clocks ahead tonight!! Finally!! Geesh I love the long days of sunlight...bring it on!
  13. Photo shopped

    That's a nice fish he didn't catch! Way to not go!!! lol
  14. Outboard service

    It's like the Hatfield's and the McCoy's!! lol It's tough finding a good mechanic and when you do, it's tough getting stuff fixed quickly. Good Luck.
  15. Fishing with my Antigua buddy.

    Definition of Friend - Ok pal, jump in the water and grab that 4' long Barracuda with your bare hands will ya?? Great video!