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  1. Geez. You kicked 2020 in the stones! Lol If you have a better 2021, I’m anxious to see the report. Nice job! Thumbs up 👍🏻
  2. Ironically, it's the older generation that remembers things like the children of thalidomide are the ones that need the vax the most. The 30 somethings have never been exposed to a large scale pharmaceutical disaster. I'm certainly not suggesting this is, or could be anything like that. Just acknowledging why the older gen may feel apprehensive whereas the younger gen may not give it a thought.
  3. If everybody else takes it I don't have too!! 🤣
  4. Not quite sure the market is ready to bear a 175% increase quite yet. 75% maybe?? Good time to be a recreational equipment salesman for sure.
  5. Let me throw some gas on the fire...😁 http://www.flyerca.com/princess-auto-black-friday/ The store you go in for one thing and come out with a hundred new ideas.
  6. An ice fishing raccoon...yeah I see the similarities.
  7. https://gfycat.com/glitteringelaborateirishsetter
  8. Ah damn. I thought that only happened to me.
  9. I’ve got a glass boat with a keel guard and that boat has been beached plenty of times. It’s a boat after all. The topside is for looks and the bottom is for business. Lol
  10. I have two sons and if I tried tying either one to a tree when they were teenagers, I’d be the one tied to the damn tree. OP, regardless of the jacket you pick, make sure you set the example and wear the same one. As far as the auto-inflates go, yes there is a small failure rate. However the rate is extremely small compared to the rate of people that won’t wear a regular pfd because they’re too hot, too bulky, too restrictive, etc. I wear an auto-inflate 100% of the time I’m fishing alone in my boat. I wore a regular pfd 0% of the time while fishing previously.
  11. Cool. I still have the plastic case with the screw on top for the spare spool. Honestly, those reels are nostalgic but by today standards, the drag feels janky. 😆
  12. I still have my mother’s Mitchell 300 from over 60 years ago. The best ones were the originals made in France.
  13. Very nice. I can sure see the attraction to the long track Tundra.
  14. I guess I should have wrote (sarcasm) after my comment. Lol
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