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  1. That I'll buy...one of the more determined guys in the league on the forecheck.
  2. Most teams in the NHL are one or two injuries away from not making the playoffs but yeah, they're short on grit. I never think of Hyman and grit at the same time!
  3. Yeah, I'll bet the Leafs on that shift were super relieved the hit looked clean. haha
  4. Did you see our guys go after Carter when he flattened Kerfoot last night??? Me nether...lol It was great hit btw!
  5. The officiating really does seem one sided lately. I wonder how much of that is actual biased officiating and how much is the Leafs playing pond hockey, stick checking hockey versus actually getting close enough to physically take someone off the puck...heaven forbid.
  6. ^^^^ LOL I thought I'd check out where Ottawa was sitting in the league standings and pulled a muscle in my neck looking down. hehe
  7. I could be wrong but in an interview last week when Babcock was asked about the zero retaliation from his team after the high hit on Matthews he said "who's gonna do it??" It really seemed like he was throwing at Dubas' feet with that comment. This is why I don't really believe this is 100% a Babcock issue.
  8. I watched the games as well and THAT was a great game. Gritty and super competitive. The Leafs have built the perfect replica to the 2010 era Oilers....young, highly skilled, and zero toughness. We all know how that played out. I'm not convinced this is a Babcock issue quite yet. He plays the cards he gets dealt by Dubas/Shanahan and they are open about skill over toughness. The Red Wings teams under Babcock were not exactly powderpuffs. It's all about balance.
  9. Since when is dropping your gloves and throwing a punch not a penalty?
  10. When my son played I had a parent ask if I put a thumb tack in his helmet!! Lol He said he was the most polite kid ever...until he stepped on the ice. Lets get the big man a couple thumb tacks!!!
  11. Can’t beat a good “Florida Man” story. I’ll bet there’s a hundred guys floating around “lost” in dingies today.
  12. Tonight was another great example of why the Leafs to at least finish checks! When a team is known for doing it, the refs let stuff go. When you don’t, it looks out of place and you take crappy penalties. Boston gets away with a lot because “we’ll thats just the way they play.” Oh, and it drives me nuts when Hughes calls Pasternak “Pasta”. Wonder if that moron is wearing a Boston jersey under his sports coat??? 🤬
  13. Well, tonight is a bit of an acid test for the this years Leafs. Win or lose, I want to see them at least get up for the game. GO Leafs
  14. Geez, let it go man. Chris wants a tougher team...I get that. Stop insinuating that there is no middle ground between having a team that is physically responsible within the rules of the game and icing a goon squad.
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