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  1. David, anything special I need to do if renewing a Platinum card?
  2. Nope!! I'd even rather stand on a frozen lake than work! lol But we do what we have to do.
  3. That's my goal! Kill it now when the boats under a tarp and hopefully enjoy more of the upcoming summer...er...real season! lol
  4. LOL! I'm busy...not suicidal! haha Couldn't imagine dealing with that mess.
  5. Hey boys...the new job is consuming my life as any new job would. Just wanted to say hello! I've been reading through some of the threads but no time to pitch in so here's my Cole's notes version!! 1) Nylander is playing like a bag of pudding. Rip that jersey off him and give it to a Marlie. 2) If the concussion isn't giving Sparks a headache, Hutchinson is. Good on him! Clutchison for the win!! 3) Chris, your brother's speck was freaking gorgeous. You two look alike...you could have said it was yours! lol 4) That spruced up old ranger is a beauty! I am partial to old ranger though.... ;) 5) Good luck to all the ice fisherman in the group this season! Stay safe!!! 6) Happy New Year folks! Dave
  6. Merry Christmas everyone. I wish you all a happy, safe and healthy New Year. 🎅🏻
  7. This is fantastic. Maybe guys that know hockey know how long it takes to get back into the game at the NHL level.
  8. Did anyone else listen to the three crackpots on Sportsnet after the Tampa game?? They were saying that Tampa demonstrated why they’re the dominant team in the league and now Toronto knows what they need to do to get better. Did they watch the dang game?? Shots were what, 49-23 or something?? Even on the Tampa forums they were saying how badly they were being outplayed. These guys are brutal. As for Kapanen, I really like that kid and would hate to see him go. I too would consider Nylander first if for no other reason than his perceived value. We would get a lot more back for him. What is Gauthier doing in the NHL? The guy is a giant and his jersey hasn’t made contact with another team all year. Frederic Copperfield... the guys invisible.
  9. Thanks Johnny! You know I'm talking about when I say it was tough. I think it's the whole "old dog, new tricks" issue! lol
  10. If there's one thing the brass has shown, it's they know what they're doing. The cap is going up next year and I'm sure they've done their calculations.
  11. Thank you very much! That's the message I want my kids to see too. There's some great advice! Thanks Capt!!
  12. Sure doesn't sound like it! I'd go for a 8' rod for sure. You'll appreciate the extra leverage because it sounds like you're doing it right...you're not fishing the fringes, you're getting back in the really thick stuff!
  13. Thanks Brian! Sounds like we're in the same "boat" lol I'm hoping that keeping busy longer will help keep me on this side of the daisies! You're one of those guys I envy! lol As long as I can find some balance in my life from here on out I'll be happy. Thanks for the well wishes. Yes its been tough.The good parts was I didn't know just how hard it all would be or I admit, I don't think I would have taken it all on. Thanks again Spincast. Good for you! Truthfully, I'd retire today if I could. I think I would still find enough things to keep me busy and fishing would be right up there. Thanks CPH!
  14. Nylander is coming back! $6.9-mil for 6 years!
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