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  1. Oh, and check to make sure your bail spring isn’t broken. Could possibly be a piece off the end of it.
  2. It looks like the type of spring used to maintain load on a ball bearing. I’d go right back in and look for any thing resembling an exposed ball bearing. A short spring like that isn’t designed to have travel, just load.
  3. I have to admit that I’ve donated my entry fee to the Chong/Brownridge tournament winnings pool on eastern Lake Ontario/St. Lawrence. That is your water for sure. Nice fish David.
  4. Congrats and a heck of a start! I'd check out those batteries too. Make sure they're topped up...sounds silly but I've seen experienced guys run them dry. Sorry if I missed it, hgow are you charging them?
  5. Thanks for posting and congrats! Beast of a fish!
  6. The glass work is easy. I’ve done lots of little touch ups on my boat. You’re right about the bottom too, as long as it’s fairly smooth you’re good to go. Getting it smooth is easy as well. Because you have to cover the resin with plastic to keep the oxygen away (so it will cure) you can give it a light roll with a can or use a putty knife to smooth out the resin. Easy peasy and no water in your fibreglass.
  7. Yup, EPA forced manufacturers to change the compound in the resin and hulls have never been the same. Maybe it’s a good thing for the environment but some of the issues guys are having are horrible. Especially the areas along the bunks where the boat rests on the trailer. Another “they don’t make enough like they used to” story!
  8. Your hull is pre-2004 making it not susceptible to delaminations and blisters....unless you smack a rock of course. All the older bassboat hulls are “bulletproof” as you call it.
  9. It’s really not too hard putting a bassboat up on blocks. A lot easier than fixing a hull after it’s been sucking up water anyway. Still need to make calls this week to see if I can get insurance without the survey. 😎
  10. Ok. I personally feel 20lb braid is too heavy for a 2500 series spinning reel. Yes braid dia is awesome but the trade off is stiffness. If you want 20lb line because you’re fishing heavier cover, you can’t beat a baitcaster and 20lb works great on them. If it’s abrasion type damage you’re worried about, go with a lighter main line, say 10 or 12, and use a heavier weight leader....flouro. Not sure if this helps because I’m not sure what you’re looking to do, but I agree that 20lb braid can be nasty off a spinning reel.
  11. Agreed, and to each their own. It depends largely on how you fish. I know 100% there would be too many days when I'd kill a 12V battery in a 16" aluminum. Days when the outboard runs for 15 mins and the troller for 7 hours. In fact, most days are like that. I will say, I've never heard anyone complain about too much power or their batteries lasting too long.
  12. Around $20 per foot and some dude crawling around your boat trying to find problems. I think its a scam. Time to start shopping. Yes sir.
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