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  1. As per usual, your reading and comprehension skills are in line with your normal single thought process. As for the rest, I didn’t read it. Like usual, your comment will be ignored by 99% of the forum readers. I’m embarrassed for you. Unless you really are a grade 5 kid then: good job!!! Lol
  2. Comments like this are not tolerated by Smitty...oh wait, it’s directed at the Leafs, carry on. 😆
  3. Call the Mods!!!! Someone hacked Matt’s account!! 🤪
  4. Sure, not butt hurt at all!! HAHAHAHA I knew you hadn't read them. Your comments make that absolutely clear. Chirping back is ok....being a crybaby about it...not so much.
  5. Before you get all butt hurt and hypocritical, how about you go back and read the 100+ pages of the Leaf bashing that has gone on before you decided to hop on that band wagon. "Childish comments" lol that's frigging rich. Go back and read two years of comments before crying about comments from Leaf fans. Oh, Leafs are losing??? 6 more in a row and we can tie the Senatarps colossal landslide.
  6. But not so thin that his insecurity requires him to stay ambiguous about who his favorite team is. Chris isn't big on the throw a stone and hide technique.
  7. And...the Senatarps preserve the streak!! lol
  8. The Ottawa Senatarps are on a 6 game losing streak and the Montreal Hab nots are at 8 losses. This game is like watching two drunk girls slap fighting.
  9. lol...but you'd still wear his jock for a balaclava if he agreed to play in Ottawaaa!
  10. I guess the 56 years that Ottawa couldn’t even justify an NHL team is forgotten by the Ottawaaa fairweather tarp fans?? Lmao 🤣 It’s been 93 years since the Senioritas have won a Stanley Cup!!! Ottawaaa is going to make the CENTURY club!!!! Hahahahaha That’s going to be fantastic!!! 7 years and counting!!!! Maybe they’ll be “lucky” and move the team to a city that actually appreciates hockey before that happens??? Au Revoir!! 😂
  11. Sure they do 😂 They’re ok with Ottawa sucking so bad, they’re just not going to games to get even with a millionaire owner. Haha haha Funny YOU don’t know what Ottawa’s imaginary fans think!! 🤣
  12. Did ya see that goal Matty??????? LOl Another point for the good guys!! bahahaha
  13. The irony of an Ottawaa fan critiquing the Leafs is comical. haha Matt, your team is bruuuutal..you know that right? Unfortunately, no one cares in Ottawaa. As soon as they starting losing the "fans" dropped them faster than they dropped in the standings. If ottawaa was a real NHL team, you'd be taken more seriously. Thanks for the laugh.
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