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  1. If you fish swallow you're going to want to be able to lift it right up...if you fish deep and in rough water you're going to want to stuff it deep to keep it engaged. For that boat my guess would be about the 42" length but make sure you have the up or down travel you're looking for. Don't skimp on Ft/lbs either...in many cases aluminum boats should have more thrust than even glass boats. Happy shopping!
  2. Honestly, pick a spot based on where you want to launch. There are fish from the Niagara to Long Point...just go where it's convenient to you! Any marina or boat launch has smallmouth and perch within a 3 minute drive. Have fun!
  3. Good to know. With a west, northwest wind you're good to go all along the north shore of Erie and there is no need to venture out too far for smallies. Lots to keep the kids happy in 15' of water.
  4. Which fish? The little striped fellow or the one on bottom directly below it? 😁
  5. You should include what kind of boat/size/power you and the kids will be in. Helps to define "calm" on Erie.
  6. Would take a braver man to put that above the knee.
  7. What's the make of your boat? I might be able to help you out.
  8. Idiots. "Is the engine still running???" NO kill switch!! Wakum life jackets designed for 23mph wakeboarders!! Boat blewout 20 times before??? And he didn't think changing the setup was a good idea?? Pair a freakin MORONS. Oh, hi everyone. 😁
  9. David, anything special I need to do if renewing a Platinum card?
  10. Nope!! I'd even rather stand on a frozen lake than work! lol But we do what we have to do.
  11. That's my goal! Kill it now when the boats under a tarp and hopefully enjoy more of the upcoming summer...er...real season! lol
  12. LOL! I'm busy...not suicidal! haha Couldn't imagine dealing with that mess.
  13. Hey boys...the new job is consuming my life as any new job would. Just wanted to say hello! I've been reading through some of the threads but no time to pitch in so here's my Cole's notes version!! 1) Nylander is playing like a bag of pudding. Rip that jersey off him and give it to a Marlie. 2) If the concussion isn't giving Sparks a headache, Hutchinson is. Good on him! Clutchison for the win!! 3) Chris, your brother's speck was freaking gorgeous. You two look alike...you could have said it was yours! lol 4) That spruced up old ranger is a beauty! I am partial to old ranger though.... ;) 5) Good luck to all the ice fisherman in the group this season! Stay safe!!! 6) Happy New Year folks! Dave
  14. Merry Christmas everyone. I wish you all a happy, safe and healthy New Year. 🎅🏻
  15. This is fantastic. Maybe guys that know hockey know how long it takes to get back into the game at the NHL level.
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