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  1. If you’re worried about eating too much red meat, get my MIL to cook it!! It’s really more of a cremation than a bbq.
  2. Senkos are great but I’m old school and prefer to toss a texas rigged paddletail in heavy stuff. I reserve senkos for wacky rigging in less surface cover.
  3. What was the total value of your order before shipping? Wondering about why there was no duty.
  4. I use frogs more as a search bait than a primary, especially in really heavy cover. Get the blow up and follow up with something they can inhale. Simply system. In less heavy cover, ie much more pockets of open water, fish the frog slow. When I say slow I mean stop the frog, eat a sandwich, kind of slow. When you move the frog keep your rod at 12 o'clock. If you get a strike, it forces you to reel down on it before setting the hook. You're basically handcuffing yourself and giving the fish time to turn with the bait with the added slack in the line. If it misses the bait, throw your follow up bait. If it didn't, don't worry it'll hang on to the frog until you pound the hook home.
  5. At the end of the day it’s all about choice. I like to ride a motorcycle and some people think I’m crazy. Other people willingly jump out of a perfectly good airplane and I think they’re crazy. While this is going on, some guy who never takes on unnecessary risk gets flattened on the 401. Do what makes you happy and don’t condemn others based on your personal preferences.
  6. What does the law require??? Keeping a muskie net in the boat at all times?? hardly. teaching people that MIGHT accidentally hook a musky once in their life how to pick one up by the gill plate?? LOL Give them a free first aid kit as well. The law says if you buy a licence you get to fish and follow the rules. There's no rules about what to do if a musky eats your 2" walleye bait. People do the best they can under the current structure. When and if fishing licences ever go to requiring a course (such as hunting), then these extra measures can possibly be implemented. If you're out jigging for walleye and hook up on a musky with your 6lb line, instead of thinking about how to net it or pick it up, DON'T LAND IT. Point the rod at the fish and break it off. Your knot is the weakest point. Getting back to the Op's topic, since we have no real proof of what killed those fish, blaming cottagers, renters, campers or whoever is premature and unfair. I've seen "pros" do some stupid filtered try again please too.
  7. Your comment is well noted and accurate. As far as who can afford these things?? That's easy, if I was fishing competitively, I'd have one regardless of the cost. Even at $4000, if that unit helps put an angler in the money it can pay for itself in only one weekend. As for Joe Average, don't overspend on anything, electronics included.
  8. I'm with you on that Bill. Big water beast.
  9. Frustrating that your remote died. Maybe they could have offered you a replacement at a discount price?? Personally, I don't consider it bad customer service to not offer full warranty privileges outside warranty periods. I consider it fantastic service when they do but it should not be expected.
  10. Fishing is a pay to play hobby for most. Good thing is, you get go as deep down the rabbit hole as you like...or can afford. Guys drops thousands per year on other hobbies as well such as racing, flying, hunting, etc.. It just comes down to the individual. One man's $400 is another man's $4000. Personally, I want one; key word being want...not need. But I have all kinds of fishing related equipment I don't need!
  11. Nope...if it’s not made in Japan, it won’t catch fish. 🤫 😆
  12. The only time any fish I catch gets weighed is by a weigh master in a tournament. Not really sure why guys take time to weigh a fish before releasing it. To each their own.
  13. This is why you got the reaction you did for the Erie comment. Not because Erie guys are overly sensitive, but because you have no experience with the lake, understanding of its features or how it’s fished. I was fishing Gbay while you were still on the boob so I know exactly what the differences are between the two lakes. Anglers that are unfamiliar with Erie fly right by a 1 foot ledge on the graph because they’re looking for a Gbay style dropoff. On Erie, that spot will hold fish. So it’s not featureless, it’s just not as obvious to the untrained eye. Personally, I like 6lb smallies regardless of what structure they’re holding on
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