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  1. Check out the Bassboat Restoration section in that other place I showed you. It's nuts what some guys can do to older boats. I mean, strip them down, separate the top cap right off, and refinish the entire hull's gelcoat including a colour change. It's quite impressive. Do a Gambler search too.
  2. Nice. Could land a plane on that front deck.
  3. I love the look of the old Gamblers. The sleek nose section jutting out and the low profile console look awesome. Those things can run too!
  4. Diminishing returns is true for cars as well. It’s expensive chasing that extra 5mph. Hull design is all about compromise and trading speed for comfort. Guys post those ridiculous “my boat does 80mph loaded and handles 4 footers easily” lol Bull 40 years of fishing Gbay, Erie and Ontario... can’t say I’ve ever seen a Bullet. Allison’s and Chargers, yes.
  5. Ok, step one is do your homework. Each brand has motor classes they do well in and some not so good. This is true for every manufacturer; no exceptions. So my advice is don’t shop on brand alone. Look at hp size, price and service availability before deciding. Also remember people tend to pump the tires of what they bought with their own money and what they currently own. So use an average of all opinions. Good luck!
  6. Nice to see ya pal. Brussel sprouts and all!! 😉
  7. Years ago I used to fish rainbows through the ice on GBay. Simple setup...roe bags and tiny split shot in 6' of water. Lying on the ice with a dark blanket over my head and watching the roe bag in gin clear water. Your heart about stops when a big bow cruises in for a snack. SO much fun!!
  8. Ark's post may be the first ever on OFC where someone posted because they're proud of what they DIDN'T catch! Nice no covid catch Ark!!! lol
  9. So if I rent a motorHOME I can go wherever I like. Nice! 😁 Its my belief that law enforcement is looking for some basic common sense and they are leaving this fairly ambiguous on purpose. So when in doubt, don’t. I would not hesitate to drive North, alone, with a truck loaded with ice fishing gear. It’s impossible to legislate every possible scenario involving travel purposes so they throw out the scare and hope most people just err on the side of caution and stay home. Imho of course.
  10. Looks excellent. Hope the water stiffens up for you soon. Well done
  11. In the last week I’ve seen two motorcycles and my neighbour raking his gardens. Bring on spring!
  12. Yeah, it may be a great product from a performance standpoint but I can say without hesitation, unless I’m planning to storm the Capital, there’s zero chance I’m wearing that thing. Oh, and I the only person under the illusion that the day will eventually come we won’t need to wear masks??
  13. The “About Us” page looks legitimate and a quick search on Steve Galea gives you many ties to Ontario out of Doors. I doubt blatant identity theft would be a good way to launch a crooked website. I’d buy from them.
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