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  1. I've been watching hockey far too long to put any stock into analyzing teams by looking at stats. This includes how many 30 or 50 goals scorers a team has. St. Louis has ONE 30 goal scorer, Tarasenko, and he only got 33....oh, and a Stanley Cup. If the Leafs don't gel and start playing because they give a damn about the logo on the front of the jersey, their team mates, and the fans, this will be another season of "what could have been".
  2. Lord knows we should have told Nylander to park it.
  3. Hey honey I’ve got good news and bad news. The good news is we’re moving up north so I can enjoy the great outdoors! The bad news is you have a 3 hour commute. 😂 It all sounds good. I’ll I can add is think about what life you want to live 10+ years from now, not today. What are your career aspirations? Want kids? Schools? Is culture important in your life? I tell young people this all the time...build a safety net in your life. What does option B look like if your existing company restructures or goes under? Is a happy medium a better choice? Say lower GBay whereas it’s still commutable to TO for work, healthcare, etc if necessary? Just playing devils advocate but you’re not just deciding for you, you’re deciding for you and your future family. If you’re all good, go for it.
  4. Blacks bears are native to N. America. This one just happened to be in Canada. Strange situation here as black bear attacks are not all that common.
  5. What the heck was Joe Runabout thinking???? Seems like a mechanical malfunction such as steering would be far too coincidental.
  6. I agree with this. If I’m the guy standing there holding the gas pump nozzle, I’m going to want to see those blowers going for a while first. My butt....my choice. Should be legislated. The guys that refill propane have tight do’s and don’ts for their licences.
  7. I’d buy a good used Stradic, Patriarch, or Tatula before I’d buy a new $100 - $150 reel.
  8. Oh!!!! I was one more do it away from pulling the trigger!!! Lol 😂
  9. If you’re going to bottom bounce either end of the River, use a three way with a 4lb drop line to your weight. Snags on the river are inevitable, so when you break off you’re just replacing the drop line. What Dave said above ^^^ is bang on.
  10. Personally, if your boat is rated for 30hp, I’d hang on to your Yamaha until you decide to upgrade and then go to a 30hp. Wouldn’t be overly concerned or influenced by brand opinions.
  11. All great looking fish there. St. Clair appears to be a very healthy musky factory so I hope it gets looked after. I know those musky have lots of 5 lb smallies to eat!! Lol Seriously considering making a move to a Ranger walleye boat...620 or 621. St. Clair musky would follow shortly afterwards. 😃
  12. I thought The Rock with Sean Connery and Ed Harris was a good movie too.
  13. Three dogs and their owners are sitting in the waiting room at the vets office. First dog says to the second one, “What are you here for?” to which the second dog replied “every time I get too excited I pee all over my owners carpet”. “So Im here to be neutered!” “You?” The first dog answers back, “Every time the mailman comes to the front door I go nuts and try to attack him.” “So unfortunately I’m here to neutered too!!!” They both look at the third dog and ask, “What about you?” “Well, it’s embarrassing but every time my owner bends over to pick something up, I jump her from behind!!! I can’t help it!!!!” ”Wow” says the first two dogs. “I guess you’re here to be neutered too right???” To which the third dog replied, “No, I’m getting my nails trimmed”.
  14. Geez OV Pro Bass brings back memories. Yeah people are surprised how quickly an entire tournament can launch, park and be gone from the ramp. 👍
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