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  1. Regardless of the bowfishing aspect, the language leads me to think their double wide was just out of camera range.
  2. Nice. My seats are mounted to a fibreglass frame directly above the fuel tanks. I’d have to strip off the seating material and modify the frame to accept the new seats. Hmmm Just the skins are $500USD from Ranger.
  3. One “I love Canada” and you’re outta gas!!! ⛽️
  4. Hey Art, what seats did you put in your boat? I have a 487VS and considering just ordering new skins from Ranger. I have the same issue with added weight due to upgrading the boat. I have 4 batteries across the back and wish I could go to a 250hp! Love the hull though.
  5. Musky Plug, there's a bunch of info on this thread that will just confuse you because it's unrelated to your issue. Verify your tach is correct, verify your prop is good, verify the motor is mounted at a good height for your boat, make sure you're not overloaded (|I don't think you are because you come up on plane well), inspect the hull for any obvious deformities. If all is reasonably good, start tweaking your prop specs. There's a ton of boats like yours out there, ask to meet up with someone to test their prop? Most guys are willing to help! I've borrowed and loaned out my props before.
  6. The picture is becoming clearer now lol!!
  7. The OP is running at close to 75% of what that boat/motor combination "should" be doing. Switching to stainless on a 90hp will help a tiny bit but in my opinion it's not worth the cost and it's not the root cause. I'd work on solving the 20% then if he's ambitious enough, worry about the last couple mph.
  8. Call Peter's Tackle in St. Catharines. They cater to the trout/river crowd and there's not much they don't have.
  9. That is shocking considering a 115 would be under-powered on an 18' boat. The 320 and 325 Comanche boats were rated for 115hp but were under 16' in length. The 18' 350 Comanche was rated for 175hp.
  10. OK, then you're right there. Any one change to the prop will cause you to either over or under rev. I'm guessing your gear ratio is ~2.25 on that motor so that puts you at a theoretical 39 mph with no slip(not possible). I'd seriously consider trying a brand new 14x17 so you have a solid baseline you can trust. If the results are the same, I'd increase the diameter 1/4" and see what that does for you. Don't change more than one thing at a time or you'll get lost trying to figure it out.Remember that if you decide to try a 4 blade (increases surface area to reduce slipage), you will need to drop down in pitch by 1-2 inches...start at 1 so 16".
  11. What is the recommended WOT rpm for your outboard? You're at 5500 now. For each one change to pitch you can expect a rise or fall in your rpm by around 200 rpm. I'd look at increasing diameter before changing the pitch since your holeshot seems to be fine. 1/4" diameter change also = 200 rpm
  12. I think this is a bit inflated. Group 31 deep cycle wet cells runs around 70lbs and group 27's slightly less. I do remember the discontinued Sears Platinum was a beast at about 85lbs. I have 4 batteries in my boat and even at +60lbs each I wish I could go to lithium but $$$$$$$$$$$$.
  13. That 14x17 prop is a good mid range prop for that set up. The issue is, with your numbers you’re running at about 22% prop slip. I’d buy another prop from a dealer that will let you return it if it doesn’t solve the problem. What is your hole shot like?? Does it come up on plane quickly?
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