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  1. If by lines you mean the taped off areas and the signs indicating the parks are closed, I’m going go with - of course not.
  2. If Misfish can’t spy it, he don’t wanna buy it!! 🤣
  3. Guess he also should have borrowed your crystal ball. I’m not sure why only US presidents are being called out for this. Pointless conversation.
  4. I don't understand how people are making the leap from public boat ramps being closed to no fishing or boating allowed. There are two separate entities in play here...the new laws regarding temporary closures of public ramps and the moral issue of staying home. I personally have seen nothing that indicates you must stay indoors at all times. IF you can access your favorite lake without utilizing a public ramp, and IF you will not require stops for fuel, etc., and IF the risk(however large or small) that your well thought out plans will not require close human contact...have at it. Like many of you I have a boat in the driveway that is fueled up and ready to go. I also know which ramps are still open and give me access to the lake. But for now, I have decided to make the sacrifice(and I feel silly even typing that word) to not go. That's just between me and my conscience and has zero to do with anyone else. Maybe in a week or two I'll be out if things change. If people want to go and to them the risk is less than the reward, have a good time. But, last week when I see guys with their boats on the back at gas stations and Canadian Tire, I call Bull. All in my IMHO only.
  5. Correct. So pointing out 50% of the candidates on the wrong side is pointless.
  6. And in the last 3.5 years neither did Trump. This is not a time to point fingers. The current situation is unprecedented. It is however front and center with many governments now that the impact is clearly known. Both from a healthcare and warfare standpoint.
  7. I have no idea what your point is. The thread is about public boat launches. Not launching a small boat from anywhere. If people just can’t reason out the difference between going for a walk and filtering activity through a ramp, this explains why it continues to spread. If there was ever a time to use a sledgehammer on a finishing nail, this it it. We can either all observe the rules and be done with this in a month, or cheat because we think we’re smarter than the health officials and still be living this crap in September.
  8. Yes. Everyone should have the right to be equally irresponsible.
  9. It's not the driver either...every boat has t's limits and NO bassboat runs smooth in 4 footers. Erie is probably worse because the rollers launch you when you crest them. Regardless, bassboats aren't for everyone. They have a unique purpose and for those that want it, nothing fishes better. Trolling isn't one of them. Multi-species boats do a lot of things well but give up performance in some areas to accomplish this. No biggie, pick your poison and spend your money where you see fit.
  10. Very nice. My next Ranger will probably be a 621 or 620. The older I get, the smoother the ride my butt needs. 😁
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