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  1. grimsbylander

    2018-2019 Hockey Thread

    Another else watch the Flames/Oilers games this weekend?? What a great battle of the west game that was! Old time hockey was alive and well. If you missed it, catch the highlights online...they hate each other.
  2. grimsbylander

    2018-2019 Hockey Thread

    They're doing great. Happy for Rielly too...first place in the league for scoring among defensemen. He's a keeper.
  3. grimsbylander

    2018-2019 Hockey Thread

    I only managed to catch the highlights...what a game to miss! That Kapanen kid continues to impress me. In a game that is demanding more speed than ever, he's got it in spades and he can FINISH. (unlike cement hands Hymen lol). See Karlsson try to catch him on his second goal? lol
  4. grimsbylander

    And, it begins

    A tiny bit rustic but a little sanding here and there and it's ready for the living room! lol
  5. grimsbylander

    And, it begins

    They should just officially change the city's name to Barried. lol
  6. grimsbylander

    Tiny antlers just starting

    With a second look at the pic I don't think it's an odd ball doe. It doesn't have a really slender neck of a doe and at this time of year the necks of the bucks swell. That one looks far too beefy(venisony? lol) to be a doe. Also, look at how dark the tarsal gland is on the inside of the back leg at the knee. During the rut this gland get quite dark and smelly from the oil it extracts. A buck will urinate down it legs and over this gland to freshen breeding scrapes within it's territory. Still, I wish I had a backyard like yours!!
  7. grimsbylander

    Tiny antlers just starting

    You sure get some great picture Lew. That deer is either a first year button or a doe (yes, it's not common but does can get small spikes) The mature bucks will have fully developed antlers at this time of year. An eight point buck we see in November looked like that in August.
  8. grimsbylander

    Ice fishing show Barrie

    I still call it Molson Park Drive lol
  9. grimsbylander

    2018-2019 Hockey Thread

    Yup and then the Leafs haters that mindlessly hate for the sake of hate can bandwagon over the QC and tell us how great they are. lol
  10. grimsbylander

    2018-2019 Hockey Thread

    Only you could possibly try to defend yet another embarrassing fiasco in Sucks land. How about another 58 years of not even being in the league?? LOL Move the team...they're a JOKE.
  11. grimsbylander

    2018-2019 Hockey Thread

    My son sent me this last night...I was dying of laughter!! UBER Funny!! I'd rather have a team that lost ever game of the season as opposed to that dumpster fire in Ottawa. LOL They're like one of those horrible reality shows on TLC!! 90 Day Senator!! What an embarrassment to the NHL. I can only imagine what gets said to them on the ice during games. Seriously, take the team away from that idiot Melnyk and move it to Quebec. Or maybe they'll just fold again for another 50+ years.
  12. grimsbylander

    2018-2019 Hockey Thread

    I dont think anyone should be doubting JT. His track record is solid and he's already contributing a hell of a lot. If he's guilty of anything it's that his talent is being diluted by a team with a ton of talent up front. Good problem to have.
  13. grimsbylander

    Fall Largemouth Question

    Big baits and super slow. We know they're not up shallow so go get 'em deep.
  14. grimsbylander

    2018-2019 Hockey Thread

    Leafs are hot on the road this season. Tavaras was better than ok tonight in Pittsburgh. Anyone else watch the NHL hightlights tonight?? Ottawa / Buffalo game was awesome.