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  1. Just know that it is not possible to buy a US boat that is already in Canada. Meeting at customs should(?) be ok but certainly worth a call first.
  2. Very nice! You guys sure figured them out. BTW, GREAT hat. I've looked for a decent hat just like that but can't find one that fits me.
  3. True. All you have to do is spend $250,000 to get it.
  4. Isn't that the truth! I remember thinking we were soooo high tech when we got the power rotary antennae on the house! Change the channel = spin the dial! haha
  5. The new double mutant Covid variant is in BC...they can now halts flights coming in.
  6. LG is not a quality product anymore. The local appliance repair guy won't come out and even look at them. The old fridges that dimmed the lights when the compressor kicked in lasted forever!
  7. I might have left it on. On a high gunnel boat I like the idea of having a good solid ladder because hey, you never know. Not the first guy to go overboard reaching for something. Safety first.
  8. My condolences Dan. Very sorry to hear about your loss and that this difficult time has been made even worse for you.
  9. Fisherman isn't all that wrong here. If I was thinking of going to the US fishing again this spring (Chautauqua), I would not be relying on a US side fishing forum to tell me what to expect as a Canadian crossing the border. How the heck would they know?? Check out Canada Border Services Agency(CBSA) Here's the link... CSBA The border wait times at the Queenston Lewiston bridge are between 10 minutes and 5 months LOL
  10. The ultimate status symbol?? A lure? lol I guess you hook it on a chain and wear it around your neck. The crazy part is, they'll sell them.
  11. So far it's either a) we've yelled enough insults they should know by now, and b) I would prefer not to be forced to learn how to use a boat launch. I get just whining about is the answer! 🤣
  12. Crazy to see that much movement. IMG_1884.mov
  13. I disagree. The far majority of issues are from people that don't know better so calling them stupid is unfair. We have almost useless boating card system that could to be expanded to include boat launch etiquette. Yelling abuses at people is not education.
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