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  1. Should be mandated to be biodegradable.
  2. Friendly reminder that amendments to the Invasive Species Act have come into place as of Jan 1, 2022. So make sure those drain plugs are out and your trailer isn't carrying 500lbs of weeds before putting it into the water I'm really surprised it took this long to have a law like this in place. For me personally this will be a non issue, all I gotta do is swap locations of my drain plug to make this easier (currently installed inboard). Maybe add a chain or something in case it comes out (doubtful). It's a rarity my trailer comes out of the water with any weeds on it (Sans for one launch I use on Gbay). Apologies if this has been mentioned before, did a quick search and didn't find anything. https://oodmag.com/new-boating-regs-aim-to-reduce-spread-of-invasive-species/
  3. Your best bet for muskie in Gbay is Severn/Waub/HH. Hire a local guide and hope you see a fish
  4. I love fly-ins, but some of my best trips have been drive to. Although there are trips like the Sutton River, which will basically be impossible to top.
  5. It puts out a max of 2 amps, that's basically trickle charging. I wouldn't expect it to do much if anything to be honest.
  6. https://adventurefishing.ca/shop/hhd/little-kennisis-lake-fishing-map-haliburton-highlands-district/
  7. I wouldn't waste my $$$ on a subscription hoping for updated lake maps for Temagami.... What I'd do is power up the graph, check the maps you've got now and compare them to the Navionics maps online. I'd be willing to bet they're identical.
  8. That's a wee bit overboard with the electrical tape.
  9. Check out Browns on Clearwater, ask to go over to White Otter Lake. The most insane smallie fishing I've ever experienced.
  10. As long as it's not a Polaris 550 fan you're fine. The 500 fans are the ones you want. Top end rebuilds on those are cake, even if you do blow them up.
  11. My opinion.. Too expensive, need a specific charger, no warning of the battery going dead, it just dies. Not there yet, but I'm sure some day they will be.
  12. Chris, you ever seal the cork or leave that up to the customer?
  13. You definitely don't want to switch between batteries. Wire them in parallel and enjoy the extra capacity.
  14. I've sent them a few of my Calais, they always come back with all kinds of new hardware on the inside and I'm never charged more then the original service amount. Those boys do good work. Which reminds me, I gotta pack some reels up and get them out there!
  15. I've seen both muskie and pike do this out on Gbay. It's definitely odd and I've never caught a single one of them (And you can bet I casted at them lol)
  16. Most likely a triploid. Eating machines. I've caught some fat ones in and around Parry Sound.
  17. LOL!! Look at the belly on that fish. Nice job Ron!
  18. I thought we were going to talk about one of the best movies ever, lol.
  19. Saw 54 degrees in HH last weekend. Lots of softwater fishing to do still Boat doesn't go away until the ice keeps me off.
  20. Might actually dust off the gear tomorrow, winds are garbage for muskie fishing.
  21. Just bought 12 spools of it. Should last me a while. Great stuff.
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