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  1. Gotcha. I think we've all done the shake and pray before lol!
  2. Yeah sucks you gotta time when you get into Wawa now, you never had to before, lol!
  3. Nipigon is your next 24hr gas stop northbound if I'm not mistaken. Wawa used to have a 24/7 cardlock right on the highway but that's gone.
  4. Ramps like Port D are well oiled machines when guys are lined up. But people there know the deal and act accordingly.
  5. Ever thought of simply taking your lures off before transport?
  6. Bingo. I fish myself probably 80% of the time and I'm still in and out in under a minute, maybe 2 tops.
  7. Lots and lots of winds here in Phelpston but that's about it fortunately.
  8. Ramp etiquette is definitely a sore spot for me. I've got zero patience for that kind of ****.
  9. Great lake, last time I flew into there we didn't bother fishing it much
  10. You'll want an aluminum after reading your use case.
  11. Some people complain about the stupidest of things. First come, first serve unless the dock has a sign that states 'For unloading purposes only'
  12. I spend probably 5X the amount in the truck as I do in the boat. If you're zipping around at 70mph from spot to spot in a glitter boat maybe?
  13. Check fish online and go explore? I'm sure Google maps would be helpful as well.
  14. Thick mono or trimmer line up the pilot hole would be the first thing I do.
  15. It's not a worm harness. It's slow death. Absolutely the presentation you want when the mayflies are hatching.
  16. Time to break out the slow death hooks and small pieces of worm.
  17. Inshore tarpon is definitely on my bucket list!
  18. Let's not try and compare a fly in lodge to Port Credit, lol.
  19. Search Google maps, you'll easily figure out where you can launch that thing..
  20. Tampa isn't the 2 time defending champs for no reason. They did an amazing job at not letting pucks through to the net. All it takes is one fluke goal to win you a series (Case in point). Some interesting calls by the refs but you can't leave it in their hands. Boys played until the end, back at it in Oct! The team from last year would have folded in this series, I'd like to see a little more beef on the D line, but that's about it. No big changes.
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