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  1. What finders do you have on your boat? Stock wiring leaves a lot to be desired. I was constantly getting low voltage alarms on my Helix 12s until I ran dedicated wire from the house battery to a distribution box and used that to power both my graphs.
  2. I've never unplugged my Terrova when I charge the batteries. Only time it gets unplugged is when it's removed.
  3. Parasitic copepods like Chris mentioned above.
  4. Toss it on Facebook Marketplace.
  5. Has anyone actually tested this stuff? I'd be very surprised if it contains no ethanol.
  6. Super easy. I run a Yamaha setup linked below, main and kicker attached. Swap the filter every 2 years or so and you're golden. Cheap insurance. https://www.yamaha-motor.ca/en/accessories/outboard-motor/fuel-system/10-micron-fuelwater-separating-filter-aluminum-assembly/MAR-10MAS-00-00
  7. I've run my 23 year old Yamaha F115 on nothing but cheap 87 and have never had a problem.. Do yourself a favour and install a water/fuel separator if you're really worried about it. Motors made in the last 10-15 years are designed to run on fuel with ethanol as well. I'll usually toss in some stabilizer before I put the boat to bed before the winter but that's about the only 'extra' thing I do.
  8. Extang, BakFlip etc. All good brands.
  9. Nope, I think I'm wrong Voltage increases, capacity doesn't. I blame this on not fishing enough this season
  10. They'll get a lot more run time running 2, 12V 100ah batteries compared to a single 24V battery. Something you should consider.
  11. Funny, even though completely staged lol.
  12. Something is definitely up with the batteries. Either the batteries themselves or the wiring.
  13. I'll never do Hwy 11 again, its so friggin boring lol.
  14. You want Navionics if you're fishing Ontario..
  15. Nice!! Nest time get someone tossing something big for those gators (Williams Whitefish, etc)
  16. I've got some big articulated patterns you can borrow if you wanna try your hand at a few of those. Big brownies/trout love them
  17. Depends on how many amps that charger is putting out.
  18. Replacement skirts and keep on fishing them
  19. I've got zero complaints about the old Legend tiller we had, that thing was built like a brick **** house though. Definitely nothing like the Legends of today.
  20. I believe the City of Toronto sets the rules for Grenadier Pond, not the MNR. Will be interesting in the reply you get from the MNR.
  21. I don't think that fish is close to 30 inches lol
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