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  1. David Chong

    New PB Fish

    Congrats on the new PB!
  2. Awesome stuff! Mike is great!
  3. David Chong

    Knowledge is Key-Always Learning

    I still have one of those as well! Should pull it out for fun! LOL
  4. David Chong

    Panoptix Live scope So cool

    I know that the Garmin Panoptix Live Scope was instrumental in Team USA's gold medal victory down at the recent XIV Bass World Championships! Boy, did I miss my Garmins there!
  5. David Chong

    Knowledge is Key-Always Learning

    For those of you who might have missed Josh's Navionics webinar live. You can watch it on YouTube now!
  6. David Chong


    Vibrax's have been my in-line spinner of choice lately! The Double Loons were great but hard to find now!
  7. David Chong

    Navionics for Android

    OS 4.1 or higher! Compatibility Guide: https://dbe2w38xsulyl.cloudfront.net/wysiwyg/docs/Compatibility_Guides/EN_Mobile_Comp_Guide_170614.pdf
  8. David Chong

    Ever have one of those moments?????????

    Over the years, I've had many of these moments, the most recent was on the Bay of Quinte during bass opener. I was flipping an Ultra Tungsten Arky Jig, saw my line jump and set hook as hard as I could. I thought that it felt a little heavy for a bass but I was optimistic alas a giant sheepshead destroyed my visions of a winning Largemouth Bass LOL!
  9. David Chong

    Ever have one of those moments?????????

    I've caught a few of them down on Lake St. Francis!
  10. David Chong

    Knowledge is Key-Always Learning

    No problem! Trust me Josh knows his stuff! I wouldn’t miss it!
  11. David Chong

    Missing Angler on Scugog Lake

    Yes, sadly even with a PFD on with the colder temps hypothermia is the killer!
  12. I've been fishing most of my life and am well aware that I am not even close to knowing everything there is to know about fishing! that's why I take advantage of every opportunity to watch a YouTube video, sit in on a seminar or catch a webinar live. Josh Douglas, a successful and well-known FLW Tour pro is hosting a FREE webinar next Tues. Oct. 23, 2018 and share with everyone how to Utilize your Navionics maps alongside your electronics to catch more fish. Josh is very personable and extremely knowledgeable, the beauty about catching a webinar like this live is that you can ask your own questions after his presentation. If you're like me and want to keep learning and improving as an angler go register at this link: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/3132308909564056066?source=Navionics+Website
  13. David Chong

    Missing Angler on Scugog Lake

    WOW, hopefully, they find him safe & sound! Hypothermia can happen quickly with the surface temps right now!
  14. David Chong

    Otonabee river musky tips

    Was in the Otonabee on Friday and Saturday but chasing bass! Surface temps were 57-58 degrees F, saw 1 muskie!
  15. David Chong

    Flathead Catfish

    That's a true monster!