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  1. Yes, confirmed that the Garmin remote does float, but Iā€™d wear a lanyard anyway!šŸ˜ŠšŸ˜ŠšŸ˜Š
  2. On Big Rideau last weekend we had surface temps as high as 84-85 degrees! Fishing was tough!
  3. Well, here are the other combatants in the "Trolling Motor Wars" and the differences: Garmin Force: Much sleeker in appearance - Wireless Foot Pedal which has a tension adjustment that makes it feel like a cable drive trolling motor - Wireless integration with Garmin electronics - Available in 50" & 57" models - Cool remote control included, you can direct the trolling motor just by pointing to where you want it to go! - Brushless motor extremely quiet and efficient - lots more MotorGuide (Not really sure of their name) : Sadly very unappealing in appearance and I couldn't talk to anybody about it's features BTW, the Garmin Force trolling motor did win the Best Boating Accessory category in the NEW Product Showcase!
  4. Sad to hear about your issues with your MotorGuide! Every company is different when it comes to dealing with just out of warranty products, I would have like to have seen them offer you something.
  5. This article has been brought to my attention, firstly I do not live in Durham(Not that there is anything wrong with that! LOL) and secondly anybody who knows me also knows that I don't drink (Alcohol, that is!) Oh and plus I have not been on Sturgeon or Scugog yet this year! Great to see them out there trying to keep our waterways safe! I am a huge advocate of boating safety!
  6. Great report! Awesome "Cuda", love the Bass Thumb and nice "BUG"! Keep on hammering them!
  7. The Brecknell scales that Major League Fishing uses are the best for accuracy but they're not waterproof and are fairly expensive. The Rapala seems pretty decent and will do the job. Chantillions are great but are not cheap either! Accu-Cull also has a pretty good digital scale!
  8. As for the original question, a flipping jig would be my first choice and other options that I like would be a Chatterbait or large Swimbait! Then throw it to where the BIG Girls live which is usually the thickest cover available!
  9. The Mark Mckeown Memorial Perch Tournament takes place every April on Lake Simcoe, artificial baits only!
  10. Oh, there's was not a chance that any of them are going to be inexpensive! LOL
  11. I was able to test drive the new Lowrance Ghost today and it was very impressive! Quiet, powerful, responsive and packed filled of features! Of course it is designed to be integrated with Lowrance electronics but you can program keys to control your Power Pole or mark waypoints etc. I will report more when I see the Garmin unit!
  12. I too have seen cabin cruisers either swamp smaller boats but still crazy doing what he did! Would be curious as to see what set him off, of course the fact that he was out in a boat drunk begs another question!
  13. Some pros are now running 16" units but many have 4 12" units, 2 at the driver's console and 2 at the bow of the boat! I know that as our eyes age the bigger screens are helpful! LOL
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