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  1. Don't believe so! Got so much, I'll actually have to check when I unpack everything there!
  2. Sorry to hear that, you were not alone! Too bad we didn't get to see you!
  3. Yeah, I talked to many who waited in line for 1-1 1/2 hours in order to get in! I guess they should look for a larger venue next year! I was insanely busy in there all day long, never had a chance to wander around even which probably was good for my pocket book! LOL The North GTA Tackle Swap on Sat. April 2 in Newmarket will have quality vendors and shouldn't be as crazy busy! Hope to see some members out there! Only a TOONIE or a donation of a non-perishable food item for entrance fee!
  4. Hey OFC members, if you're planning on coming to the 1st Annual Peterborough Tackle Swap & Fishing Show, please drop into the Tackle Swap area and say hi! I think that my tables are #8. 9 & 10! Mention that you're a OFC member and I've got something for you! Looking forward to chatting fishing with people in person!
  5. How crowded was it? Was it not $20 to get in?
  6. Look forward to see you there! I'm have tables 8, 9 & 10 in the Swap Area!
  7. Yes, Connor is great! I ran 100 Ah Lynac’s last year but you will not need any more than the 60 Ah model - https://www.lynaclithium.com/product/12-8v-60ah-true-series/ Two 60 Ah batteries will be more than adequate! You won’t regret switching over to Lithiums!
  8. Last summer, I ran Lynac Lithiums for the entire summer and cannot say enough about them! I never came remotely close to running out of juice even though we did run out of gas LOL eh ARKISONER? They charged up real quickly, I don't believe that it ever took more than about 4 hours to fully charge them each evening. If you do the math at $642 a battery and you'll probably get 10 years out of them.(They come with 7 year warranty) it makes sense to spend the extra money now and never have to worry about power. BTW I also noticed more power with my trolling motor. Anyway a great Canadian company out of Thunder Bay with great customer service! If you're looking for new batteries, check them out www.lynaclithium.com
  9. Yes, that is correct! All pernament huts including outfitters' must be off the ice by tomorrow! So that would be the day!
  10. Due to most of the consumer shows being cancelled again this winter, I got to go ice fishing a lot more this year! I didn't really think about it in the past but I normally spend about 6 weeks of my winter at trade shows! Now I spend it on the ice LOL! Still a few weeks more!
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