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  1. WARNING: Lots of fish porn in this post! The weather was beautiful for the FMZ20 bass opener! Great to see with the weather that we've been having that a lot of the Smallies have done there thing already. Obviously there are still some bedding fish, but I do believe that most of them are done. They must still be in a bit in a bit of a post spawn funk as we were unable to catch anything of note on a horizontal presentation, one day the drop shot was the deal and the next day it was the Ned rig. We probably caught over 100 fish on Sat. and 60 on Sun. but the fish on Sun were definitely a better average size with probably 25 in the 5-6 lbs. range. Definitely one of the best Smallmouth Bass fisheries in the world.
  2. Very interesting! I've had dealings with Master Promotions Ltd since they had acquired the Ottawa Boat Show and they've been great to deal with. Hopefully this means bigger & better things for shows like the Toronto Sportsman Show!
  3. Unfortunately zeeter, it is not available with the Navionics+ card just the Navionics Boating App (As long as your subscription is current), Platinum+ & Hotmaps Platinum cards. Like I had mentioned currently there is not a whole lot of coverage up in Canada but more is coming.
  4. The SonarCharts Shading with Satellite imagery has been updated to include more off shore coverage and enhanced satellite imagery but the introduction of a new layer in an eye opener. Unfortunately currently this is more for our American friends because the coverage in Canada is limited to the St. Lawrence River, of course I will keep asking and pushing for more Canadian coverage. I do believe that there are over 150 popular USA bodies of water and the USA coastline available with this view. We were able to get it for the SonarCharts Shading so hopefully soon! I know that some of you didn't really understand the SonarCharts Shading but when you see this, hopefully it's pretty obvious what you can use this for. The new layer available on your Navionics Boating app, Platinum+ and Hotmaps Platinum is a High Resolution Relief Shading, which combines color & shadow to create an easy to interpret clear view of what the bottom structure looks like. For comparison, the images below are of the same section of the St. Lawrence River and the different views are as follows: 1/ Nautical Charts, traditional based primarily on government hydrographic charts 2/ SonarCharts with 1 foot contours 3/ SonarCharts with colored Fishing Ranges 4/ SonarChart Shading with Satellite Imagery 5/ Hi Resolution Relief Shading Again as long as your subscription is current for your Boating App, there is no extra cost for this new feature. Always nice to have more options! Please feel free to post any questions and I'll do my best to answer them. Visit the Navionics site for full details -https://bit.ly/3d9JMhc #NewFeature #SonarCharts #SonarChartShading #HiResReliefShading #NavionicsPro
  5. Invasive species like the Round Goby are like a double edge sword. On a positive side, their abundance obviously provides what seems like an endless food source for bass, pike, perch whitefish etc. But their predation on the eggs and nests of these same species is a negative but I think it will be years before we understand the true impact that an invasive species like the Round Goby will have on a body water like Lake Simcoe. In the meantime it does appear that the Smallies are getting fatter & heavier...
  6. Depended on the year and the engine, I put on a fair number of hours per season. the most I've put on an engine in a season was 185 hrs. and the most that I've put on a single engine over a four years was 650 hrs. I also know most of the people who had purchased my boats & engine and the only one that ever blew up was an Evinrude from 2004!
  7. As Garnet stated the Balsam slot was there prior to the rest of the Kawartha's and is like a reverse slot. Confusing to say the least but streamlining the regs is not a priority for the MNR!
  8. Until my summers got filled up with tournaments, we used to make at least one trip north and did try a bunch of smaller bodies of water. I used to cartop a Coleman Crawdad back in those days and could launch it anywhere I could launch a canoe! We had some good days for numbers but never ever did find anything with giants in it!
  9. My only experience with four strokes is with the Yamaha's that I've had over the years and I truly believe that they are the most reliable outboard available currently. That by far is the most important thing to me. knowing that I'm getting back!
  10. With our bass season on the horizon, here is another learning opportunity with FLW & Navionics Pro, Mile "Sonar" Burghoff and his webinar on "Summertime Bass Tactics". Hopefully you can make time next Tues. June 16th at 8 PM EDT and take in this webinar with Miles. He is an extremely knowledgeable angler who actually uses all 3 major brands of electronics on his boat, Garmin, Humminbird & Lowrance! Again as with all Navionics webinars, this one is FREE so get registered as soon as you have a chance - https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/8401242311214529551?source=eblast
  11. Can't come soon enough, been looking forward to it for quite a while!
  12. The pelvic fins are the easy way to tell the difference between a Sculpin & a Goby! The Goby's are fused together and a Sculpin's are separate! Look at it's underside and you'll know!
  13. They usually have the webinar up on the Navionics YouTube Channel within a week! It was very good, Josh knows his stuff! Keep checking, should be up soon!
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