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  1. Not really sure why it wasn't working but once you're logged in and your maps and been previously downloaded while on Wi-Fi, it only uses GPS which does require any data! Now not all tablets are GPS enabled but seeing as it had worked previously I assume that your tablet is GPS enabled!
  2. Some great catches there! All we can do is make the best of a bad situation and it definitely looks like you did! Well done!
  3. Well, at least you caught some fish, good stuff! As for the weather, should we ever be surprised when the weatherman is wrong?
  4. Smallmouth Bass! I'd eat a lot of other fish before a Smallmouth Bass, that being said many moons ago when we used to camp a lot more we did keep some for a meal now & then!
  5. Really appreciate that offer again Art! I’m looking forward to when we can cross the border and experience the many fishing opportunities down there! Hopefully we’ll be able to take you up on that offer sooner rather than later! Stay safe & keep well!
  6. Got out for some Jumbo’s yesterday! Lots of small fish but we ran into a few good ones!
  7. I have my Simms waders still and may head out on a stream shortly! I'll get a hold of you when I have time!
  8. We've been lucky enough to get a few good ones here & there! It's been a fair tournament season, especially considering the fact that we didn't think that we would have one at all! We've won a couple of smaller events and had a fair number of top 10 finishes in larger events. Just focusing on a little fun fishing now!
  9. As the open water season draws to a close and I reflect on this past season, MAN was it crazy! Not really sure what the new normal will be but I just want to get back to some kind of normal! that being said, sorry that I've been MIA for a good part of the summer. That being said our lakes and waterways seem to be busier than ever before with many new anglers drawn to our sport during these COVID times! Hopefully these newcomers will take the time to understand what it takes to be a responsible anglers, understanding MNR rules & regs., respecting the properties of others, etc. We will try to address as many of these things in on-line content as the ice season approaches! That being said, still managed to catch plenty of great fish! See below some fish porn from this past open water season! Will still get in a number of fun fishing outings before ice-up and looking forward to the up coming ice season! I hope that everyone has had a great summer and is staying safe & keeping well! It'll be ice fishing season in no time!
  10. Totally ridiculous and outrageous that a human being would act in this manner! If there is illegal fishing going on contact the MNR hotline but to endanger people's lives because you feel you own the water or whatever is an asinine move! Sadly he'll probably get a fine and that's all! If you drove a vehicle recklessly through a bunch of people just hanging out, you would probably face some jail time! Hope that he gets prosecuted to the full extent of the law! Unfortunately, this type of incident is becoming more common place! Sober sane people do not do such things!
  11. Yep, had a Mitchell 300, 308, 908 then Cardinal 3, 4 & 6 then Daiwa SS Tournament 700 & 1300! Most of these were built like tanks and last forever!
  12. I have had numerous floatation suits/jackets over the years and here's my take! Any flotation clothing is better than none and HT Ice Picks are an absolute must! I hated the one piece suit because I always felt like the Michelin man wearing it and opening it half way when it was warm out was a pain! Two piece suits are awesome but some are stiffer than others! Last year was my first year with a Striker suit and I absolutely love it, incredibly well designed, obviously with a tremendous amount of feedback from ice anglers! The adjustable inseam is awesome for us vertically challenged people! I would highly recommend one of their suits! Here is a test by David Lefebre:
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