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  1. Sunrise on the St. Lawrence River! Could really get used to seeing that every morning!
  2. They definitely do on most bodies of water that I fish! Especially noticeable when the gamefish on Lake Simcoe follow the Shiner migration!
  3. Here is an article about the Trenton incident! https://www.intelligencer.ca/news/local-news/quinte-west-boat-explosion-sends-six-to-hospital
  4. WOW, what's going on? It's happening everywhere, apparently it was the 2nd explosion in Trenton in a week!
  5. Wow, there seems like a rash of different boating accidents lately! Unfortunately at the cost of human lives, one weekend there was fatalities on Lake Joseph & Stoney Lakes! Deepest condolences to friends & family of the deceased! This past weekend, while we were in a tournament on the Bay of Quinte, a cruiser was refuelling at the new Trenton gas depot and there was an explosion that sent 5 people to hospital! Not sure of the severity of their injuries! See pic of sunken boat and charred pier! Hopefully, there is no more this fall!
  6. We’ve been using a Carolina rig in heavy current for about 8 years now! The Elites are finally starting to catch on!!!
  7. Just wrapped up the PanAm Team Canada qualifying event on Lake St. Francis and my partner Rob Lee & I finished up in 2nd place! This qualifies us to compete on Team Canada at the upcoming 2019 PanAm Bass Championship to be held in Cornwall in Ottawa! Team Canada consists of 8 two person teams with captain, Bob Izumi & his son Darren being one of them! The is also the next step to competing at the World Black Bass Championship! The competition at this event was super tough requiring I’ve a 20 lbs. average per day to make the team! Throw in constantly changing weather with 5 straight days of east winds makes thing challenging! But this is one of the best Smallmouth Bass in the world! We weighed in 22.94 lbs. on day 1 to sit in the 2nd qualifying position and followed that up with a 20.26 lbs. bag on day 2 to maintain that spot! Every fish weighed in was a Smallmouth with numerous ones over 5 lbs. Scott Lucky & Andy Kinstler won the event with 44.6 lbs over the 2 days! Keys for our finish in this event were my Skeeter ZX 250 with the ever so reliable Yamaha 250 SHO to get around safely and quicker on this tricky body of water. My new Garmin EchoMap Ultra electronics loaded with the Canada LakeVu G3 charts complete with Navionics data enabled us find the structure & fish to make the team. Tackle-wise my Daiwa equipment loaded with Sunline perform flawlessly! Ultra Tungsten weights for Carolina rigging & drop shotting were critical to get that bottom feel in that heavy current! Z-Man Diesel Minnows & Trick Shot we’re our & the Smallies’ baits of choice! LOL My Skeeter live Wells, G-Juice, Oxygenators & V-T2 vents kept our fish alive & healthy! Fizzing our fish and adding ice also made a huge difference! They were all released to fight another day! Can’t wait to compete against the teams from the US, Mexico, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico & the First Nations in Oct.! Proud to wear the Maple Leaf again!
  8. Been on quite a few bodies of water but the St. Lawrence River around Ivy Lea is insane on a weekend!
  9. I use a bunch of them & I believe that the Daiwa Fuego LT is the best spinning reel for under $150! I do believe that they retail for about $130-140
  10. 400 hours is nothing for a four stroke engine! I’m a big Yamaha guy and have run their big block 4 strokes for many years with no major problems at all!
  11. Wow, deadly boating accidents at night on Stoney Lake and Lake Joseph! Sad & crazy stuff! Will interesting to find out the full details of both incidents! On the water safety is critical! Be safe out there!
  12. Greg Klatt would be awesome! Brent Bochek also guides on Cameron!
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