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  1. WARNING The high winds have opened Lake Simcoe in many areas, From the 6th line of Oro to 8 mile point is now open. One rescue on the 9th line already. (Photos courtesy of Andrew Pye) Stay off the ice in those areas!
  2. David Chong

    Is this line strong enough for fishing a Jig

    Exactly you’re way overthinking this! Braid is your best bet for overall use! You can always add a flouro leader! Get used to the first combo then add another!
  3. David Chong

    Is this line strong enough for fishing a Jig

    Paddletales is the best bass tackle store in eastern Ontario! Ed is awesome and knows his stuff!
  4. David Chong

    Greater NIagara Fishing & Outdoor Expo

    I’m going to check it out for the first on Fri. Will report back! $10CDN sounds like a deal!
  5. David Chong

    Temperature Level

    Betcha they're making ice up there! LOL
  6. David Chong

    Is this line strong enough for fishing a Jig

    I will be there on Thurs. Feb. 21st presenting at 3 PM, Fri. Feb. 22nd presenting at 1 PM & Sat. Feb. 23rd presenting at 11:30 AM!
  7. David Chong

    Is this line strong enough for fishing a Jig

    Yes, a frog on the 50 lbs. braid would be great! It’s never that you can’t fish a particular bait on a particular setup, it’s what is the best setup to fish this bait most efficiently and gives you the highest percentage of Hook-ups plus landing fish! I will be at the Ottawa Boat Show presenting seminars as well, so feel free to come down and see me there!
  8. David Chong

    A day on the ice, a day on the river

    We've all have those days! That's why they call it "fishing" and not "catching"! LOL Looked like a great trip regardless!
  9. David Chong

    Is this line strong enough for fishing a Jig

    Now you know why bass anglers have so many combos. The 50 lbs. braid will be great for your jig & Texas rigs. But if you're throwing a spinnerbait, Chatterbait or crankbait then fluorocarbon would be a better choice. Value-wise the Daiwa J Braid is your best bet. But everybody gets backlashes, although the tournament guys like to call their's "Professional Overruns!" LOL Your best course of action would be to get someone who is proficient with a baitcaster to set up your reel with you. I'm aware that you already have your reel but in the future, spending a little more money on a reel like the Daiwa Tatula SV TW is well worth it. Once set up properly it is almost impossible to birdsnest! Good luck! If you happen to be coming down to the Toronto Boat Show next week and feel like lugging your combo down, I would gladly go over the setup for you! I'll be at the Skeeter/Yamaha booth all week long!
  10. David Chong

    multiple hooks

    John Bacon is bang on!
  11. David Chong

    My new Smitty

    Awesome project! Well done!
  12. David Chong

    Livescope: Yay or Nay

    Today's technology is awesome and LiveScope is no exception. As with a lot of new technology, it is not inexpensive. I love it and can't wait to use it on the ice as well!
  13. David Chong


    Well, Lake Simcoe is finally starting to lock up! I've seen as much as 8" of ice but there are still many open water areas but very soon with the temps that we're getting.
  14. David Chong

    Is this line strong enough for fishing a Jig

    Hey Justin, If you are throwing a flipping jig for Largemouth, then I would go with 50 lbs. test braid (Regardless of what the reel says and you don't need 180 yds. of line to flip for Largemouth) for most water clarity. But if you're dealing with ultra clear water and want to use straight fluorocarbon, then my suggestion would be 20 lbs. test fluorocarbon. These are the 2 best options for throwing/flipping a jig for Buckets as far as I'm concerned. The price difference shouldn't matter because the braid will last longer anyway, where you're using it is by far a more important determining factor. Good luck!
  15. David Chong

    Crappie, Bacon and Avocado on Rye.....YUM!

    Looks very appetizing! I'd definitely eat that!