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  1. Yes, if your neighbour observed them catching bass and keeping them then he should call the MNR Hotline, they will come and investigate!
  2. Really depends on the bodies of water that you're fishing as well. If you only fish smaller bodies of water where it never gets too rough then a 42" is fine but if where you're fishing gets rough a 48-52" would be better!
  3. We were up at Huntsville on Vernon, Fairy & Penn Lakes this weekend at a Top 50 Pike event. The pike fishing was slow, of course but somebody always gets them. Many of the big fish were shallow, the water temps ranged from 47 -52 degrees F. There were no black flies that we noticed!
  4. We could all use more time on the water whether it is charting or just fishing! LOL Here are some different views with the SonarChart Shading!
  5. Can't wait to start trailering...
  6. Dozer is correct! There are all kinds of Cichlids in FL!
  7. You are right Garnet, Pro J is a TH Marine dealer depending on the latch and how many you need, they could order them in.
  8. I've had a Hamby's Keel Protector on probably my last 7/8 boats, highly recommend having one! Keel Guards look like they are a quality product.
  9. This was at the Lindsay lock/dam!
  10. The Navionics Platinum+ & Hotmaps Platinum are also on sale for the month of May! So if you were in need of a new chip...
  11. Another cool interesting project by good friend, Bruce Tufts and his students at Tufts Lab(Queen's University)! Amazing how far these fish travel! I wonder if the one that went up the St. Lawrence River was caught & kept?
  12. Beautiful fish and another amazing mount by the folks at Advanced Taxidermy!
  13. Thanks but the fishing was a lot tougher on tournament day! Surprisingly the weatherman was wrong with his forecast! LOL
  14. Amazing, you can walk across the emeralds! I've had them cough up shiners, gobies & baby perch, damn cannibals! LOL
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