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  1. The In-Fisherman Book is pretty good but there is a book by Canadian author, Tim Allard which is probably one of the best ice fishing books that I've ever seen.
  2. You won't be disappointed! All of my replicas are done by Shawn & James at Advanced, they're the best as far as I'm concerned! Here is the last one that I had done!
  3. WOW, that's pretty cool! Nice work!
  4. Curious as to why you don't believe that your unit is as detailed with your Navionics card? The screen is smaller than an 9", 10" or 12" but your detail should be the same, you just have to zoom in. I'm wondering if you don't have the Fish'N Chip option selected on your unit which gives you SonarCharts with 1 foot contours!
  5. Unfortunately I'm not really familiar with the coverage of i-Boating but I can tell you that Navionics covers close to 2,400 bodies of water in Ontario alone! If fact most of the time, I'm surprised when we look for a smaller lake that the Navionics has data on it! You can check out the list of lakes at https://www.navionics.com/usa/navionics-regions-canada.html
  6. I haven't fished Deer Bay in Lower Buckhorn for years but the weeds were not too bad! There is quite a bit near shore but once you got out to 10-12 FOW there usually was a nice edge!
  7. Tried some different areas based how it looks on the Relief Shading! Gives you a different perspective on what the bottom looks like as opposed to just depth lines.
  8. I've been lucky enough to spending a few days on the St. Lawrence River recently and the Hi-Def Relief Shading on the Navionics charts definitely gave us a new perspective on the structure that we were targeting. We fished anywhere from 15-50 FOW and caught some beautiful Smallies, there were also lots of smaller specimens. By no means was the fishing easy but always fun to try something new and catch a few hawgs! The majority of the fish came on a dropshot rig, a Ned rig or a Carolina rig! A Z-Man TrickShotZ for dropshotting, Finesse TRD for Ned rigging and a Diesel Minnow for Carolina rigging were the ticket, still blown away by how long these baits last on the hook!
  9. I was guiding on Balsam earlier this week and only caught 1 pike (Around 30") I do believe that the larger pike are deep this time of year there but the population is pretty strong there. BTW pike are great eating as long as you know how to clean them properly! We hooked into about 22 Smallies and landed 16 of them, the young folks who were with me were pretty jacked!
  10. Kahshe Lake is on both the Navionics charts and the Garmin LakeVu g3. It can be a little nerve racking but if you pay careful attention to your up-dated charts, you should be fine. don't venture into any sketchy looking areas on the charts, Stay out of the blue! Pretty good fishing in this lake!
  11. Another great choice, Balsam Lake Provincial Park is also a good option! Lots of choices!
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