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  1. Truly sad news! Read many of his informative and knowledgeable articles in the Toronto Sun, Ontario Fisherman and Ontario Out of Doors over the years! My deepest condolences to John's family and many friends!
  2. Was hoping to be able to post my new boat for this year but in light of the state of the world today and the Canadian dollar, I'm not really sure what I'll run this summer! Here is my Skeeter ZX250 from last summer, beautiful boat and a great ride!
  3. Those look great! I honestly wished that I had time to tie flies again, used to really enjoyed, especially when I caught something on my own fly!
  4. Nope, caught in Green Bay, Wisconsin!
  5. This fish was on Green Bay in Wisconsin and they measured it at 17" in length & 16" in girth! It was released because the season for Yellow Perch there is currently closed!
  6. Insulated Polar Fire 2 piece Snow Suit in an adult Large size. Very Warm, Wind-proof & Water Resistant, in VERY GOOD condition! Great for snowmobiling or ice fishing! Asking $75 or best reasonable offer!
  7. A 2 piece Salus 1600 Floatation Survival Suit in an adult large size in excellent shape! Chest size for jacket is 40"-44" and the waist size for the bibs is 34"-38"! Top-quality survival suit, Canadian Coast Guard approved as a PFD! $450 or best reasonable offer!
  8. This beast of a Yellow Perch which I do believe was caught in Wisconsin was 17" long and had a 16" girth! They didn't scale it for weight as they released it! Absolute GIANT!
  9. Valens has pike in it but I still think that it is iced up!
  10. I've been in 3 different areas over the last few days and there is 10-15" of black ice all the way into shore in those areas! There are areas of the lake where the shoreline ice is eroding quickly, be super cautious in those areas especially as things can change while you are on the ice! Stay Safe out there!
  11. Pretty sure it was a school of herring!
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