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  1. I'll take the tackle bag if it's still availlable. I'm in whitby. Are you going to make your way into the gta in the near future?

    1. KraTToR



      im going to be in Courtice on Thursday/Friday if you'd like to pick it up.  text or call me at 905-242-9331.  


  2. Time Left: 1 month and 26 days

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    Plano 7771 w/o boxes. Includes spinner bait rack. Good condition and takes 4 standard plano 3700s. - $30 Cabelas Advanced Angler tackle bag (Magnum). Includes 5 3700 size storage boxes (holds 8 - $40) Down East clamp on rod holder and spike rod holder. $20 for the pair. Quicksilver propeller - 14.5 x 19 new in box - $120.


    Kitchener, On.

  3. View Advert Sping cleaning - a bit early...:O Plano 7771 w/o boxes. Includes spinner bait rack. Good condition and takes 4 standard plano 3700s. - $30 Down East clamp on rod holder and spike rod holder. $20 for the pair. Quicksilver propeller - 14.5 x 19 new in box - $120. #7 slip ring anchor. Complete with chain, SS shackle, and 30 ft of rope. - $25. Advertiser KraTToR Date 11/13/2018 Price Category Fishing Classifieds
  4. KraTToR

    Open seat - Kawartha Muskie..

    Didnt end up finding a victim to join me - after-all it was a Sunday with 1 days notice... I have my eyes on LSC now if only the damn wind would die down..
  5. KraTToR

    33 Moose seized

    Good point, the numbers don't add up. Unless..... multiple offenses going to one hunter. It looks like each offender had the book thrown at em.
  6. Seriously considering going out tomorrow (Nov. 4th) for some fall muskie. Temps look decent and not much wind... Not sure if we'll get another day like it this year.. If you're interested please PM me. Will be leaving from Courtice (between Oshawa and Bowmanville).
  7. KraTToR

    ETEC 135 HO 1st Impressions - NF

    I'm currently running 2 Evinrude HOs,, a 250 gen 2 and a 15 kicker. Both are 2 stroke and they are fantastic. Here are my comments: You'll love the auto winterization mode. There is a way to do it even if you don't have the ICON gauges. 2 stroke torque - cant beat it. My 250 goes into limp mode once my oil tank (internal) hits 1/4. Something to keep in mind. Dunno about the 15 as its still on its 1st tank. Fuel and oil economy (post breakin) are exceptional around 3000 to 3500 rpm. My G2 is very fussy with fuel quality. I didnt add enough stabilzer last winter and it complained through the that tank of fuel. New fuel, no issues. Very solid performance and super easy to start (both). I would take in every 2-3 yrs just to get it hooked up to the diagnotic system and to upload any software updates that came out. Enjoy
  8. KraTToR

    Kawartha Muskie Report

    And you can probably guess where I was...lol
  9. KraTToR

    Kawartha Muskie Report

    Will do! We fished 10 FOW mostly but I did end up getting a follow from one that was a pretty decent size. Thank you!
  10. KraTToR

    Saw new Rapala Super Shadow Rap

    Picked one up at Natural Sports today - they are $20. Small and heavy, should cast a country mile. Apparently you can rip it or jerk it with a slow sinking action... I'll report back if I get any takers...
  11. KraTToR

    Kawartha Muskie Report

    Well i'm going back this weekend, i'll let you know
  12. KraTToR

    Kawartha Muskie Report

    Despite the 80%/10mm rain forecast a buddy and I headed out for some fall Muskie. After all that all we experienced was a 20 min. rain shower which was way better than expected and the afternoon temp was very pleasant. We were on the water by 9am and off at 6pm.. fishing was on and off all day and the bite didn't start until around noon. Water temp was still 60 deg. and we ended up landing 3/5 skis and one aggressive largie. All fish came on med sized baits in bright perch patterns, mine all came on a super shad rap (including the bass) retrieved at a high rate of speed. Although the fish we're that big they were very fun to catch as I'm sure you've all experienced..
  13. KraTToR

    Sta-bil or Sta-bil 360 Marine?

    Neither, I"m still fishin'... 😉
  14. KraTToR

    Otonabee river musky tips

    Anyone been on the river lately? I'm interested to find out what the water temp is at these days...
  15. KraTToR

    Shimano Reel Service worth it?

    I took a 30 yr old spinning reel into them last year with a broken bail spring. First assessment is that they part wasn't available but 2 weeks later I got a call that it was ready for pickup. $25 and its better than new. My advice is to get all your shimano reels serviced by them at one time or another. Once a year for reels with a lot of use, etc. FYI, I use a Calcutta 400D for musky (2-3 trips a year) only so i'll send it in after about 5 yrs unless theres a problem.