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  1. I think I'm going to rig up my 40" 3D tv to a FF and watch those big eyes blow me a kiss the turn and swim away from my bait
  2. I was heading from Canal Lake up towards the Kirkfield lift locks and a big cruiser was coming in my direction. I was in my 20 foot pontoon boat. He was going too fast in the and his wave swamped me. The wave came right over the front of my pontoon boat all the way up to the back past the driver's seat. I find the worst ones that go through the trent are the ones that have the boat safety course flag on their boats.
  3. Congrats to your son. I use to go down to the boat ramp in port credit every night with Timmies in hand and watch them bring in the fish. I haven't been down there in a few years, but I don't think they can launch their boat there this year. At the start of the berby, the water was still halfway up the parking lot.
  4. That's great to hear. We caught some pretty big and a lot of fish when we fished there.
  5. Nice fish. Good to see the area is coming alive again. When I use to fish up that way, well over 20 years ago, the commercial net fishing almost killed the area I fished in. The did get rid of the commercial fishing nets and did a restocking but I haven't been back in over 20 years. We use to pull up the nets and release all the healthy walleye, pike and bass. They where suppose to release those fish but we all know thy wouldn't.
  6. My friend hasn't fished their in years but he said he use to catch bass at the park right at Kipling and Lakeshore. I don't know how good the fishing is as I haven't been there. Checkout a map for the Port Hope area. There are some good bass spots there according to one of my friends. Like a lot of others said. A lot of small lakes in the Kawartha lakes areas.
  7. Wow nice catch. Looks like you guys were having an amazing trip.
  8. I've got you beat. 1996 E150 with only 80,000 km lol.
  9. I'm old school. I don't use electronics. I throw my friend overboard and get him to spot the fish lol
  10. Has the fishing come back in POB since they stopped the commercial fishing? I haven't been up there in a few decades and remember how great the pike and walleye were their. We would catch up to 50+ inch pike there.
  11. My cottage is on Canal but I haven't been up there because they couldn't get in to put in my new septic tank. But they seem to spawn early by my dock. I watch them protect their nests long before opening season.Then those damn bass tourney guys come in and catch my fish. lol.
  12. My buddies grandson caught 2 bass on the May long weekend somewhere in the Kawarthas.
  13. I hate those things. I wish it was legal to shoot holes into them when they go whipping too close to shore in front of my cottage. lol
  14. I wonder if this would work. It says it is for plants but it is Permethrin and can get it in Canada https://www.urbannaturestore.ca/garden-protector-permethrin-spray-500ml-concentrate/
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