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  1. I totally agree. I think that all those people that sold their homes to move into those cubby hole condos down town are kicking themselves in the butts. I think they are the ones selling the condos and moving north so they can have the open yards to sit in. I have a bigger 1970's 3 bedroom condo with a den close to the lake, parks and lake Ontario boat launch that I've been thinking of putting up for sale and either buying north or build a year round place where my cottage is. I'm not a traveler outside of Canada and always wanted to live in the country.
  2. Well tell Ford, Kenny and the rest of the provincial merry man to quit asking for more money and there wouldn't be such a large spending spree. lol
  3. I cottage neighbor own a marina and fixes boats . He was telling me that it is the best time to sell used boats for up to double of the price. He said that people are taking the money they saved up to travel around the world and buying boat and other toys thanks to Covid. Same goes for cottages as all the people that sold their houses and bought those little closet size condos in Toronto are selling them and buying up the house up north of TO. I never seen so many places up buy my cottage sell so fast. There were houses for sale for years that sold right up to and over $1M .
  4. Sure it does. that is BOB protecting his hidden stash 😮
  5. Great story, great fish pics great scenery makes for a win win win!!!
  6. Balsam Lake is a good lake and campground but book early. If you plan on taking out a canoe, keep an eye on the weather. The lake can get pretty rough in a hurry. Been tossed around many times in that lake in a 14 foot fishing boat over the 50 years I've been going there. If the water gets rough you can hit the Gull river and canoe up fishing for good bass action or if you go around May 24, the walleye most years are fantastic.
  7. Wow nice season of fish. Some pretty nice catches.
  8. Nice, I am still looking to catch my 1st muskie.
  9. The trout run in the spring and the Salmon run in the fall up Etobicoke creek. A friend of mine caught a 40 Pounder just past the pier on the Etobicoke side. They run up the creek but they couldn't get up the broken dam because the water was too shallow. I seen a guy catch them and release them up above the dam. There is no dam there. I think a lot of people complained about the fish not being able to get past the dam. They had taken the wood out so now the fish can happily swim up the river. I don't know if it is illegal to fish there or not or if they are still running around the mouth up to the dam or not. If I get a chance tomorrow or Tuesday, I'll go check. I live right beside the river just off Lakeshore Rd. Health issue keep me indoors most Mondays.
  10. I use to go down to Erindale Park over 10 years ago and that was happening there. A lot of people complained and the MRN would show up regularly to nab people. I don't know if they still go there or not. I remember BASS would go down and pick up the dead fish and the garbage lining the shoreline.
  11. Fantastic pictures. I didn't get up north or even fish this year to see what kind of pics I could get.
  12. We had this type of thing happen when we opened trout season in Owen Sound about 15 or so years ago. The guy wasn't driving that fast and was in a smaller boat, but, he was trying to cut peoples lines.
  13. Very nice. Glad he was able to go back and catch it
  14. Me and my buddy clean up the places we fish. It is disgusting to see all the garbage that people leave. This year as extra bad. With the covid-19, there was everything from food and drink remains to human crap. They took the garbage can and toilet away. Even the dog crap wasn't picked up. This is right in the middle of a small town.
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