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  1. Nice fish!!! Balsam can be a scary lake when the winds pick up. What areas do you fish? My dad got a 48 incher many years ago at the opening of south day. There use to be lot around Ant Island as well.My late uncle use to fish for them somewhere near Rosedale from the shore.
  2. Balsam's my favorite lake. I haven't been out there in a few years, but I fish Coby twice a year. I have a cottage on Canal Lake but only fished once this year due to medical issues. Great lake for smallies though.
  3. Pike also roll and slice your line in their gills. Had that happen many times
  4. Nice rig. I was thinking of using one of my old wheelchairs and turning it into a kayak or something like this, Thinking of keeping the wheels on it and rolling it down the boat launches right into the lake.
  5. You can still get to the public boat launch on Canal Lake. Go into Kirkfield and turn left at the new stop sign. Follow the road under the kirkfield lift locks and there sho be a D1 detour sign to take you you to the boat launch. You can also launch your boat at Sunset Cove Marina and it is a short boat ride into Canal lake.
  6. The pike are in Balsom lake now NL. I have a cottage on Canal lake. I fish Balsam at least twice a year. I caught 6 pike last year. The ministry wants people to keep all the pike caught to try and keep them from taking it over. I haven't caught as many in Canal lake in the last few years. A lot o bass though.
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