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  1. Nice fish!!! In case you don't know it, you sound like a poet. Thanks for the humorous post, it made me choke on my toast. ©¿©
  2. Not a good response from a so called businessman. I hope no one books with him when he does decide to open. I would have said well then I won't be spending money here.
  3. The lockdown may have changed the ice fishing season when it comes to the hut rental businesses. I found this: https://floydhalesfishhuts.com/
  4. Hmmm I guess the link I clicked on above sent me to the dark depth of the net or I just kept reading far past your fall muskie report lol I'd like to forget them too. They mangled my good wire made worm harnesses lol.
  5. Nice story and amazing fish. The story about the eels brought back memories of catching them in The Bay of Quinte. Though suckers put up a good fight but hard to unhook while trying to prevent them from wrapping around your arm lol
  6. Cando


    Wow nice catch. This is the 1st year I never caught a fish since I can remember, but, I only got out 2 days for a total of 4 hours. Hopefully 2021 will be more productive. I don't plan on missing opening walleye season again this year.
  7. Nice work Brian My late father use to tie flies. He had a vase full of peacock feathers that he used on some of his work.
  8. We have them at the cottage. They helped us out removing 2 tree stumps after we had to cut down 2 white birch trees. I took pics of it but they turned out blurry.
  9. That is so sad that they have so many cases there after going this long with no cases. I was polling for them to keep the perfect record of no cases.
  10. I totally agree. I think that all those people that sold their homes to move into those cubby hole condos down town are kicking themselves in the butts. I think they are the ones selling the condos and moving north so they can have the open yards to sit in. I have a bigger 1970's 3 bedroom condo with a den close to the lake, parks and lake Ontario boat launch that I've been thinking of putting up for sale and either buying north or build a year round place where my cottage is. I'm not a traveler outside of Canada and always wanted to live in the country.
  11. Well tell Ford, Kenny and the rest of the provincial merry man to quit asking for more money and there wouldn't be such a large spending spree. lol
  12. I cottage neighbor own a marina and fixes boats . He was telling me that it is the best time to sell used boats for up to double of the price. He said that people are taking the money they saved up to travel around the world and buying boat and other toys thanks to Covid. Same goes for cottages as all the people that sold their houses and bought those little closet size condos in Toronto are selling them and buying up the house up north of TO. I never seen so many places up buy my cottage sell so fast. There were houses for sale for years that sold right up to and over $1M .
  13. Sure it does. that is BOB protecting his hidden stash 😮
  14. Great story, great fish pics great scenery makes for a win win win!!!
  15. Balsam Lake is a good lake and campground but book early. If you plan on taking out a canoe, keep an eye on the weather. The lake can get pretty rough in a hurry. Been tossed around many times in that lake in a 14 foot fishing boat over the 50 years I've been going there. If the water gets rough you can hit the Gull river and canoe up fishing for good bass action or if you go around May 24, the walleye most years are fantastic.
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