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  1. I never became a fan of ice fishing, just something I never took an interest in. My Grandparents had a water front home on Simcoe for years and had a hut that I think I used once and my brother had a waterfront home on Scugog with a hut also that I used once. Went out with the boys from this site a few times but again no interest. Staring down a hole in the ice all day just never became my thing I spose.
  2. For anyone who may be interested this is an update from "The Retired Toronto Firefighters Association" on the fireman who fell off the 3 story roof in Toronto a few days ago. +++++++ So here is the latest update on the Captain ( Jim Warren Jr.) who was severely injured the other night. He seems to have made good progress, but has a long road ahead for complete recovery....the other Firefighter was sent home the next day with broken bones. We all continue to send our support and goodwill to those affected by this intense fire scene. A reminder of the unpredictable situations faced by all 1st responders daily. I will add, the outpouring of positive thoughts, energy and prayers, are appreciated by all those involved, I know it means a lot to them... Retired Toronto Fire Fighters Association Update on our Injured Brothers The Capt remaining in hospital has a broken jaw, several broken ribs and damaged vertebrae. He was put into an induced coma but was taken out of the coma around noon yesterday. This was to allow the doctors to assess his brain function. He gave doctors a thumbs up (literally). They put him back into the coma where he will be kept for a few days to allow his brain to heal. He is expected to make a full recovery. Wheew! +++++
  3. Every time I hear about roundabouts I think of Chevy Chase in European Vacation where he spent 1/2 the day trying to exit one in London LOL
  4. This guy was tiny but check out the size of the lure he attacked, just shows how aggressive these guys really are. I just had to take the little guys picture because of his gutsy attitude LOL
  5. There's no kids on my road so no Trick or Treating either so all candy in this house belongs to me LOL
  6. Don't forget to change the oil filter also
  7. For sure Roger, even little fish can be fun sometimes
  8. I bought a new 1650 Crestliner in '99 and drove it for 10 years with zero issues then sold it to a bud who has been driving it now for another 10 years and it's still good. I'd definitely recommend Crestliner for anyone looking for a well made boat.
  9. Any size to them Roger ?
  10. Nice chunky pike japper, really nice !!
  11. Guess it all depends on how much the motor is used over the season but I always changed mine every fall. Very easy and cheap to do and good insurance.
  12. John was referring to good parenting helps to raise good kids rather than luck, it has nothing to do with that horrible accident,,,,two totally different things.
  13. And the sad part is, some lawyer....maybe even paid by us....will fight to defend him.
  14. Not entirely Drew, I did bury a small treble from a pickerel lure in my finger one time. Try as a might I couldn't get the darned thing out so I drove into town to a small emergency walk-in clinic. The Doc came in and said "Oh, that doesn't look bad and you won't need freezing, I'll just yank it out" I told him when a hook is bury in HIS hand he can yank it out without freezing but when it's in MY finger he'll freeze it and remove it GENTLY hahaha
  15. ^^^^ Your absolutely right Simon and I'm sure bullying started the 1st day we evolved from apes and it'll probably last until we're no longer on this earth.
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