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  1. Thanks Terry, that makes sense, as I said above I have no experience with them and was just wondering if it was a solution.
  2. I have absolutely zero experience with those machines Cliff but would chains work for better traction in snow or ice....if they're even available ?
  3. Nope, he was gone before anything could be done Steve....sadly
  4. We were in our favorite small town restaurant for supper last night and our waitress was telling us about an incident 2 weeks ago at their other location. They had a 17 year old girl working at the door checking peoples vaccination receipts and some loud mouth jerk came in. When the girl asked him for the receipt he said he wasn't vaccinated and had no intention of ever getting it. She told him that he wouldn't be allowed to come in so he spit in her face and walked out. I wonder if he would have been as "brave" if he was talking to guy rather than a young girl.
  5. bonessk01, being from Saskatchewan you may...or may not...find this story somewhat interesting. After WW1 two English brothers who survived the horrors of the trenches of France fighting the German's decided to leave England and emigrate to Canada for a better life and become farmers. They ended up near the "wilds" of Estevan Saskatchewan in 1919 and bought adjoining pieces of land. They each built a soddy and started to get set up shop. In 1920 they decided they needed to start families but seeing as young women were pretty scarce on the prairies 100 years ago they mailed off letters to some English newspapers saying they were looking for a couple young ladies who were seeking adventure. My Dad's family were from Derbyshire England and my Grandmother's 2 sisters thought it sounded like a great idea and answered the call and within a few months they sailed to Montreal then hopped a train to Saskatchewan and married the 2 brothers. The 2 sisters absolutely loved Saskatchewan and what it had to offer and wrote to my Grandparents in 1929 and told them they should also move out there. England wasn't offering much back then so they decided to do it and sold their home and packed up the family, including my 8 year old Dad, and made the move to Regina. The Depression hit basically as they stepped off the boat but everyone survived and loved the place. When the war started my Dad left the prairies in 1940 and joined the Navy and then his family moved to Toronto but none of them ever lost their love of Saskatchewan. The 2 brothers and their 2 mail order brides raised great families and had successful farms and lived long and happy lives out there.
  6. They were talking about this on the news a couple months back and they said everyone will pay for the freebies they received once things open up again. I paid for my stickers when they were due but I'm guessing if you owe for past ones you won't get the new sticker until all debts are cleared.
  7. We go up to the West Arm of Nipissing a couple times a year and usually see a few cranes but when we were there a few weeks back we must have seen close to 100 all in the farm fields and one flock alone must have been at least 50 birds.
  8. I've always said you don't need to catch fish to have a great fishing trip.
  9. Your more than welcome to come on over but just a coke for me please LOL
  10. Good to hear your folks were taken care of Brian, mine was done by a very reputable company with a great reputation and they've done work for me before and if there's ever an issue they look after it.
  11. We went with Kaycan willow green double 4 and it's got a faux woodgrain finish Brian. Thanks mamona, it's a huge improvement.
  12. 004-19.jpg
    When we bought this house 12 years ago it was a beige color with dark brown facia & eavestroughs. We made a choice this year to brighten things up so I started with the back deck in May and replaced all the boards and then repainted everything else. We decided to go with light green siding and the guys came a couple weeks back and started stripping everything off including facia & troughs and then started putting up the new siding and right away we knew my wife had made a great color choice and it's a huge improvement over the old beige. There were a few delays because of weather but the guys worked hard and did an absolutely fantastic job and after the siding was finished they replaced the dark brown metal with white and it's all done now except for downspouts and they'll be here today to finish the job. I repainted the red shutters dark green and once the bugs are all gone I'll remove that red screen door and replace it with a new white storm door. Just thought some of you may find this sorta stuff interesting.
  13. Yup, if you going a sensible speed in the dark and keeping an eye on the water around you with a flashlight there shouldn't be a problem.
  14. Always enjoy the fish'n tales when you and the little guy get out together !!
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