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  1. lew

    Crowe Lake Musky?

    Some nice fish in St. Francis
  2. Hmmmm, perhaps I was correct after all, I should have quit while I was ahead LOL
  3. lew

    Boat Speed .

    I always figured if a fish couldn't catch up to my bait he wasn't worth catching LOL
  4. I was re-reading your post and realized I somehow missed the part where you have no power at all in the boat. I was thinking you only lost power in the motor so my suggestion about the fuse under the cowling will now have no merit. Sorry bout that.
  5. Check under the motor cowling and you should find a fuse in there and that could be your issue.. I think it'll be a green 30 amp.
  6. lew

    Tiny antlers just starting

    I was kinds wondering about that too as this critter was definitely full grown. We get lots of young deer here thru the winter and they're far smaller than this one. She wandered out of the woods and was eating the leaves off that small tree right behind her at the back of my yard.
  7. lew

    Tiny antlers just starting

    I'm lucky here Brian as we get quite a few bucks and last year was the best with 6 different ones. Here's a couple from past winters Even had an elk about 10 miles from here a couple years back & that was pretty kool
  8. Had the 1st deer of the season show up in my yard this morning and you can see his new antlers just starting to grow.
  9. lew

    With Rememberance Day Upon Us

    Your probably referring to HMCS Haida...a Tribal Class destroyer
  10. lew

    With Rememberance Day Upon Us

    My Dad said the convoys travelled as fast as the slowest ship.
  11. lew

    With Rememberance Day Upon Us

    Very dangerous infact as the vast majority of merchant ships were totally unarmed with almost no defense against enemy subs, ships and planes at all. Alot of them were loaded with gasoline and ammunition and when they got hit with a torpedo they were often blown to bits before they knew what hit them. My Dad spent 5 years in the Navy and for the most part his job was escorting the merchant ship convoys across the ocean to Great Britain and North Africa and doing their best to keep the Germans away from them. Sonar was very basic back in those days and it was often difficult for them to locate submarines until it was too late. Dad saw many ships & crews blown up close by and he often talked about what a horrible feeling it was seeing so many men killed and not being able to do alot to help them. One night Dad saw 3 ships go up within a few minutes of each other very close to his ship. As soon as a ship was hit they'd try to figure where the subs were and start dropping depth charges (underwater bombs) and firing hedgehogs (a type of rocket) but they'd never really know if they got the subs or not and they'd usually just sink to the bottom when the hulls were fractured. They figured they got a few of them as they'd see oil slicks and debris come up but that was also a ploy of the Germans, to release oil and shoot debris out torpedo tubes to make it look like they'd been hit. It was a terrible time for everyone during the war, Navy, Army, Air Force and Merchant Marine but they did what they were asked to do and they won the fight and allowed those of us that followed to live the lives we do today and we owe them more than we can ever imagine. And lets never forget Canada's military was totally volunteer and nobody was forced to go to war as in some other countries. My Dad's brother served 5 years in the Army, my Mom's brother was a bomber pilot and was killed along with his crew when their plane went down, an uncle served in the British Army and spent 3 years in a Japanese prison camp in Burma and the stories he told of the constant torture would make you nearly puke. My Dads father was in the British Army in WWI and fought as a sniper in the trenches of France and in his own words said he killed "far too many men but it was what had to be done". He survived even after being hit with shrapnel and was awarded the Military Medal for heroism. I was lucky and most of those men survived to live long and wonderful lives and even my Grandfather didn't die until I was 35 years old. I tell these same stories every year at this time as I am VERY VERY proud of what the men in my family did when they were needed. That's my Dad on your right covered in coal dust as he just finished stoking the engine room boilers and had just come up for some fresh air. Dad's ship....HMCS Kitchener
  12. lew

    salt water reel for muskie ?

    That Abu C-3 makes a pretty good basic no-frills musky reel and you can use it for both casting & trolling.
  13. lew

    New PB Fish

    Congrats on a very nice fish, PB's always make an excellent day even better.
  14. lew

    Winterize it, time to recognize it

    I stored my boats, both aluminum & glass, in an old barn for 10 years that was full of mice & rats but I put a couple bowls full of mothballs in the boats and never had a problem with the critters. Don't know if that would work outside though with raccoons and the like when they're looking for a winter home. Forgot to add that it's not necessary to put the batteries on wood.
  15. Any of you folks who don't like trolling need to try trolling for muskies with your rod mounted near the stern of the boat with only 4'- 5' of line out. Not much gets the heart pounding better than a big ole musky hammering your bait within arms reach of where your sitting LOL Only other thing better is a musky coming from under your boat and slamming you lure on a figure 8 right under your nose.