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  1. My daughter's been in Toronto Western Hospital for a week now....not the virus....and she says it's unbelievably quiet in there and almost seems like there's nobody around other than medical staff.
  2. Your wife is a very brave lady big guy and really good to hear she's recovered now.
  3. Just my thoughts, but Canadians buy a HUGE amount of 3M products including the new Ontario license plates. I have absolutely no idea how much money 3M makes from Canadians but I'd imagine it's pretty darned substantial and to now be cut off from something as important as these masks would just plain stink to put it mildly.
  4. https://ca.finance.yahoo.com/news/tim-hortons-to-open-400-locations-to-support-truck-drivers-211046742.html
  5. Ya your right, my bad, my brain wasn't in gear when I wrote that.
  6. Congratulations on the new granddaughter Dan.
  7. Lousy luck Jon, hope there's no serious damage to your place.
  8. Thanks for the updates MJIG
  9. *****The Government of Ontario must allow boat launches to be open only to fishermen during the current global pandemic, COVID-19!***** I can't believe you actually want the ramps open ONLY to fishermen and nobody else. Don't you think EVERYBODY would like the opportunity to go for a cruise on the lake to get a break from what's happening these day ? Seems to me you somehow think your better than the family that doesn't fish but enjoys a boat ride.
  10. I saw Ford on the news last night and he was understandably mad. He said they keep doing things to keep people safe and so many just ignore everything. They even taped off the playgrounds to keep the kids away from each other and some morons go behind and rip the tape down and cut off the padlocks....and I doubt if the kids have bolt cutters. He's said before that he'll keep doing whatever it takes and this was just inevitable.
  11. ....gas is the cheapest we've seen in years yet we can't go anywhere, I filled my truck a week ago and it's still showing full. I also filled 3 jerry cans but they'll be covered in cobwebs before I can use them. LOL
  12. There's a few of us that head north every June on an annual trip and rent a couple cabins so we've still got nearly 3 months and we're all keeping our fingers crossed.
  13. I saw a sign nailed to a tree today that said "thank you nurses" Thought it was a darned nice gesture
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