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  1. Myself, my wife, my daughter, all of the rest of our family and all of our friends avoided the virus so for me it was a great summer.
  2. I've heard it said that a stainless prop doesn't really improve performance over an aluminum prop until your HP is at least 150 but I have no official info on that.
  3. I have no idea what the name of the dump is Wayne, it's off hwy 64 south of Lavigne and I've never been into it but what does it matter. The place is open on weekends, infact the owner of this camp took a load there a couple days ago. As far as tipping fees go I have no clue about that either. The point this post was these slobs fire their crap into any nearby ditch they come across rather than drive 5 minutes up the road and put it where it belongs.
  4. Just curious, did you have an aluminum prop 1st then switch to stainless and if so, what speeds did you see with the aluminum ?
  5. Like so many others you just assume that some slob that throws his garbage in the ditch has to be from the city and that nobody that lives in the country would ever do such a thing. Very pathetic mentality. As for the dump being closed on weekends, the one I referenced being just up the road is open every day.
  6. I used to have the same boat with a 90 HP Merc 4 stroke and would get about 43 mph with just me in the boat and drop to around 39 with a passenger. Motor had an aluminum prop but don't recall the specs. You should for sure get lots more speed with your set-up.
  7. Morning boys We're up on the West Arm of Nippissing where we come a couple times a year. The camp is 2 miles down a dirt road from the hiway and most mornings I go for a 4 mile hike. This area is gorgeous and loaded with wildlife and I see plenty of it. Last year I came nose to nose with this big moose. The day before there were 2 more on the road. 2 years ago I came within 50 feet of a momma bear and 2 cubs. Lots of tracks everywhere and this morning I came across what I think may be a wolf track just because of the size of it Just down the road was fresh moose tracks. This is just a normal everyday occurrence but this morning it got bad. Not far from the moose tracks some pig decided to dump a load of roofing shingles. And another 1/2 mile up the road somebody decided it was easier to unload his leftover vinyl siding rather than drive 3 miles up the hiway to the local dump. This is just a rant but it pizzes me me off everytime I see this sorta crap in a gorgeous location like this and it just proves that all the filthy slobs don't live in the big cities.
  8. My daughter just spent the last 3 days at Niagara Falls (Ontario) and she said she couldn't believe the number of American cars parked there. No idea why but I didn't think the border was open for tourists.
  9. Actually it was caught in August 1974 and that picture was a snowmobile I used to own, a 1984 SkiDoo ss25 but neither has anything to do with the other and I just needed a place to stick the SkiDoo picture LOL
  10. Another skin mount still in great shape that I had mounted way back in '74 Fish was 45" and it cost me $125.25 to have it done. I hate the fact that I intentionally killed that musky but it was the 1st one I ever caught and sadly killing them back then was just the norm and I never killed another one. This mount now hangs at a buds fishing lodge up on Nippissing.
  11. You won't be sorry for adding it to your box, but try trolling it at different distances from your boat, even real close, like 5' back of the transom and you may be very happy you did.
  12. Anytime I was going to troll, a Jailbird Believer was nearly always the 1st bait I clipped on and they're an excellent musky bait..
  13. Your a good man to have around Dan 👍
  14. We have great friends from Pennsylvania who come up every year and a small group of us holiday together on Nipissing and we sure did miss them this year. Hopefully things get back to normal next year.
  15. Big fish Bud, way to go !!
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