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  1. I think Ford said yesterday there wouldn't be any further changed to the current restrictions and everything stays as is for now.
  2. Yes I do have a torque wrench Dan and use it all the time but thanks for the suggestion anyways..
  3. I live on a dirt road but that's as much "off roading" as I ever do but I certainly hear where your coming from & thanks for your concern..
  4. Thanks for the photoshop WB, that's exactly what I was looking for, it's just to give me an idea, which it does. And Brian, it's a FORD so it doesn't need nitros to make it a rocket LOL
  5. Thanks for that link Bud and yes, I can definitely get them in my size.
  6. Would someone be able to photoshop this wheel onto my truck please ? I have no clue LOL
  7. Sounds like we're both having a good day Steve
  8. I won't go into any details but a company I've been involved with decided to merge with another company and there would be some surplus funds that would be split evenly with some of us. It was estimated we'd receive about $2600 each so it was rather nice this morning to receive word that rather than $2600 it was gonna be nearly $37,000. As mentioned above, it's a nice way to start my day 🙂
  9. Just curious, but rather than waiting 5 days for your package, why not just drive to the post office and pick it up ?
  10. Bass are the easiest fish in the world to catch, why would anyone need such an expensive lure to go after them ? 😁
  11. Thanks Art, all is right with the world once again 👍
  12. Just my opinion Art, but I don't like it, to me it just adds unneeded clutter.
  13. Funny how one day we think something is so highly technical then a couple years later we wonder what the heck were we thinking. I'm sure 20 years from now we'll be thinking the same thing about today's smart tv's.
  14. I met my wife waaaay back in '64 and shortly after meeting her she invited me over to her place to meet her parents and darned if they didn't have a colour TV. First one I'd ever seen and I was amazed at how good it looked. Don't remember for sure all these years later but I'd guess the colour was pretty crappy compared to what we have today, but back then it really something LOL
  15. Who else remembers the days when you'd pull the tubes out of the back of the TV when it stopped working and take them down to the tube tester machine at the drugstore. Plug the tubes into the machine and it would indicate it when it found the bad one. I remember vividly back in the 50's when it was just a normal thing to do that and I'd always accompany Dad when we went to the drugstore to test them. Yup, the good ole days weren't always so good LOL 😁
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