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  1. I saw a sign on hwy 28 in the Kawarthas yesterday indicating there's a fire ban in this area just incase your planing some fires on your trip. You may want to check into that further with the MNR though.
  2. lew

    Such a terrible thing.

    I think I posted way back around the beginning of this thread that I saw a women...I think a meteorologist...being interviewed on TV and she was saying the sun was bright and was at a very low angle at the time of the crash and he would have been driving straight into it. Just my thoughts but I have a feeling that may have been why he didn't see the stop sign & I doubt there's anyone anywhere who hasn't driven into the setting or rising sun and still figured they were OK. I honestly do believe though that this was nothing more than a terrible tragic accident and I don't believe a long harsh jail term will really do any good. I'm certainly not condoning what happened but just giving my opinion but I've certainly been wrong before. ++++ Edit to add I also seem to remember one of the news reports saying there was a flashing red light by the stop sign ++++
  3. lew

    Are there Muskies in Crowe Lake?

    Are we to assume then that all those who actually own cottages on the lake are Pro's ?
  4. I've got 5 Samsungs and they all work great but just the last couple days the 60" started shutting off and then coming back on again. It was happening alot and I thought maybe it was kaput after only 3 years, then I wondered if a connection had come loose with expanding and contracting with the crazy hot weather lately. Sure enough I tightened everything up and it's now working perfectly again. Just a shot in the dark but maybe give it a try and see what happens.
  5. lew

    Troy Hurtubise killed in car accident

    I just drove thru that exact stretch of road at 7:00 this morning, very good highway with lots of passing lanes but there still seems to be lots of bad accidents unfortunately.
  6. lew

    Anthony Bourdain dead at 61

    Back in my many years as a fireman in Toronto I responded to plenty of suicides and for the most part they were pretty sad situations. One from many years ago that always stuck with me was a 16 year old boy who put a sawed off 12 gauge to his right temple and pulled the trigger and basically left nothing above his shoulders. He'd be a senior citizen by now I always wondered what could make a young kid so sad that he would do something so drastic.
  7. lew


    And don't forget your toast Rich...
  8. Great to hear both kids are doing so well TJ, it doesn't seem that long ago they were both so little.....or maybe it just means I'm getting old hahaha
  9. Yeah, I was referring to the bait Avery made Wayne.
  10. I forgot I had one on my old boat too Wayne, along with the original OF N sticker from days gone by. We sure had some fun times back in the day.
  11. I still remember standing on the dock watching Pete catch the winning pike on his Jumla
  12. lew


    We'll be up at Nippissing all next week on an annual trip and deer flies are insane up there.
  13. lew

    Musky opener....how was it?

    Early season like this I always did well throwing smallish spinnerbaits in shallow water, specially around pencil reeds if you can find them. Night time in the same shallows will also boat you a bunch of fish. Opening day 10 or 12 years ago I boated 9 before 10:00 AM
  14. I've had Raynauds for many years and find hand warmers to be a HUGE help. I buy mine from CTC and they last about 8 hours in my mitts and really do work well.
  15. lew

    Electric vs Propane Water Heater

    Yes they do Terry, it's recommended you have a water softener.