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  1. Electric vs Propane Water Heater

    Yes they do, I have one and it's excellent.
  2. Real Estate in south western On.

    My brother drove across the prairies years ago and said it was so flat he could see the sun set & sunrise at the same time LOL
  3. Tis The Season!!! ^_^

    I just bought a new 2018 F150 Lariat 2 weeks ago and it has trailer assist on it. I spose it may be good for some folks but I've always thought if you can't back up a trailer on your own maybe you shouldn't be towing one. But then again, maybe I'm just old school.

    Our power has been flickering off & on for an hour but now it's out completely.
  5. Leer truck cap

    This cap came off a 2013 F150 with a 5.5 foot box and will fit any other F150 of the same body style. It's dark brown (Ford Kodiak Brown) and is in very nice shape. Both side windows open and there's screens inside them I'm selling it for $500 and am located 15 miles north of Peterboro.
  6. ...when I found a pair of ducks swimming in my backyard today
  7. Toronto Terrorist Attack

    Another way to look at it is if he'd have been killed it would be over for him but if we can lock him up forever he's got everyday for many years to suffer in a tiny cramped cell with hopefully, NO chance of ever getting out. But unlike Bernardo, let's not allow him any comfort or enjoyment like TV or computer or anything to read....EVER.
  8. Toronto Terrorist Attack

    Just like the nurse that murdered the 8 seniors a couple years back. Everything to be served concurrently so basically she only got punished for killing the 1st person. I love this country but our justice system must be one of the worst and most lenient in the world.
  9. Toronto Terrorist Attack

    After the bus crash in Saskatchewan and now this cowards slaughter of so many innocent people, April has been a pretty sad month for Canada.
  10. screen contrast

    That seems to have helped Terry, contrast is better now and once more, appreciate all your assistance on these computer issues.
  11. screen contrast

    Thanks Terry, I've already tried all that stuff and it just doesn't come up as good as I'd hoped. Funny cause any colors come up very bright and realistic but any print is low contrast. Oh well, maybe it's as good as it gets. Thanks again, always appreciate your help.
  12. screen contrast

    I bought a new 27" Samsung computer monitor a few months ago and it has a button on the back of the screen for adjusting everything, but no matter what I do I can't get a good contrast between what I'm trying to read and the background and most of the print appears basically darkish grey on a light grey background. Doesn't matter what website I'm reading, they're all the same and I'd sure like to have dark black print against a white backround. Every other monitor I've ever had has had great contrast, even my el cheapo laptop Other than the adjustments on the back of the screen, is there anything in my computer that I could change to make it better ?? I'm using Windows 7 if that helps.
  13. Such a terrible thing.

    This was in a local paper this morning and to me it really says alot.
  14. $3,000 fine for over double limit

    So sad that so many posts go down the drain around here lately, no wonder most of the old regulars have left this place.
  15. Flowers in the garden.....

    I've got dozens of birds around my feeders and lots of food for them, chickadees, cardinals, doves, sparrows, bluejays, crows and plenty of robins wondering why the heck did I leave Florida