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  1. We're big fans of the Island Gerry and have visited several times, infact we we're just there 3 years ago. It's a beautiful place where everyone is really proud of their homes and look after them. Driving around there for 3 days I don't think I saw a single piece of garbage thrown on the ground.
  2. As I posted in another thread my wife and I have been travelling around the east coast of the U.S. and the Maritimes for awhile now. We always stay at Hampton Inn & Suites whenever possible because they're great hotels and that point was really proven this week. We were staying in Charlottetown PEI last week and left there on Monday for Moncton NB where we are now. After we arrived at our hotel here and were unpacking our things we realized we'd left several hundred dollars worth of clothing in PEI.....don't ask LOL We called them right away and the desk clerk said she was just getting ready to call us as the housekeeper had found our stuff while cleaning the room. She told us not to be concerned as they'd look after everything for us, pack up all our things and ship them over here with Purolator. That was Monday afternoon and all our stuff arrived at 9:00 this morning (Wednesday) all neatly folded & packed into a couple boxes....about 43 hours. Total cost to me was a measly $38 Customer service doesn't get any better than that.
  3. I never had much interest in walleye fishing but for a good chunk of my life we always did a trip to Quinte on the May 24 weekend and a favorite bait was tolling a blue / orange Bomber Long A after sunset.
  4. Thousands upon thousands of fans screaming, yelling & cheering on their favorite teams and everybody having a blast, don't think I'd be too upset about 4 ladies also having fun whether it was over the game or not. Life's waaaay too short to sweat the little stuff.
  5. We've been in a bunch of fishing ports Brian but haven't really talked to any of the boat crews but most of the locals say the boats are doing well. I sometimes have issues with shellfish so stay away from it but Diane's had lobster a couple times and really enjoyed it. She had a 2 pounder at a wharf side restaurant beside the boats the other night and payed $49 but I have no idea if that's a good price but from the smile on her face I guess it was LOL Paul, I was thinking the exact same thing, that it could be difficult to harvest that corn and it'll be a shame if they can't being so close to the end of the season.
  6. Morning guys, we're still touring the east coast and are currently in PEI but I certainly won't bore you with holiday pics LOL Did want to show a couple pics though of the damage done here by Hurricane Dorian. Only saw a couple buildings with damage but the number of trees snapped off is insane and I couldn't even guess how many thousands were destroyed. Same with corn fields where many of them are flattened and I don't even know if the farmers can harvest the cobs the way everything is laying down but I didn't take any pics of them. Here's a couple pictures I took along a single 1/2 mile stretch of one road we were on yesterday but as always with photographs they don't even come close to portraying the actual damage. And no, I'm not taking these while driving at 50K LOL
  7. Hey old friend. Hope you are well. Haven’t signed in for quite some time. Looking at heading to west arm next year. Any interest?

  8. Bears are somewhat common where I live and I've seen them in my yard 4 times and have cleaned up scat 7 or 8 other times, infact early last summer I cleaned up a pile 20 feet from our bedroom door. I've got a great picture of one that was sleeping in my backyard early one morning but I'm on my laptop in Halifax and don't remember my password to get into Photobucket. I also had one tear the downspout off the side of my house and can only assume he was after a chipmunk that I've seen go in the downspout extension. I live on a country road and walk 4 miles every morning at sunrise and last year one popped out from behind a bush 40' in front of me but took off as soon as he realized I was there while making a loud "grunt" sound. A month ago I came across the biggest bear track I've ever seen in the same area and was able to put my entire hand with outstetched fingers inside it. 2 years ago we were up on the West Arm of Nipissing and I was walking down a dirt road and heard a snap just off to my right and 2 little cubs came out from behind a fallen tree stump and right then I figured I was in trouble and sure enough Mom was about 3 seconds behind them. She got between the cubs and looked straight at me, lowered her head and pointed her ears back. Not afraid to say that one made me a bit nervous but I slowly backed away and she took the kids and headed back into the bush. I always carry an airhorn now when walking up there.
  9. He was VERY lucky Paul, Fundy has the highest tides in the world.
  10. That toon may be somewhat bouncy in these 10' waves Brian hahaha
  11. Small world eh Kelvin, we crossed back into Canada @ St. Steven yesterday
  12. Your right NAW, this is a great area to visit, infact it's our 5th or 6th trip down here. As for the surfing, I think my surfing days are far behind me LOL
  13. Morning boyz, me & the Mrs. are currently touring the East Coast and having a great time. Just spent 3 days in Bar Harbor Maine and are now in St. Andrews New Brunswick on the shore of Bay of Fundy waiting for what's left of Hurricane Dorian to hit later today. Sposed to get very windy with up to 4 inches of rain so it"ll be interesting for sure. Halifax isn't too far away as the crow flies an they're gonna get the brunt of it with winds around 70 - 80 mph and heavy rain. We'll be heading there on Monday so hopefully everybody will be OK
  14. Yup, it's kinda looking like it may play out that way
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