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  1. Loud & clear Bud, we're really lookin forward to seeing you guys again.
  2. I can hear Rich & Patsy cheering all the way from Pennsylvania !!
  3. I've had it on my last 3 F150's and I have no clue how it even works LOL As said above, if you need it you shouldn't be pulling trailers.
  4. We got clobbered by another vicious storm yesterday which was probably worse than the one last week. Nothing like what Barrie went thru of course but that's ...I think...the 4th bad storm in a couple weeks. My wife cooked up a beautiful roast beef dinner and while I was slicing it the thunder started rolling and as we sat down at the table on the back deck there was probably the loudest bang I've ever heard as the lightening flashed overhead, the wind started howling and within seconds the food was getting saturated as we tried to get everything back in the house. Woke up this morning and there's 2 large trees down nearby plus smaller ones on the ground everywhere. Crazy thing though as it was beautiful here all day and even when the storm hit the sky didn't look that bad. It was all good though as the roast beef dinner was fantastic even though a bit wet LOL
  5. Kids, dogs & cooking over a fire...fish'n trips don't get any better than that !! Good to hear the new boat is working out for you too.
  6. IMG_0271.JPG
    I hear you there Brian, my sump normally only runs in March & April during the snow melt and never comes on any other time but it's come on 3 times now in the last couple of weeks with the crazy weather and intense rain we've been getting. This pic is yesterday's rain and you can hardly see the back of my property.
  7. The news is just reporting now that Barrie got clobbered by a tornado and the videos show a lot of damage.
  8. I'm dead center on the line between Peterboro and Apsley and can hear lotsa thunder but it's north of us....so far. Got some wind happening and light rain but I think we'll be OK here.
  9. Your deck looks real good and sometimes it's worth it to bite the bullet and do what we want rather than wait for a price drop that may never come.
  10. Yup, I did what I wanted to do as I figured the price of lumber could just as easily continued to go up rather than down. Just a coin toss that I lost LOL
  11. Is there a fuse somewhere that may have blown ?
  12. I posted here a couple months back that I was replacing the floor on my back deck. Lumber prices were sky-hi but I wanted to get the job done and who knew when or if the the prices would ever come down. I was looking at the prices of wood this morning and darned if the prices haven't dropped about 1/3. If I'd waited till now to buy the wood I'd have saved about $800 Oh well LOL
  13. Strange as it seems, I'm only 15 minutes from Curve Lake yet I've never gone there for gas but with everywhere getting pretty expensive lately maybe it's time I took the drive.
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