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  1. Just an FWI Art, but Adam wasn't giving anything away in his posts, that location is very accessible and well known to just about anyone in the area winter or summer.
  2. Looking for resort reccomendations

    Yeah, they're both great places and sorry to hear about your issues at the one place. My wife and I have stayed there several times and really enjoy it. A group of us from this board go to Mashkinonje every June and then my wife and I go back in August for a couple weeks.
  3. Looking for resort reccomendations

    I'd recommend either Mashkinonje Lodge or Memquisit Lodge, both on the West Arm of Nippissing. I'm not a walleye fisherman but there's good musky fishing there with plenty of fish over 50" and lots of good sized pike too.
  4. Baptiste Lake cottage purchase?

    So are you saying folks who live in big cities are riff raff ?? If so, that's a pretty ignorant comment, doncha think ??
  5. Christmas Ice Fishing

    Yeah, I remember you guys getting dinged Norm. I think that day was the 1st ever winter get-to-gether we ever had on this board.
  6. Boater Missing on the FLW

    Years ago a bunch of us from this board went to Quinte for a weekend in November and it was very windy with huge waves, infact I've been fishing Quinte since about 1952 and have never seen it as rough. There were 3 guys from a different group in a bass boat that took on a ton of water and sank to the gunnels near the ferry crossing but fortunately nobody was hurt and one of our group towed them to shore. Basically all you could see was the windshield and engine cowling sticking above the waves and the 3 guys up to their knees in water. Don't know if it was bad luck, bad driving or just too much waves for the boat but at least they all got out safely.
  7. Christmas Ice Fishing

    WOW, you dug back ALOT of years to find that one Norm hahaha

    Happy New Year to you too Drew and everyone else as well.
  9. Sold my boat. Now what?

    Star Marine at the east end of the causeway in Bridgenorth used to rent boats but I don't know what kind or even if they still do.
  10. So, How's it hanging

    No ice fishing for me Paul but looking forward to seeing you on our annual June trip to Nippissing as always.
  11. Merry Christmas from the coast

    If you've got natural gas or propane at your place Pete a permanent stand-by generator is the way to go. They hook-up to a separate panel in your home and when the power goes out they automatically fire up and when the power comes back on they go back into stand-by mode until the next time it's required & no need to keep filling them with gas either. Also remember that if your power is out the gas stations in your area my have no power either. I installed a Generac about 7 years back and it was some of the best money I ever spent and it sure is reassuring knowing when the power goes out at 20 below in the dead of winter everything continues to work normally. You can get smaller units to run a few items or you can get huge units to run your entire house. Just a thought for you.
  12. Merry Christmas to you & yours Bruce and have a great day.

    Great looking pup !!
  14. Merry Christmas to All

    Merry Christmas Kelvin and everyone else here too.