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  1. I fished the Kawarthas since the 50's and and also a LOT of time on Quinte plus Lake St. Clair , the Ottawa and St. Lawrence Rivers but my favorite place of all is chasing muskies on the West Arm of Nippissing. I got out of fishing a couple years back and sold everything including my boat but a small group of us still go to Nip every year and rent a couple cabins and have as much fun as always.
  2. Nice fish and a great way to break in a new boat, that 1st bit of musky slime is a charm !!
  3. Atta boy Bill, real purty fish and congrats on the PB.
  4. Congratulations on your retirement Brian, it's a milestone we all look forward to. I've been retired 20 years now and have never regretted taking early retirement once, you just have to keep busy and don't ever let yourself get bored. I start every day with a 4 mile walk at sunrise, 365 days a year and after breakfast I get busy and if I don't have a job to do I invent one LOL Enjoy the time you've earned bud, you've got a whole new life ahead of you. For years on this board my signature said "when your retired, every day is Saturday morning".
  5. And make sure you have a lug wrench that fits the trailer wheels because the one for your truck may not.
  6. 47" is a very impressive pike, congratulations to your wife !!
  7. Thank you, she'll be going home soon.
  8. My daughter is currently in Toronto Western Hospital on the 9th floor and sent me this picture she took at sunrise this morning and just thought I'd share .
  9. Give Burleigh Island Lodge a call, they're just a few miles north of Youngs Point and last time I was there they had cabins for rent plus docking. No idea what it's like right now but it's a nice place is they can accommodate you.
  10. Awesome story Brian and good to hear you got to spend some well deserved time together.
  11. I have a roadside pond on my front lawn every year when the snow melts but the only thing that lives in it are ducks LOL
  12. Actually 10 pounds per Imperial gallon here in Canada Paul
  13. I bought a pair of Bear Paw snowshoes there around 1960
  14. I'm just curious here, but are you somehow affiliated with Fish'n Canada as I don't recall you ever posting about anything else other than that show ?
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