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  1. Please don't lump everyone into the same pot by calling us cheap and saying we get sucked in. I was happy with the price I was quoted and gladly paid it and was so happy with the outcome I gave him a $50 tip because that's the way I am....NOT cheap. The reason I started this post was because two different people said they'd be happy to do the jobs I wanted and when they set a date they just never bothered to show up or even phone me.
  2. Thanks for the offer Shane but we're good now.
  3. I watched it Kelvin. Since the place closed down a small group of us stay in a lodge just north of there every June now and then my wife and I go back up for a couple more weeks in August. We drive thru Lakair every year just for a look and the new owners have completely redone all the cabins and the restaurant. We went to the new restaurant last year for supper and the place is really nice. I too miss all the great times we used to have up there every year.
  4. Got a bunch of snow coming in tomorrow and that's probably the start of sloppy weather so we'll probably leave the trees till springtime now.
  5. I think we'll do the trees ourselves now but thanks for the advice.
  6. I needed some electrical work done on my house last month so I searched the web and found a local guy who had a really nice professional looking website so I called him and told him what I wanted done and he gave me a ball park price but said he'd come by that evening and have a look. He showed up right on time and checked everything and made a list of what was needed and said he'd call in a couple days with an exact price. I waited a week and when I hadn't heard from him I called him and he was all apologetic and said he just got so busy he hadn't had time to get my price figured out but he'd do it that evening and call me 1st thing in the morning. Well, I never heard back from him again. Earlier this week I decided I wanted a 30 foot tree taken down and my neighbor had a 30 foot tree plus a 50 footer that he wanted taken down. There's a tree cutter just a few miles from me who I've dealt with before and he's always been very reliable and does good work so I called him. He said he'd come by that evening and give us a price on the 3 trees. He never showed up but called 2 days later and said he'd gotten busy but would be here 1st thing in the morning which was yesterday. He never showed up and I haven't heard back from him. If someone doesn't want to do a job just say so and everything's good, but I hate when people say they'll be there and just don't show up and don't bother calling. As for an electrician, I found a great guy who came when he said he would and he did an excellent job.
  7. Look at the top right corner of the page you posted on and click on the 3 dots ... and you'll see the edit.
  8. The sky cleared for a few minutes just before sunset and produced this nice double rainbow.
  9. Thanks Brian, the winds are howling now with heavy rain and my power went out 10 minutes ago but the GENERAC fired right up and my house is running normal again. That generator was the best $6000 I ever spent. 👍
  10. Funny as I just said to my wife a few minutes ago that it seemed like the bad weather missed us. We've got some wind but nothing extreme and some light rain but it looks like we're gonna get hammered later today.
  11. Be good if you could give us a play by play with pictures as you go thru the rebuild process, I think everyone enjoys following that sorta thing.
  12. Purty fish Bill, really bright colours.
  13. Good story Chris and the boat looks brand new.
  14. Excellent job on the new floor tomkat, it looks great.
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