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  1. I was watching a Youtube video on motorhomes & trailers this morning John and they were saying the average price on RV's for 2021 has gone up at least 7% across the USA but he didn't mention Canada but I'd assume it'll be similar increases. Like everything else they're citing higher demand and much lower inventory because of Covid.
  2. lew

    A nice sunset...

    That's interesting Brian, when I was out for my morning hike today there was fog on Clear lake too.
  3. ...from the back deck last night. Just messing around with a new camera and trying a couple things.
  4. No relapses at all Jon and I don't miss it at all. I've had plenty of offers and did go out once for a few hours but the enjoyment wasn't there and I never went again. There's still a small group of us go up to Nippissing every year but now rather than going out fishing we sit on the shore and talk about about it instead LOL
  5. Can't help with your question Jon but good to see your still around and doing well.
  6. I've said it before but I spose it's worth repeating here. I bought a new 90 HP Merc 4stroke back in '99 and drove it for 10 years and put a ton of hours on it and the motor was absolutely perfect the entire time and never needed a single repair. I sold it to my bud after 10 years and he he put another pile of hours on it and drove it for another 6 or 7 years before it needed it's 1st actual repair. Yes, I'd recommend a 90 Merc. I bought a new 150 Yamaha when I sold the Merc and drove it for 7 years and again it was absolutely flawless just like the Merc. Yes, I'd recommend a Yamaha. I do all my own maintenance on a regular basis and that certainly helps keeping anything working.
  7. Hey Bud, remember this day ?? Fun times for sure !!
  8. He does look somewhat familiar...
  9. I mention black & orange above and that was for large spinnerbaits that I ALWAYS started my day with if I was casting and caught me more fish than any other bait I had. Your right about yellow & black though Rob, that's another good combo. One of my favorite trolling baits was a yellow & black jailbird coloured 10" Believer and my best twitch bait was a yellow & black jailbird coloured Double "D". The Double "D" doesn't come in that colour from the factory but I painted mine and they really produce a lot of fish. I had other colours but none worked like the yellow & black combo
  10. You'll never go wrong with black & orange.
  11. My best bud actually bought one of those Bell trucks and painted it brown with a yellow stripe running down the side. It was even uglier than when it was ugly green LOL
  12. I've always really enjoyed Nova Scotia and have spent a lot of time there. I was stationed in Halifax for 3 years in the 60's when I was in the Navy and my wife and I have travelled back several times for vacations along with New Brunswick & PEI You mentioned Truro and I immediately remembered this guy. We were staying in the Truro Hampton Inn hotel right on the highway and I spotted him and his dog hiking down the road. He was wearing a skirt and pushing a baby carriage full of everything except a baby. No idea what he was doing but I think of him every time I hear the name Truro LOL
  13. Nope, even in the 50's it was about as exciting as watching 5 pin bowling on our 6" TV screen LOL
  14. Your a good man to have around when folks get in trouble Dan. 👍
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