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  1. I've got what's called "4auto" on my truck which is nice as it leaves the truck in rear wheel drive but as soon as the back wheels slip it automatically kicks into 4 wheel drive. Nice when driving on roads with a mixture of snow/ice & dry roads so you don't need to keep switching back & forth.
  2. I still have great memories of the old flat bottomed wooden boats. Me on your left with my dad & brother about 1950 Fun times for sure.
  3. Amazing how times change Paul, today we pay far more than that for a pick-up and it's considered normal LOL
  4. Nuthin to worry about Bud, I knew you weren't taking a shot at anyone, it was just a few things that jumped out at me LOL
  5. Couple things seem strange about the story of the stolen fire truck Firefighters go into stores all the time so nothing unusual about that, but one person is always left with the truck so it seems odd that the truck was left unattended. I drove fire trucks in Toronto for many years and the only one I ever drove that required pushing buttons in sequence was an old 1960 King Seagrave aerial and even that wasn't hard to figure out. Any other truck I ever drove was started just like any diesel. It also says the truck was purchased 7 years ago for $40,000 and that also seems odd as fire trucks are hundreds of thousands of dollars. Just a few odd ball things that I noticed.
  6. Just my opinion, but if the passenger willingly got in the car knowing they were gonna be driving on the ice he's as much responsible as the driver was and I see no reason the driver should be charged with the death. No different than 2 friends walking across the ice on foot and they fall through and one dies and one lives, why would the survivor be charged with anything ?
  7. More than likely the rescue will be performed by on-duty emergency crews who are already being paid whether they're rescuing somebody who got in trouble or sitting around twiddling their thumbs. That's what they're there for.
  8. Don't know if anyones seen this or not but I saw it on another site. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/over-40-ice-fishermen-rescued-after-ice-floe-breaks-lake-n981436
  9. I bought a new F150 Lariat pick-up this past spring and it was about the best buying experience I ever had with a new vehicle. They gave me the price, I countered and we went back & forth a couple times and the deal was done and we were both happy. Never once was I pressured to buy a single extra including extended warranty and the only extras I did get were the ones I asked for and I had them included in the price. Very pleasant buying experience and nothing like the horror stories related in this thread and if anyone else is looking for a similar deal go have a talk with Country Ford in Bobcaygeon.
  10. I always find these type of posts hilarious and so very predictable. Everytime there's a snow storm, every person you talk to and I mean EVERY person, will blame every other car or truck on the road for all the problems, whether it's small car drivers, SUV drivers, pick-up truck drivers, tractor trailer drivers, old people, young people, male or female or that all time favorite...immigrants. Another thing is how so many guys that live in the country think they're a far superior driver than those folks that live in the city, or even funnier the ones that think they're better than every person that lives below hwy 7 Just once it'd be nice to hear someone say the problem was caused by ME because I was driving too fast, or too slow or didn't have winter tires or some darned thing. Keep the remarks coming boyz, you're making my day hahahahaha
  11. Have a great trip Mark, the Maritimes are fantastic and Diane and I are heading back down again in September for our second trip in 2 years.
  12. Look up "Pigeon Lake houseboat rentals" on GOOGLE and you'll find a few of them. They're a very popular vacation destination so you may want to book early.
  13. My Dad taught me to fish waaaay back in the early 50's and they were pickerel then and they're still pickerel today and they always will be pickerel.
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