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  1. Just another thought here but any chance there's any off road clubs around the area ? Those guys are always getting bogged down but they have winches on their trucks and they may be able to get you out.
  2. Gas dropped 2 cents over my way today, course it'll probably go up 5 cents tomorrow.
  3. That would still be better than Walleye Park John LOL
  4. I mentioned in another thread a few days ago that I couldn't see the system opening on time. Water levels are coming down but the currents are still fast. I took a drive up to Burleigh Falls yesterday and the current and high water is crazy right now.
  5. I started fishing Hay Bay (Bay of Quinte) way back around 1955 with my family and we used to camp at Pickerel Park and to this day it's still called PICKEREL Park and I doubt if they have any intentions of changing it to Walleye Park LOL
  6. I don't even fish anymore but they'll always be pickerel to me.
  7. lew

    New Boat

    Very nice boat indeed, congratulations. Looks like it'll handle big water without any issues.
  8. lew

    Keel guard

    I put a keelguard on my glass Skeeter and they're quite easy to install. Here's an article on installing them on aluminum boats. https://www.gator-guards.com/tips-install-keelshield-aluminum-boats/
  9. Thanks Dave, the existing cable is BELL and then I picked up a 3' coax this morning.
  10. Thanks John, that's interesting.
  11. What would be the reason for not using it John ? Far as I know they can only do good but then again I'm as far from being a techie as possible.
  12. Thanks Dave, that's what I figured but thought I'd ask 1st before blowing up the new TV LOL
  13. Hey guys, I bought a new TV this morning and also got a surge protector but have never seen this type before with the connectors on the bottom for cable/sat IN & OUT My satellite cable currently comes from the dish, thru the wall and hooks into the back of my BELL receiver. With this protector do I run from the dish into the "IN" connector then out the "OUT" and then to the receiver ?? If so I'll need to get another length of cable.
  14. I always said if a fish couldn't catch up to a trolled bait he isn't worth catching anyways LOL
  15. I used to have a 16' Crestliner and put a 6 HP Merc on the back for a kicker and although it was great for trolling it didn't have the power to turn the boat fast in a strong wind.
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