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  1. lew

    NF. New Motor - E-TEC 135 HO

    4 stroke you need to change the oil & filter, 2 stroke you don't need to.
  2. lew

    ACL tear/repair (NF but kinda F)

    My wife had a total knee replacement a couple months ago and is still recuperating and the doc said anywhere from 3-6 months for full recovery. Obviously not the same thing but I spose the pain is similar and good luck with your surgery & recovery and I guess all I can offer is do exactly what the doctors and therapists tell you to do.
  3. lew


    You've always had a good way with words Brian and that was a very nice, touching post.
  4. lew

    Inflatable Life Jackets

    They're nice and comfortable and I wore one myself but as Dan668 suggested just know that they have been known NOT to work when guys have fallen or been thrown from boats. If that happens and your injured or out cold you'll be in trouble. Plenty of reports around the web of them failing.
  5. But I received this today and thought some might appreciate it.
  6. lew


    I've mentioned it here before but my Mom's brother was a bomber pilot during the war and him and his whole crew were all killed when their plane went down but the wreckage was never found so it was presumed they hit the ocean. Mom always said it was terrible they were all killed but the worst part was never knowing where they died or the fact they were never able to bury them and get closure. I thought of this when they couldn't find Kevin but now it'll be easier on all his loved ones. I also lost my son when he was only 37 so I know what they're all going through right now and it stinks.
  7. lew

    How old is OFC/OFC?

    I've got a good excuse for not posting fish pics anymore Brian...I no longer fish LOL
  8. lew


    Lousy news for sure but if it is Kevin it'll be much better for the family with closure.
  9. lew

    How old is OFC/OFC?

    Anybody still have their OFC mug ? The handle fell off mine the 1st time I ever poured a coffee in it but I still have it along with a bunch of other mugs I've collected over the years. Weird but I can't attach the picture for some reason...oh well
  10. lew

    How old is OFC/OFC?

    Great gesture Dan, giving your jacket to the guide. Those jackets were pretty popular back in the day and lots of us guys wore them but darned if I know where mine is now, I'm guessing it got lost when I moved 8 years ago.
  11. This crap's been going on for years. I bought a new boat 20 years ago and paid all the taxes, then a couple years later I got the same letter as you did. I still had the bill of sale so sent them a copy to prove everything was paid and then awhile later got the same letter again so once again I sent them a copy. About a year or so later I got my 3rd letter wanting proof of taxes paid but this time I just ignored the morons and never heard them again.
  12. lew


    Thanks jimmer, I don't do Facebook but my wife does so I'll see if I can get it posted there.
  13. lew


    Since I quit fishing a couple years back I seldom read any fishing reports here anymore and had no idea who Kevin was until I just saw the post grimsbyangler bumped up. Really sad news, Kevin always seemed like a very nice guy and prayers for all involved.
  14. lew

    Times have changed, fish prices 1939.

    hahaha, I just bought a new truck and it cost me 4 times more than my 1st house. And ketchenany, I guess my $100 wasn't so bad afterall LOL
  15. lew

    Times have changed, fish prices 1939.

    I joined the Fire Dept. in Toronto in 1968 and my salary was $100 a week, now I pay more than that for a tank of gas in my truck.....I spose it's all relative LOL