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  1. I posted a newspaper story last year about efforts to stop the pigs from throwing their garbage all over the Causeway while fishing and today found this article pertaining to the same issue & thought some may find it interesting. https://www.thepeterboroughexaminer.com/news-story/8343509-more-cleanup-signs-coming-to-james-a-gifford-causeway-in-peterborough-county/
  2. Yeah, always enjoyable watching the wildlife doing their stuff and lemme know if you want a couple turkey's TJ, we've got all kinds around here. Some days I have about 25 in the yard and this morning I saw a flock of probably 50 in a farm field just down the road LOL
  3. Turkey's are in full mating mode in my backyard this week LOL
  4. Stoney Lake/Clear Lake Area?

    No idea what you're referring to John, Burleigh Falls is as gorgeous as it has ever been and in NO way looks like what your describing. I've lived here for 8 years but have camped and fished this area my entire life and it basically looks the same now as it did when I was a little kid. Here's some recent pics of Burleigh Falls and I see nothing resembling commercial land. Sorry for the hijack GJGeneral, enjoy your trip and good luck with the fishing.
  5. Stoney Lake/Clear Lake Area?

    I'm on Clear and from here it looked like a lot of open water at the top of the lake just a few days ago and now it seems like it's skimmed over again with the colder temps. Lots of fast current and high water going thru Burleigh so I would think the area your gonna be staying will be unsafe but that's just my opinion and other areas may be OK so maybe check with whoever owns the cottage. Sorry I can't be more help but my ice fishing days ended many decades ago LOL
  6. Marine Survey?

    Get in touch with Northstar Insurance, they specialize in boat insurance and are very good to deal with. http://www.northstarinsurance.ca/about-us/
  7. Congrats on the purchase, you'll be real happy with that combo. When I packed in fishing 2 years ago I sold my deep V Skeeter & 150 Yamaha but it was by far the best boat/motor I've ever owned.
  8. C'mon guys, I've been ice fishing twice....1st time & last time
  9. Thanks John, appreciate that.
  10. Thanks Tom & John I found it in tiny print on the adapter Tom, it says 100-240V - 50/60 Hz so I'm assuming she's good to go without the converter ? Thanks to you too John.
  11. Thanks Tom, on the back of the tablet it says "rated 5.1V---2.1 A Max" Does that tell you anything ??
  12. Looks like I found my answer, it seems most hotel outlets in Cuba are 220 so I need to get a converter to drop it down to 110.
  13. Hi guys, my wife is heading to Cuba next week and she's been told she needs to take some sort of adapter with her to plug in a tablet in the hotel room. Anyone know what type she needs ??
  14. Sport shooting

    My daughter has never touched a gun in her life but today is her birthday and she wanted to go to a shooting range and fire guns for the 1st time ever so that's what they're doing. I don't know where they're going but it's an hour from Mississauga
  15. Another school shooting in Florida

    This mornings news is saying 17 people dead in this latest slaughter. Really sad what's become of the U.S. where mass murders have just become the norm.