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  1. Give it a try for sure Bill and hopefully it works for you too.
  2. I used Suicks a lot in the past Bill and always found they worked best...for me anyways...when they were neutral buoyant and just sat still between twitches. I liked to cut out a section of the belly and add stick on wheel weights then fill it in with epoxy. Different size baits would get different amounts of weights.
  3. My buds been up at the West Arm of Nip this week and he boated 5 nice ones from mid 40's up to 52"
  4. Good stuff Bill, the K Lakes are a fun place to fish for sure.
  5. Front eye shallow....rear eye deep.
  6. I liked the Tekota 600LC reels for trolling for musky but have no experience with salmon.
  7. Most of the outer limbs were allowed to freefall Dave but the heavy ones were lowered by rope so as not to gouge the lawn when they hit and also my septic bed was nearby so the ones above that were all lowered by rope.
  8. I had a crew here yesterday to take down a large elm tree in the back yard and it was really impressive to watch them working very methodically thru the tree with their ropes and pulleys so I took a few pics.
  9. When I was there the son of the owners was driving us to a different lake on our last day and we put our gear in the back of his truck. He put a small outboard there too but it tipped over and broke one of my rods. They'd treated us so darned good all week I never told them he broke my rod as they'd feel terrible and probably want to replace it and I didn't want that to happen. I don't remember the name of the owners back then but could still be the same great family.
  10. Been a very long time since my bro & I spent a week that lodge Chrispy and it's good to hear it's still a great place to visit !!
  11. We had alerts kept flashing up on the TV warning of possible tornadoes all through that area Dave, hopefully everyone made out OK
  12. Not sure about anywhere else but here in the eastern Kawarthas folks are still digging out from that huge storm that went thru a few weeks back and killed a bunch of people. Another vicious storm hammered us again at 2 this afternoon. Started with thunder off in the distance then the wind came in like a hurricane and rain so heavy I could hardly see across the road. Whole thing lasted maybe 15 minutes and the storm left as fast as it came in. I've only gone 500 feet down the road to help a neighbor who lost several trees but between here and there I saw dozens of trees ripped from the ground or just snapped off. I've got a link to power outages and it shows 1100 homes without power within probably 10 miles from here. Last storm we were without power for a week but don't know about today. Hope none of you boys had any serious damage if you got hit today.
  13. No, I was always quite a bit south of there. To get to West Bay and the West Arm by boat you'd need to go out into the big lake, past the Hardwood Islands then head south to Hay Narrows and come in from there. It's a long boat run from Lavigne but I'm sure you could find equally good spots where you'll be.
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