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  1. Outstanding Brian, really nice to hear !!
  2. They were good boats Brian, I had a couple Starcrafts.
  3. 14' Starcraft with a 9.9 Johnson
  4. Did you notice my leather shoes with gold buckles, who wears those to go fishing anymore ? LOL
  5. I actually killed & ate the 1st musky I ever caught way back in the early 70's as that's just what folks did back then...unfortunately. I've caught & released many 100's of muskies in the decades since then but to this day I still wish I'd released it. I had it mounted and hung on the wall of my trailer for a very long time but then I gave it to a friend who owns a fishing camp up on Nippising who now has it hung in his office.
  6. We used to have some great discussions here a few years back about keeping or releasing muskies and I don't think anyone ever won the argument LOL
  7. Depends how you garnish them before putting them on the BBQ.
  8. 2 of my most productive lures ever were Bumblebee. One was a 10" Believer that I removed the rattles from and the other was a Double "D" twitch bait that I hand painted. Strawberry Sledge was another great bait that also put many nice fish in my boat. Both incredible colours for sure.
  9. Nice pictures from a great place, we'll be in PEI in September
  10. Not really sure what your talking about when you refer to "incredible looking baits" as there are so many different baits on the market you couldn't count them all. Many of them work extremely well and many just catch fishermen. I had boxes full of baits but I knew what worked for me on the waters I was going to be fishing on a certain day and time of day or night. As for muskies being the hardest fish to catch, that's more to do with the the skill of the angler in a lot of cases. In the Kawarthas they're relatively easy to catch when you know where and when to fish for them and getting multiple fish in a day is very common. For many years I kept a log and usually caught between about 80-100 fish per season and my best year was 115 fish in the boat not even counting the ones my fishing partners caught. One morning I went out at 7:30 and by 10:00 I'd boated 9 fish. Bigger bodies of water like the St. Lawrence or Nippising don't hold as many fish but if you know what your doing and where & when to go you can still do well. The "fish of 10,000 casts" is only for those that don't understand the fish.
  11. If it ain't broke don't fix it. I said it for years, you don't need fancy to catch muskies and some of my favorite baits were the ones with most of the paint worn off or the big spinnerbaits with hardly any hair left on them.
  12. Fantastic Dan and good to hear the trip was as much fun as you'd hoped for.
  13. WOW, that picture is incredible, definitely frame worthy !! And it looks like a Killer Whale at the bottom LOL
  14. 53 wonderful years this coming October
  15. I remember that day well Bud hahaha Great picture too.
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