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  1. Bill


    You had some great catches. Thanks for sharing.
  2. I have a 1969 Chevelle that I never got painted. I did the body work on it and epoxy primed it in 1981. Then I backed it into the corner of the shop and put it on stands. I needed the money for my wedding that I had saved to finish it. I had the idea that after I got married I would get it painted. I am the second owner and it has less than 70,000 miles. It is the 300 Deluxe model with a 307 and 3 peed automatic transmission.
  3. Yes I have painted the complete boat. I posted my pictures to help give others ideas on what they could do with their projects.
  4. Awesome pics Dave. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Alumacraft, I hope you enjoy redoing your boat as much as I did doing mine.
  6. This past Saturday, November 21, I finished replacing the transom. I used 3/4" Birch plywood laminated to make it 1 1/2". Left it vacuumed sealed overnight at 750psi to get a uniform bond through out the whole transom. Then gave it two coats of West system epoxy. Sanded the epoxy and gave it two coats of automotive clear coat. Sealed the edges with Marine silicone. When I get it out of storage I will replace the over length bolts. I had to get it together and into storage Saturday or I would have lost my spot so I just used carriage bolts I had.
  7. I have a 1961 18 foot AceCraft that I repainted. I stripped it using an orbital sander. Then epoxy primed using Southern Polyurethane.The blue is 1973 Corvette medium blue metallic base coat. Matrix is the paint company. The clear coat is Limco 4200. I bought the carpet in Barrie and used automotive carpet adhesive glue. The seats I bought from Extreme Marine near London. I did this during the winter of 2016. It looks the same today.
  8. It has been bad for Erieau/Erie Beach all year. Lots of flooding. Lots of homes and cottages destroyed too. The lake shore is changing quickly
  9. I was going to upgrade from my old 60 Evinrude to a 90 E-Tec. I think I will be buying a 90 Mercury now.
  10. Charleston Lake Provincial Park Good Bass fishing from a canoe and possibly catch a few Lake Trout There are areas that are gas powered watercraft restricted so canoes and kayaks have some advantage of fishing some of the better locations
  11. I have no fishing trip regrets. I always took my family. I only do one week fishing trip vacations. I have fished Lake Kipawa, Quebec; Kamineskeg Lake,Ontario and have settled on vacationing on Charleston Lake, Ontario. Charleston Lake is deep for Lake Trout and has shallower areas for Bass fishing. 2021 will be the first year I will go by myself since my children have vacation plans of their own with their families. I was thinking about asking a friend and his wife if they would like to go with me. After reading the comments here I will probably go by myself and I am okay with that too.
  12. I have pulled my boat off the trailer by putting a 2X2 square pipe across the bow. Then use heavy duty ratchet straps, like the ones towing companies use, to cradle the hull and secured to the 2X2. Using my chain falls I lift the bow off the trailer. I do the same procedure near the stern but I use my engine hoist to lift the stern off the trailer. Then I roll the trailer out. After the trailer is out of the way I lower the boat onto wood protecting on the top of jack stands.
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