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  1. I have pulled my boat off the trailer by putting a 2X2 square pipe across the bow. Then use heavy duty ratchet straps, like the ones towing companies use, to cradle the hull and secured to the 2X2. Using my chain falls I lift the bow off the trailer. I do the same procedure near the stern but I use my engine hoist to lift the stern off the trailer. Then I roll the trailer out. After the trailer is out of the way I lower the boat onto wood protecting on the top of jack stands.
  2. Great catch for the young lad
  3. I fish Lakes Erie and St. Clair. I vacation at Charleston Lake near Brockville.
  4. Bill

    Cooks Bay

    Nice catch
  5. All I have for my boat is a Bill of Sale and registration paper. The home built trailer needed to be weighed. I went to the local farmers mill and had it weighed but any weigh station will do. Took the weight slip to Service Ontario and they made an ownership for the trailer and sold me the license plate. It was pretty simple really to get everything done.
  6. Red Fisher was good. He lived at Mitchell's Bay. One time he gave me signed copies of his books for my Dad, brother and myself. He was a good friend of my neighbour.
  7. I watch Fishful Thinking because he takes more time to show and explain how to use whatever presentation than other fishing shows. I also have emailed questions to him and he responded within a day and sometimes within hours. Dave Mercer Facts of Fishing show is also top notch as well as Fish'n Canada. I don't mind the sponsor plugs as that is how the hosts get paid
  8. Incredible. Not a ride I would take.
  9. I am not a mechanic but my suggestion would be that it may need the carb rebuilt. I own a 1992 8hp Johnson. It is a great trolling motor.
  10. I can certainly relate to most of your story. It has been a long winter.
  11. Condolences to you and your family
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