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  1. Incredible. Not a ride I would take.
  2. I am not a mechanic but my suggestion would be that it may need the carb rebuilt. I own a 1992 8hp Johnson. It is a great trolling motor.
  3. I can certainly relate to most of your story. It has been a long winter.
  4. Condolences to you and your family
  5. Is that the movie where the widow gets a $10,000 life insurance cheque?
  6. The Robins are eating well this year in my front yard.
  7. I would be pretty close if I had to guess what you have spent on the car. I work at a auto restoration business near Blenheim Ontario. But really a vehicle's value is the owner's sentimental value. I have owned a 1969 Chevelle 300 Deluxe since 1979. I have refused ridiculous amounts of money from hopeful buyers because I do not want to sell it.
  8. I had the opportunity to buy a metallic green one back in the day. I thought the guy wanted too much so I foolishly passed on it.
  9. Your dog does enjoy a game of fetch. thanks for sharing the video
  10. My 9 year old grandson and I watched The Love Bug on Friday night. We both enjoyed watching it. He had never watched it before. If you have young children or grandchildren I think they would enjoy watching this movie.
  11. My Dad took me fishing on the Thames River when I was very young. I never caught anything but he would. Then he started taking me on fishing vacations to Lake St. Peter. There I would catch panfish. We started fishing Lake St. Clair and I would catch perch and panfish. Then my boss asked me if I would like to go to Lake Kipawa for Lake Trout. That is where I learned about trolling. He taught me a lot about fishing. Years later my brother took the family to Charleston Lake fishing for lake trout. It was on that lake that my son got me fishing smallmouth bass. So back to the question. Am I still learning? Yes, every time I go fishing. I hope to one day catch a five pound smallmouth bass, six pound walleye and a eight pound lake trout. Too some the weights of my fish goals will be light but those weights are my personal goals for me.
  12. Hey Limeyangler, I watched a episode of Dimestore Fisherman. He was in Dryden. When he wasn't fishing he was at Anderson's Disk Golf. Instead of chasing a ball you chase a flying saucer. Your dog would have a great time there.
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