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  1. I went camping this past weekend. My GF and I. And we where joined by a very close couple to us. Basically family. Drove up in separate vehicles. Obviously had separate canoes. Separate tents, chairs, etc... We did a pretty good job at social distancing really. The only thing that we did that was "bad" was play a game of cards. I normally don't go camping this early. But I honestly think they will close or restrict all crown land for the summer and start ticketing everyone they see with a canoe on their car roof. So I wanted to get a camp in before that insanity starts!!
  2. Thanks Bud! Ya, I am prepared for a certain level of politics. It's just a little bit overwhelming at my current place..
  3. Thanks Roy! It went to my junk mail. Thought it was spam or something do I didn't open it. It's gonzo now. You'll need to resend.
  4. Some guys have been here for 45 years. Started here when they where 15... Still on the tools.. Exact same job 45 years later. I can't do it.
  5. I have decided to switch career paths a little bit. Currently working at a large machine and welding shop, which also has a large automation department, stamping press install and repair, Hydro and Nuclear re-build and repairs, etc... etc..... Unfortunately there are way to many politics here for me to hit me career growth goals. So I made the hard choice to leave this company (which I love), and enter an entirely new field. I am making a switch from metal to wood! I start a new job working at a company that makes log homes, cottages, bridges and large scale mass wooden beam trusses. Big ones. 100' long, 6 x 4 foot fabricated wooden beams with tie rod re-enforcement. And we will do all of the installation as well! My end goal is to be assisting with sales, project management, and operations in general. Not just engineering like I am currently doing. Small company. 25 employees. WAY less politics then my current employer. I'll be going from a company that has already peaked and is starting to slide downhill. To a company that is on the rise in a somewhat niche market. Fingers crossed it all works out!! All of the being said. I have the current liberty to use the internet for my personal use during day at work. And that will end as of today. So I won't be posting much for a while!! AND, i have tomorrow and Friday off to go fishing!! SO i'll be checked out for a while until I can figure out the dynamic of my new employer. Wish me luck!!
  6. Can't beat a nice haul like that!!!
  7. You need to learn the happy medium. Can't have your arms locked straight. But you also don't need to be hugging the fish! Half cocked!! Best of both worlds.
  8. At least you got in to 1!! We have 5 guys out both days and we all got skunked. Tried some new spots, aint going back. Thursday and Friday I'll be out both morning.
  9. I know guys who ride there and have used that guiding service before. They did not know this specific guide, but they did call and check to make sure it wasn't their usual guide. It's a tragedy for sure, but definitely could have been avoided. From what I understand it's nutritiously bad for ice. And all the guides are very well aware of that. Sad. We all make mistakes though.
  10. I was out off tudhope on new years day and there was 5" in our location about 1.5km out. Past the bouys.. Likely a foot of ice out there now!
  11. Good to hear from ya Roy!!!
  12. NAW


    I always wanted one of those tuques. If you ever make more tuques, you need to count me in for a half a dozen.. I had a ball cap, 2 t-shirts, 1 mug, a nice measuring tape sticker that's still in my boat, and a mint little swiss-army knife with the OFC logo on the side.. back when I used to bike and run everywhere and weighed 170lbs...
  13. NAW


    I'd be down for a few. Still got a couple OFC items from our little Calendar Bay get together many many years ago!!
  14. NAW


    Saw a truck today with a big OFC sticker on the back window. Heading from the area of the bait shop in Barrie heading to the lake. I got a little giddy thinking it was a Ontario Fishing Community Member. Maybe some new stickers TJ designed and I just didn't know about. NOPE... OFC.ca. What the hell. Didn't even know it existed. We're not a club.. we are a community!!
  15. Welcome aboard! I don't think your the first member from Bama.. Congrats on getting the cottage! That's such a great area! Do you plan on ice fishing in the area? Or maybe plan on renting your cottage out cheap to some fellow ice fisherman in the winter??
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