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  1. That would have been quite the site to see OI..!! My kids are great! My oldest daughter is 12, and she has lost the desire to go fishing. But my two 6 year olds LOVE it. And they all love eating fish as well. So it's a win win!
  2. If you can get your hands on a canoe or kayak.. Pretty much every lake of decent size in this province will hold bass. Just pick one and giver! I can't help you with the shore fishing spots though.. Welcome on Ontario!
  3. Sounds like a great trip! I spent the first 4 years of my life in Pickle Lake. Would love to return for a fishing / hunting trip one day. My dad was the LCBO manager up there for 10 years..
  4. Thanks man! So will I!!
  5. I hope so!! Our last few times out have been slow. Small pan fish, but nothing to really get their (an my) blood pumping! Hopefully this will re-ignite the spark!
  6. These work great.... My buddy uses them, and he even has one for his 2 year old. Get them at MEC. https://www.mec.ca/en/product/5047-909/Original-Bug-Shirt?colour=NOC02&gclid=CLyr2bql3-ICFZe1wAodtgYB-w
  7. Hey everyone. It’s been a while since I posted a fishing report. Thought I would share a great family paddling trip I had this weekend. To be honest, I wasn’t even going to bring a rod on this trip. It’s our first time going on a family paddle this year, and when I rolled out of town, I didn’t even know what river we were going to hit. We decided to try a new river that I have never paddled before. There was a strong current and head wind, which made paddling my canoe with my 2 kids very hard, and slow. But we made it to a nice little spot to stop for a picnic, and well needed break. It looked like a fishy spot, so I took a cast. I caught 7 fish in my first 10 casts. My son Alex was my net man! And we had a blast. My wife saw the action, and came over for a few casts, and she tied in to a nice pike! When my daughter saw how much fun we were having, she decided to give a cast as well. She only took one cast…. 12lb pike! The smiles say it all! At the same time we were landing the pike, my son grabbed a rod and casted and caught a nice bass. His first time doing the entire process and catching a fish all by himself! All in, we caught about 15 fish in the hour we were there. And we brought 2 pike home to turn in to fish tacos!! The paddle back was full of smiles and fish stories, with the wind at our tail, and the current pushing us home. It could not have been a better day!! Really really good memories had by all!
  8. Some really nice fish right there!!!
  9. If I wasn't going to be on 6-mile all weekend, I would definetly come!! Dang it!!!
  10. Thanks for the input Porkpie! I agree about my little 9.9. I might cry while listing it on Kijiji.
  11. Maybe you just needed to unplug the temp sensor!! Lol.. As for his OCD.. I used to have to enter his time cards in to our system at work. And it would take me 5 times as long to enter his, because he documents every little task down to the 15 minute mark... Really really good guy. but holly balls, it's just not needed.
  12. I have a chance to pick up a bigger motor for my boat. I just want some advice on prices, and reliability. Hopefully I can get some input here. Here's a quick history. I run an old 14 Aluminum. It is deep and wide, and at one point in it's like (before modification), it was rated for a 40Hp. For a long time, I ran a 1983 25Hp Evinrude, and it would scream across the lake. But the 83 was really hard on gas. I got an opportunity of purchase a 1987 Evinrude 9.9 from a good friend. This motor was far far better on gas, and with me and my GF in the boat, it still moves pretty good. But as life changes, and kids grow. Now I find myself running my family across the lake, loaded with camping gear for a weekend with a family of 5. And I can only crawl with the 9.9. My friend offered me his 1998 Johnson 25Hp Tripple, for what I think is a good deal. He got the motor recently, not running. Bought a 400 dollar computer for it, (not sure why there is a computer in a 2 stroke??).. Ended up doing some research which lead him to disconnect a temperature sensor, and it fired right up, and according to him runs great. But I know nothing about this motor. Supposedly they are good solid motors, but I don't know about getting parts for them, how hard they are on gas, reliability, price, etc.... Does anyone here own one? Or have worked on them before??? There a pic below of the the exact motor. The next part of this is my old Evinrude. I will need to sell it to afford the 25. But I don't know how much to list it for. It's kind of unique. It was owned by someone who legitimately has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. It was always removed from the boat EVERY time it was used, and stored in his basement. He bought it new in 87 and documented EVERY SINGLE time the motor was ever turned on. I bought it in 2011 for a smoking deal. I tried to keep up with the documentation, but only lasted 1 season. Because of it's condition and very low hours, I really don't know what to list it for. Have a look at the pics, and if you guys could help me come up with a fair list price, I would very much appreciate it. To say this motor runs perfectly is an understatement. The maintenance it needs right now is a new prop shaft seal. It has a very very slow leak. A drop or two of oil each use. Any advice on this situation would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Oh the good old days!! Now the Six Mile Lake Cottagers Association would try to ring your neck for painting a rock face!!
  14. My great grandparents bought land when it was first available as well. My grandparents actually met on the lake, as young children. They married, then bought their land from the government for something like $2.5 / foot of water front. He got 350 feet of water front for under a thousand bucks when he was 18 years old. He is 90 now...
  15. In general... Most certainly for Crappie. The Pike action has slowed down. You can still have OK days. But nothing spectacular, and the sizes are way down. I don't target bass ever.
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