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  1. I got my Natts at Royal Distributing if I'm not mistaken. Not sure if they still do, this was pushing 7 years ago now. They often have sales there.
  2. Now they are making a spin off called Ballerina. Which follows one of the ballerina's from that scene who goes on a rampage... Then John Wick 4 soon to follow. Love those movies.
  3. I was out with Family Fisherman once, and we had a bit of trouble getting out. I think he just put some salt under the front tires of his van, and along with tire path leading out of the launch and was able to crawl out. Might have been sand though. I can't remember the details. Just that we caught a few nice bass!
  4. Cage has certainly taken a dive in the last decade (or two). BUT... Face-Off with Travolta.. Lord or War...Gone in 60 Seconds. 75% of his movies are complete garbage, and he is a horrible actor. But he has 1/2 dozen good ones anyways.
  5. If you going all the way back to 2005-2008...Why not get one of these bad boys!! This one is an 87..Still starts first pull and never lets me down...Ever. Ok, maybe I fowled a plug once.
  6. Being hit by a boat coming at you at 17kh/hr and bouncing off is one thing. Being crushed between a boat and something structural on the pontoon boat at 17kh/hr will certainly crush bones..
  7. Been following your facebook feed Wayne. Busy man you have been!! Great job on... Everything!
  8. Very sorry to hear about your loss. 10,000 seems way to high. Would your Dad want you to battle the insurance company and fight and scrap for every penny you can get from them?? If yes, then giver... If no, then take what ever you can get. Maybe a grand or two at most. It shouldn't be about the money. You just lost both your parents, and their is no value to the nostalgic lures you just lost. An extremely crappy situation that someone stole items from a vehicle where both drivers passed away. Nothing more low then that. It's really sad that someone would do that. I'd be spending my time and energy trying to track down every individual who touched that vehicle and question them all hard. Go home, watch all 3 John Wick's and then start your investigation! (kidding...)
  9. Couldn't agree more..... His lawyers where likely there before the cops. He's probably got one or two with cottages on the same lake. She won't get jail time though. I highly highly doubt it. She blew under from what I understand. Hence the tire tracks on her back. If she was wasted, she MIGHT get jail time.
  10. Her charges has nothing to do with the deaths. Simply careless driving. She is being charged under the shipping act, nothing criminal at all. It's not careless driving leading to death, or vehicular manslaughter or something like that. Maybe have a licence suspension or loose her pleasure craft operator card for a set time? most she will get is a few demerit points or a fine or something silly like that. So they said on the National last night anyways. The guy with no lights on, same thing, except he is only facing a fine. No court, and absolutely nothing linking his charge to the death of his passengers.
  11. I do most of my walleye fishing current on rivers. I can't run anything more then 4' to 6' deep in a lot of cases. X-RAP XR-10. They have a nice loud rattle. Anything in black and gold. I also enjoy trolling for them sometimes, and have had great luck with jointed raps.
  12. That looks like Luiza's behind..? Solid fisherwoman right there. Sunsect?? Can't help ya there!
  13. I had to replace the connector where the line goes in to the motor. Same thing, it would run for a bit until the bowl went dry. You could prime the bowl by pumping primer bulb, but the suction from the pump was leaking at that connector. Worth a look. Might also be worth removing the carb, and blowing out all the ports with some parts cleaner and an air gun. Likely will blow a bunch of tiny chunks of degraded rubber..
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