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  1. That happened to me this winter. Rubber coated gloves, and the auger caught it. I thought I broke my thumb. It was 2 months ago, and its still sore. Lesson learned. Wont to that again!!
  2. I've seen Stilhl power heads used on ice augers. The barrie ice fishing tournamet guys rent the power heads and mount them on a custom rig for drilling hundreds of holes before the tournament. They mount it on a custom built rig they tow behind 4 wheelers. Might be an option. I sold my strike master last year, and used the money to by a Dewalt XT 20 volt brushless drill. I am never going back to gas. Ever.
  3. WTH is right Bri. !! Never in a million years would I expect to see someone roll up in that! Terry, did you trade in the Yama-doo for that rig? Maybe throw the rear tire/tracks on the back of that truck. "Suzuki-doo"!! Or are the quad tires bigger then the Suzuki?
  4. Glad that you finally got out man! Lots of help loading things, so you can take it easy on the leg! I know we didn't get out at all this winter. But maybe we can set something of for a little fishing from the boat this summer!
  5. Heard about him on the stupid Simcoe facebook page. Can you believe one guy on their actually asked if all the ice blew off the lake in that wind storm. Sorry folks. There is such a things as a stupid question.
  6. There is a new guy renting huts not called K-Bay ice huts. He runs out of Johnson's and Minets. Hear mixed reviews. My friends went out with him a few weeks ago and got skunked. But the next rental hut over (same guy) caught 7 white fish. His huts are out deep in 100 FOW. He had an add on Kijiji. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-travel-vacations/barrie/k-bay-ice-hut-rentals/1411130570
  7. I've been on Burrows a few times in the last 10 years. I found the fishing to be really slow. The odd Bass. Saw one dead pike floating. But we fished most of the weekend with 3 guys and only caught a handfull. Never fished it in the winter before.
  8. I lived on a bush lot for many years. Septic. Oil Furnace. There is to much to type right now. I think we need to go fishing together and chat.! I highly highly recommend moving though. I can assure you, that if you find the right place, you will enjoy a much higher quality of life know how much you enjoy the outdoors.
  9. NAW

    Big whitie!

    Hey James, saw this on FB back when you caught it. What a beast eh! Was is a stocked fish? If so did you do some research to see its age?
  10. Not really related.. But I skateboard right foot forward, but snowboard left foot forward.
  11. The guy that got stuck out there was a guide on Simcoe.. I don't want to start a pissing match on here. But as a guide, he should have taken a better look at the weather report, and ice conditions.
  12. NAW

    My new Smitty

    don't seem to catch many..... But there is some safe ice, that aint going no where.
  13. NAW

    My new Smitty

    Herd about that Terry. Thanks for the heads up. I won't be heading out on Simcoe this weekend. But if I where, it would be buried deep in the bay. I have no plans to go anywhere near the end of the bay. I was out there the day before the big ice shelf broke off many years ago.. Scary stuff.
  14. NAW

    My new Smitty

    I have a space restriction for it to fit in the back of my vehicle. So I couldn't go any wider on the skiis. I have 1/2" clearance on either side for it to squeeze in right now. Or else I would have a wider ski. The current ski is 2" wide. My UHMW was actually 3-1/2" wide, and I ripped it down to 2". If I ever get a new vehicle, then I'd throw some skiis on like ya'll are suggesting. It has 10" of clearance to the bottom of the tub. Then the tub starts to contact the snow. But there is no cross bracing to snow plow. I am interested to try it out in a foot of snow or more and see how it work. But usually by that point, I will be running my snowmobile, and have the skiis retracted anyways. The cool thing about this project, is that I got the material for cost -30%. And I pulled the UHMW out of a scrap bin at work. So my total bill for the project was $62 cash!
  15. NAW

    My new Smitty

    Not this weekend. But the following (26/27) I will be going for white fish / Lakers on Simcoe. You are always welcome to join!
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