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  1. I was thinking about ditching my MSR sweetwater pump system.... And this review sealed the deal for me. Gunna wait for one to go on sale. The seals in my MSR pump are on the fritz, and it takes for ever to get a few litres of water. Id much rather be jigging then pumping water!!! Thanks for the review man. Much appreciated.
  2. Ill buy the reel off you for $20 as is...šŸ˜‡
  3. That's one heck of a productive opener! Thanks for the fish porn man!
  4. Decent! Thanks for the report Bill!
  5. Did you upsize your motor to something heavier? You might want to put a transom saver on that (motor support). They where on sale at PA for $35...
  6. That happened to me... I think my trailer was designed for a 12' boat, and I have a 14' on it..
  7. I just sold my boat yesterday.. 14' tiner with a 25hp Johny. Paid $800 for it about 15 years ago. Got $2600 for it! Going to put it toward a fishing boat that's more cruizy and capable. Something very similar to Rustic Fishers boat.
  8. From what I understand, Barrie is opening lots of things back up, but to residents only. They want those people still stuck in phase 1 to stay in their phase 1 areas. Sounds like a very Barrie thing to do.
  9. Dude, I would love to be alone in the bush for that long!!!
  10. Is it on Netflix or any online places? I don't get it on my crappy cable package.
  11. Im heading to Fenelon Falls this weekend. Was going to take the canoe and see if I could do a little fishing. You happen to know any decent spots in the area I could access with a canoe for a quick jig???
  12. Finally with the camping ban lifted, I was able to take my kids camping with me!!! I have been camping several times this year. Even got out once before the camping ban was put in place. I don't mind breaking the ban on camping when I am alone or just my wife and i.. But I wasn't going to bring my kids with me during ban. They have been chomping at the bit to get out in the bush! Finally this weekend, we hit our usual early season spot! It was a great weekend, with great weather. Bug were manageable, and actually almost non existent in the wind. And my youngest daughter is keeping her pickerel streak going!! She has horseshoes in uncomfortable places in her body... Her uncle Jeff and her went out together and came back with breakfast! While my son and I in our boat got skunked listening to their laughing and screams of excitement..
  13. I drove my 9.9 with my trolling motor in the water at the same time.... It was detrimental.
  14. Hey man, at least you got out!! Thanks for the pics man!
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