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  1. Mnr I’d very hush hush about them because they don’t want a bunch of rednecks to go out in search of new floor rug. need more of these large predators to keep the vermin and deer populations in check. o saw a coyote stalking a flock of geese in the fields at the credit river in Mississauga on the 401 in the middle of the afternoon 4 days ago. Lots of people hate coyotes for no reason at all aside from them killing their outside cats…which in 2021 there should be no such thing anyways.
  2. I think far more likely prior to outright banning two stroke oil would be the simple consideration for the utilization of recycled oil. the entirety of nascar runs their cars on recycled oil re-refined by safety Kleen under the brand “performance plus” there are very few companies still making two stroke products anymore and even fewer outboard companies (I believe no one anymore?) the idea of outright banning two strokes seems impossible to police and implement if people purchased the motor years before. Especially in the case of people such as myself with high powered two stroke motors. Snowmobilers also come to mind. What are you going to tell people with $20,000 motors that their engine is now banned out of the blue? That’s a bit of a reach. as referenced above, thousands of people may drag small 4 stroke motors into the bush, but literal millions recreationally boat around every year and primary usage would guess exceed 95% of trips entailing travelling a distance of less than 100km per trip. As such electric motors make all of the sense in the entire world. Hell most guys running fishing boats are carrying 3 or myself 4 friggin batteries to begin with. Heck I’d even be running 4 lithium ion batteries if I could afford it. the tech is basically already developed, the people like myself that carry 140 litres of gas plus 4 group 31 batteries are almost/probably pretty damn close to having no weight issues by carrying one very large lithium based battery to power everything. Heck, You know what the first thing most of us fisherman do when we get back to the docks at night? We plug the boat in 🤣 The price is too high and the demand is too low at the moment. But with premium marine gas going for well over $2 a litre probably closer to $3 this summer. We are on the absolute tip of the iceberg here. who the hell is going to complain about unlimited power band and 100% tourque delivery out of their outboard anyways. Just think of the hole shot!
  3. If you ever have the pleasure of fishing a nishine lure works bait, he uses ichikawa hooks, they are by far the best hooks I have ever used and it’s not particularly close.
  4. We take the entire pleasure boating industries usage…I think it’s safe to say the specific application of dragging a two horse into the bush where there is no electricity is not representative of the majority lol
  5. +1 for amsoil. We have a membership, and I use their oil in my boats as well and I’ve got nothing but good things to say about them. Their pricing is actually lower if you purchase direct from the dealer.
  6. Eh, I wouldn’t worry too much about the carbs on a 2014. Run ethanol free premium only if you can. Consider running a load of seafoam through it. Run good quality synthetic two stroke oil only. tension and alignment on the track are really important to keep an eye on. Good luck with the Arctic cat 😉
  7. is it any different than hauling 100 litres of gasoline?
  8. did you guys hear about the waves on lake superior. 8-10's oh...and by the way thats meters 😯
  9. i wish this held up for the new ones...got a buddy witt one that has gone through 3! yes 3 warranty engines
  10. both tbh...canadian fishing $h!+ for sale is a good group. But hashtagging the heck out of some quality photos of your stuff on instagram will help too. Also follow as many fishing related profiles as you can. There's somewhat of a community on instagram. Most of us bass guys all know of each other at this point. We all end up competing against eachother at the various opens that occur through the summer.
  11. Depends if it’s a 2 or 4 stroke. A 4 stroke will go 20,000+ km do a compression test on the motor if you go and look at it. You can get a meter on Amazon. It’s a very simple process and will tell you if the motor is in operating shape or not. Basically if the compression is solid you don’t have a ton to worry about. everything else will be related to the track and suspension itself. there’s some pretty good YouTube videos on “what to check when buying a used snowmobile” they go pretty in depth, but for the most part the stuff they tell you to check is pretty straight forward
  12. Unless you want a broken snowmobile, don’t buy Arctic cat
  13. So many old yamadoos running they just don’t die. Stay the hell away from Polaris and don’t even bother looking at Arctic crap
  14. Give it 20 years and all recreational boats will be electric
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