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  1. Classic boston get away with murder. They can openly run Freddie and when marincin answers the bell for him and gets in a skuffle? Well of course that’s a coinciding minor penalty. No foul on Boston’s part marchand, here let me run Freddie as well, muzzin tackles him and marchand spears muzzin twice right in the nuts...no call on that one either. Classic
  2. Damn it’s already been removed synopsis?
  3. cascade falls might be exactly what I am looking for...thank god for Gord Ellis.
  4. trust me Nip was a thought, but i dont have a boat at my disposal and it might be a bit far to run just for the afternoon. That might be saved for a trip next year with the boat in tow.
  5. my research says theirs great urban angling opportunities, but I will have a car and would think that there has to be some fly fishing opportunities within a couple hours of the city? Im not looking to totally blow anyone's spots, I will literally be there for 1 afternoon, and may never get the opportunity to fish the area again. Any guidance anyone can provide is greatly appreciated.
  6. Sad...another enforcer falling victim to addiction issues. CTE is a hell of a disease. Chris, this is exactly why the days of NHL tough guys is dying out. CTE claims the lives of too many of these guys. It’s pretty sad to think about.
  7. What the hell is going on with the schedule disparity. Seems somewhat unfair that some teams have had an extended training camp having only played 3 games thus far allowing for them to practice an absolute ton while the leafs will have played 8 games by tonight including two back to backs already
  8. I wear redhead neoprene/rubbers got them on sale, they are really comfy and even a bit warm for those chilly fall days. Can fish all day in perfect comfort in them and I think they only cost me about $30. They aren’t so great once it gets a bit warmer though due to the neoprene but then I just wear crocs anyways
  9. Hey guys, work takes me to Thunder Bay for the first time next week. I arrive Wednesday morning and leave Thursday evening. are there any immediate fishing opportunities that I could try out Wednesday afternoon? Thursday will be devoted to work, but perhaps there’s an opportunity to wet a line within a somewhat reasonable driving distance. feel free to PM me if you’d rather share info that way. Thanks!
  10. Seriously, thank god for siblings. I don’t know about you guys, but the guys that toughened me up the most both physically and mentally we’re my brothers. They were bloody ruthless to me as a child. Gave me thick skin and taught me how to fight people way bigger than me. (They were 8 and 9 years older than me respectively) I’m now thinking back to the fact that my middle brother becoming an mma fighter and teaching me boxing defense saved my ass one night. Was out with a buddy at the Madison in Toronto and my buddy josh has a nack for having absolutely 0 filter when he got drinking. Sure enough he starts being a bit too annoying to a group of already looking for a fight “tough guys” you know the type, gold chains, fancy haircuts and cologne. Anyways one of them decides they have had enough with josh being drunk and annoying, being the tough guy he is he decides to punch josh square in the face instead of just telling him to get lost. Of course the rest of these “tough guys” now see an opportunity to start throwing punches at the guy that’s already stunned. They all start hitting him and josh goes down to his knees and proceeds to take a kick straight to the face. Seeing him get kicked and them gearing up to continue to lay boots to him while he’s unconscious, I jump between him and this crowd of 5 guys. Of course they start throwing bombs at me. My brother taught me one thing about striking, you never leave your chin open. These guys proceed to throw a pile of punches at me which I keep tucking my chin to and either slip or force them to punch me bare knuckles right in the top of my head most likely breaking their hands. I still remember that after they had all thrown a few rounds and I was still standing there with no marks on my face they were slightly more hesitant to keep throwing. (I’m guessing their hands were hurting pretty bad lol) a random girl finally stepped in and said alright it’s 5 on 1 relax. Thank god my brother beating my ass my entire life saved josh’s and my own ass that night
  11. The problem with bullying In 2019 is social media. back in the day kids got a break. The kids that were getting bullied at school could at least go home. Nowadays it’s relentless. You get bullied at school and then on the Internet 24/7. i personally had two older brothers and one was a pro mma fighter that was known around town. they toughened me up enough that if it came down to someone trying to push me around or bully me I could handle myself. The one time when I was in grade 9 that a grade 12 decided to even speak my name, it was quickly squashed when he was advised that if he stepped to me, he’d be answering to my brother. That ended that. unfortunately not everyone has that benefit, however learning how to defend yourself is a life skill much like swimming. It can save your life. Maybe a bit of a different story though if kids decide to use weapons instead of their fists.
  12. Empty tank = condensation oxygen (i.e. air) in an empty space = corrosion fill everything up and stabilize the hell out of it. Then fog it by spraying fogging oil into the carb/injectors
  13. Hard to say how much of an impact they are having on our smaller fish populations, the ones that can’t eat them. the bass and walleye sure are chomping on em though on g bay ohio, gobies don’t come off of bottom due to a lack of swim bladder. Hot tip for people that fish goby patterns.
  14. Just saw a stat leafs are a .500 hockey team since December 1st 2018...I’ve always stood up for babcock but it may be time for a change
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