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  1. My guess quite honestly is that people are not driving and are working from home with a lot less to do = A heck of a lot less stress. Heart disease and vehicle accidents 100% are major killers and there has to be a significant decline in both. Rizzo...I 100% understand where you are coming from and I am not in any way attempting to come after you. My initial post was quite literally about Baber and his choice of action and why it resulted in him losing his job. The point is that the guy comes out using "company/government" letter head and utilizes incorrect stats (you agree his 99.8% survival rate is incorrect and has no basis in any statistics that we can see) to make a statement that is in complete contrast to all messaging we have received from his employer...That in every single case is going to be grounds for dismissal. Its not a matter of free speech but a matter of him losing his job for just cause. I work in the recycling industry and if I wrote a letter to the chamber of commerce saying that the recycling system is a farce (a lot like a bogus CBC article that was written in BC about how only 5% of plastic is actually recycled was complete nonsense) then I would expect to be fired too.
  2. I’m not here to get into an argument, but as you mentioned, statistics are statistics, they aren’t something “opinions” get to decide. baber in his letter references a 99.98% survival rate. (This is the classic conspiracy theory survival rate) I have absolutely no idea where it derives from but it is false. the math is actually quite simple, you take the total amount of deaths in canada and you divide it by the number of cases. 2.53% of people that have contracted covid have died. I don’t need opinion based articles etc to calculate that. Go and look at the epidiomology reports and do the division yourself, it’s pretty easy.
  3. If you saw what went on at the rest stop at seguin trail this weekend you’d understand why that garbage got shut down immediately. Unfortunately it seems too many in the snowmobile crowd and honestly the fishing crowd are the type that think this is a “plandemic” honestly it feels like we unfortunately have a disproportionate number of people that fall into this category crowds of out of towners meeting up with their buddies, no masks, no distancing, carrying on without a care in the world has the locals up there ticked off..and honestly it’s rightfully so.
  4. Lolll dan Was a slow slow day as it seemed it was for anyone that fished this weekend. Every social media report I saw from this weekend was a skunk or small. I got lucky and caught a good keeper crappie that I took home for a snack and gave my dad his first feed of crappie...he is officially a changed man and agrees that crappie is the best freshwater fish he’s ever eaten!
  5. and this is why you do things right... This weekend a good friend of mine and I agreed to go out to do some ice fishing. As described in my previous post, we did absolutely everything right. He drove himself, we both brought all of our own gear, we set up our huts distanced far enough apart that we could chat but not be anywhere near eachother. He brought his own auger and gear, i brought mine, he had his own bait and I had my own. We kept 10+ feet when we chatted. at the end of the day we actually left at seperate times and went on our way home. He calls me this morning, hes going in to get a covid test because his foreman that he was directly working with on Wednesday has come down with a bad case of covid. That my friends is the difference between catching it and not. If we had "cheated" our safety measures...shared an auger, drove together, landed a fish together id be very worried right now. Stay safe guys, be dilligent!
  6. its not free speech when you are an elected official using your platform to spew misinformation. The guy wrote the article based upon false statistics. There is a difference between his own beliefs and using his "job" and platform provided by it to publish an article full of misinformation using his "companies" header. One of the first things you learn in business is that writing on company ledger has meaning and better reflect the values of the organization directly or it is grounds for dismissal.
  7. hes gonna be a in a world of hurt if hes planning on tugging that thing by hand through any snow lol. I know because ive done it too many times when my sled isnt running or the ice isnt good enough lol
  8. i think people are reading way too far into this...and the hilarity of that, is the ones the most concerned about the rules are typically people that follow the rules anyways. Just like a padlock....it keeps an honest man out. If you havent realized by now that you shouldnt be getting together with a group of buddies and all driving up north in a truck to go ice fishing together, then YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM This is the thing about covid...you are always at the mercy of your weakest link. In Ontario currently (luckily!) It hasnt got as bad as it is in the united states (yet) and the reason for that is the general concensous is that yes...this thing is dangerous...yes we should be wearing masks sanitizing our hands and washing them frequently...yes we should by hyper aware of who we come in contact with and the reason for all of this is because the large concensous is that we as a country have agreed that we should be doing everything reasonable to combat this thing. What gets scary is that in the United States, the disease is so rampant that its literally impossible to avoid. I have been hearing stories about people that much like Terry have been compromised by a simple a trip to the pharmacy even after taking every precaution they could. Thats a level that I really hope we never get to. The point in this stay at home measure is to maybe get some of us to clue in to the fact that even though a guy like me, gets to work from home, and I take every single precaution I can, that if Im going to go ice fishing, I most definitely need to be doing it on my own...or at absolute worst if a friend is on they lake...im still fishing alone but that friend may be nearby cutting his own holes, landing his own fish in his own tent. If you havent figured that out yet then you probably never will. You will be at the mercy of the law and being harassed by law enforcement/MNR. Drive to your fishing hole, obey the road rules, travel alone, fish alone, catch a lot of fish, keep some for dinner..drive home alone, pay at the pump, santize your hands immediately without touching anything in your truck, dont go to the tackle store, stay sober...enjoy your day fishing. You arent going to have a single problem in your day except maybe getting bit of a time or two by a pikes teeth. Tight lines!
  9. is this getting attached to a tongue and snowmobile? or are you hauling it by hand? If by hand are you planning on adding anything to get it up above deep snow? I like the overall design though. Nice and organized and alls for you to absolutely know if youve left anything on the ice at the end of the day.
  10. Ohio I hope and pray this is the news we hope for and it can bring you some relief!
  11. youve already figured it out...sounds like you arent going fishing with a group of friends...then you will have no problem what so ever.
  12. the generosity of the fishing community and specifically some of the members of this forum gives me faith in humanity. 410001661 (i hope its ok I identified you if not let me know and i will remove this!) approached me and helped me out immensely. Just a fantastic helpful generous person. I cant thank him enough, kudos to him. These kind of acts are what keep this community alive!
  13. What this translates to is very simple...if you and a bunch of buddies are all planning on getting together to do some ice fishing up north...you’re asking for it. if you want to go up north and keep it low key and do a bit of ice fishing, no one is going to bother you. Common sense would dictate that you shouldn’t be gathering up with your friends anyways right now.
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