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  1. What can you do? Poaching in front of the OPP

    huh? are you saying on the US side? cause definitely not on the ontario side
  2. What can you do? Poaching in front of the OPP

    ive been asked for a fishing license by an OPP officer before?
  3. Tis The Season!!! ^_^

    lmao lets boat! i have a buddy whos dad is like this...he just cannot back up a trailer...he doesnt claim to know how to, but he put on an incredible display for us last fall ahahhaa...we eventually parked the boat, got on shore and got into the truck and backed it in and then got back in the boat and put it on the trailer. Luckily we didnt keep anyone waiting.
  4. What can you do? Poaching in front of the OPP

    you gotta piss em off enough, just like a river run salmon, its not that they are eating, its that youve made them mad enough to lash out lol
  5. Advice on Horn Lake (Burks Falls Area)

    my mind is blown ive done some fishing in that area and every single lake I fished ahmic, and including smaller ones like doe, and rainy and they all had pike so weird that somehow they never got into that lake. Thats actually pretty wild.
  6. Advice on Horn Lake (Burks Falls Area)

    why not try for some pike? water will be in the 50's and the pike will be up shallow on the emerging weeds in the warm bays!
  7. What can you do? Poaching in front of the OPP

    you ever drive through there with the electronics on? i think the fish know where the boundary is too lol
  8. Perch Rig

    we need to go fishing and ill show you how to rig up a drop shot that will outfish anything... had a morning last year i caught 24, the rest of the boat...a collective 5 using a whole pile of different rigs all displaying the same bait. drop shotting might be the most "gear specific" fishing aside from the obvious fly fishing etc, where the rod you use, the hooks, the line and the technique all matter a ton.
  9. What can you do? Poaching in front of the OPP

    thats just the structure available, has nothing to do with the regs. I can assure you that allowing the bass to spawn basically undisturbed has a positive effect on bass populations. Go fish a heavily pressured lake like the kawarthas and then take a trip to the north eastern side of georgian bay where the smallmouth population is virtually undisturbed all year aside from a couple of anglers...People think their fishing is good on their respective lake, they have no bloody idea. ive been lucky enough to fish a lot of lakes from BC, to manitoba to ontario all the way down to alabama...The best fishing is always where the least people are. Theres a balance for sure though, colder water means slower growing fish...there is definitely a sweet spot though.
  10. Fish Finder

  11. Simcoe May opener is here

    two fish and a 2 dollar tip not a bad day out
  12. Tough Opener on Rice

    This was taken 6? days ago...(side note god i love down imaging, counting individual fish in a ball of bait? yes please)
  13. Such a terrible thing.

    as far as i was aware, if you commit a traffic violation which causes an accident, you get charged with careless driving at a minimum. There is 0 doubt the guy blew a stop sign, because if he didnt, he wouldnt have hit the bus going that fast. Hence, i think we can all agree that charges will definitely be laid, its just a matter of to what degree. It doesnt matter if theres, black ice, you are driving at night during a blizzard, you are required to drive according to conditions. So even if the sun was right in his eyes causing him to blow a stop sign, he is still guilty of careless driving causing death...if he couldnt see, he was supposed to slow down to a safe speed, thats how the law is written, theres no way around it. I got into an accident 10 years ago where i hit black ice and ended up crashing (i was admittedly inexperienced with driving during a flash freeze) the only reason i didnt get charged is because the person following me was able to confirm that we were driving exactly the speed limit and I didnt hit anyone, i just crashed into the ditch. Had I been speeding or committed any other driving infractions, i was going to be charged. Thats how driving laws work, its like rear ending someone, if you rear end someone you are always at fault because you were not leaving enough space or driving according to conditions.
  14. It’s a good day when she starts

    and just like a yammy two stroke, you put too much corn alcohol in you, it will be harder to start in the morning.
  15. Tough Opener on Rice

    things were very slow last weekend as well, everything is a few weeks behind...we were finding walleye crappie and perch in winter patterns in 25 fow. A few pre spawn bass up shallow...depending on how the weather holds, bass opener might be absolutely insane with fish still on the beds.