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  1. being a flin flonner this one especially made me laugh hahaha!
  2. incredible sunrise. Early bird gets the view i guess.
  3. you guys made it look easy! nice shootin
  4. Im sure these same guys did a fantastic job winterizing their boats. I gotta laugh though Imagine starting your fogged engine on the boat ramp lmao!! SMOKE SHOW Not boat related at all, but a hilarious quip from my old car club. I still dont know if it actually happened, but it was a hilarious thought anyways. Back when emmisions tests required your car to be hooked up to the government's scam machine, one of the members took a bet from a few guys that he wouldnt load his car full of seafoam before taking the E test. He apparently clouded out the entire shop ahhaha.
  5. yup, onboard chargers arent even that expensive these days. For the cost and convenience they probably maintain your investment, especially if you are buying good batteries, or for a guy like Dave Chong hes probably gone full Lithium?
  6. i always try 3/4 tungsten when i can, but sometimes even it wont punch through really heavy stuff. Its rare 1oz tungsten wont get through unless you are really really in some greasy stuff. Generally if you are good enough at flipping you can hit the weak spots in what you are flipping through.
  7. the problem is that the people are so ignorant that she thought it was my fault that they were in the way because their plan was to use the side of the dock for the people coming in off of the water. I had already waited 5 minutes floating out in the lake for the other side of the dock to open up, I guess whats another 20 minutes?
  8. jeeez grimsby, how did he get the boat back on the trailer? did you stick around to watch lol? ive forgotten the plug out too many times to count, but thats probably because i rarely launch at busy public launches. When i do I go full OCD and check the boat over 5 times to make sure everything is set before I put the boat in. Luckily, I can reach my plug by reaching over the back of the boat. Im not too proud to say that I havent done that a couple of times as well Not so "funny per-se" but just an example at the ridiculousness of public launches, the Chemong causeway launch has one dock that has enough room for a boat on each side. 3 weeks ago I was coming in after spending the day out on the lake and another young guy was parked on the outside of the dock so I sit out in the water waiting for the spot to open up so that i can tie off and go get the truck to pull out. Another family is launching their bowrider as this is happening, a group of about 6+ kids and dog etc. Young guy hops back in his boat after parking his truck and takes off and I pull in and park my boat at the outside of the dock. There is a line up of cars waiting to launch. The lady looks at me as im pulling up and parking my boat on the outside of the dock "but we were going to use that side of the dock" she says accusingly as if I stole it. I simply ignore her and go to get my truck, as I watch her friends and family begin to load the boat with their supplies for the day parked blocking the launch so that no one else can launch. They then sat there for 5 minutes waiting for their friends to be ready so that they could leave. I guess I was supposed to just sit out in the bay until all of the boats had stopped launching that day 🙁 Its funny, people seem to notice when you actually prepare your boat ahead of time for launching. Mutitple times people have commented "youve done this a few times eh?" just because I get the boat ready before I hit the ramp. I guess common sense isnt common
  9. buckhorn and chemong are loaded with them but honestly...if you are coming all of the way from england, why would you bother angling for something you can get at home, why not try your hand at some musky, pike or smallmouth, or heck, try for some salmon or trout ?
  10. funny you did so well this past weekend, I was up on the bay and couldnt get anything going at all, Just a dink fest!
  11. decent bass fishing for sure.
  12. Just my 2 cents, I’ve done away with just replacing the bearings and seals...for an extra $30 you can just replace the entire hub with the new races already installed. I did a bearing swap last year and cracked my hub putting the races in using a proper races punch tool. more effort than it’s worth. you should be able to see the code for your bearing size stamped on your bearings. Just match that and you are good to go.
  13. Irons right, fish move all of the time, heck they move from hour to hour. last week I had a tournament and did a pre-fish Friday, hit spot one, had a keeper within three casts, hit spot 2 around the corner, another one, said this is going to be awesome tomorrow. was seeing schools of bait and surfaces all over the water. went back the next day in almost identical weather. And it was a ghost town. Got skunked for two straight hours and had to completely switch my game plan. fish adapt, meaning you gotta too. Different spots, different baits, different depths, different retrieves. Keep switching until you find the pattern. I eventually found the pattern, but by that time I was limited on time and could only find the dinks.
  14. The pike follow the Walleye in the fall. They definitely are harder to catch, but If you go where the Walleye are being caught in abundance the pike will be there too. you are bang on about the bass September vs October, two totally different patterns. I think it has something to do with the shiners being on the move, although it still seems to be too late for that kind of pattern. So I’m not sure. One thing is for sure that once Labor Day hits the topwater bite basically completely disappears. I slow right down, head out to open water near where I caught them all summer and find humps. The smallies come in waves and when you find the wave of big ones you can have one of the most fun days you’ve ever had Fishing. If you time it right, it’s the type of fishing where you’ll get your 20lb bag in a span of 5 minutes. Then October hits and so does the cold weather and sure enough the fish head right back up to where you caught them in July. Only difference I find is that the really shallow shoreline bite isn’t there. You gotta be out off of the shore in 15-30fow. I throw paddle tails and drop shots, but prefer the paddle tail because it consistently gets the big big bites. I had a morning last year where I had 11 and a half pounds off of two fish 10 minutes apart. That’s really saying something that far north, we don’t typically get that size like they do down on Erie st Lawrence and simcoe. If you are struggling for fall Walleye, try and do some research, fall is the premiere time to catch Walleye on the bay, the fish all move up the tributaries to feed. 100+ fish days are not out of the question at all. You’ll catch everything from dink’s to 10lbers. The numbers are absolutely nuts.
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