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    [Fishing Report] Lower Twin Lakes Lodge Nakina

    been following your trip on FB and the grams man the colour on some of those brookies is next level. Gotta love the easy fishing where you get bored of catching so many walleye. Thanks for posting

    DIY Trading/Investing

    i dont buy into this whole "pesticide" conspiracy Bull...i friggin guarantee that the stoners that were buying weed 10 years ago from the hells angels had no friggin clue what the hell was on their weed. Now that theres transparency all of a sudden people are freaking out lol. You really think some illegal grow oppers gave a damn about keeping the weed grown in the molson brewery tanks in barrie organic? lmao sounds like someone has smoked a bit too much. Like anything with the government, they botch the launch and take years of Bull until they get things running smoothly. I gotta laugh at the folks that think that dont realize that the very funding that is being generated by the legal sale will be used to ensure that the black market suffers immensely to the point that it just becomes totally unfeasible to try and grow it illegally. Yes the black market will thrive for now but it will dwindle away once the legal system is settled. How many folks here drink hooch on the regular because its "cheaper". Aside from some croats and italian guys with their grappa and moonshine, most people i know only have LCBO liquour in their cabinets.
  3. $100,000 boat with a bunch of crappy miscoloured stickers and some random green accents... I bet the $20,000 looks better lol i mean at the end of the day, what do you expect from a walleye guys on lake erie, they arent neccesarily graphic designers or guys with a great taste for looks...but thats an expensive as hell boat that look damn good on their own. Look at the one they have on the warrior website...looks like a war machine with nice styling.
  4. man, am i the only one that thinks they ruined a really nice boat with that ugly green evinrude and crappy stickers? If you are going to slap 100 decals on a boat, at least make them match the colour scheme.
  5. had a pool table in my parents house growing up, one summer my best friend and I would hang out every day and play a game of pool, then a game of madden, then bike to his house and go swimming, then come back and repeat. We did this for an entire summer, and that winter I was staying at horseshoe resort for a ski trip with my friends family and there was a "pool" event where you could compete in a tournament...turns out that playing 10 games of pool every day for 2 months straight turns you into a pretty good pool player lol. I was 14 years old and beat everyone haha.

    Rapala fishing rods

    owned an R type spinner bait rod and the top end snapped off casting....


    damn i wish i lived a lot closer to guelph! smoking deal

    Is your boat ready for Winter?

    good thought on the lower end oil...might have to get on that this weekend.

    2018-2019 Hockey Thread

    matthews aint making more than mcjesus not a chance in hell. Even if he outscores him. You guys gotta remember, theres two sides the equation. NHL GM's have absolutely no tolerance at the moment for players salaries increasing even more than they already have. The Mcdavid contract was the new "high bar" which subsequently bumped the entire league's salaries up. NHL GM's do not want to make their own jobs any more difficult...if you dont think collusion is occurring on a mass scale at the "GM" Meetings then you are oblivious to reality. Its no different than how offer sheets just dont happen...because at the end of the day the GM's allegiance is to their ownership and their own jobs, by increasing player's salaries all you do is make your own job more difficult. There has to be a balance and i can assure you, that a year after the highest salary every made is signed, they wont raise the bar even further.

    2018-2019 Hockey Thread

    lol no Connor makes 12.5 auston might get 12, but i think its more like 11 or maybe even 10 becaue hes playing on the leafs on a contending team not the friggin oilers.

    Lund problems 😳

    same as how alumacraft just sold...I wrorry about what the future holds for that brand as well... glad we got ours before the changeover.

    2018-2019 Hockey Thread

    1st overall...

    Fall Muskie report

    nice ski, this is giving me the itch

    illegally introduced walleye

    lollll who the heck comes up with this stuff.

    illegally introduced walleye

    Rumour has it that the world record walleye will come from washington check out Chad Halvorson, the guy fishes the columbia river for invasive walleye. Regularly catches 15+lb walleye.