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  1. This thing is about people not dying/having major complications. you can’t be scared of getting sick, we never were before. I get the flu shot every year and try to avoid contracting influenza. Unfortunately I’ve also caught a strain one year that was not covered by the shot, I got so sick that I was one dose of tylenol not lowering my fever away from calling an ambulance. I don’t expect nor should anyone else expect to live in fear the rest of our lives, we just need to get vaccinated, grind this thing out and get our numbers back to reasonable levels. Covid and especially these variants are still killing people upwards of 3-4% of the time. Numbers that are wayyyy too high. Young people are now being hospitalized and ventilated with the newer variants. what scares me most of all though is that the anti vax segment of society will become the permanent breeding ground of deadlier and deadlier variants until things become so sever and dangerous that young healthy people start dying en masse like during the Spanish flu. that might be the only thing that will finally get people to clue in though is when their kids start dying a lot.
  2. Far More prolific though. Big breeders are far more common.
  3. Yes I believe that the infestation of gobys is specifically notable in the st Lawrence. Although Georgian bay has gobies the infestations seems to be far less prevalent. I have no idea what factors would impact this.
  4. im not sure im clear what your question is, but my assumption that due to the nature of a musky to be large and eat larger meals less often, my assumption is that muskys do not benefit from eating gobies in the same manner as a bass or walleye. Not that either of those species dont eat the occasional large meal, but I dont think its the musky's nature to spend its day cruising foraging small bits of food like a goby, They are more so an ambush predator waiting for for a larger fish thats made a wrong turn. While smallmouth bass on the other hand, this is basically all they do, swim and forage for food.
  5. Most other species protect their nesting grounds, muskies breed and leave. They don’t seem to benefit as much from predation of the gobies either like the smallmouth and pickerel do. we all see how the smallmouth are doing in fisheries with gobies. funny how the smallest fish has the biggest impact on the apex predator in the waterbody
  6. Thanks for the report dave. Love seeing you fish some of the same water as me. I like seeing how other people do!
  7. the capilano river is full of fish. Your timing is close to bang on with their run. If you want to make it easy on yourself you can fish it no problem. Guys fish both near the mouth and I personally fished up the river casting flies. Thats an easy solution but will never match taking a charter in Howe sound. Honestly, getting out on a boat a lot of the time is like killing 6 birds with one stone. Youll get to go fishing, sight seeing, whale watching, nature watching plus a boat ride and a photography tour all in one. Howe sound may be one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen on the entire planet. Save up your pennies and make it happen.
  8. My bad with the autocorrect lol what Bill said
  9. I would literally say the complete opposite. Not to toot my own horn here, But I also consider myself pretty decent with the caster. At least at casting. still learning precise underhand skipping with it. But I put the time in to practice it. (side note if you want to watch some baitcasting mastery, watch bassmaster live today and watch guys like Seth fieder flip baits those guys are fishing really really shallow right now and a guy like fieder is one of the best on the entire tour casting to lay downs etc.) the perfect example of this are with smaller crankbaits and square bills etc. Stuff that with a spinning set up just doesn’t fly, especially into the wind. With the caster I can still get them to go. the thumb is getting a workout though that’s for sure. But learning to cast on Georgian bay has been really really good for teaching me how to cast into the wind, there’s no other option when the wind is over 20kmh+ off of the lake every day in the summer.
  10. Incredible footage, but holllyyyyyy f
  11. Thanks for the report. Looks like you guys are in mid summer form
  12. just placed an order far larger than i should have with peterborough pro tackle...rather have extra supplies then need to run to the box store because im short. THats usually what ends up happening, im like Oh crap im out of dropshot hooks and i head to canadian tire. Not this time.
  13. indegenous ID Which usually allows you to fish within your treaty grounds. Being Metis status doesnt mean you get to do whatever the hell you want.
  14. thats a great idea...braid never really goes bad until its been worn and frayed from a lot of casting. Guys will even unspool reels with braid and then flip the line around and put the old stuff towards the backing and the stuff that hasnt been cast on a ton at the end. Heavy braid thats 30-40lbs is also wayyy easier to cast. I think youve got yourself a good idea there.
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