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    lake infested with goldfish

    youd think the trout would be having a heyday... Dont the musky and walleye munch on those things in Erie?

    Vancouver area fishing advice

    if i were you i would be trying for some capilano coho, both in the river and on the sand banks off of the shore of ambleside park. Seen plenty of people fishing there and obviously up the capilano river.

    This seems like a bad plan to me?

    not trying to be disrespectful, light hearted post, but without obviously turning a post political because its not allowed...i honestly actually do believe that political policy has a pile to do with what goes on when talking about protecting natural resources. Especially in the "current era of US politics"...Lets not discuss that though, we all know the two sides...You know what side im on so you know how i feel. When it comes to protecting our lakes and waterways, im about as much of a tree hugger that a fisherman can be...im not so overboard that i wont fish...but ill do absolutely everything i can to protect our freshwater and im a very very firm believer that we should all do the same. If anything us guys that spend the most time on it should be the biggest stewards for protecting our resource. I read a lot of "things" that disturb me to the core...but ill leave that at that and tell you my personal opinion openly. Theres soooo much more that comes into play aside "catch limits and seasons" when it comes to protecting our fisheries, but they definitely play a big part, along with rules about protecting water quality. For perspective? On Georgian Bay you cant even cut the grass on your shoreline, never mind throw a retaining wall in...those days are gone. You cant take anything out either...you just gotta leave it as it is. Its annoying, but if it means clean water for future generations..then good stuff.

    This seems like a bad plan to me?

    as time goes on one thing keeps becoming more and more apparent to me...Ontario is starting to become/if not already is the best place to catch bass in the entire world. I get it, ya there are some giant fish way way down south...but in terms of consistency, and numbers, im not convinced anywhere in the world has as good of fishing right now. The yanks are doing a hell of a job destroying a bunch of the big name lakes, Guntersville is toast, Kentucky Lake has been invaded, and Okeechobee is being destroyed with fertilizer from plantations... Us "libtards" up here in canada may actually be on to something with our tight fishing and environmental regulations. Our waters are pristine, and the fishing I swear to god just keeps getting better every year. Leave it closed, tighter regs not looser is always the way to go IMO.


    lmao this is epic.
  6. I think we can all be guilty of taking a bit more risk than we should on unknown water at times. I mean at the end of the day, who here hasnt hit a rock or something ever? Ill tell you right now, prop companies would be out of business lol The scariest lake I have ever driven on is still lake marion in santee cooper south carolina...some may even call me an idiot for running it like I did, but that lake is marked and the river bed isnt even safe. I saw a local comment on the BBC boards, dont stick to the markers, thats where the stumps are lol...what the hell
  7. every year during the pickerel run in pointe au baril I watch as newbies run the river blind (its uncharted) and are totally unaware of the hidden shoal that resides in the middle of the river that requires you to go 10 feet off shore in order to avoid it. my personal rule, if you have the decency to slow down as you pass me while im fishing and not rock the hell out of my boat, i will yell and stop you before you hit the shoal...if you are a jerk and fly past everyone parked there you are on your own. I havent seen anyone at high speed smoke it yet, but ive definitely watched a lot of people smack their skegs off of it.


    I think they are struggling to compete with the knock offs now available everywhere. Their price point wasnt too friendly when you can grab a pair from the dollar store.

    Harvest starting early

    man...i want those jalepenos. In my experience ones grown in the garden are like 10 times hotter than the grocery store's...yummm

    Ontario fires

    the area that had the fire received rain the last two days, it wasnt enough to do a ton, but it didnt hurt, especially sunday during the wicked storm that rolled through, they got a very very heavy downpour for a good half an hour. Lets continue to hope for more rain, areas to the south i.e. britt, pointe au baril, skerryvore, shawanaga are still extremely dry...as is the entire area to the north at the french...we need like a week of rain up there to reset. The extreme fire danger may not leave until the fall to be honest.

    Pointe au Baril info

    heres the reef (click on the picture to enlarge)...you need to hug the north shore in order to get around it. You will be able to see the rocks on the north shore, but you wont see the reef. Ive seen a few people float over it now that the water levels are so high again...which is pretty incredible because a few years back it literally stuck out of the water. I wouldnt test it though, be safe stick to the north shoreline as you approach it and once you get past it, go back in the middle of the channel to go where you want to go. Be careful running the shoreline as well, theres some giant deadheads that stick out (my understanding is that they are there from the logging days) you will be able to see them, but if you arent paying attention you will literally run into a rail tie sticking right out of the lake.

    Pointe au Baril info

    WHEn I get back to the city I will mark the rock in the river on a map for you. I’ve got a place up here just to the north of opeechee island. I fish and boat here every weekend so I have no prOblem helping you guys stay safe. Let Me know where you are thinking of boating and I will do my best to let you know the trouble areas don’t bother Fishing near the provincial park it’s overblown and not great. IF you want largemouth find pads in the area. Sturgeon bay and the shawanaga arent charted, the water in them is stained and theres surprises be careful.

    Pointe au Baril info

    Mid September can be a very tough time to fish. Walleye you might fluke into a few jigging the basin, but it’s still to early to fish the river for eyes. There might be some residents but if you aren’t looking to just catch, go after bass and pike.You’ll know how to fish dependent on how the weather has been. This year it’s been hot and the standard jerkbait, topwater stuff isn’t working. If you arent getting them topwater that means you you need to go fish 15-30 fow and drop shot shoals. LM can be found inside of brignall banks you won’t find em west of it. If the weather cools down you will have an incredible time once you solve the puzzle, it might take a day. what musky said, there’s a shoal in the middle of the river be

    Bronzeback Cup Tournament Recap

    Parry sound could easily host a big event. the run from PS all the way up and down the coast is nothing especially if you can run the open water. Lets not forget Erie just broke a Canadian record for the largest bag in Canadian history, while also producing 3 thirty pound bags in one day last year. Guys were running out into the friggin ocean and back in on one of the most recent Costa events. The Costa series fishes Lake marion every year and they manage and that lake is scared the hell outta me wayyy more than G bay ever did. Obvuously if you want to get into greasy back shoals you better have gone and pre-fished to figure your way into the shoals, but ive never seen anything like marion where the main drive lines between the buoys was full of dead heads and stumps and the water clarity is less than a foot. With a good pair of glasses you can at least see the rocks on G bay, driving marion felt like i was driving through a damn mine field, nothing was safe.

    Minn Kota Power Drive 50 - troubleshooting

    i went to aikmans with my v1 and yup...he delivered the sad news...this was after he did his best to get it fixed...and then he proceeded to not charge me anything...thats how that guy rolls. Honest to a T