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    2018-2019 Hockey Thread

    thats exactly when you do it Here is a list of UFA D men as of the end of this year of none playoff teams Jay Bowmester Alex Edler Marc Methot Nik Kronwall Michael Del Zotto Carl Gunnarson Adam Mcuaid Ben Lovejoy And lots and lots of talk about Alex Petrieangelo as his contract is done next season.

    2018-2019 Hockey Thread

    exactly...you need to win now, you have the cap space to sign a big name rental, everyone is firing on all cylinders, you have the best offense and possibly goalie in the league, sign the big name D man and go for it.

    2018-2019 Hockey Thread

    you cant, hes too expensive and hes not as valuable as a high level stay at home d man. Trust me i love the guy but you gotta give up good pieces to get good pieces.

    Refresh my memory, jaw jacker

    would still much rather just use a rolder holder tip up. I dont want the damn machine setting the hook for me...One of the funnest things in ice fishing is seeing the flag go off and line peeling off of your spool. closing the bail reeling up the slack and setting the hook.

    2018-2019 Hockey Thread

    bingo...leafs need to acquire a stay at home D man and their pairings look a heck of a lot better. If you have gardiner there to skate the puck with someone who can protect the house you have a very very good d pairing. Im personally of the belief that kapanen gets traded this year for a star D man. His value is astronomically high because he got to play with matthews all year (on pace for close to 40 goals) Hes going to be too expensive to resign next year if he continues on the way he is...hence you trade a very very high valued young piece plus a prospect or a draft pick and use up that cap for a high quality D piece and make a run at it this year. I think Dubas has to know that the window is about as wide open this year as it will literally ever be again. If I am him I am going all in to try and win this year.

    Ice season is open in Haliburton

    was on Gbay this weekend...had 6 inches of solid black ice...obviously anywhere with current still is extremely dangerous, but we got on the ice and the fishing was on fire.

    2018-2019 Hockey Thread

    classic...everyone forgot that toronto beat boston in boston 2 weeks ago. also people are of the belief that Toronto lost to Boston last year in the playoffs with this current line up. Our centres in that series with boston last year I kid you not Matthews, Plekenec, Marleau and bozak Thats a damn far cry from Matthews, Tavares, Kadri and whoever you decide to throw on the 4th pairing. I have no problem believing that if healthy at at full speed that our "second" line of Matthews Nylander and Marleau would run absolute train on a Krejci Backes and whoever the hell else line. Or even better Kadri Kapanen and Brown vs Colby Cave and his 2 points this year? Joakim Nordstrom and his 5 pts and dont forget Ryan Donato? hes got 4 points this year as well...just a seriously deadly threat when facing 16pt man Kadri, or the guy with as many goals as that entire line has points combined Kapanen Seriously? lmao give me a break. Thats not even Boston's 4th line haha. Ill admit, Bergeron is a beast that Marchand line killed toronto last year...but how in the hell does boston match up with the other 3 lines? its not even close

    Braided line fluro leader

    If you are looking for an easy knot to tie? forget every knot in this thread...the lefty kreh knot is by far the easiest line to line knot in existence. for more ideas for simple knots check my thread from back in May

    I present to you THE MINI MEEGS

    RIP Kevin

    2018-2019 Hockey Thread

    i thought hughson was bostons announcer the way he is insufferably a fan for them

    2018-2019 Hockey Thread

    dont even get me started on Hughson the vancouver homer...how in the heck did the leafs end up with a guy that hates the team as their announcer...brutal

    2018-2019 Hockey Thread

    lmao we nearly had one member of our 4some back out on our trip to south carolina because of the leafs last year. Our luck they got eliminated and buddy didnt bail. Next year we will be going much earlier lol.

    Stuck in Mud

    was gonna say, call your local jeep club, they'd sure as hell love the idea of driving into the bush into some mud and winching someone out, they live for that kind of headache lol glad it all worked out for you.

    Jaw spreader recommendation

    dont under estimate when you will need a good set of spreaders, a lindy glove and some bolt cutters. My second ski absolutely inhaled a twin 10 and fisherpete had to perform a miraculous surgery of reaching deep into a muskys throat to cut a barb, and then revive the fish, cut another hook, revive, finally pulling out the remaining bits stuck in its throat. The along with final revival took 45 minutes, in which the fish then recovered and took off strong. Absolutely no doubt without the proper tools that was a dead 46 inch fish. I never wear a "glove" to handle fish, but if handling the fish involves lipping a big pike or musky in order to save its life, or shoving your hands way into its mouth..trust me the teeth are sharp, and the infection that comes along with it is nasty as well lol ask me how i know.

    First Surf Fishing Experience

    8 degrees? those florida folks must think you are crazy fishing in that kind of cold lol ocean fishing is just a different beast all together. Id like to try surf fishing some time. I have a bunch of buddies that do it in Brisbane Australia.