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  1. You know what? I’m gonna do this and video it. I’ll at least take it apart as far as I did. I don’t think I want to go beyond taking apart the worm gear etc. I’ll post the video to YouTube and see where we get
  2. Big time hatch up here in PAB turned the smallies right off for a day, the couple we caught were puking them up by the bunches
  3. Haha...I’m almost considering it at this point. I’m not sure if it’s worth it for me to send off to fix at this point. My overall fishing as a whole has changed so much over the past few years especially as I finally got confident with the baitcaster I’m having less and less use for spinning reels.
  4. I think he mentions his transducer location in this video.
  5. One thing is you definitely don’t want to put it somewhere where the water specifically will be disturbed. That’s why they also mention the prop area because of the prop wash. Lots of guys like em on the far outside edge so that they can sharp shoot over them. also confirmed, I was easily reading bottom going 40mph yesterday.
  6. Search it, I just did a big write up on it
  7. That’s what I’m wondering! It would make sense but it’s mind blowing that it’s not listed in the schematic. Its also very possible that it’s a broken piece off of somewhere else? i reached out to th kustoms and I will try reach out to rockys. I may just also send this reel in with a curado that I own that has some internal issues that need to be cleaned up. Still cheaper than buying new especially these days.
  8. I’m literally wondering that, but the fact that the reel doesn’t seem to want to go together again is throwing me off big time!
  9. I thought so too, but I realized that’s the drag clicker...I had that piece out It was really really tiny, a whole different ordeal as I was taking it apart 7466 fell on the floor lol I can confirm that 7467 is less than half the size of this spring. see now I’m tripping out because you guys don’t see any springs either. This schematic you provided is great though!
  10. Hopefully fixed now? Using an iPhone to post images from up north. Pain in the ass.
  11. Hey guys, was doing a clean up and grease of an old used stradic that I picked up on the cheap. I started breaking it down, took the spool off and just did some cleaning in and around the gearing without taking anything apart further than simply exposing the gearing. Re-assembled the reel and sure enough I came out with an extra spring somehow that managed to roll away from my row of parts. now I can’t bloody figure out where the heck it belongs to. I’ve stared at the schemantic for hours and can’t seem to figure out where in the heck the spring is even on the parts list. https://www.ereplacementparts.com/shimano-st2500fh-stradic-spinning-reel-parts-c-200301_200302_205226.html I then watched Two 45 minute videos of a guys disassembling the stradic 4000 of the same year and then another 2500 of a different model of hopes of seeing the part. The one of the 4000 unfortunately the guy doesn’t take a lot of the pieces fully apart. I’m rattled...did I just blow a perfectly good reel? I tried reassembling without the spring and something is definitely wrong. I can’t get the drag assembly to tighten up, yet with it simply on the shaft it seems to space it out to far! I’m lost. If any of you reel gurus or guys that are good with drawings can take a look and throw your ideas at me I’d greatly appreciate it. Heck maybe even one of you guys owns one of these all time classic jdm spinning reels! thanks in advance!
  12. Seems like the boat has already repaid you in its value! your tm issues definitely sound like a battery problem. You might be able to save some weight just running two group 27’s. Canadian tire group 27 AGM’s is just what I put in my boat and I am really happy with them so far. I’m in a heavier boat too and fish windy as heck Georgian bay. I fished 12 hours on saturday and didn’t have a single issue!
  13. Holy crap that thing is an absolute sow unreal!
  14. That’s a 50 for sure. I look at my PB 46 and this looks wayyyy longer. I’m still waiting for the day I run into one of these giants. Only caught lots of smaller ones in the spring and one ok one actually trying to fish for them. It’s something I need to spend more time doing. i thought with the spring we’ve had being so warm and the opener being a week late the fish would be already holding to more summerish patterns but low and behold they are still stacked up right up in the sand still in any of the pockets I find them. We shall see what this heatwave does this week. congrats!
  15. I’m gonna also chime in and tell you that my 88 suzuki still goes, my 94 Johnson is dead with electrical issues that couldn’t be fixed without buying a new control module every year the thing kept frying itself. The 98 Yamaha runs like a top. The 2002 Mercury is running but it’s had electrical problems as well that we were able to fix.
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