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  1. I unfortunately havent had the opportunity to do a fly in outfitter trip, but I am sure I would love them. The boys and I have been doing a yearly early spring bass fishing tent camping trip into the southern states. The fishing to be honest has been pretty bad every single time and the weather also not great. Our best outing I think we had one day we caught 5 largemouth total. But after 3 of the trips (the last one i literally got skunked for bass for 3 straight days) we got absolutely soaked in severe thunderstorms, I for some reason still want to go every year. Ive learned to appreciate taking the boat out in the first week of april while my home lake is still frozen. Wearing shorts and t shirts with the boys is what the trip is about. The fish are just a bonus. Luckily a bit of by-catch has kept it at least somewhat interesting. Ive caught some new species chain pickerel, warmouth, shellcracker, and ive caught a couple of giants a ridiculously huge bowfin, a 20lb blue cat...so those things make it fun too. my buddy caught a 3lb shellcracker last year that was insane. Like most things, they are what you make of them. Attitude and expectations define your trip. Ive got so many stories, because even the really really bad parts are the best memories and stories to tell in hindsight.
  2. best part about the senaturds is that they cant even tank correctly lol I dont think the team survives the next decade
  3. a thread on another fishing forum talked about what guys are losing passion for and most were saying dear hunting. Between land usage rights (especially down in the states) cost, work it was a big time ordeal. Ive considered taking up deer hunting, i have the benefit of some good land in my backyard, but even then it seems like way too much work, where with fishing I can choose to eat or not, and typically i catch every day.
  4. the itch is real. My Lake locked up, and then broke up, Its now locked up again but definitely not safe yet, and we are due for another warm spell....still waiting patiently.
  5. This is the world of $300 dollar tickets. Even the guys that are fans that are given the tickets...they probably got them from work. Do you really want to be the guy that yells and screams and gets wasted while sitting in your cOmpany seats? In other news, habs fans have now resorted to thinking that they are going to trade Carey price for Taylor Hall! Lol I guess they think that their backup tender playing in front of their group of league average scoring and skill level “super stars” is going to fix the problem lmao fire the coach too while you are at it, I wonder what french coach the xenophobic fan base is suggesting to replace their current one lmao even better maybe you can force Babcock to take french lessons!
  6. All extremely accurate. I’ve got holes in my sled from ice punching through...the skirt on that spot is torn from dragging after falling out from under the cover. ours is holding up but it definitely leaves some stuff to be desired
  7. myself, and my two best friends that I fish with all use Buddy heaters with propane hoses that we ordered off of amazon hooked up to barbecue propane tanks. We all have never had any issues over the past 4 years. My only complaint about my little buddy heater is that the cage has a nack for popping off when its being towed in the sled.
  8. I am only speaking from light experience because I have had to tow the guys home off of the lake lol. I absolutely dont know the specifics of the issues its none of my business but I do know ive towed them off of the lake 2 times in the past 6 years lol.
  9. Im not huge on holding people accountable today for words they said in the past. But using the N word to a black man in the last what 50 years?? Youve gotta do better than that. I think the flames were willing to forgive him for that because it wasnt specifically directed at the player...schemantics, But then the second scandle came out, and the flames were already looking to fire the guy When the kicking and punching players came out?...forget it you are done. I pray to god that there are people smart enough to differentiate people saying bad words in the past vs using the N word with People of Colour, or physically abusing players. I pretty much guarantee that if we were to put a recorder on every single thing a person has said in their life and our jobs depended on us never saying anything out of line, every single person would lose their job. Theres a fine line, but I think Peters getting fired is a large combination of factors rather than one single specific problem that resulted in his firing. Kinda funny, in 2019 a hockey coach gets fired for stupid stuff he said and did, but a known racist draft dodging blundering idiot is the president of the United States lol But I digress...Please dont reply to this comment, i dont want the thread to get locked ahhahaha
  10. Scabs have given up 14 goals Over two Losses lol thats what happens when you call a bunch of 20 something goalscorers a quality top 6. we always knew that if price played at a human level the habs were toast
  11. Im surprised no one here is talking about the YouTube sensation this ice season that is cutting out 6x6 holes in the ice. i don’t think this is talking about holes that you have drilled, it’s talking about the guys cutting out sight fishing holes on lakes. uncut angling and jay siemens have been cutting huge holes this year and it’s a bit of a troubling trend because although those guys are responsible and are making their holes very well and making disclaimers in the videos to ensure you mark your holes, you just know that some idiot is going to Watch YouTube and then go out right off the access on cooks bay and cut an 8x8 hole in the ice and not mark it. the hole will skim over with a thin layer of snow and some poor bugger is going to fall right into it...I can already see it coming
  12. Family friend has an e tech and has had electrical issues with it. We owned a 94 Johnson v4 and it also died due to consistent electrical problems, it’s somewhat more irrelevant though because it’s not the same motor, just the same company. Their reliability from personal experience and those of my friends that use evinrude, mercury, yamaha, Honda and suzuki I would rank them last in reliability. Performance is good though.
  13. I know of a first hand account of this happening in muskoka. My best friend was at a cottage with his girlfriends family and her uncle literally got decapitated. Not sure why it’s a stupid statement.
  14. Like any article, take it with a grain of salt. I do agree though that if you chainsaw out a site fishing hole in a commonly traveled area and dont mark it...you are 1 a total idiot with complete disregard for other people 2. I can see how in court you could definitely be held legally accountable. Its not much different than stringing out fence wire at neck level on a commonly snowmobiled area. Someone gets decapitated you as the guy who strung that wire could be held accountable.
  15. stakes are indeed higher in a war. What is more incredible is that the people that fight it are underpaid and are usually engaged simply out of the goodness of their hearts and loyalty to their country. I'm not even certain that in 2019 we would ever see the level of volunteering we saw in previous world wars should a similar world war type sistuation were to occur. People have instagrams to feed you know. The war situation is scarier, but at the NHL level with 80 million dollars in salary on the line the stakes are actually higher than one thinks. I think sometimes people forget that the margin between making 10 mill per year and 50k a year is about 1 in 5ish thousand. People forget just how crazy few people get to have a career in the NHL. Furthermore most of these players have devoted their entire life to their craft. Literally from the time they were 4 years old they have been groomed to be the player that they are, they dont know much of anything other than hockey. So to them its not just a game, its a job, life, and all they know. Hence why you see such downfall for players that dont get to remain part of the game somehow, be it through coaching management scouting etc. If your career gets cut short your options as a 16 year old highschool drop out that left home to play in the OHL are actually pretty bleak. I remember Randy Carlyle trying to explain to nazem kadri that every time he loses a faceoff, the opposing centre is taking money out of his pocket. This has nothing to do with discounting veterans and what they have done for our country. Im proud to have had had and still have veterans within my family, cousins who served in Afghanistan right back to grandfathers that served during WW2. I can appreciate the fact that I could never understand the experiences that vets go through, but i can understand how similar coaching/leading techniques are used when trying to get people to do hard physical tasks where the stakes are the highest in their respective field.
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