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  1. Purchasing a used boat from a dealer % rate

    I wish i could grab a 20 footer but its out of the question, i dont have anywhere to put it. gotta keep it small so that I have storage for it in the winter. If only our dollar was in the total crapper...need those oil prices to drive up again and make the dollar climb a bit. Definitely keeping an eye on the US market, not sure what it takes to get a boat back over the boarder legally?
  2. Purchasing a used boat from a dealer % rate

    how big is your boat grimsby? I dont think i will be getting anything over an 18. added bonus is that Ive got a boat house that i can jack the boat up into in the winter for storage. If the right boat comes along, i could pull the trigger immediately...but it would have to be the right deal. So far ive found one boat in the province that fits the bill pretty nice. 18 foot 2002 skeeter with a 100 yammy 4 stroke that had the bottom half redone last year, under budget as well...big fan of yamaha outboards, might have to at least take a peak.
  3. Purchasing a used boat from a dealer % rate

    I havent changed heart at all, id never fish a bass boat in big open lakes...Obviously that seems weird when I fish G bay...but Pointe Au Baril is a set back off of the main lake, and I never venture into the open section of the lake unless im in a 20+ foot boat...that lake can blow up way too big way too fast to even risk being caught. My understanding on okeechobee was that they were running at speed and basically darted headfirst into a roller with the nose of the boat and that was it. As ive said earlier in the thread, this would be my fishing ripping around boat that I can trailer to other lakes when need be. The old man has bigger boats for when the weather is ugly or you need to head to big water. A few years back i was heading out for laketrout with the old man in the 26 footer, it was absolute glass calm through the back channels, only to come out on the open lake into 10 foot rollers, friggin scary as hell. I swear the great lakes in 10 footers is wayyy scarier then the 20 foot rollers that I was in out off the north coast of haida gwaii a couple of years ago...totally different type of waves.
  4. Have you used a whopper plopper style lure?

    still prefer the spook over it any day of the week.
  5. Purchasing a used boat from a dealer % rate

    its called the Cirillo Aqua Dump, my buddy mike perfected it...you hang off the ladder and let the trolling motor create a bidet
  6. Purchasing a used boat from a dealer % rate

    You and i seem to think alike...i also fish the same place all of the time...there were a few years where i smacked rocks lol...but now I know my lake pretty well.
  7. I got schooled! Whitie smashfest!

    ...ive fished goby patterns for smallies before, and now I think a lightbulb just went off in my head.
  8. bow mounted trolling motors

    have had 2 friends with Motorguides...both went with the terrova and never looked back. I also just went from the powerdrive to the terrova...and will never look back either.
  9. Hamilton Harbour Walleye

    my guess is that you would have a mix of both resident and migrating fish...at least in my personal experience, there are always straggler fish that seem to like their digs where they spawn and never leave.
  10. Another school shooting in Florida

    lol! bingo
  11. Another school shooting in Florida

    aside from people saying "this is terrible" this thread is inherently political. As such the thread probably cant survive on this forum under the current rules. I will say that I am really happy to see that everyone so far has displayed simple logic!
  12. I got schooled! Whitie smashfest!

    im really interested in what it was specifically that you changed technique wise to bring you so much success...unreal vid.
  13. Another school shooting in Florida

    to be honest...smoking rates continue to decline year over year...Regulation and taxation being the main driver of this...pretty much proving that if you heavily regulate something and make it difficult for a person to do...Low and behold, less people do it. What a strange concept! Looking forward to completely forgetting about this whole ordeal by Monday morning, just like the rest of the american populous...too many pockets are lined for anyone to do anything...corruption at its finest.
  14. Purchasing a used boat from a dealer % rate

    ive got a 19 foot alumacraft that i can use for the days that the bay isnt being friendly...id be fishing this boat much like i do my tinner. Ive also been fishing small tourneys in the kawarthas now, this boat would be 100% perfect for those days. Come the fall when things turn ugly and get cold im always out with my pops in his boat anyways. I am interested in some of the aluminum shallow hull side consoles..but selection is fairly limited...you cant beat the amount of casting room on a bass boat though.
  15. Purchasing a used boat from a dealer % rate

    Cant say i disagree but at the end of the day when im really thinking about how i would be fishing this boat specifically, 99% of the time it would be mostly for bass fishing...thats the one beauty of a true bass boat is that they get somewhat devalued because of their lack of use for much else other than bass fishing. I would definitely never downrig or even do any open water fishing in it at all. No need for skiing or cruising either as we have boats to cover both of these things as well. Shallow hull, rod and gear storage and lots of deck space for standing up is the key...speed is also a big plus because im on georgian bay, travelling is part of the game. 17 foot bass boat with a 100-150hp looks really good thus far. As far as hitting big water, going out in really bad weather or multi species angling..thats when i would leave my boat at home and head out in the old man's boat.