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  1. Shocker...an American right wing journalism agency writes an article aligning with Trump’s point of view that the lock downs need to be removed in order to keep the economy going. if you are going to bring articles into this discussion please ensure that they are bipartisan and written by actual medical professionals that are not lobbied by American corporations. Thanks. in other words, get that garbage out of here
  2. Im running a 1 year old noco genius. I’m good to go! everyone keeps saying group 31 but I don’t think I’ve got the space for one. Thatd take another two inches of length in the compartment which I unfortunately don’t have. My batteries and charger are already tessellated into the compartment with basically 0 extra space. I’ll have to look closely again but I don’t think I have any room to gain.
  3. Lol it’s probably wrong. It’s from the previous owner, he clearly didn’t know anything about wiring or electronics. Hence the entire re-wire of most things in my boat that aren’t OEM. guy was running the TM on 12 guage and the electronics in the boat on 16. Everything taped or merretted together too.
  4. I also don’t have any more space to fit it! compartment is tight as it is! Older photo but the same batteries. Would be tough to fit a group 31. would love to go lithium and save myself 100lbs but the price is still too high
  5. 3! 2 for the TM and 1 for everything else, starting, livewells, electronics. I wish I could have another but it’s a small boat and my compartment is already full.
  6. It’s a group 27 instead of 24, but is basically the same thing. i agree with you in what I’m reading in reviews as well hence the hesitation. I’m also struggling to find anyone that carries odyssey marine AGM’s. Walmart sells all of their car batteries.
  7. Crazy enough...the optima is cheaper than the canadian tire ultra agms at Costco
  8. Motor, all of my electronics plus my livewells on tournament days. Theres really no such thing as a "dual purpose" AGM as they are basically implied as dual purpose when you buy a marine AGM, at least from what I can see so far? Ive been looking at the specs on the batteries and surprisingly the Canadian Tire battery has the same specs as the interstate. 1000MCA and 800 CCA with a comparable reserve capacity. I worry about longevity with the Canadian Tire batteries though.
  9. Hey Guys, My interstate standard lead acid battery is due for replacement. Its 11 years old if you can believe it. Very impressed. But before I go and drop close to $500 on a new AGM id like to hear you guys out on your opinion for the best batteries? I think ive made the decision to switch to AGM this time around because its become obvious that riding my small bassboat on the great lakes is causing too much spilling. Its noticeable every year when I go to fill them in the spring with some new water. Ive also been intrigued by the Nautilus Ultra XD Group 24 AGM, however I am seeing conflicting information on their website about the warranty on the battery. It says 3 years in the description and then 4 in the warranty section. Also ive read some bad reviews, but they seem to all be from 8+ years ago. My most recent visit to crappy can, it seems like they have re-branded their batteries. I look at an optima, however word is that their manufacturing changed as has their warranty recently. Seems like the company changed hands and quality has declined significantly. I personally had this experience with their red tops dying in my car after 2 years...but that was 10+ years ago. Maybe things have gotten better. Ive looked at Odysee, I dont know anything about them, but they seem legit. The challenge im having with them is finding where the heck to buy them? and finally Im heavily leaning to going with an interstate 34m-AGM but what are you guys running? I havent bought a marine battery in my entire life aside from the costco lead acid deep cycles. But im totally open and all ears. Im not very concerned with pricing if Im assured that the battery is going to last 10 years. I baby my batteries, and my boat goes right back on the charger every time i dock it. So they should last fairly long. Most "reviews" on line seem to be paid for by the respective manufacturer. So id rather ask a bunch of guys that actually run batteries to give me their 2 cents. Let me know what you guys think! **Side note** I wish I could afford to go lithium, but reading up on it, going lithium would also require a new charger for the boat as well. Maybe some day.
  10. took mine out of storage over the weekend. Found that a mouse had made residence in the compartment beneath my seats. Put the dust mask and gloves on and proceeded to deep clean the entire boat. lil bugger decided to chew a section of one of my docking ropes. Clearly couldn’t get the material he needed from it as it was too interwoven, but still ruined it. put the batteries back in and hooked everything back up. then I started to fix a problem with my livewell from last season but noticed something strange was going on when I had no power anywhere? Turns out my main AC power switch was intermittently now failing. Replaced that then went back to the livewell and of course after pulling every single fuse out of the block, the last fuse I checked was the livewell fuse. Turns out one of my connectors was crap and had fallen of and shorted itself out. boats nearly ready, just need to get my seals for the ram’s and get the engine running. Also took all of my tackle out of storage and back into the boat
  11. After watching the Johnston blow up their evinrudes 5 times in one BASS season I wonder if that will literally be the end of them. fished an all black triton down in South Carolina, they get a bit warm, but damn do they look incredible. I’d burn my feet for it lol. you kayakers are a different breed I tell ya! IMHO the most important way a bass boat outperforms any other boat every time is the front deck. Nothing simply can compete with fishing off of the front deck of a bass boat regardless of the brand
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