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    Boy tames Snook.

    child abuse I didnt salt water fish until I was 26 years old...putting a kid that young on salt water fish is not fair because hes never going to want to catch a boring pickerel ever again lol Dont you dare get him on some tarpon, ill call the authorities

    2018-2019 Hockey Thread

    look at these sens fans, cant even post a picture correct, the heck kinda junk is that supposed to say.

    2018-2019 Hockey Thread

    good to see the boys keep the ball rolling last night...also good to see the scabs lose and fall back to 6 pts behind toronto. Now boston can cool of with pasta out, leafs lock up that home ice for round 1

    Moving North? Things to consider

    this is definitely something I would need to make sure of, cell phone reception and good internet. Hopefully being closer to Parry Sound would help with that. Generally cell phone coverage in the area is very good, infact i typically get better coverage in PAB vs at my parents house in georgetown. yes Definitely standard stuff up there, thats why we drain the water lines literally every single time we leave the cottage for more than a day. yup definitely think the idea would be to buy a small tractor with a blower, much like we have at the lake currently as our road is not serviced. Also helps to fix the road when washouts occur. Much easier than hauling wheelbarrows of dirt, been there done that! I appreciate this comment because this is something I have thought about in great detail. 1. I definitely will be working from home for close to another year before even making any decision. As weird as it is, the city in a way can be extremely isolating. Especially living in a condo, there is absolutely 0 sense of community. I dont know my neighbors, have never talked to them. Even when I owned a house, trick or treaters etc never once came to my house because it was on a main road. I lived in a semi detached home and the only time I ever spoke to my neighbor was when he tried to tell me that the fascia on his awning was in perfect condition, meanwhile squirrles had eaten through it and were now nesting in the attic over my porch and I couldnt stop them because they were coming in through his side. I ended up having to get the city to go after him...Fun right? 2. An important factor in this entire decision, would be pending on my girlfriend's ability to still maintain her apartment in the city. This whole idea sparked up because we currently both have our own places, except I spend 4 days a week up north, 2 days at her house and then usually one night a week I am home in my own apartment. My girlfriend has a job in the city and will be staying here, but the thought here is why do we need two places here? I drive from pointe au baril to toronto every week almost anyways, would it be so different to reverse that drive? 3. I generally hate and avoid crowds, Youd never find me at a festival, or fishing show or any of that kind of stuff, im generally out on my own or with a friend fishing. My girlfriend is much the same except switch the fishing for reading. We both hate crowds. 4. Why of course, i have the best winter hobbies of all, snowboarding, fishing and snowmobiling. Winter was actually my favourite season prior to me owning a boat, then things kind of swayed the other way lol. 5. I honestly dont know if I like gardening, I did a little tiny bit of it at my old house, but now that I am in a condo I cant do any. Important to remember here folks, Im not actually truly a "city person" I spent the first 8 years of my life in Flin Flon Manitoba, I then grew up in Georgetown, prior to it becoming an extension of brampton. I used to think that some day I would just move back there, because growing up there was awesome it still had a small town vibe, was quiet and everyone knew eachother...times have changed and I swear on my life, there is no damn chance I would ever consider living in the GTA unless it was in the actual city. I literally think that living in Brampton or Mississauga is the worst kind of hell. Luckily, my dad and brothers are both engineers, my dad specifically works in non-ferrous hydrometallurgy so unless you have 5 hours to talk about pumps with him you just avoid the conversation lol. All of this input is friggin awesome.

    Bay Of Quinte


    Baitcaster rod/reel or combo

    take a look at a shimano SLX they just came out and look damn good for the price.

    Moving North? Things to consider

    its not just here ketch if anything the place is actually on the up and up as property prices soar...its the whole city that has a gun violence issue. Gangs and the drug trade arent going anywhere anytime soon, and as long as people are doing drugs, the gun violence isnt going to stop. This is how its done elsewhere in places like the United States and Jamaica etc. so unless somehow those places stop (never going to happen), then the problem will only grow. ill have a chat with my old man about the well at the lake and how that is managed. Luckily I also have 2 civil engineers in my immediate family, plus an additional chemical engineer that specializes in "water" so I have some good resources to consult that way. What are you running on Jimmer? or what would your preference be for heating? I am astonished that your taxes are actually so low, considering the fact that I live in a condo and pay close to that, mind you property values are ridiculous, hence high taxes. The toys thing, yup, snowblowers, quads, skidoos, my boat all things id love to have a nice space to store and work on if need be, funny enough living in my condo beside a park my life is fairly quite as it is. But nothing beats the silence of the north. At least for me that is. I also like the idea of "it takes 20 minutes to drive there" and low and behold, no matter what time of day it is, it actually takes 20 minutes to drive there. Funny how that works, for me to get to hockey on weeknights it can take upwards of 20 minutes on what should be a 5 minute drive. exactly...this would be a big transition and one I would definitely get all of my ducks in a row before locking in on. Looking at real estate in the area, I could be very close to mortgage free after cashing out of the Toronto housing market. Pretty good for a 30 year old. any idea if this type of thing can be done prior to buying the home i.e. in the purchase of sale agreement? Also, the cottage we are on is a septic bed system, which we recently just had to redo...i think it cost around $10,000?
  8. Hey guys, As most of you would know, I am a city dude, own a condo in Toronto and cottage in Pointe Au Baril most weekends at my parents place. A recent change at my work has resulted in me now working remotely and at home which subsequently allows me to spend far more time at the lake. Ive begun to realize that the only reason I still live in Toronto is because 1. my girlfriend works here (she lives in her own condo) and 2. I play hockey here. As the months pass I am starting to realize that I find myself nearly every week waiting for my wednesday night hockey game to finish so that I can get up early thursday morning and head up north. I easily work from home up there and find myself in much better spirits for the rest of the week. I may not always get to fish, but the ability to tinker on the boat, snowmobiles, fishing gear etc, and simply do yard work is something that I really enjoy and that I do not get to do at all while living in a condo. Added to all of this, and maybe I am just being a wimp? but the city itself is getting big, and the violence seems to be getting worse as the population grows. Shootings are becoming somewhat of a regular occurrence. Just last month one happened across the street in broad daylight 15 minutes before I was about to walk my dog to the exact spot where the shooting occurred, 2 weeks prior to that a building down the street was absolutely lit up with automatic gun fire and the icing on the cake was the shooting that occurred in the lobby of my building earlier in 2018, where the front doors were riddled with bullet holes. I know you must all think that I live in the projects...sadly not at all. I live in a 2 year old building of high end condos at the corner of dufferin and lawrence. Not the greatest neighborhood in the city, but its whats affordable, and shootings in a building filled with half a million dollar+ condos just shouldnt be happening. So all things considered, I am heavily considering moving to a small house with a big garage up north. Heres where I need some help, ive been a home owner in the city, its simple, the sewage goes down the drain, your heat and hydro come from lines that are attached to the grid. I know that being 15 minutes outside of a place like Parry sound would be far different. So what should I be considering when thinking about living up there? Im guessing most things would be on a septic system, if so, whats the approximate cost of keeping one running? What about a well? How much should I be expecting to spend to keep one going Heat? To what extent does gas service reach the area? What about if I went to a propane system? Or is a woodstove the best way? Maybe a pellet stove? Property Taxes? What do they typically look like for someone living in the country side? Your services are limited but the population base is much smaller, what is to expect? Surprises, is there anything else that I am totally oblivious to that I should be considering? I know I would need a damn good snowblower, or perhaps a quad for clearing the driveway?


    if youve ever river fished, youve definitely tresspassed while standing in a river and had a conversation with the supposed land owner to boot. Im a relative rookie and within my 4th time fly fishing in Ontario I had this exact conversation. Still doesnt touch on the time that the guy tried to tell me he owned georgian bay and started recording me while telling me this lmao he also recorded me catching a 4lb smallie off of the side of his dock lmao

    2018-2019 Hockey Thread

    about time the PP coach figured out that Tavares and Matthews are capable of passing the puck 😅 who woulda thunk, when the other team collapses high with 3 players to take away all of the seams and eliminate the marner to kadri/marner to matthews option that all you gotta do is put the puck down to a wide open JT who then has the shoot or pass to Matthews option with only one defender to deal with... Tavares to Matthews, or vice versa...jeez it must have been pretty hard for them to realize that it could result in some goals? good grief.


    all of this crap scares the hell outta me. Even more disturbing is the clear sound of an interstate freeway nearby in the guys video the whole time and its "rifle season" gotta love America. Anywhoo...if it was me, I sure as hell wouldnt be running up on people that are armed, while armed myself in the United States, you are literally asking to be shot.

    Back lake splake! 2019 season so far!

    saw steve's post on IG, figured you guys may have gotten out together. Looks like you guys had a good day on the water!

    Workin' Down @ The Lake

    lol sounds like you need a long track skidoo summit! holy cow

    2018-2019 Hockey Thread

    whats even more ridiculous is youve got a capable backup in hutchinson available. They are trying to let sparks work through it in the hopes that he finds his game because he is so young. If you send him out to pasture you basically lose a big time prospect. But lets get serious, at what point does a guy that looks like he is trying to make big saves every shot end up at the end of the rope. his save percentage isnt atrocious but he has a nack for never making the key saves when you need them. Itd be one thing if the leafs ran into a hot goalie and lost even 3-1 or 2-1, but you gotta stop more than that.
  15. oh the whole flasher vs graph debate is totally up to preference...i personally got the best of both worlds...Helix 7 my point was flasher, sonar whatever...i dont fish blind is what i meant.