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  1. Not yet, I’m trying wednesday. Have to get re-tested for covid and spend even more money. If they don’t let me in I’ll have to wait until the 8th and get tested yet again! Hooray for me. ill let you know if I get the boat Wednesday. If I do I’ll be spending Thursday evening installing my trolling motor so I have a boat for the weekend
  2. Another vote for the sienna. I run them on all of my ice fishing gear
  3. 6 guage anchor marine tinned copper. Some longer lengths require 4 but shouldn’t be necessary with your application. I personally bolt my crimped terminal ends together with stainless bolts and a locking nut to prevent vibration loosening it. I have then used heat shrink over the connection. I then placed mesh loom over that. you can decide if you want to still have a plug for your TM. If you are like me, the trolling motor never comes off of my boat. Some people like the convenience of being able to remove their trolling motor for whatever reason, storage, security etc. ill get you a photo of my set up hopefully in a couple of days. I’ll be installing my whole set up on my new boat.
  4. Ya that’s 8, maybe even 10…too thin. Are you running a 24 volt system? I’m assuming you are getting too much resistance building up somewhere due to corrosion or just a bad terminal connection. I’d personally rewire, it’s a cheap effective solution if your run is short as described.
  5. You might be a little light on your wire guage there. Especially if you are running an 80lb thrust motor. You want to run 6 guage tinned copper at minimum
  6. Lol something tells me the guys complaining about the price drink a lot of busch or carling lol
  7. Fantastic write up and report. I could picture everywhere you were even without a picture. a pb pike on a topwater…sheesh
  8. Funny, I actually trust myself with wiring more than I do a technician, simply due to the fact that DC wiring is a bit of an “art form” when you really take your time and spend the money to ensure everything is marine grade, crimped, soldered, shrink wrapped, loomed, and waterproofed it’s a heck of a lot of detail, detail that I wouldn’t trust a hired gun with simply due to time constraints. I spent all winter last year doing a lot of wiring in my skeeter, and to do it perfectly is time consuming as all hell.
  9. So a quick story about personal experience, this happened to me, what was happening was that my wires were fraying at the plug in connection due to vibration creating a big resistance which actually was lighting my power cable on fire. Yes…i had a small fire in my boat even with the cable fused. if I were you I’d be immediately checking every connection, or even possibly totally redoing them to ensure you have a nice clean connection to each terminal point. by the way if you are using a minkotta receptacle and plug, they are literally totally garbage.an electrician friend recommended installing a commercial high voltage plug, I did and never looked back.
  10. Step 1. Makes Internet Thread Step 2. Gets Replies Step 3. Sarcastically thanks everyone for their "stupid" comments on their internet forum thread. you cant make this kinda stuff up lmao
  11. Dave the thing I’m most shocked about is that after following this thread along is that there is actually an open water season 😂 yet here we are talking about ice up out of all of the cottage jobs, dock work is my most hated bar none. It always needs to be done when it’s cold as hell. There’s not a heck of a lot of august dock work.
  12. It’s a shame no one coulD get any info. that’s a pure case of assault. Assault by a man, on a woman during a pandemic? Buddy would be needing soap on a rope if they catch him.
  13. Not going to hurt anything unless you are really moving. You don’t want to bend the shaft of the trolling motor. This is one reason I love my Garmin force. To stow and deploy you just pull the cord. Dual shocks make it nearly effortless
  14. hes around fishing still, just not on the forums anymore. He switched careers and went into the trades a few years back so I think it keeps him pretty darn busy.
  15. Salus makes a coast guard approved suit as well. Nautilus/helly hanson seems to be out of the game. I went through in my nautilus and it floated better than a life jacket, I was almost hovering above the water. Im a huge fan of the Salus 1 piece, some people might find it a bit heavy/uncomfortable, but there is nothing in the world as warm, wearing the thing feels like you are wearing body armour against the elements on the ice. I fish days when its 25 below in the thing and im toasty.
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