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  1. Leafs are in big big trouble, you’ve got a lot of guys making huge amounts of money and they can’t even win one series, never mind 4. I hope Nylander has played his last game as a leaf, but good luck dumping that contract. Marleau hopefully retires. Kadri is a moron. Not sure where to go from here. Big time reality check that you dont pay guys until they win. Chicago did it the right way. Hard to move when you are up against the cap. i honestly thought the leafs were the better team almost every game except game 2 and 6...but failing to go for the jugular in game 4 and game 6 is the defining moment in the series. They had Boston basically done and didn’t go for the kill. Sadly, everyone here knows this all too familiar feeling of being disappointed by this team, I know I have for the past 30 years. Dubas, show us what you can do.
  2. hate to rub it in boys, but was on the bass boat last week in south carolina and will be casting on the flats in cuba on Monday...lifes good 🤣 by the time i get back and get back up north, pickerel and pike will be open and the ice will be off
  3. article reads like it was written by a butt hurt habs fan, dont bother giving it the traffic guys. The journalist basically says the leafs are canada's last hope and the chance of them beating boston is "not likely" END CLICKBAIT
  4. 2 strokes eat gas, I run a 130 Yamaha, there’s a sweet spot when it’s not so bad, but push it and it starts chugging. Really no way around it. Propping it correctly will make a big difference.
  5. I’m so tired of my MK receptacle letting the power cables bloody fall out. One time they even fell out started shorting off of each other and blew my fuse. Really safe stuff. I wonder what kinda law suit I could have started had my boat lit on fire.
  6. Holy $#@! 1. that last offside by pasta where he was 50 feet offside on the delay and then still attacked the puck and they bloody set the offside outside the leafs blue line I absolutely lost it. He was complaining that he didnt hear the linesman...I dont give a @#$! Its your fans that made it hard for you to hear. Thats gotta go all the way down. I could make that damn call. 2. Even if you want to call that borderline interference, their goal was borderline offside, its a wash. Leafs were literally 0-8 on the season on coaches challenges prior to that call going their way for the first time this season. 3. Hughson...man dont even get me started on that clown. How in the hell did that vancouver homer/Team America lover end up as the leafs broadcaster and his moronic Craig Simpson sidekick is just as bad. Those guys just cant help spewing how large their boners are for every crappy American team that faces the leafs. The worst one this season though was against winnipeg when Hughson had to put his half of cent of knowledge together to make the statement that "Winnipeg is clearly the more advanced team". Sure enough the leafs then came back in the game and won, and subsequently beat the jets again the next week and swept the season series. Did you notice him wearing bruins colours on the broadcast tonight? This guy is announcing Leafs hockey games on the government tax subsidized Canadian Broacasting Corporation while wearing and supporting a team from the United States of America. Are you &!$&#$! kidding me. I know tonights game was on sportsnet, but the fact that Ron Mclean also apologized after the pre game montage for game 4 because it was skewed to favour the leafs...How Canadian of him. Why the hell we are supposed to remain "impartial" while watching the CBC canadian broadcast of a damn Toronto Maple Leafs game facing an american team is infuriating. I guarantee [email protected]$$ Edwards was crying all night on the Boston Broadcast. He probably called Hyman dirty after he hacked Chara after Chara decided to cross check him in the back for absolutely no reason. WHAT A JOKE FIRE HUGHSON. I tweeted this right after they showed that clown proudly wearing black and gold. (mind the language) One more to go boys! GO LEAFS GO!!!
  7. Almost time to nymph with the 5wt!
  8. My uncle was up in northern AB at a property or his and him and his associate decided to take the boat out for an evening fish. A local bar regular was about and my uncles associate invited him out for the fish. Wouldn’t you know it they are out in the middle of the lake and the regular falls in. My uncle quickly flips him the safety line and the guy is just not moving and staring right at my uncle and his associate. The guy sinks and is gone. They call 911 and after some intense questioning from the police the divers find the guys body. A scary day on the water indeed.
  9. I can’t believe not a single game has been won by the home team in the winni series
  10. Send Jimmer a message, he’s got multiple kotas around for parts, unless his wife made him trash them lol
  11. lol I got auto sensored to a worse name. I called him a lucky SO# you know the rest lol
  12. turns out bass boat seats.com is directly affiliated with this guy. Same stock, just canadian supplier! Probably where I will end up getting my boat seats from.
  13. no tether, no life jacket, a very lucky guy. Hopefully he learns something.
  14. we shall see! supposed to be pretty darn warm, even up there over the next little bit so Im not so sure I would want to venture out on ice that I dont know at all. May try and cast the river somewhere and see what happens.
  15. leafs outplayed them but didnt get the W. PK needs to be better, and anderson had to have that chara shot, but the same could be said for Matthews shot as well. Although something tells me Matthews is purposely screwing with goalies. For so long his shot was high glove side, then he started shooting five hole. his drag release is quick and it doesnt allow the goalie to react until its coming off of his stick. I think tukka was thinking "top right corner all day" just like normal and it froze him ever so slightly. When was the last time matthews came down the wing and shot between the goalies arm. I like the way they are playing, just need to clean up the PK!
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