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  1. As said above, Return it to the LC theres very possibly a problem with the bottle. Bowmore 12 sips way above its pay grade. Im also a fan of Auchentoshan 12 as well for those of us on a budget!
  2. sometimes we just get a lil too excited to ice fish ahhahaha I personally use Kast Gear steelhead gloves. They are truly fully waterproof which the seal skins are not. Dexterous enough to fish a baitcaster, spinning reel or fly fish with. Not sure if you are just looking for warm gloves for every day use but when im just trying to keep my hands warm, mitts do the job. Infact when i go late fall boating i wear mitts while driving the boat and then switch to gloves while i fish!
  3. if you dont have a floater and arent prepared to go in yourself, i have no idea how you get a dog out. I just ordered the Salus suit, the damn thing comes with a harness for extraction built into it! all i gotta do now is tie a rope to the harness and let my buddies haul my ass out lol
  4. If people knew the actual stats on how many people die on ski resorts each year, the bubble people probably wouldnt ski In Ontario its crashing and smackin your head that will get you, but its a regular thing out west for people to found dead stuck in tree wells etc etc. The resorts keep the details very tight lipped obviously due to the PR. I know for a fact during my years snowboarding on three separate occasions people have died on the hill while ive been snowboarding. When you think about it ive probably only snowboarded a few hundred days in my life meaning that the ratio is incredibly bad!
  5. The registration slip with my name on it says it is? Also registered it with transport canada too
  6. Love the big fish photos downtown. I have no idea why I’ve never just got the harbour license and given it a whirl. Guys seems to really smash em down there. also loving this little trout creek jungle spot you’ve got going on. Unreal
  7. Gotta be careful Johnny, a lot of the weather apps can’t pull data from canada. Especially apple based weather info. I remember having an argument with a buddy about it cause he was convinced his apple weather app was saying it wasn’t going to storm, but when I showed him that the weather was pulling a forecast from Ohio for Peterborough he figured it out
  8. shame, my finbor that i hate is a foldy, and my finbore that i like is a two piece. Whoever though of the staggered handle type is an idiot they dont work at all. Let me know if you are interested in the stupid staggered folding handle one. Its never going to get used again at my place.
  9. two of my best friends are from canberra...its horrible, basically every inch of forest on the east coast is gone its nuts.
  10. the good ol boys should be out in their 3500 diesels by the weekend!
  11. Dan do us all a favour and dont educate the ministry too much. When i bought my boat i went to register it and it became completely obvious no one had ever registered a boat at the dufferin road location in the last 50 years. They made me pay a bit of tax on the trailer registration and I was out the door for $120 with plates!
  12. I definitely admitted I put my dog at risk. I put that out clear as day that I made the mistake and definitely learned from it. I 100% put myself at risk, just like anyone does any time they leave the house. I also backcountry snowboard where the risk of being in an aavalanche is extremely high in comparison to just staying on the resort. once again, just like going on the ice, you do what you can to mitigate risks. Wearing appropriate gear and carrying a beacon, probe and shovel. finally you said that I was putting my friend at risk? I am not in control of him. In fact as funny as it is, it was his idea to try and fish a different area in the first place. My responsibility to him is as simple as his is to me. We both take the right precautions and we both agree to help eachother should anything bad happen. I’m not certain where I’m responsible for his respective choices? He’s an experienced fisherman wearing the appropriate gear too. finally your reference to first responders...I can assure you right now that if I was needing first responders just like anyone else that ventures into the wilderness...I’d be dead long before they would ever be able to save me. There was 0 chance the cops were going to save my life if I was stuck in that water for an hour. they might go look for my body, but my survival suit, picks and rope were going to get me out of that water long before they ever showed up. Roelefson has a point, people should go in and see what it’s like. You’ll be more confident and comfortable when it happens unexpectedly. also the comments about cracking ice, there isn’t almost anything more true than that. The sketchiest ice is quite. Soft ice doesn’t make noise!
  13. I can’t find the helly hanson versions anywhere anymore either. I think they may have also stopped making them. They are a better suit, more pockets and features, internal suspenders etc. discontinued everywhere.
  14. Like most things, you take preventative measures to ensure that when things go catastrophically bad, that you will be able to get yourself out of the situation. in this case, I made a really bad error in judgement and the impact was simply that I got cold and had to dry my suit out literally for a week. that’s extremely low negative impact all things considered and the reason why is that I took every single other preventative measure possible. Absolutely had I not been dressed appropriately, aware of the ice conditions on the “good sections” of the lake, able to visibly see bad ice due to lack of snow cover (one of the key reasons for us even venturing out at all in the first place) ventured too far from home or been alone, all things I considered befofe venturing out, the situation could have ended horribly. So in the end I can live with the fact that I did basically everything else according to the book, I was with a friend walking in a line with myself in the lead checking the ice. wearing a survival suit, equipped with picks, and walking out very close to home allowing me to get home very easily should the worst happen. the comparisons you use are funny because quite literally the most dangerous activity anyone does on a day to day basis is drive a car. No one ever gives a second thought to it. Just like driving though, being overtired, making judgements in error and driving too fast/not according to conditions, being drunk, not wearing a seatbelt etc etc not doing any of these things allow you to mitigate the risks associated with driving. you are definitely more likely to die from heart disease from sitting on your behind all winter than you are getting outside and dying ice fishing. most horror stories you hear there is far far more at play than just some innocent soul falling through bad ice and dying. The most common of which is attempting to navigate lakes at night on a snowmobile without a floater suit on. I personally hate lake crossing at night, it’s disorientating as all hell and super difficult to have any spacial awareness unless the shoreline is immediately visible. When it snows nearly all bets are off and I would admit it’s very dangerous. Once again, this is where preventative and common sense measure can help you avoid trouble. Getting drunk and going for a rip out on the lake at midnight or leaving the ice shack to go home absolutely wasted is a recipe for disaster. Unfortunately lots of folks take a taste of that spoon and make the rest of the responsible, cautious, careful people a bad rep.
  15. The habs and sens are like the two pieces of the titanic, both at the bottom of the atlantic
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