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  1. No such thing, non fans are free to create their own thread and discuss as they please. You can post in this thread matt but as a non fan if you post negative opinions I will ensure your posts get deleted. Simple way to keep the peace! Iron I think that other thread was taking too much of arts time policing. I personally would volunteer to moderate a thread like that but I don’t think it’s a possibility
  2. Might have to try this out...gotta be careful those pucks don’t go down the holes lol
  3. been a weird year but every year i at least manage to get one weekend in with a solid rink built out on the lake. Thats at least the plan for this weekend. May need some adjustments to the ice though this year. For those that have used a sump pump to flood the lake...any tips? Ive had problems in the past with flooding creating shale ice rather than solidifying how you want it to. Any tips are greatly appreciated. Heres a photo from last year of one of many ODR's i built. I will post more photos after this weekend!
  4. i gotta laugh and say i love seeing the old timers literally looking like a beer league team. Hilarious to see Lanny wearing pants from 10+ years ago.
  5. Ive been recently thinking about how to go about chatting hockey again with some of you guys. I miss chatting leafs with the boys but for obvious reasons the previous hockey thread got shut down. So I am opening a new thread for leaf fans exclusively. (please feel free to open your own thread much the same for whatever team you enjoy following) I am doing so with the idea of self monitoring this thread specifically, if any form of negative comments is made by non-fans or any personal discussion is brought up I will be reporting the posts to the admin for deletion no questions asked. Leafs chat only, by fans. Intellectual conversation is a must! You may feel free to gripe about the leafs as a fan (lord knows I do) but any generalized chirping, negativity etc will be reported for deletion immediately. I know there's a lot of Dubas haters amongst the leafs fanbase...but his most recent moves have been insanely good Ill start it off, Engvall signed for 2 years at a AAV of 1.25...an absolute steal Acquiring campbell and clifford for next to nothing...and specifically campbell with leftover term and a low low cap hit is incredible work. Leafs currently sit in a playoff position even with florida's game at hand. 2 games left vs the panthers this year...you literally no matter what need to split the remaining games. You cant give florida 3 points either. Basically the leafs are playing in a 4 team league for 20 something games from here on out. You need to finish 2nd or better out of Philly, Carolina, Florida, and columbus...and honestly if you cant manage to pull that off you dont deserve to be in the show anyways.
  6. the only time the heater is on all day is when its actually way below zero and my dads fishing with me. I typically venture out until i get cold and then come back in as well. Last saturday was the first day this year I even used the heater and ive been on the ice almost every weekend since the beginning of December! She was so damn cold though on saturday evening when the sun went down that in the hut with the heat cranked my line was still icing up!
  7. My buddy brought up a 10lber this past weekend it was the width of a regular tank but flat like a saucer. Such a good idea the 20lber I lug around is overkill. I don’t need to carry 2 fishing seasons worth of propane with me lol
  8. i think she thinks you cant see her because she is "hiding"
  9. 🤔 the fishing decline Couldn’t have anything to do with the population of southern Ontario increasing by 35%? Theres so many factors at play here specifically in the kawarthas, and that’s why you see other municipalities enforcing laws for the purposes of protecting shorelines and water quality. every cottage on the lakes basically has a giant retaining wall and have destroyed the majority of the natural shoreline on those lakes. The lakes are full of algae, The water levels are absolutely all over the place, Invasive species, guys running seadoos right over top of bedded fish non stop, increased fishing pressure etc etc the number 1 factor? Humans...humans are negatively impacting the lakes. The more humans, the more the lakes will suffer. im not saying Tournament fishing doesn’t have a negative effect on bass populations, anything that disturbs the fish does, but saying it’s all because of tournaments is basically pointing fingers. As far as I’m aware, everything done in tournaments is within the confines of the law and furthermore extreme care is taken to try to lower unintentional kills. i guess ya we could all go back to the methods of the 70’s...and kill every single fish we see and eat it. Musky is delicious.
  10. for how friggin big moose are, they may be some of the dumbest animals out there. They literally act and move around like a 2 year old stuck in andre the giants body lol. My dad had one decide to fight his car in Alberta.
  11. You're right, cancel the entire sport, the fish are better left alone in entirety. Im sure the fishing and boating industry can survive off of people that fish 1 weekend a year during their vacation, that own one rod and fish with a bobber and a worm lol The money spent by tournament anglers doesnt help the local economy or generate tax revenue at all so lets just cancel everything. The tri-lakes are really short on numbers of largemouth. 🙄 You live in Canada...if you want to fish world class bass populations that see 0 angling pressure...drive 2.5 hours and fish them?
  12. I will be pm’ing you! I can literally be anywhere I’ll have a car and plan on travelling the entire island!
  13. Pretty straight forward, consider your tackle ie don’t be throwing a senko or flippin a jig for “crappies” if you catch, the expectation is that you release the fish immediately (NO PICTURES) and then move away. I fish pike in the early spring using swimbaits and obviously end up running into angry smallmouth, it’s unavoidable, the point is that if you find one you return it as quickly as possible and move on.
  14. i know someone that makes a couple hundred grand a year working for Mac cosmetics. Her job is to manage youtubers...
  15. you can fish any of the lakes around there https://www.ontario.ca/document/ontario-fishing-regulations-summary/fisheries-management-zone-15 From that page The following waterbodies have regulations that are very different from the Zone-wide season and limits and are only referred to in the waterbody exceptions: all waterbodies in Algonquin Park Bonnechere River Calabogie Lake Carmichael Lake Jack Lake Kushog Lake Lake Clear and Little Lake Clear Madawaska River Mud Lake Murphy’s Lake (Arabis Lake) Royal Lake Slipper Lake South Wildcat Lake Stocking Lake Stoney Lake Trout Lake Wendigo Lake
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