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  1. Theres gotta be a lot of factors involved with this, but ive got a 130 horse that does 55mph...that would be a weird outlier though but ya on a 90horse or smaller i dont see how much flex a prop would be getting to change the speed that much. Weight is really the important factor...power to weight ratios are everything, especially the smaller the power you have. Big one being mentioned here is batteries. No need for 3 group 31's in a 16 foot boat. I fish tournaments with 2 group 27's and a group 24. Run three graphs, livewells and a trolling motor hard this past weekend for 10 straight hours. Not a single issue.
  2. that release was cringeworthy, why the heck didnt the guy tail it longer? He then comments "im surprised it survived" anyways not to thread hijack...sorry ahaha I would take note of what you see in that video, those guys are targeting an area near a major overpass, time to hop on google maps and use streetview to figure out the area they are fishing.
  3. Price drop bump for OFC. Less than half price for the best outside winter storage option out there. Trust me this thing was perfect for two consecutive years in the snowbelts. Not a single issue! Someone has to store their boat outside each year on here? I legitimately wouldnt be getting rid of this thing but I bought a house with a garage.
  4. The new terrovas have a spring loading lift assist so they aren’t hard at all to lift anymore. You could lift one out with one hand
  5. did you catch it ice fishing? Whats the story about the pinned snowmobile.
  6. jesus dave, guys talk a lot about smallmouth being Footballs...that thing looks like it ate a bloody beach ball. It had to have been 8?
  7. this is why i havent fished pigeon in a few years, Im 5 for 5 on musky days there, even trolling with multiple people in the boat, ive never been skunked. Cant say the same for the people ive been with, and they are far better musky fishermen than me. My luck has to run dry at some point right? Thats part of the reason ive probably been skunked every single time I try for musky on G bay. Ive caught 1 mid 30's fish in about 5 days of fishing now lol. Need to give it a run hard this fall though, its time for a real one.
  8. 1. Definitely doing the coils this winter 2. Do you mean rebuild/clean the carb or something else? I plan on redoing all of the gaskets and cleaning it this winter (I just bought a home with a garage!) 3. Its a glass boat, A possibility that the foam is getting saturated, however the boat doesnt get stored in the water. It spends most of its time on dry land but i guess its possible? But doesnt explain why the change was so drastic from one season to the next. My assumption is that after a winter sitting in the cold and dry it would be as light as it could ever be, yet the problem started right at the beginning of the season this year. In fact the boat didnt see water until the covid restrictions lifted...after sitting for 8 months. 4. Ive never ran anything but premium through the motor with periodic runs of seafoam. If it was a fuel issue I would have experienced this for the first two years driving the boat. 5. A plug I guess is theoretically possible, but I can see down into the hull of my boat from the battery compartment and theres no evidence of that much water sloshing around in there. Also the boat has a very very slow leak somewhere, maybe a litre of water builds up over the course of 4 days, but its far from anything catastrophic because at the end of the day its a glass boat, the hulls for the most part dont leak aside from places where things have been punched through the glass.
  9. what P's me off about all of this is that if our tax dollars were spent on enforcement instead of making up all encompassing closure rules then we wouldnt have these rules blocking us from fishing everywhere. As it currently stands the reason these are all getting shut down is because we dont have enough enforcement to stop the A holes from doing what they do on the same stretches of river, every year, at the exact same time. We all know the total gongshow that happens every year during the same two week period, in the exact same spot, by the exact same people the problem is that theres not enough bylaw officers and CO's to stop it. The politicians are taking the simple route by putting in nonsensical all encompassing closure rules. Youd think it would be the easiest low hanging fruit to snatch of all time, heck in what other scenario do the criminals voluntarily agree to come to you at a specific time at a specific place to commit their crime in plain site right in front of you? The scumbag snaggers, litter bugs, and poachers are standing there in plain sight in 1 of the 4???? places to fish in the GTA on a stretch of river 500 meters long, yet somehow we cant figure out a way to make this work without a total gongshow. Madness has prevailed. Call me crazy but what would it take to park 10 guys at those rivers full time for a period of 3 weeks? Youd think theyd hand out enough tickets to pay the bill? No?
  10. lol it may actually help, lifting twelve bundles onto that roof will make anyone lose weight hahaha Thats what I should probably do as well 😆 Reminds me of my thread where Im losing top end and was worried about compression and my buddy said, how much covid weight did you gain ahahaha
  11. And the local corner store is going to have an over stock of Canadian classic darts
  12. Hi guys, im selling my Navigloo Boat Cover for FISHING/RUNABOUT 14-18½ ft with tarp 18x26 i can guarantee that the system has all parts, cover, posts and instructions + carry bag. It was used a total of 10 months over the course of two winters and is free from damage or any tears etc. I just purchased a home with a garage that fits my boat so I no longer need the system. I can attest that through two winters it kept my boat totally snow free in Pointe au Baril where you know we can get snow 4+ feet deep by the end of the season. $250 OBO
  13. lol if only my boats problems could be fixed by me dieting and exercising....*sigh* that little leak doesnt even count. My tinner even brand new also always managed to get a little bit of water in it after a week on the water and I know for certain it wasnt leaking, I think the majority of it simply came from when you land fish, wet nets, morning dew etc etc.
  14. those are some giants out of pigeon. my limited musky experience is primarily out of that lake and I know how special those fish are. Very well done.
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