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  1. No surprisingly it doesnt bleach their fur at all. I guess it has to do with the concentration level. Standard peroxide you buy from shoppers drug mart isnt strong enough to bleach anything. The show Mythbusters broke down the science of skunk spray and why the mixture works so well. Basically the simple science is that the peroxide baking soda combination breaks down the three "thiol" compounds and converts them into a "sodium chloride" (aka salt) compound which obviously then can be washed away with dish soap and water. I cant find the scientific breakdown of the chemistry but I showed it to my old man (a chemist as you already know) when explaining how it was done and he said, yup that makes total sense. Only tough part with the pups is that you dont want to get the formula in their eyes. So my pupper still had a bit of smell when you got really close to his face with yours because I am certain and bit of that thiol compound was still hanging out around his eyes. The stuff is actually pretty incredible because its so oily it doesnt break down at all. It just lingers on their fur and any other object that they come into contact with.
  2. That’s going to grow. From my agent who works toronto, last October 4200 units moved in October, this year 200 total... the market has already collapsed entirely
  3. I wouldn’t buy an evinrude even before they went out of business...there’s a reason they did
  4. Peroxide, baking soda and Dawn dish soap! My pup walks in toronto with me off leash. Forest hill is full of skunks. One year he set his personal best record by getting sprayed 4 times lol needless to say I started being far more aware of the smell of skunks when I was walking.
  5. This exact scenario is playing out with my friends dad right now. He is in the hospital very very sick and his family is not able to see him. He has been alone for two weeks with organs failing him and only one person every two days can see him for 3 hours. and with the new lockdown he may be totally cut off.
  6. my parents bought a new house that closed on Monday...they didnt have power until Wednesday night if you can believe that. Killbear park got absolutely hammered with wind. All sorts of trees down everywhere. luckily no damage to their new house. My old man was scrambling to get a generator running though to make sure the pipes didnt burst in his new home!
  7. For anyone reading the 99.4 recovery rate post, please refer to the screenshot of the Ontario epidemiology summary conveniently posted in my post above. The 99+% survival rate is a 100% incorrect figure that was developed most likely by Russian bots. the real figure is reported weekly and as you can see it is actually 3.5% lethal in confirmed cases. I felt like I needed to clarify that to avoid the spread of mis-information
  8. Jesus Rick I hope you are under the age of 60... I know some of the speculators in here are not. take a look at the over age of 60 stats...it might change your mind
  9. Congrats! From the numbers I saw posted you guys caught some tanks!
  10. There’s definitely some very flawed logic with people that are over the age of 40 saying “I’d rather chance it with catching covid than take a potential life saving vaccine” the numbers of people with deadly complications from the vaccine will be openly shared, much like covids lethality rates and I can assure you, the vaccine danger will be far far far astronomically less dangerous than covid. think about that for a second.
  11. Bunk I heard you faired pretty well in a tournament out east a couple of weeks ago. Your competition that I think finished 2nd is a bit of a content creator and he posted the leader board and I was like “hey I know who that is” lol
  12. During CBC’s market minute yesterday they were talking about how the bank of canada believes that there is close to 700? (I think that was the number) million dollars quite literally sitting in people’s bank accounts across canada at the moment. It shattered whatever the previous record was by an absolute mile. as described above...and I would consider myself in this group as are many others that are lucky to have not been laid off...I have more money in my bank account then I think I have ever had since I was saving to buy a house. Staying home for a year and not going on any vacations at all or travelling around much to fish has basically slowly filled up my bank account. By far the biggest part of this is the complete collapse of the tourism industry. All of that money is now being flooded somewhere else. its mind blowing to me that I can sell my boat now 3 years later for about 175% of what I paid for it. I notice that cheaper used boats by far are the most inflated and it’s because they are obviously the most affordable. if you have a fishing ready totallt seaworthy used boat that is in top shape regardless of how old it is (like my boat) then you are going to be paying absolute premium pricing for it. The floor has moved way way up.
  13. https://www.glerl.noaa.gov/res/glcfs/glcfs.php?lake=l&ext=wv&type=F&hr=11 waves up to 30 foot hitting long point tonight...there’s only 30 feet of water off of port burwell? This may change the lake forever. Not good, not good at all.
  14. one of those objects has absolutely nothing to do with a gun ban 😆
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