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  1. sure enough, went to the north end of the lake and there were fish protecting fry...go figure south end of the tri lakes didnt see a single bass up on a beds, mostly just other fish cruising around checking out the spawning blue gills and sunnys. Then headed to the north end and sure enough there were largies protecting clouds of fry. Let me tell you, we had boats on all three lakes in the tri lakes and the largemouth fishing saturday and sunday was not good at all. Piles of dinks and males around and not a single bigger fish to be found. Our biggest fish from 3 boats was a 2lb smallie on sunday, thats rough! A couple of 4lb smallies were caught over the weekend but they were definitely cruising shoals for food and not bedded up.
  2. i think this is what many of us work for a living for...those few special days a year that seem to just "fill us up" thats a lot of fish caught. Very well done!
  3. Live update from the kawarthas the bass are not on beds and the fishing is tough. Bites are around but you gotta work for them, they sure as hell aren’t up shallow enough to see.
  4. Sick nick, the kids are gonna remember that trip for the rest of their lives!
  5. Sweet mother of god it’s bad up in pointe au baril. It’s worse than I have ever seen it, last night I drenched myself in bug dope and tried to go do a couple of things in the boat sitting at the back of the cottage, by 8pm I was done, I couldn’t take it anymore, a swarm of about 1000 blackflies plus a swarm of about 100 mosquitos had found their way to my stationary ass and proceeded to dive bomb me like pearl harbour. I even ran to the house and tried to shake the bugs off and jumped inside, I think one 1 or two mosquitos snuck in but the amount of black flies that had stuck to me and come in was literally in the hundreds. I then spent the next 20 minutes vacuuming all of the windows in the house to suck up the swarms of blackflies that had collected on them. Gotta love that special time of year where two different types of biting flies are at their absolute peak lol.
  6. Man...the close up of his achillies bursting is wild jeez when they went up 6...I actually got the feeling, the actual feeling of omg this is it, I was actually shaking. I’m 31 years old and I’ve never seen my team win it all...I guess I’ll have to wait
  7. lucky duck! durant says hes playing...as they are saying online If durant is durant at 100%, curry and thompson are hitting their threes, cousins is a defensive beast, i can see the raps winning in 5 LETS GO RAPTORS
  8. I fish both, ive heard some of the back lakes in virginia are good...obviously the great lakes and some places in wisconsin seem to be producing, but ill tell you right now, alabama, south carolina, north carolina all dont even come close to shaking a stick at ontario's bass fishing. Ill let you know how tennessee goes next year as well. Ya we dont get 10lbers, but you also will never get skunked for 4 straight days fishing anywhere in ontario.
  9. might be booked out? But id try and camp at emily or stay at pigeon lake resort.
  10. one of my favourite moments jimmer, literally right in front of your place last year on the friday before opener i was doing some autocharting of a not so well graphed area and as im making my laps two guys go by throwing spinner baits on medium bass gear. I yell, "you know bass is closed right?" "were fishing musky" cant fix stupid.
  11. then our fisheries would turn into the depleted mess that is united states bass fishing. Our fishing is so damn good for a reason, im a fan of keeping it this way as painful as it is. Let the fish on the beds do their thing in peace. Yes a few A holes are always going to be a mess, but the last thing the kawarthas needs is a bunch of idiots hammering bed fish for a month straight. If everyone actually practiced proper catch and release then id consider it...but sadly thats about 10% of people that fish. Tight regs, and even harsher enforcement. Lets keep our bass fisheries the way they are...the best in the world.
  12. only thing that works are long sleeves pants, a buff and a hat. basically soak everything in bug repellent and deal with the bites. This time of year at dusk though is literally unbearable, you cant be out standing still it in no matter how much you cover up and soak yourself in bug dope. Had a moment last year just before the July 1st long weekend we were out in the boat and you could hear the dusk swarm lower down on us. I was covered everywhere but my hands which were soaked in bug dope...i looked down to see no less than 10 skeeters chewing my one hand lol.
  13. Please REPORT suspected poaching, abuses or theft of our natural resources QUICKLY and with as many DETAILS as possible. MNR TIPS Line 1-877-TIPS MNR (1-877-847-7667) Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources Offices. Crimestoppers 1-800-222-TIPS (8477)
  14. when i hear that Bruins fans, coaches, players and management are complaining about a non-call that didnt go in their favour.
  15. If it’s well vacuum sealed, and clearly identifiable and you specifically claim it you shouldn’t have any issue at all. Live plants and animals are more of an issue, packaged foods meant for human consumption typically are far less of an issue.
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