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  1. Had the same thing happen to me out on Pigeon a few years ago. Nothing sends you into panic mode faster then seeing smoke coming from your boat. With something like this I honestly wouldn’t take the chance and do it myself, but bring it in to technician and have them look it over.
  2. He was probably just tired of having to go through 30 messages in his inbox a day 😆
  3. Somebody mentioned on this post about going into a Service Ontario building to renew two stickers from the past two years and telling them you didn’t have your vehicle on the road last year so you should only have to pay for this year. Has anybody tried this and did it work? Asking for a friend
  4. Party at Lews house. I’ll bring the keg.
  5. Good job. Every time I go there’s always white caps and I can’t even get out of the river.
  6. 100%. Also closes a lot of doors when it comes to employment. Best to not say anything. Pretend your deaf😃
  7. I hear your frustration. Years ago I was at Bronte Creek and almost punched some dude who was trying to put a salmon that I just caught in a garbage bag to feed his family. He was giving me a lecture on how it was going to die anyways. It was full of eggs. After that I decided to roll up my sleeves and deliver newspapers (worst job ever) 7 days a week for 6 months to purchase a boat. Haven’t missed shore fishing at all, but now boat launches are a whole different story.
  8. So true guys. Been putting it off for a couple of years now. Glad it’s done and now I can plan next years project. Dan, Norfolk is very nice, but unfortunately there’s so many subdivision being built now especially around Waterford. One is soon to start right beside us. Once it’s built that country feeling will be long gone.
  9. 4095B5A2-FD62-42B8-8360-4160F086D559.jpeg
    Me too Lew. $1500 for everything here. Maybe a $1000 now.
  10. Us too. Got my second shot last Wednesday and the next day had the chills really bad.
  11. Just the boat traffic and all. I like things a little bit quieter where your not getting hit with waves all the time or someone going over your lines when trolling. That’s why trolling in December is my favourite time lol.
  12. Glad I wasn't the only one who experienced that crazy boat traffic today. Nice jumbo
  13. image1.jpeg
    Decided to take my bro fishing on his bday today (sweet 45). My brother, nephew, and I had our sites on Erie, but with an east wind we went with plan B. Trolled for 5 hours and landed 8 (6 Sheepheads and 2 Pike). Highlight was the first 30 seconds of trolling and my nephew landed a nice 32" Sheepshead. My brother and I haven't even put our lines in the water yet. Pike were 28" and 30". Little guys but fun to fight. My brother wasn't getting any luck as the within the last 10 minutes before going home with my nephew catching 4 and me 3 my rod bent over again. I handed the rod to my brother so he could get in on the battle. We call it the pity fish. Every year I always get reminded on how much summer fishing sucks. Boat launch and river was packed and even saw a heated argument at the launch. Good times
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