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  1. I may be wrong bud, but it sounds to me you may be new to ice fishing. If so don't venture out where there's no people. Cooks Bay was a great starting place for me when I started. Good luck and stay safe.
  2. Just FYI when I got my first baitcaster when I was a teenager I practiced casting and flipping in my backyard first just so I could get the hang of it. I use mono in all my reels, but braid works too.
  3. Well done. I'm glad you see the importance of getting the girlfriend on some fish. The only person I hope catches more then me out there is the wife unless it challenges my pb lol.
  4. I'm thinking of heading up on a Wednesday this year as it's the furthest day from the weekend lol.
  5. The never ending debate between DeWalt vs Milwaukee continues. Both reliable trustworthy brands.
  6. I see what looks like a castle in the background. I don’t know any castles that are located along the shore in Ontario.
  7. Very true Lew. When I show someone how to use a certain power tool I always tell them that the tool don’t care if your the nicest person in the whole. If you don’t respect it then it may mess you up permanently. I knew a guy one time a few years ago who had no fingers. He told me he was using his table saw in his garage and his neighbour came out of nowhere and scared him.
  8. Hahaha. Too funny. My wife’s got 3 years on me. Not sure if it’s my young looks or fishing skills that got her.
  9. Not a bad pick up for $100. It's an older model, but who knows you could get many, many years out of it.
  10. Make sure Lew they are insured if you do hire someone. I used to do side projects but not worth the hassle. Good luck
  11. The lure of the great muskellunge always brings us back.
  12. Or being a fisherman who fishes a few times a year
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