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  1. Quick question guys. Can the cops give you a ticket if you are hauling a boat to a private launch? It would be pretty hard to miss.
  2. The wife’s a nurse and she works out in the community so she is having a lot of trouble finding washrooms. She doesn’t trust the washrooms in her patients houses as she said most are filthy. Luckily she has no issue or shame finding a bush somewhere lol.
  3. With me it's someone who knows how to use the net. It would be a nightmare for me if I finally get a fifty incher on the side of the boat and they screw up.
  4. If it wasn't shut down guys would be inches from each other. Happens every year. Glad my county is stepping up. Only ones that are missing out are the birds. Several times fishing there I would look back and see a seagull with his face right in my minnow bucket.
  5. Gathering spot for fisherman. Gotta get there before 2am or you ain't getting a spot lol.
  6. He's the guy I'm calling if I ever get canned. He's comes on Saturday mornings after the fishing shows.
  7. This. Also the real serious drinkers may go through withdrawal and take up some hospital beds.
  8. Thanks for the report Chris. You put your line down and you just don't know what you can get. Know doubt there's a few Canadian records cruising around there.
  9. Really like your feeding setup Lew. We've have the same family of Blue Jays live in the pines for almost five years. They know when the back door opens up they are going to get feed.
  10. I do most of my fishing alone it and it is one of the most important things in my boat. Caught a 40 inch pike a few years ago and it make the process so much easier. She had a nice swim in the net lol. Had her in it while I set up the tripod. Just a good investment. Good for you.
  11. Any problems getting the Zamboni out there?
  12. https://northernontario.ctvnews.ca/mobile/curious-mink-approaches-man-ice-fishing-on-frozen-northern-ontario-lake-1.4808658 This is something I’ve always wanted to experience. Sitting down ice fishing and having wildlife come to you for scraps. I’m sure some of you guys have got some stories.
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