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  1. Looks like Bob Cole is calling the game tonight. Good stuff
  2. I've pretty much given up on Toronto passing Tampa in the standings. Calgary was up 3-1 after first before I went to bed. Thought to myself 2 points closer to taking over. Woke up and go figures. Absolute bologna.
  3. 3 points for Brown. I knew he was a true 4th liner haha
  4. God I hope we dont meet Florida in the playoffs and have to deal with this horrible camera angle. Feels like I'm watching a OHL game.
  5. Vasilevskiy made some big saves, but the first star of the game was definitely his post. Toronto no doubt can bang with this team and I think if they meet in the playoffs its going seven games.
  6. I'm definitely worried when I get my insurance renewed in the spring. This past May I travelled to Nova Scotia for the week. When going through Montreal we were going to take the Lafontaine tunnel, but it was closed down for maintenance so we had to reroute. Anyways I got a little lost in the downtown area and stupid me I did an illegal U-turn in the middle of a intersection at 1:30 in the morning. Cop saw me and handed me a $1500 ticket plus 6 points. Vacation was ruined. I saw in my review mirror that they were having a nice big laugh over the situation.
  7. I know its early but this Atlantic division is so tight this year. Someones going to get a lot of points this year and not get home advantage in the first round. If Tampa say gets 110pts Toronto gets 108pts and Buffalo gets 107 points that would mean Buffalo would get screwed over even if they have more points then anyone in the Metropolitan division. Hopefully thats not too confusing guys. Just pisses me off.
  8. Thanks guys. Gonna pic up one of those Cuda jaw spreaders and a pair of 8 inch bolt cutters just in case. They may be at the bottom of my tackle box for the next 40 years and never used, but I would honestly feel pretty crappy if i lost a fish cause i didnt have them on board. Thanks
  9. Basically looking for something that can do the least amount of damage and can handle anything from a 30 inch pike to a 50 inch musky. Thanks
  10. Hope it works out for you. Two weekends ago on my way to Sturgeon Lake I had to turn around cause there’s was a crap load of snow on the ground. Didn’t call for any snow too. Waste of 5 hours of driving. This time of year is so sketchy.
  11. One possibility is that todays kids are all about putting stuff on the internet and trying to look cool. If this is true then they really need a hard lesson on what's right and what's wrong. I couldn't even watch the video cause the story was enough. What's going to happen now is that the kids will feel remorse and probably cry in front of the authorities and everyone will move on.
  12. With no work tomorrow morning finally i can watch my leafs. Anaheims at the bottom for scoring so hopefully Sparks can pick up the win.
  13. 0/3 this year on musky trips for me. I would trade 100 pike for 1 musky. Good fish thou.
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