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  1. You guys rock, cannot wait to be back on the water 🙂
  2. Deliciously looking, too bad it was not enough for some 🤣
  3. Sweet looking ride, congrats 🙂 Great tips Akrisoner, I have to check that simple green stuff.
  4. What a day! Gorgeous report
  5. 🤣🤣 The dude was nicely rigged to land this fish.
  6. Oh boy, it looks like you are moving to a paradise
  7. Lovely ones. Last one has a killer view.
  8. that's the best references you can get
  9. So funny. I do a run to my freezer and pick random piece of meat day before if I am not sure what to cook next. We love doing that. So, yesterday chili shrimps 🍤 today delicious duck 🦆
  10. Nope, probably because I accepted cookies ages ago. However, I tried to view the forum in incognito mode, no pop ups showed up.
  11. So funny, all that snow makes people exercise a little bit 🤣
  12. This beauty can survive 9hrs one way trips?? Man, cannot wait for finished product
  13. Sorry for your loss... Gorgeous report, keep the coming!
  14. second to that ^^ If you do not want to spend too much time on IG just simply keep posting. Short description, tags and you are done.
  15. Maybe you are making a typo in the reset password? If not then get new email, create the account and then after a day or 2 try to change to your desired email. You do not have many options with this issue.
  16. Your fly's are perfect for Instagram. Bad news is it takes a little bit of time and effort to build your brand on this platform. Regardless, I would start right away. Create an account, start posting. Content is a king over there. Watch some Youtube to get you started.
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