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  1. Nice Thanks for sharing the pictures
  2. Nice catch That is the best compliment you can get for a well done job.
  3. I'm just at the stage of gathering the needed parts. I have all the missing dash components and front bumper. Best part is that it is already set up to tow my boat. Trying to free up the pistons in cylinders 1,2 and 6. It sure isn't pretty but I have repaired worse for people. And a picture of someone's finished Meteor.
  4. 2007 Ferrari Nart Blue It is the blue I am going to spray on my 1958 Meteor Sedan Delivery if I ever get it that far in the restoration.
  5. I enjoy your reports. They are kind of like I was with you by the way you write.
  6. Would a small solar panel charge quicker?
  7. Did it fight or just feel like a log?
  8. Brian, you certainly are a fly tying artist. Looks fantastic.
  9. Lakeline Lodge and Marina, Athens, ON One cottage still available Awesome beach, I can see 20 feet deep super clear water, water depths to 300 feet Probably a 4 hour drive from Niagara No walleye Only week available is August 20 - 27 Within your budget My avatar shows the average Smallmouth. I will be there the week of August 20th - 27th. https://lakelinelodge.com/mainland-cottage-5
  10. I use a Harley rainsuit. I never get wet inside. And it packs into a bag that is maybe 7 inches in diameter
  11. Nice work. Looks fantastic
  12. All along Georgian Bay is very scenic. You will not be disappointed.
  13. Mother Nature's way of saying " Hold my beer!"
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