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  1. Maybe contact them ? Here is a link that might help. https://kawarthanow.com/2021/01/08/opseu-buys-historic-frost-centre-in-haliburton-from-ontario-government-for-3-2-million/
  2. So are my river access spots. I will be near ya in the AM, but ya, I know,no visitors.
  3. Last 2 orders have been with flymart. They are an ontario store up north. Quick service so far.
  4. Solo local, and I am tucked away out of site.
  5. Yup this . Neighbor is going golfing as it is allowed,I am going fishing . It will be local though .Atleast I am fishing .
  6. Trying to find grizzly hackle ,is like looking for a pin in a hay stack . I have even resorted to state side shops. Out of stock. D rib just the same . Resorting to stretch tubing instead. It,s Crazy how once you could get anytime,and now you got to search high and low .
  7. Awesome as always bud . What material are you using for the reel seat ? Can you share your set up on shaving the shape ? Looks like a rotor bit ,but how are you holding the stock to shape ? If it,s a secret,I understand .
  8. Really ? https://www.ctvnews.ca/health/coronavirus/yes-you-can-still-get-infected-with-covid-19-after-being-vaccinated-here-s-why-1.5259495
  9. If that stadium fills, IMO, that shows disrespect to your fellow man,women and children . Even if it was a free ticket, I would not be caught in that virus bowl. Some people just do not get it. Also, NO ONE, is fully vaccinated . The vaccines are not 100%. 95% at best .
  10. Looks like the US is on board,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, NOT https://abcnews.go.com/Sports/texas-rangers-reopen-stadium-full-capacity-covid-19/story?id=76867675
  11. There was a post on another board by a bud that was perch fishing and one of the perch had a large 1.5" Mayfly nymph in it . I thought wow that thing is huge and well,I got to tie some of these. So I did.LOL The hooks are to light for whities,but I will fix that soon,as I want to use these for whities as a dropper. Opener will be here soon on the small rivers and streams,I have been watching a lot of Euro Nymphing . I am very intrigued in trying this, so I tied up some to try. Weighted fly on the bottom and a light one on a dropper. You can tandem or tri this set up. I will start with the tandem, and work my way up . One tangle at a time .LOL
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