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  1. Curse all the fancy new gadgets.LOL I am fishing in the morning,so take that,,LOL
  2. A few of the byes are meeting up at 6am tomorrow,more then welcome to join me bye. Sorry to hear about the stay at home crap. Ya got to keep the mrs,s away from the bingo hall.🤪
  3. When I got in the Ram this morning,the newfie leather seat, was hard as a rock,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I,ll bet there are some that decided to go fishing today and are cursing their buddy heaters for not lighten up . DANG THAT IS BONE COLD,,,,,,,, How do you do it Dave???????????????? LOL
  4. A 20 footer has no room on the back for a kicker motor ? WTH is that ?
  5. Even yummier Tater sauce has some minced garlic. Kicks it up a notch I must say.
  6. It,s on . get"R" done bye Good ole bye Terry even made out this morning. Fresh 3.6" of solid black ice . Ist fresh feed of the season
  7. I was on 3.6" black this morning.🤣 Will post later,as I am cooking right now.
  8. I pushed it up a boat launch today.LOL I do not do hills anymore.
  9. It is so much easier Doug. I started by just pushing my old smitty with my spud bar. I could do it with one hand, it was that easy. This is why I went this method. and ya, his boys sat on this as he pulled them around. He told me the story of the sleigh. The braces are copper pipe. I will disassemble after this winter and give it a good she lac .
  10. A while back my buddy Fisherman donated an old family sleigh. It would seem to be at-least 40+ years old. Hand made. The quality of this thing is awesome. I hated to take it and do what I was going to do,but he was fine with it. SO,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Skies Crates A detachable push handle Today was it,s first load and go .This is so easy to push. It,s like pushing a shopping cart. No restriction at all. Thanks pal. As for the fishing, a perch and herring and snapped a huge pike off at the hole. His head was as big as the 6" hole. I would say it was pushing 15lb. It was huge.
  11. Sorry for your lost brother. When I seen the title I was thinking, here come the big brown pics from Del. Nice fish non the least. And ya had a good friend to fish with and take some load of yer mind. Good on ya Clive.
  12. Very cool Joe . It would make a nice bong 😁
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