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  1. misfish

    cooking thread...

    Canadian Maple syrup and a sprig of rum glaze, Took a bit longer then I thought, Got cold outside quick. Friggen winter. LOL Yummy,none the less.
  2. misfish

    cooking thread...

    That would be good for cheese. Something I want to do.
  3. misfish

    2018-2019 Hockey Thread

    I think Ny is bringing bad karma. No good since he came on. I thought it would of been better for the team.
  4. misfish

    cooking thread...

    Ya my pop has the propane one. First attemped he had a passer by stop and tell him his house was on fire, there was so much smoke coming from it.LOL TOOOOOOO HOT. Like I said,I,ll stick with a electric. Watch when they are on sale at TSC. EDIT.......... Perfect day to do those fillets. No wind and the sun is beating down on the smoker.
  5. misfish

    cooking thread...

    I am happy with the little chief,my first,never will forget it and will keep it, but,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, If I want to smoke 12 months of the year, I need to find me a 12 month of the year smoker. With that said, I thought I would take advantage of this mild weather and do a smoke. First to get some fish. Did. Then I wanted to try brisket. So I seen on sale and bought and gave it a go. Ya I cheated, got one already cured. Safer for me to buy then try right curing self for now. I am very nervous about nitrites. Do not want to get it wrong ANYHOO Did the beast today. 2 hours of smoke and the rest in the oven to finish. Very damp cold today. Not as warm as they called for. Nice light dinner tonight was on my mind. YUMMY. Smoke was perfect. While the beast was yonder way, steel head was bathing, and is now in the fridge getting sticky and ready for Sunday afternoon smoke. Busy day, I must say. Now to look at the many smokers out there that will serve my purpose. I am thinking I will stay electric. Have heard propane is very hard to control, and needs to be watched more. Hope ya all had a great Saturday.
  6. misfish

    4 stroke marine oil

    Oils oil.is it not? Melt some lard like the old days before you and I, and pour it in. I know a deal on seal fat. Super slick.lol And yet, so south of Barrie. How can that be? It had to come Rog. I am sitting here smelling smoked brisket on ye way. Steel head sides to follow. Can not say,I feel yer pain,,,,,,,,,,, Wait, I do,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Cheers bud
  7. misfish

    The Result of Gun Contol

    Its political. NUFF SAID. Think Art made this rule to keep the board CIVIL. I really don't care what happens in other countries. Not my problem or my business. And not meant to be here. Take it as you wish.
  8. misfish

    Splakefest on ice

    Smoker going to get a work out, just like you did running back and forth and all around. Enjoyed
  9. misfish

    Wilderness walleye and pike.

    Sounds like retirement to me.LOL
  10. misfish

    I present to you THE MINI MEEGS

    David You couldn't turn in any direction and not see them being displayed. Talked to James and his inventory took a big hit.
  11. misfish

    2018-2019 Hockey Thread

    I don't like this move. We need to keep him.
  12. misfish

    Braided line fluro leader

    I know you don't like my long videos,,,, LOL But every laker caught is uni/uni braid to floro. Ice fishing same thing. River, same thing, unless I am slip floating, down rig same thing.
  13. misfish

    Ice season is open in Haliburton

    Not much up here. Melting fast. As for holidays, I guess I am kinda lucky that way. I still got like 12 or so weeks again. I used up 10 weeks back 2 years ago, when I had my retina detachment. Trying to burn them off slowly. LOL Safe outings Chris.