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  1. misfish

    Tomorrows Super

    Nice So what did you do with the trout?
  2. misfish

    DIY Trading/Investing

  3. misfish

    Tomorrows Super

    I didnt know, NO-FRILLS sold them whole ? LOL Nice one buddy.
  4. Nice new entertainment Lew. Played lots in my younger years. Mostly snooker. 8 ball on the smaller tables.
  5. misfish

    Steel head smokey jerky

    And to think, it,s not even white fish season yet. LOL Hands down,the best $20 I ever spent. Hope alls well at the new local Jess Thanks fells. I need to stop bringing samples to work though. I am getting to many, I want more customers. LOL
  6. misfish

    Owl season has started

    Very nice Rod Snowys will be here soon enough again.
  7. misfish

    Steel head smokey jerky

    What I love the best about my smokers is,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I get to do it my way BONUS Smokey steel head jerky YUMMY
  8. misfish

    2018-2019 Hockey Thread

    After all the hype of the big scoring team, I was looking forward to watching last nights game. HMMMM I didnt get a chuckle. Im sure Matt did though. LOL
  9. misfish

    Ever have one of those moments?????????

    Some good stories guys. Fun read. Doug, when I first moved to Barrie, I started fishing down from the iron bridge. I would walk all the way down to the boarder line. That was a nice hole and really never seen anyone most of the times. Well except a mama bear one time. I offered up a salmon so she would let me live to fish another day. Hey Harold. I met another one of yer buddies this week. He says you are full of fish stories. LOL
  10. misfish

    Some time on the rock

    The local rocks. LOL The knee,s took a beat,n the last 7/8 days on the river, so did a bit of lazy layed back perch fishing. Stayed away from the hoards and just found a nice quiet place to myself. Hot coffee,terns diving for shiners,loons doing the same. Seen 3 lakers swimming around the rock piles. Lots of dink perch to be had, but was a nice way to spend a few hours this morning. Chunked up some shrimp and pressed some salt in it. Seems to work. LOL
  11. misfish

    Rapala fishing rods

    Hey MR.B If am not mistaken, the R-TYPE has been discontinued. I can personally say I was happy with their ice rod models, til they started breaking at the tips. I got a replacement last season ans it broke at the tip again. Im sure there is a reason they discontinued them.
  12. misfish

    Ever have one of those moments?????????

    Might of been Jimmer,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  13. misfish

    Ever have one of those moments?????????

    You both nailed it. Whats on the end. I was not at all disappointed, but was like, ya, this is so cool. Never know eh.
  14. misfish

    Ever have one of those moments?????????

    Hard to tell by the photo, but I am guessing 8-10lb. That is a dime size roe bag. It was very thick. I do know it,s not a white sucker. I believe Mikey caught one of these a few years back.