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  1. What chips are you using Smitty ? I have to admit, that pink salt scares the crap out of me. I would sooner just do one without .
  2. I am looking forward to my trips to Thornbury next month trolling for salmon, and see what I can capture on the cam. Thanks again all Hey Dutch, when you coming up for a jig ?
  3. I see you have yer head gear on. LOL
  4. I,ll have to try that Doug. Chris, I do not have the heat like you get from your smoker. I was able to reach 165 yesterday. That was my top temp. I think the double smoke I did was a bit over. One smoke pan would of been better. I am finding the same with my fish. Need to learn which fish need more or less. Edit to add Chris, try that 3 speed if you get a chance. Nice lager from Amsterdam brewery . You get it at the LCBO.
  5. I am still using my old Fuji film XP50 camera. Got to be 8 years old now and has been through hell and back. I do not have one of those fancy cells. I just text and call, so no need.
  6. Something not right. Trailer has bunks, No skid marks from the truck tires, so that tells me no high speed sudden stop. If it was on rollers, ya ok maybe. Also you cant hurt a Ram like that. Ford ya, I can see it. LOL
  7. I would burn apple and maple pellets, and add a box to the chimney for smoke,n , some fish.🤣
  8. And as i sit here finish eating, the flood waters open up..............
  9. I had to beat the rain more then twice. Coming off the water and getting my smoke done . I am not sure butt chops are the best choice to put in the smoker, but I do know a good butt chop, put on the high grill and slowly BBQ,ed for a couple of hours , allowing the fat to cook and drip away ,works out just fine and dandy. Just needs a few minutes after on the hot grill to get a char and some sticky sauce on it. So rewind to yesterday. I went to get ribs, but the sale was over. Found these 2 great pieces of butt and said , you will do. First try at this, so giver I say. Dry rub and put in the fridge till the next day. I had other things to so as well. Fishing in the AM. Did a few peppers for a friend and a glove of garlic. It was a small task, compared to the one I will be doing come a month from now. Packaged away in the fridge, my attention turned to my chops. An Asian bbq sauce Smoked away for 6 hours. My plan was to grill after this. Knowing the smoker would not cook the fat away, they would need grill attention. Attention they got and they turned out good. I am not going to say this is my favorite smoke, as it was ok. Trial and error with this smoking . The rain came, just as I finished.
  10. I have been using the same battery going on 7 years. It is used for 9 months of the year. I charge it after every use. Weather it be 2 hours or 8 hours. I still have 4 new ones that have yet to be used. Nice to have friends in high places. Or might be low places. 🤣
  11. Of all the sun rises I have watched on this bay here, this one is right up there. I am not sure the pic,s do it justice, but I could see the phoenix,s rising. If you look long enough, you will see the beak and wings. No I am not crazy nor do I puff the magic stuff.LOL I had one chase in 3 hours moving about. 1 chase and 1 fish. Oh and YUP, left the inflatable behind again. Damit. This is why I have the foam jacket always on the toon with a whistle attached now. I knew I felt naked this morning while heading out. I am always in a rush to get out there. Need to slow down ole man. like I said, I only had 3 hours to float about to fish as I had pork to smoke,peppers to char for a friend. I,ll save that for the cooking thread.
  12. misfish


    I have seen some really cool moths this year. One looked like a rolled up tabbaco leaf, the other looked like a white charred twig.
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