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  1. It,s a work cell. No pics really. Just all my contacts. Not looking forward to Monday morning and explaining this. LOL
  2. I watched it on the finder. It was straight down at the 20 fow mark, then disappeared. I am sure it,s way off my hole location. That will teach me to use the light for the hut. It worked great in my old hut, nice snug fit. This one well, not so snug I guess. If it was a 6" hole, it would of missed. LOL
  3. Just back from the bay here. Bare ice areas are 6" but still soft under areas where snow was. 1.5-3 ". Anyone know a bait to catch cell phones
  4. Ah, another face for radio,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Nice eyes. The fish that is.
  5. Atleast I have the printed off version.
  6. Like said, 3-6 inches reports through out the bay, but snow covered areas have been reported to be 2-3 ".
  7. Very Nice Lew. I am waiting for those ice fishing sun rises to begin. Nothing but cloudy mornings.
  8. Throw the Prince craft in, and I am buying. 🤣
  9. Well I bought mine Dec 28th CTC north Barrie. Still no card received yet. WTH
  10. Try that with the new ones. Their CRAP. POS socks . They ruined a good thing. OP I have the session 5. Works great, but for the price of a 1.5" cube camera, it,s pricey. Crap, I forgot again today to buy a new SD card.
  11. I like this guy already,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  12. Any chance you have pikeral baits ? I read they work better back of a tiller. 🤣
  13. Hello my friend. You have been missed that's for sure.I was wondering where the hell you been and how you been. Glad yer back bud.
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