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  1. I have only been to Fergus so far to fly fish the browns. I have enough waters up here to keep me busy for salmon and steel head.
  2. Interesting Paul It hasn’t been a surprise that the steelhead trout have begun to gather around the mouth of the Grand River to get ready for their spawning runs up the river, or that anglers casting from the short pier in Fairport Harbor are catching a few on black-on-black jigs and maggots suspended under a float.
  3. Get the hook out of it,s back, and lets take a pic. LOL Cannot believe I watched that whole vid.
  4. Whats with you and Wayne posting pics of you guys in your younger years ?
  5. He hits Peters store every time he goes down. Thanks Pump
  6. Wish I had pics and the vid. It was a cool ride. Mark Kulik owned it before me, and Paul at Top Gun maintain it . Maybe he tweaked the engine . It was a 2-4 split, which was nice . You could hear all four fire up when you pinned it.
  7. Maybe Paul. I have not seen them, but he knows of them. They save on adding lots of shot and a streamer then the eggs shape ones. Thanks Now to find a retailer from the Geen to the Ganny to Niagara. Kid fishes every where.
  8. Maybe it was 17.6. LOL I no longer have pics as they were on an old PC that crashed, an unable to save. Terry can testify . I had a vid on Photo bucket as well .
  9. Apparently there is a inline/slip weight, pencil style weight on the market . BPS did have them, but sold out now . Asking as my son was looking for them to fish the Niagara. Has anyone seen these ? Thanks
  10. I had a 18 ft older Ranger, 83 , with a 115 Mariner. Prop was a SS high 5. Hole shot was great . Top speed at 5500 rpm was 56 mph. Speed was confirmed by Terry on a GPS. That was with 2 full tanks of fuel,2 deep cells and a starter. Plus myself and Terry.
  11. No one has stock. Cabelas here has zero trout hooks. Time for Canada to start making a lot of things. Time to stop relying on other countries .
  12. LOL I thought you also untangled them ? Dang, hooked myself more then I have hooked fish this fall. LOL
  13. PS I was there at 9:30 am. You were sleeping, or what ever else you do at that time. LMAO
  14. Total respect my friend. Understand. Cool cars and a juke box. Good thing I was not up to see. Might of broke out a dance or 2 . LM F AO
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