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  1. Nice job Chris. I know a young fella that bought lots of tickets to win one of those reels.
  2. https://www.canadacomputers.com/search/results_details.php?language=en&keywords=camera+batterys
  3. Eat chicken then. LOL Do not fall into the trap. Smoke all the way.
  4. You mean, you do not make fresh with all that time on your hands ?😁
  5. Whats that sitting in the back corner Bill ? Well done on the reno,s guys.
  6. misfish


    Nothing like waking up to FISH PORN. Those are some chunky monkeys.
  7. Yup,splake and white fish at the same spot out from the mouth of the notty in the mid 70,s and up to the late 80,s. Now all gone. Very nice coloured fish there.
  8. My 1st time,I thought it was hooterville boss. LM F AO
  9. Oh I got the same thing from the mrs,s. Then I brought her up and well,she had a good time.
  10. Really need a home made pizza fix with her Dan.
  11. All these spikes are just due to IGNORANCE, BOTTOM LINE. I do not get it. Now T O and PEEL are in lock down mode. Maybe it,s just me, but how hard is it to just stay to the close ones ?And they the same ? I do my best to keep to myself,do my thing and well, stay safe as safe as can be. Really am missing the sleep over weekends with the granddaughter. Nice new addition Dan.
  12. Lots of talk on the progress of a couple vaccines that being injected in people . They seem to say ( the ones injected ) it is working . Hmmmmm. Think I will wait way into next year to see if this is really working,or going to be needed . JMHO. So,will you,wont you, take the shots ?
  13. Terry and his new sled, we got some snow,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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