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  1. It was written today in the paper. Why bother making the playoffs , the leafs are not going to win the cup ? Also it was written, they just might not even make the playoffs . HMMMMMM Make the playoffs the way they are playing ? NOPE Win the cup ? NOPE The end of the artical said, upper management will be dismissed at seasons end . ALL UPPER. HMMMMMMM
  2. My thinking on the 1 lb propane bottle was , if they can make a gas auger , now run on propane, why not a small out board that can do the same. I know I am thinking only me and my toon, but I am sure it is possible. I know it,s CC,s and not HP.
  3. Yup, read all that. Thanks
  4. Still looking for one. It has to be the 2 piece one ( not folding ) as the auger part will be attached to my clam plate. Thanks B
  5. I checked my yellow paper tags. One is for my lic,one is for my sport and the 3rd one is my temporary outdoors card. So I guess I am covered. New card required next year, so I guess I will get a hard card next year. This mixed up weather is not getting me excited to be in a rush anyways.LOL
  6. Thanks I think I know why it was saltier then I liked . The brown sugar adheres to the meat and really does not wash off completely. So I am thinking it traps the salt with it. Might need to rethink how to do this. On a side note . The pink curing salt they sell at Cabelas . This is also known as prauge (sp?) powder correct ? I was asking the gal in that section and she was telling me no . I am pretty sure it is . My next thing to try is Walt Disney turkey ham.
  7. If this is the case, they best start doing their job on getting the cards out timely. I had to buy a new card last year. I have yet to receive a new replacement. My fault? Do not think so. I have my receipt and printed off yellow tags.
  8. Maybe they will ship https://www.kijiji.ca/v-fishing-camping-outdoor/winnipeg/ion-auger-ion-x-battery/1474575638
  9. I have one in each fishing pack, in my toon,on my cell, in my jacket,in my hut,in my floater suit. Am I missing a spot ?
  10. YUP. You can always tell the CO. I never catch fish anyways. 🤣
  11. I carry a top burner as a spare just in case. Takes up no space. I get greenies for $4:45
  12. Where I fish,I can look down the hole and see everything I need to see. LOL
  13. You got that right, I thought maybe it was just the coverage on TV. The only uproar was when the leafs almost scored the 1st goal or when they did score. Silence, then roar,then silence again.
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