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  1. Bring the video camera. New, OLD MAN AND THE SEA movie. LOL
  2. Take me take me,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,My top bucket list fish. Nice Snook for sure.
  3. 8 and 10 work just fine Paul. Not really looking for more hook ups, as what I am using works fine. It, is just part of the game. I like the smaller hooks as they do not stand out . The eggs I am using, will hide the whole / 90% of hook. I will get a pic on my next outing. Decided to boil up the small batch of hard shells I had, so will have lots for the next couple of months.
  4. LOL My son will be up your way next week to fish the Geen. Think it is a King Of The Drift thing. Asked if I wanted to head up. One of these days I will. That water is a whole different animal to fish. Also,I do not think my knee could take the walk and pressure, from that fast water. Last thing we both need, is for him to be fishing me out of the water. LOL
  5. 20211012_154820.jpg
    Decided to hit the river the last 3 days. Good call with the amount of rain they are calling for tonight and Saturday. River will be blown again for the next 5-7 days . Seems many had the same idea. Never seen so many guys during the weekdays. We managed to catch our share of nice fresh fish. Smoker is getting a work out now. I have been having a lot of luck with the bead set up, but there are a lot of swings and misses with this set up. Some fish hit it so fast,you swing and well, on and off. I was getting a bit frustrated at times,but hey,that's fishing. Something came to me this morning . Something that worked well for me many many years ago. BOILED EGGS. I have a small bag of singles I kind of over cured . How much you ask ? Well, I could bounce one on the floor and I could catch it mid air. Like those super balls way back.LOL So get a pot of water boiling, toss in a spoon full and low and behold, the perfect single egg . These go on the hook instead of putting a bead 2" up from it. They had a nice dot on them which was perfect. Light starts to show and floating time it was. 2 drift in,I am hooked up but came off. I am on to something here. Well I was, but was 0-3 first 1/2 hour. Then it happen, The float goes down,set and game on. Real nice battle . With trees and logs around, these fish have the advantage. Really had to work the power of the rod to keep them at bay. Had a great few days fishing with my sons buddy's, as he had to work. For a change,it was me telling him about the action, not the other way round. LOL Few fish from the days. Not to worry about the 3 fish shot. 2 were mine, the other was buddy,s. We just had them on the same rope.
  6. Quick supper update Only the 2 of us, staying away from gatherings, so hot turkey sandwiches with scallop taters. The smokey goodness was DIVINE.
  7. P8220002.JPG
    Thanks giving weekend and I am not much of a turkey guy, but figured what the heck. A couple of turkey breast that soaked in brine for 3 days. Smoke paprika,garlic,pepper, brown sugar and salt. Sure did smell good . Smoked 3 pans and pulled , finished off in the oven, 200 for 3 hours. Reached 165, pulled,wrapped in foil. I basted with butter and savory. One have for dinner,the other for sandwiches.
  8. 20211010_081909.jpg
    And after landing her,I can see why . Look at the size of that tail compared to her body . At first there were some head shakes,but then she went cruising. I thought maybe it was a snag,but after landing,the white sac was in the corner of the mouth. Crazy runs. Funny how one river system is starting to transition from salmon to steelhead and another still has a good run of salmon still flowing in. After the rain this morning with the south wind blowing ,there was wave after wave, coming up.
  9. Bloody Newfie giving away spots. Whats next ? LMAO
  10. Yupper bud. I finally went in last Saturday ( first Saturday they were open here ) New plates and sticker. Sticker was $240 ( had to pay for last year), plates no charge.
  11. Amagine floating down the Notty in one of those. I could do the hill too. 😆 Nothing worse then a dealership pulling crap like that Cliff. I hope you called him and told him you got it fixed. What an ass.
  12. Yes FROGG TOGGS Hellbender Breathable Stockingfoot Chest Wader, Slate Gray, Size Large, Model Number: 2711126-LG He was right across from me on an angle up from the spot . I was going to join him on that side, but the hill, oh that hill.
  13. 20211003_061701.jpg
    Someone found your foot prints and well, I thought this would be a cool pic for ya. To bad I did not get better pics . Low light and drizzel. Walked as far as he could, think he,s about a foot shorter then you. LOL Know the spot ? How about now ? LOL We both got the Frogg Togg hell bender waders. I have to say,for the price, $165 tax in, free delivery Amazon ,they are not bad at all. Do not know you are wearing waders. Very nice fit . I was there very early, who the hell knows why. Maybe it was due to my first trip to this spot this season and really like it. Up at 3 am , there by 4 am,3 timmies til day break.LOL Managed 1 eater on a 6mm pink bead. I am really getting into this bead thing. Absolutely amazing, how they catch fish .
  14. Looks like he is eyeing it up . LOL
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