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  1. I have had the pleasure of filming him a number of times . Great guy and knows how to fish .
  2. https://www.ofah.org/covid19closures/
  3. The ones I tied are more for a fly rod with an indicator,. I did a few up this morning with a jig head .
  4. Like I said, dance floor. Care to dance fella ? LOL
  5. I just use a good heavy back bone knife. Lay the blade along the back bone, wack it. Same for the other side. Wack it . Done. Since I am off work and cooking, I will post in the coming week. Just need new grills for the bbq first . If you like, I can do a stuffed turkey breast with cranberries and nuts wrapped in a bacon weaved blanket .Wait, that will be week 3 of the stay home be safe .
  6. One of my fav,s . I do a jerk one. Yup, jerk yer chicken CDN style .🖐️
  7. Today they call a turnip up here a rutabaga . No where near the sweet taste nor the same texture, and the one I bought this past weekend cost me a dear $5. Stupid crazy price, but I had to have it.
  8. Hey Wayne, can I get ya drink ? Just getting one myself,so figured I would offer. LOL Hope all is well bud.
  9. If I decide to go, I will go where I know ,NO one will be . If there is,I will move on . I would expected the same, but like you said," cant trust " . Pick yer poison .
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