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  1. Posting here ,since the classifieds seems mumbo jumbo to me. Looking for one of those small out boards like a 1.2-1.4 hp. 80,s era or above. Reasonable price.
  2. Absolutely. He was their number one player the whole series. Soft goals? How about the give aways ?
  3. Can not wait til next season. You guys made me laugh alot reading this seasons banter.
  4. I could of used a small one for the smoker. Wish I knew you were going. Nice bunch of fish there bud.
  5. Maybe game 7 ,they will show up for 3 periods. After all,it will require desperation mode..
  6. Nice to see you guys back in your ,ZONE.
  7. Have to admit,oh me nerves. Lets get it done today.
  8. That should hold him over and get a few more trys. (sp?)
  9. Was perching this morning. I watched the perch just look and go. They were not active at all. Need some sunny warm days. I did find a huge pod. Had to well over 500 of 4-8 inch perch. Good sign
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