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  1. Ok Take this as you want as this came to me, and woke me up from my sleep,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Take the reel apart again. Take pics and lay all the parts out on the table like in the schematics pic. My thinking here is this,,,,,,,,,,, Many parts are no longer available , so they say,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Go through all parts putting it back together, STEP BY STEP and take pics or even a video .,,,,,,,,,,,,I have a thinking, someone or some reel guy, replaced a part with that spring. If you say the spring was part of the mix, well, I am thinking a sub part was put in . Do the total break down and rebuild. I want to know what you come up with AK.
  2. LOL More then you know pal. We got out once in awhile.
  3. I was a kid then,I have no idea where I was. A camp for kids.
  4. Anyone fishing this lake ? I am just curious if they still catch those mutant sun fish there ? I was just thinking about this lake for some reason , and my biggest thrill was catching these huge saucer pan sun fish. I am talking 12" ers .
  5. That is cool . Well kinda. LOL
  6. Hey, guess I put the post on the wrong section of the forum, is there a way to move to the general discussion? 

    1. misfish


      Naw, but some here are asking why no reply is on that section.


      Just copy and paste. No big deal.



  7. misfish

    Nice bowfin

    He is braver then I for holding it.LOL Great job little guy.
  8. Picked up a pail this morning and filled it up. Thanks Hope yer day was great. Going to be a hot one today B
  9. OMG Albert I always water every day but I guess not enough by what I just did . I just added ( and this is no b s ) 6 gallons of water total in all planters. That is a gallon in each . Finally after this,water was starting to sit on top. I have 2 planters that I never knew would allow water out at the bottom once the soil is saturated. Will be keeping a closer eye and more watering. Thanks my Italian garden guru .
  10. Baby boom has started,,,,,,,,,,, Not sure what up with this pepper. It is growing up ward. Might be the newfie bucket, not sure.LOL I am finding a few tomato buds dying off. Not sure whats up with that . Maybe I trimmed to much ?
  11. Now that, I would give up Simcoe for John.
  12. Hello as well Living on Simcoe, I find myself attached to it, but I do love rivers and tribs that offer fun as well. I am with,n a 1/2 hour to and hour ,of many rivers and streams of G BAY. I will fish anything that keeps me playing as a kid . Great pic 666
  13. And Essa still charging anglers to fish the Notty, but dog crap leaving owners can walk for free. Take that.LOL I would of held off on that. They do not offer that to Barrie . Oro does though.
  14. This will be my last outing til fall now. Water is up to 67 deg, and I was baking by 8 am. Walked past my last furthest spot of last time and found a great stretch. There was another hatch going on. These ones were small and black. I actually watched them rise off the water. That was cool . I found the tungsten bead head flys I made in #16. They were in another fly box buried in my bag. They were the ticket. Caught 2 , 12" res bows close to the tail out of the pool. Allowing the fly to start the sweep and retive quick as to make the fly look like it is rising. That is my theory anyways.LOL These fish have such great colors. They even fight very well. Good way to finish off and I have a brain filled of what to have and watch on the water and hatch going on. Thanks for reading my trial and errors and thanks again for the advice guys. B
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