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  1. misfish

    T.O. airport hotel recommendations/NF

    I have been told,flying out of Buffalo can save hundreds.
  2. misfish

    Vacuum sealers

    Mine never freeze. I like them this way. Salt/brown sugar.
  3. misfish

    Moving North? Things to consider

    I enjoy sitting on the back deck watching the dragon flys when they come out. They are like dive bombers on the other flying insects.
  4. misfish

    2018-2019 Hockey Thread

    Have noticed a pattern the last 4 games. The opposing teams attack the leafs right off the drop. They seem to know they can be caught. Now the leafs need to fix that.
  5. misfish

    Moving North? Things to consider

    When I lived in Brampton, the kodac plant was out in a field. Lived in the Glendale section. Georgetown was a small little place. Acton was, blink and you missed it. LOL
  6. misfish

    Simcoe Perchin'

    Nice yella belly bud. I fish for them after March 15.
  7. misfish

    Moving North? Things to consider

    Was called the Red Barn.
  8. misfish

    Moving North? Things to consider

    My parents heated with wood. Chopped and stacked many a cords for them. Now it,s a bit to much, so they have gone to propane. They love it. They also have a generator that powers up the whole house.
  9. misfish

    Moving North? Things to consider

    I remember that place as a kid What Nick said To add I will ask now for permission to hunt on your property. I am willing to chain saw trees down and share my harvest.
  10. misfish

    T.O. airport hotel recommendations/NF

    My parents just took a cab. It was easy then. They lived near by. Dixon and Kipling. 😎
  11. misfish


    I always insisted that I have a written note. All info on it. Names,numbers excetra. When I first started hunting,that was how I was brought up. One time I was glad I had this info,as I was asked to leave by some passer by. Showed him the note,he shut up and left.
  12. misfish


    And many wonder why they get the "NO" word, when asking to hunt on private land. It is so hard these days to get private property. Even the property I hunted, it took me a few years to prove I was a respectful hunter , hell, I worked with the guy.
  13. misfish


    No hunting posted, is for all. We are talking no trespassing here. The land I was hunting was not far from my place. Phelpston. These same fellas were charged a few days latter for hunting on private property. They were asked to leave, but did not and were shouting at running deer in a farmers field that had live stock on it. Thats how ignorant they were.
  14. misfish


    I went through the same thing one year. I am all set up on private property. Owned by a co worker. I am all jacked up for this hunt. I am sitting in my tree and hear walking. Oh here comes my deer. Turn my head and see a walker in orange. IHe has no clue I am there. As he walks under me I ask what the hell he is doing? He is surprised I am there. He says he has permission. I say the ..... you do. Yes, we have been dogging this property for years now. I ask to see written permission. Dont have that he says. I reach in my pocket and say I do. Turns out they had permission from the owners past father 20 years ago. The son came and told them dont let me catch you guys on here again. Here is the funny part. The next year I am in the same stand and hear the same sound from the same direction as the year prior. I was no ,,,, way, not again. Turn my head and it,s a buck. That was the best sight to see. Well next to him dropping 20 yards after I blasted him. LOL