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  1. Yes. Great European store. A whole mix of everything . Polish,German,Russian and more .
  2. I get some real nice ones come fall . Buy when on sale . With the new smoker,I can probly do enough for the whole winter this fall and some for the folks as well . Yup,I am all giddy. That injection sounds interesting Smitty. Let us know how it tasted .
  3. P6030034.JPG
    I did. Another deal to be had, so, snagged this Big Chief. Dents had no effect on the smoker,but it would seem it was the cause of the discounted price . Oh I am so devilishly sly . All I can say is wow, this thing is going to be so nice to use. No more cutting up ribs in to 3 pieces,or the same with fish. Just throw the whole slab on. 5 racks and huge burner . The only thing I need is to either drill a small hole on top to get my thermometer in it,or buy one of those fancy wireless ones. I am not a nerd nut for these, so might just do the hole thing . Unless someone can convince me different . I will put a few pans of smoke through it Tomorrow and Thursday to season it, then this weekend well,who the hell knows what I am going to do. Oldest boy will get my other smoker. He is happy,as he loves smoked fish and ribs and beef . It will be a learning curve for him, but I know once he gets the hang of it,he will have his river hound buddies asking to have their catches smoked . I love new shiny things.
  4. Thats my job. LOL Albert,put some oil or WD ,on the shaft and the rim area. Let it soak a bit. Over night if you want, that would be better . Then give the rim a few hits with a hammer all around the rim. That should loosen it .
  5. Continuous thunder here a 2 good down pours .. Amazing how many people are outside watching the sky. Fear of mother nature has set in. Parents had that huge cell go over them this afternoon. Pop said it was really wild. nickle size hail in some areas .
  6. Looks like a "dog tiring week " LOL Thanks for the report bud. That tent looks like it has some great room. Like the section off section for the parents. The small room that is. Fresh fish fry,,,,,SWEET.
  7. Seems to be the same owner . They are on FB and Twit https://ontariofishing.com/Boois-Fly-In-Lodge-and-Outpost/
  8. Brad Zoelle https://boatingindustry.com/news/2020/08/12/mercury-canada-names-new-gm/
  9. Thanks brother . Ya,I need to get back to them . Working on a new holder for the cam ,as my new float boat is a bit of a challenge to get rigged for doing vids. I do miss doing them that for sure. Makes for a fun outing. Edit to add,I need to work on my singing voice,it,s been a while. LMAO.
  10. All good here Lew. We have had our share of storms that could of been worse. Feel for the people that lost everything. Strange thing is the alert came and there was only minutes til it happen.
  11. 20210715_151722.jpg
    It started at Mapleview and Essa Rd. Crazy winds that had trees swirling like hula dancers, trees also up rooted from the ground . Gas stations had all their supplies all over the place. Hewitt fruits and veggie stand destroyed. That was before the tornado even formed. I seen a few of their baskets at the bank, 1 mile down the road.
  12. Oh look, it,s ,,,,,,,,whats his name.LOL
  13. Every time you post that boat I droollllll. LOL
  14. Will have to get up there Scott next spring and fly fish for those trout.
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