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  1. All I know is, I got up,the sky was dark, my rod was in hand and I was off to the river. Looks like there's always another day.
  2. Hey Long time there Richy. Hope all is well. Will be up that way Thursday. Thanks
  3. The fall off was a thumbs up with a couple of co-workers. I like the rip the meat off texture. LOL Will give your tip a try next time. Thanks
  4. I just watched the 6 minute reel. There was NOTHING, that contributed to a penalty shot. That was total bull.
  5. That weasel was doing it all night long. After each whistle,he was stick working. If you watched closely,you seen it every time. Weasel = Marchant Notice how slow Charra was and how he never really tried to skate with the puck. Every time on his stick,he quickly passed it away. And Don said it again in not so many words, Freddie is the best. He did look good. In position pretty much 98% of the time. Still do not like his puck handling skills. Very weak.
  6. You do know, Terry fish,s the afternoon shift .
  7. Those refs have to have their heads on a swivel. Fast pace game. Oh, 4 leafs in front of the net and no one see,s the guy coming in. Now that's fast. LOL Edit to add CBC live stream is awesome tonight. Full HD, no blips.
  8. Ya, lets see if they dish it or take it.
  9. Selling to buy a bigger one ? How much bigger have you gott,n there Big Cliff ?
  10. He,s a spitter,not a swallower.
  11. Last game for Hutch ? We,ll see. What the hell happen ?? His 10 game stint last year was awesome. Back to the Marlies I guess.
  12. That happened to my first one. I leave mine in the truck deflated. I guess the one valve closed . It blew so much,my tonno cover was raised up in the middle. DOH. I always let a bit of air out when out on those hot days. Between the water temp and the sun, they expand .
  13. After a couple of hours. These are pin holes, so leak is slow. I do not carry a manual pump, but will be next season. Like I said, these are due to my own fault. The way it was sitting in the back of the truck deflated. The frame was bouncing on the toon and well it made pin holes. I use shoe goop or most recently, blue marine caulking. Both work fine.
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