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  1. JoshS

    What's on your FISHING Bucket List?

    A legit 50 pound muskie would be at the very top of my list. But I should probably move on from that dream and aim for 40lb lol. I would love to be able to average a fish a day on gbay over the course of a season at some point. I remember hearing about skamania in gbay tribs back in the day. I wonder if there are a few still kicking around. Think they were stocked back then somewhere.
  2. Wow. Seriously messed up. I really hope these guys get what they deserve.
  3. JoshS

    Winterize it, time to recognize it

    I've always wondered when adding stabil to your tank, how does it get mixed in with all the gas if you are not premixing? If I'm filling up 70 liters of fuel, I usually add a bit of stabil beginning, middle and end of fill up. Run the boat and hope it all mixes in. But I never really know if the stabil really mixes well with all the fuel. Anyone know? I also store my boat in barn. Mothballs work well for me. I've had a few mouse poops in spring but like 5-10 total at one entry point. Seems like the mice come in and leave. I load my boat with moth balls in all hatches and spaces.
  4. JoshS

    Sta-bil or Sta-bil 360 Marine?

    Does anyone know for sure if seafoam can stabilize to the extent of stabil? If so seems like stabil is inferior and Seafoam is the better product to use. I sometimes run both, seafoam a couple times a year to clean crap out and stabil when I need to stabilize. But I really have no idea what I'm doing lol, in terms of the facts on what actually works the best. Don't like the sounds of what Fisherman says above...
  5. JoshS

    HUGE muskie

    Ya that's unfortunate. Hopefully on the episode they talk about proper catch and release. Now that I watch it again he does get slimed pretty good, could of been a bit smoother for the fish. Bill for sure there's some giants but don't think any one is breaking 60. Mid and maybe the odd higher 50s. I know it's a hell of place to try to do well on. Would love to hear of a 60.
  6. JoshS

    Minn Kota Power Drive 50 - troubleshooting

    They used to sell the V1 footpedals at sail, not sure if they still have them. Ebay might I have a v1 PD and those pedals suck. I keep a half working extra in the boat as backup (this one has barely any power to turn right). Most of the time something goes on the pedal, like ability to turn a direction or constant ON switch etc. But if the whole thing isn't working it may not be the pedal. Maybe try to find someone with that working pedal to troubleshoot. The pedals are fixable to some extent I think. I was able to fix my broken constant on switch as it was a plastic piece worn. But electronics you need to buy the parts. Rocky's in Orillia or Aikmans may be able to help, not sure how the stock is out there for those old pedal parts now a days.
  7. JoshS


    Funny post! Crocs are the best shoes ever invented IMO. My wife hates that I wear them everywhere lol. In my opinion all spring/summer casual footwear should be the same material! Nothing beats the breathability other than no shoes at all, the comfort and that you can run them under the sink for a quick clean and they dry in 5 mins. The first pair I had ($5 knockoffs) lasted me 10 years -I thought they'd never die and used to preach to my city counterparts that they're the shoes that last 100 years and everyone should wear them, who cares what they look like - until I wore through the big toe area on the sole from putting 100000 miles on them. I like the softer plastic knockoffs more as I can control my TM speed easier through the shoe. Best shoes ever invented. I generally wear them from the first spring trip until mid fall, colder days just add merino socks. I really like moosebunks idea of neoprene socks for a rain shoe!
  8. JoshS

    HUGE muskie

    If you know of anyone who's caught a 60 on gbay please share! They are just trying to generate some interest. They could of omitted world record talk though. You can't be mad at the fish hold. That's a real nice fish regardless. That fish must of felt great Lew!
  9. JoshS

    In the market for a rainsuit.

    I used to own the cabelas suit below the guidewear - I think it was called dryplus. Not sure if they still offer it but I put it through some nasty fall days and it kept me dry for 5 years. Summer I like a lighter jacket as I'm not super concerned with staying 100% bone dry. Summer I use a cheap wetskins jacket from costco, light enough for summer and keeps you dry enough. Having a cheapo summer suit will extend life on the expensive suit.
  10. JoshS

    Any Garmin Panoptix fans out there?

    Man this is one category in fishing that progresses fast. Makes me want to hold off buying anything or make a lot more money!
  11. See what happens when you pop the swimbait or give it a quick few jerks/shakes here and there. Straight retrieve then shake the rod every 10 secs or so. Might trick a few followers. Would be interesting to see the reaction
  12. That's cool!! Would love to troll one of these camera's for ski's to see what kind of follows happen.
  13. Great work! Looks like an awesome time. Big pike!!! My wife will do 3-4hrs maybe max and most of that time is reading a book lol
  14. JoshS

    Musky opener....how was it?

    We fished last saturday in the kawartha's. Slow at first but we decided to hop lakes late afternoon. Saw 8 or so, half of them bit. Landed a few, lost one. Largest was low/mid 40"s. Located a giant by kawartha's standards that I have to go back for. We went back for some fish after dark to no avail. The season is upon us!
  15. Nice fish Mike! It was a weird spring. They seemed to be all over the place. We got more snot rockets this year then I've ever seen. On lake O I think most big fish spawned earlier than I thought and left. This year we saw only a few larger fish shallow. Still saw some fish spawing opener lake O as well. Up north fish were scattered too. The biggest fish we saw followed out of 25ft of water casting into open water yet we got some decent fish shallow too. Maybe get out again for a day or two in the late fall.