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  1. Nice one! Yeah good stuff the water temps were still lower... this weekend would of been a different story. Congrats on the gbay ski!
  2. Same thing happened to me last time I took apart a stradic. I ended up sending into Shimano to figure it out lol. They'll probably fix you up for their $25 flat rate charge (if that's what it still is), you'll have to cover shipping to them. I've learned to leave spinning reels to the experts. Baitcasters do myself. So many small parts in a spinning reel!
  3. Boshkung has a fishable walleye population now? I spent a lot of time on those lakes, no walleye or pike seen back then....
  4. Keep them closed. Keep the message consistent and clear for everyone to stay home. Re-opening ramps sends the wrong message. Why do people have to tout about going out and staying away from people? What are you proving? A large percentage of people do not use common sense when leaving their house. Boat ramps are not worth the risk. Everyone still stops for food, gas, etc. Seems there are always two camps of people on this topic. The right things to do now is just stay home.
  5. I know it's off topic but the harbour licence thing bugs me! If you don't renew (because you don't need it that year), they hit you up for previous unpaid years' when you do renew. So I just stopped getting it and cross my fingers when out there. I used to go out more and still do a few times a year, have been for a decade and never was asked for it. But heard of harbour police asking others (probably just jinxed myself lol). I get the benefit of the quick training course to teach boaters the speed limits, restricted areas etc but still seems like a nice little cash grab. Re turning basin, don't think it's stacked with fish but I've heard of the odd fish caught there. It's a deeper basin. Give it a shot, this time of year might be some roaming pike in there. Bomb out a swimbait and see. Might be better off in other areas though.
  6. If motor is full trim down, I have to trim up the slightest to get clear view on the port side. My buddies boat is the same thing. Not a big issue.
  7. Bills Bait in Hamilton 100%. These guys are the best hands down and nice to support a small shop.
  8. It's pretty clear... "you people"... "love our milk and honey"... is going to be perceived as racist. Even if it wasn't intended to be (hard to believe that). I can respect his point about wearing poppies and acknowledgment but he crossed the line. He should just eat his pride on this one and own up to his poor choice of words. Unfortunate but he doesn't get a free pass. I feel bad for Ron though caught up in this, he was probably half listening and getting cued in his ear to cut to commercials or something and gave his standard thumbs up without really clueing in.
  9. Anyone know if all shell 91 is ethanol free? I thought it was only select Shell's. I check the pure gas app and was looking for a place by bobcaygeon last weekend and the shell there doesn't say ethanol free anymore.
  10. I have a few older stradics and the older green symetre. Haven't had to consider a new reel in a long time! Solid reels. I'd get 3000 size so it's more versatile for you.
  11. Ya feels like way more every year. Look at the Odyssey turn out. It's a good thing for the industry but sucks when your lakes see more pressure. Social media has had huge impact on the sport both negative and positive. My dad's side is from polish decent too, but never would think of eating a muskellunge. Maybe if a bear stole my food camping and I only had musky gear...
  12. It does gun it sometimes to get you to the lock spot and in the process the cord sometimes does one wrap around the shaft as motor shuffles to get you on the spot. I noticed it happens for obvious reasons like when hit going fast or windy. We just live with the wrap and unwrap when you take off. I have a PD but my buddy who I fish with got a new rig with a terrova and we fish out of that now... spot lock is a game changer... amazing. I heard the new terrova's have improved spot lock.
  13. I kind of get what you are saying.. the innovation in musky lures doesn't keep up with bass etc, but it doesn't make sense for it to come close if you think how much smaller the market is. The musky sector has grown however a lot recently with a lot more anglers getting into it and some lure innovation from both manufacturers and customer bait makers. There have been a good handful of swimbaits introduced recent years and a swimbait "movement" maybe relative to bass if you consider the breadth of the musky market compared to bass. Musky swimbaits didn't really exist prior. There has also been explosive popularity in custom baits as of recently. So it's there just not to the same level as the bass industry nor should it. Not sure I would like that to be honest. And it's very true that the old proven baits consistently produce.
  14. Looks awesome thanks for putting up all the pics. A trip I've always wanted to do and will one day soon. One of my favourite times' of any camping/fishing trip is the wind down by the fire after a long day on the water. Relaxing just thinking about it!
  15. Nice buddy! We didn't make it back out. Might do some local during the week next week. Hopefully you get back out this weekend.
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