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  1. Sweet write up. Got through a bit and looking forward to the rest. Thanks for sharing and all the detail. Good luck 2021!
  2. JoshS


    Awesome!! The young lad is lucky to have a dad who can show him the way. He's gonna be outfishing everyone soon...
  3. Good luck man. You need good luck to find something reasonably priced at this time. Used boat prices are ridiculous at this time. Great time to sell however. I've been looking most of the year too. I was really hoping to sell mine and take advantage of the market to get top dollar and get lucky finding something used that's reasonably priced. It's like a part time job looking daily and if something does come up reasonable, it disappears just as fast. I'm actually kind of worried about the fishing pressure after covid lol. I remember when marina's opened this year I walked into one to buy some plugs and the guy said they sold all new inventory in a week.
  4. Same experiences here seeing them shallow late year. I just can't remember if that coinciding with a warm front of not. Maybe it did. My logs are spotty or none existent lol I think it was 2016 that I read up on the late season shallow water bite on the Ottawa. I remember because I tried to apply it in the kawartha's on my last trip that year. We broke ice to get out so must of been early Dec. I asked my friend to take the wheel while cruising out of the shallows so I could stand on the deck and scope for fish cruising shallow spooked by the boat. I ended up seeing a few. We then pulled off the edge and I started working it casting way up top and got one nice one to bite (on one of my longest figure 8's ever) Last warm spell I was on gbay fishing on the saturday (day 4 of the warm front - Nov 7), we didn't get any bites but did see two fish off shallow structure throughout the day. The water temps only increased 1-2 degrees through the course of that day. One of those fish was pretty hot to go it seemed, we kind of blew our chance unfortunately. But she was shallow. I think there's a few patterns that go this time of the year. Gotta try it all. Always nice to get rewarded after noodling over what to do out there. Only thing with musky is the rewards on the big waters aren't plentiful enough!!
  5. I think I remember that.. something about working real shallow and inside weed edges late year. Something to explore for sure
  6. Think it totally depends on where and how you fish. 75% of the year I like my open concept boat. But the next boat I'm getting is a full windshield I think. I've fished the full windshield late year and think I'm convinced it's the way to go for me next boat.
  7. My experience has been it can be tough. But the warm spell is a week long, so they might adjust and start moving. Also they gotta eat at some point in a week I'd think! But who knows? For other species... sometimes warm days/few degree hike in water temps can trigger feed mode... but my experience with musky has been tougher days and short windows. But that is pretty much musky fishing in general in the fall. No banger days for myself however during the warm spells. I'm fishing it too. Just gonna give it a solid go and enjoy the nice weather!
  8. Nice one! Yeah good stuff the water temps were still lower... this weekend would of been a different story. Congrats on the gbay ski!
  9. Same thing happened to me last time I took apart a stradic. I ended up sending into Shimano to figure it out lol. They'll probably fix you up for their $25 flat rate charge (if that's what it still is), you'll have to cover shipping to them. I've learned to leave spinning reels to the experts. Baitcasters do myself. So many small parts in a spinning reel!
  10. Boshkung has a fishable walleye population now? I spent a lot of time on those lakes, no walleye or pike seen back then....
  11. Keep them closed. Keep the message consistent and clear for everyone to stay home. Re-opening ramps sends the wrong message. Why do people have to tout about going out and staying away from people? What are you proving? A large percentage of people do not use common sense when leaving their house. Boat ramps are not worth the risk. Everyone still stops for food, gas, etc. Seems there are always two camps of people on this topic. The right things to do now is just stay home.
  12. I know it's off topic but the harbour licence thing bugs me! If you don't renew (because you don't need it that year), they hit you up for previous unpaid years' when you do renew. So I just stopped getting it and cross my fingers when out there. I used to go out more and still do a few times a year, have been for a decade and never was asked for it. But heard of harbour police asking others (probably just jinxed myself lol). I get the benefit of the quick training course to teach boaters the speed limits, restricted areas etc but still seems like a nice little cash grab. Re turning basin, don't think it's stacked with fish but I've heard of the odd fish caught there. It's a deeper basin. Give it a shot, this time of year might be some roaming pike in there. Bomb out a swimbait and see. Might be better off in other areas though.
  13. If motor is full trim down, I have to trim up the slightest to get clear view on the port side. My buddies boat is the same thing. Not a big issue.
  14. Bills Bait in Hamilton 100%. These guys are the best hands down and nice to support a small shop.
  15. It's pretty clear... "you people"... "love our milk and honey"... is going to be perceived as racist. Even if it wasn't intended to be (hard to believe that). I can respect his point about wearing poppies and acknowledgment but he crossed the line. He should just eat his pride on this one and own up to his poor choice of words. Unfortunate but he doesn't get a free pass. I feel bad for Ron though caught up in this, he was probably half listening and getting cued in his ear to cut to commercials or something and gave his standard thumbs up without really clueing in.
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