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  1. BillM

    Vancouver area fishing advice

    Not unless you're way up north on a fly-in.
  2. BillM

    Vancouver area fishing advice

    Google is an amazing tool. http://www.sea-run.com/beach-salmon-vancouver/
  3. BillM

    lake infested with goldfish

    A few hundred really shouldn't be that hard to take care of.
  4. BillM

    A few quick picks

    Awesome man! I never net the big ones, always just grab them. Seem to not go crazy that way.
  5. Really depends on how much pressure you're putting on that fish. You'll get dig in with any line. Anytime I land one, next cast is a bomber to avoid exactly this. Even worse with braid. I run 6-8lb Nano or 8lb Fireline Crystal on my setups. Casts a mile, mends good and hero drifts all day long, lol.
  6. BillM

    This seems like a bad plan to me?

    Better safe then sorry, leave it closed.
  7. BillM

    Salmon in the river...

    Don't forget the marshmellows!
  8. BillM

    Salmon in the river...

    18 comments, 1059 views, lol. If people ever wondered if this site is used to source information, you've got your answer. Be cautious of what you post.
  9. BillM

    Anyone Ned rigging?

    So this is basically what I do with crappie baits when I'm bored and don't bother switching up, lol. Lots of fun, catches everything especially big bass. 2in Lunker City Fin-S minnow on a 1/8 or 1/16oz head. Takes FOREVER to sink, lol.
  10. BillM

    Salmon in the river...

    Who wants to fish Angus though? lol
  11. BillM

    HUGE muskie

    The guys catching monsters on Gbay aren't the sharing kind. They are being caught however.
  12. BillM

    In the market for a rainsuit.

    Pretty much. Best $$$ I've spent was on Cabelas Guidewear. Not cheap, but worth it everytime it pours and I'm nice and dry.
  13. BillM

    Salmon in the river...

    Seems a wee bit too early for browns, but when the rivers swell the fish do what they want, lol
  14. BillM

    Moon River Basin

    If you get the fish back quick they're fine, or you have to fizz them.
  15. BillM

    Ontario fires

    Alban is under evacuation soon as well from what I've been hearing.. Scary stuff.