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  1. One day I'll make it there. Brian, bring the tube I'll tow you around lol
  2. Dave, how far are you from the East Arm with all the good laker fishing?
  3. The city is probably trying to formulate an answer that's not going to offend anyone
  4. Fish those archs!!! You should be able to pick up a manual set of Big Jons or similar. Even old downriggers will work just fine (Some of the old stuff is better made then the new stuff). Get some 12lb balls and you'll be all set.
  5. If you're going to spend any decent amount of time fishing salmon, get yourself a set of riggers. Even manual ones.. You're at a disadvantage without them.
  6. My lawn is starting to turn green again up here in Phelpston
  7. The OPP/MNR will be on your in a hurry when pleasure boaters see you out there with a shotgun, no doubt about it. And these things don't sit still very long either It will be interesting to see how this plays out. I definitely haven't seen many of them this year, some years the Bay seems to be full of them.
  8. Go down to the waterfront today and see how much of that is local crowding It's not. Still out of towners, you think they care about the $100 they're going to drop when they've got nothing else to do?
  9. Those are the marks you need to be fishing. And always run a cheater or a slider. No need to run a stacker, they're a pain in the ass. If you want run one rigger, one dipsy.
  10. 30lb mono for the riggers, 65lb braid for the dipsys, you'll want at least a 10-15lb ball, don't over think it, it's not rocket science. Figure out one thing at a time, don't try to do everything while you're out there at once. Definitely read the reports on Spoonpullers, great resource lots of guys willing to help out. If you see big marks that's where your bait needs to be. Longer into the season the faster the speeds and the bigger the bait.
  11. Would be nice to blast and cast for these out on Gbay. But I'm not bringing them into the boat and I'm certainly not taking them back to land to bury.
  12. Nice LFP has been hot for probably the last month. Have had some great days out of there.
  13. I can't imagine those water temps on St.Clair are good for muskie fishing with the weather we've had these past few weeks. Unless those fish have a tolerance for swimming in soup, lol
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