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  1. The fact that the 14 year old did the stabbing makes me believe he hasn't had a very good childhood.
  2. It's hard to blame Hutch when he's always going in a game #2 of a back to back. Put a team in front of the poor guy. Maybe 1 of those goals are on him. The rest? lol no way.
  3. Check out the Neebing, might be getting a run of steel. Lots and lots of option around TBay.
  4. Colorado is made by Classic Accessories. A lot of those pontoons are. I've got one that I haven't been out on in ages.
  5. There were knives and stuff like that when I was growing up to. I doubt it's much more prevalent these days to be honest, you just hear about it more because of how quickly information passes these days.
  6. Fill tank up, change oil, make sure both the motors are fully down.
  7. If you want fish after fish do a flyin in one of the millions of walleye/pike lakes in this province. Doesn't get much easier then a jig and twister tail. When you get bored of that, pick up your med/heavy spinning rod and cast spoons for pike. Won't find anything easier then this.
  8. It's interesting what a few punches to the face can quickly solve.
  9. Dude you ever need a casting partner for the day let me know. I have the muskie bug but man those fish are just kicking my ass the last few years.
  10. That sucks, but I chuckled a little bit, lol.
  11. I've caught them in GPool, unless those are making their way up from GBay. I can't remember if I've caught one above Big Chute or not.
  12. Nice fish! Tis the season
  13. Looks like someone lit a fire under their ass tonight.
  14. I definitely wouldn't be spending $57 on oil for an ATV. Figure out the specs and buy something without the Honda label on the bottle. As it was mentioned before, Honda doesn't make their own oil. I'm sure there are a tonne of oils out there that meet or exceed the requirements that are a 1/4 of the price.
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