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  1. Has Ottawa moved to Quebec City yet? What's the hold up?
  2. Thanks for the heads up, gotta check! I think it's renewal time.
  3. I like super remote, self guided, choose your own adventure type deals. I'm sure most of mine are chronicled here and on Mikes site.
  4. You'll definitely wanna get in touch with Mr.Borger.
  5. You saw that stupid thing to when you walked into the fishing section eh? lol I just laughed.
  6. You realize you talk about the Leafs more then anyone here right?
  7. The ultimate troll is back! lol! Gotta love hockey season.
  8. Petan for a couple racks of baby back ribs.
  9. You get double protection using Paypal and your credit card. I've never had a problem and probably have done 500+ transactions through them.
  10. So it's time to stop dealing with that company then, apparently they're lacking in IT security, lol
  11. Mike Commodore still trying to be relevant.
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