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  1. GBay muskie opener. No bass gear in the boat
  2. Shouldn't be hard to catch bass on Rice. No need for other people's waypoints.
  3. The Licks/Tim Hortons before Parry Sound is rammed all the time, I wouldn't worry about people having to take a 2 min detour
  4. Spinnerbaits/jerkbaits for pike. Cranks in the evening trolled for walleye as well. Lots of big crappie in there as well.
  5. Stay in the middle of the channel in most places and you'll be fine. What are you going to be fishing for? If you want walleyes, I did real well above Dallas rapids vertical jigging spoons tipped with a piece of worm. If heading towards Dallas be on the look out for a huge rock right in the middle of the channel once you make your right hand turn off the main channel. I stick to the left side when going in, go slow the first time and mark it, then it's nothing to worry about. You'll also want to be careful about half way down the main outlet, there's a bit of a zigzag there. Again, go slow the first time and after that you're golden. I wouldn't waste my time with Canoe channel, but I would head east from the lodge and check out the rapids below the train bridge. Should be able to get into some walleye there as well (Be on the look out for big toothy critters as well) Be weary of the slot on the French, especially for walleye.
  6. Those must have been a riot on the flyord. For their size, I don't think there is a more vicious fish out there. I catch them on full sized spinnerbaits all the time bass fishing.
  7. Fished Sunday, 10 follows, 1 for 2. It was a grind. The problem is all that action happened in 2 separate 10minute windows, lol. Only a 32in fish landed. 18 million boats out and a super hot day probably didn't help things. But that's early season muskie fishing for ya. Looking forward to the Zone 14 opener next weekend.
  8. On bunks? Boat isn't going anywhere. Now rollers is a whole other ballgame lol
  9. Just get a temp plate for it. Simple stuff.
  10. Slow death hooks with little bits of worm. Only thing I've found that consistently works when there's a mayfly hatch.
  11. The spots I'm fishing are structure oriented. A lot easier to pick them apart casting then it is trolling.
  12. So you just bandwagon jump from one team to another? LOL! Awesome.
  13. Casting, 100%. I don't bother trolling until the water temps dip.
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