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  1. I would have LOVED to see this in person, lol!
  2. I'm guessing the boat was hit from behind and launched over the truck, No way that was from a hard stop.
  3. That would be better then what you're using now.
  4. Lots of salmon in Gbay eating cisco
  5. If you've ever launched at Village Marine in HH, you'll know it's a bit tight. I was just pulling the boat out when a lady parks her Toyota right in the middle of the lane to unload her boat that's at the dock. I was assuming she'd see me and back up, or actually use a parking spot to load/offload all her crap. So I gave her one trip to the boat to come back with handfuls of stuff before I asked her to move. She had no idea.. I was there, idling with the boat half out of the water just staring at her. I couldn't do anything but shake my head.
  6. Biggest pet peeve are people loading/unloading the boat while it's on the ramp. Can't handle it.
  7. Spinnerbaits go through weeds surprisingly well. As so spoons like a Johnson Silver minnow.
  8. My buddy who is a mechanic for the CG down in Hamilton uses Kawartha Propeller as well.
  9. That's brutal, but hilarious at the same time, lol!
  10. You're the guy the Minn Kota made the Ulterra for
  11. Huron is loaded with them.
  12. Nice! If it wasn't such a haul I'd bring the oldman down there. Action on Erie this year has been incredible from what I've been hearing.
  13. Nice fish man!!!
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