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  1. Easiest boat to launch, don't even need to use the ramp
  2. It's funny, I couldn't cast with my left arm even if I wanted to. All casting is right hand dominant, doesn't matter if it's spinning, baitcast, float, fly, whatever. I'll happily strip line and reel with my left hand if I'm fly fishing or float fishing or spinning. But baitcasting, gotta use my right hand. Doesn't matter if I'm tossing 1/4oz topwater for bass or Pounders for muskie. Switch is always made in the air before the bait lands. I've been doing that forever, I don't even notice it now. I'm sure it looks odd to some.
  3. I'm going to start a business showing people how to load/unload their boats. The final examination will be at the Tiffin launch with 30k east winds
  4. Nope, it's gotta be in their territory or treaty. Everywhere else the normal FMZ rules need to be followed.
  5. Lots of ramps open. Go see how many boats are off Jordan/Grimsby today
  6. There's no restriction on fishing. If you can still golf, you can still fish.
  7. Boat has been wet a bunch this year. Lake O, Georgian Bay, etc. Love the spring!
  8. Probably not worth it. Do you have 1ft contours? If not then it might be worth the upgrade.
  9. I have zero patience for being held up at the boat ramp. Even when launching by myself I'm in and out in maybe 2-3 mins.
  10. I switch hands in the air with all my baitcasters. I must be doing something wrong
  11. If you want to remove it later, 3M 4200 will work just fine.
  12. Pulled it out of the shop and spent Wednesday on Lake Ontario.
  13. My buddy used a similar tote but instead of downspouts he notched out the tote length wise and put 2in strip of wood wilth a million holes drilled into it down each side. 2 strips of wood fit along with all his muskie baits. I swear there's 10k in that box alone, lol. The strips of wood make really good use of the space. I'll try to get a pic, it's kind of hard to explain.
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