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  1. My thought is the Konrad boys had it easiest out of all the group's.
  2. Liked the show, really don't understand why the US team decided to chase a bluegill around for two episodes. I'm sure they're both great fisherman, but that was such a weak showing. Also, I don't agree at all with the Konrad boys pike that was weighed in. Ganked right in the side, I don't careif the fish swiped at it or not, hooks gotta be on the head somewhere, lol. Also another pet peeve, show was based out of Canada, 3 out of 4 teams were Canadian, finale was in Winnipeg and all the merchandise sold is in US funds on the website. I was going to buy a t-shirt and a hat but that came to $31 or so with $21 US shipping. Nope! Ridiculous.
  3. Yes, outlined by the OFAH. There's a PDF out there that outlines everything
  4. Only issue we had with bugs while floating down the Sutton for 12 days was further downstream in the evenings with the sanflies. 45mins of chaos and it was over. No issues with much else. I wouldn't make that trip in the fall, weather is way too unpredictable. Same goes when we fished the Attawapiskat, bugs weren't bad at all, pretty certain we were up there in June.
  5. Nice! Perfect laker net as well.
  6. I guess the good thing about that river is that if you don't like the conditions, they don't take long to change
  7. River is way up right now. BB'ing is your only option in a lot of cases.
  8. 12 cars? Use the car pool lot and get that down to 3-4.
  9. I remember the oldman pulling the boat with a 76 Monte Carlo.
  10. lol @ attacks fisherman.
  11. I'd like to see tournaments go live release, no moving fish 10 of miles from where they were caught.
  12. Yeah no access to anything. Brutal. A few ruin it for everyone
  13. Not from shore, shore fishing there is now banned due to the constant garbage spread all over the place.
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