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  1. That's definitely not a lake to mess around on. You made a good choice.
  2. Probably the wrong forum to even start this topic on.
  3. Nice man! If I wasn't in the middle of getting my house ready for sale I would have seen you up there. Great spot for a campfire, that nice reef there isn't a bad brookie spot either I'm hoping to get up in August, maybe Sept but who knows. Next spring for sure.
  4. 9 year thread bump. Might be a record.
  5. Uh no, I admit to fishing early season pike and panfish and catching incidental OOS bass. Make another ASSumption my friend.
  6. I'd be fishing every pier on the north shore.
  7. Never caught/saw/heard of a smallmouth being caught when I was a kid. So almost 40 years ago?
  8. Yeah, I remember Opeongo in Algonquin before it ever had smallies in it, lol.
  9. I've never seen bass fishing like I have in NW Ontario, just ridiculous. Locals hate them.
  10. I haven't found an easier fish to catch then a bedding/nesting bass.
  11. He's got a limited no trade clause... Leafs definitely aren't interested in Kessel.
  12. I won't be fishing them if they're on beds, but you know some guys will do whatever they can for those double fisted Facebook and Instagram hero shots.
  13. Buy used, get a US shipping address and go get it.
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