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  1. St.Lawrence produces some big fish!
  2. Great thread man!! I've got T&C on the list.
  3. Some of those units are the same physical size, just have bigger screens. Don't the Helix 7/9 use the same housing? Or is it the 5 and 7? I dunno. I'm going to bring my Helix 12 out on the ice this year, lol.
  4. That guy doesn't sound too bright. Should probably know a thing or two about the sport before talking about it.
  5. I usually use 2/0 Trokar unweighted swimbait hooks with the spring bait keeper removed. Thick wire, super strong and razor sharp. Attach some 40lb flouro as a leader and I'm good to go.
  6. Some of my biggest pike have come on wacky rigged 9in Sluggos.
  7. I'd be fishing smallies right now. Probably the easiest and most plentiful to catch at this time of year.
  8. Nope, just a spotted muskie. Nice fish!!
  9. I've been eating plastic via Pizza Hut cheese for a while. I'm doomed lol.
  10. Change the engine/bottom end oil. Suck up some RV Antifreeze into the livewell, and pump the tires up to 70-75psi so they don't flat spot. Hook up the onboard chargers and toss in some moth balls. Boat doesn't sit that long, usually out of the water mid Dec, back in the water in March.
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