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  1. I hate first or second drift fish! lol
  2. The 'Geen is a shitshow. If you want shoulder to shoulder fishing go there. Still not cold enough for me to make the trip.
  3. I just do my sticker online, I haven't gone into the MTO for anything for quite a while.
  4. Now everyone is fishing the Niagara lol
  5. I'll drop you a PM. I'm still busy chasing muskie lol. Wouldn't mind a morning out for steel though on my old stomping grounds.
  6. I'll take one of those this fall please! Beauty!
  7. Some are, most aren't (At least the ones I'm fishing)
  8. Busiest channel on Gbay without a doubt. It can be insane some days. I was out there on Monday, saw 2 boats in the channel and actually fished a really nice weedbed I've come to known over the years. If you weren't out there super early or at dusk, it's basically unfishable.
  9. That lure has been a salmon killer for ever. Love trolling those in close about 5ft down on the rigger and 50ft back or so for stagers.
  10. Fished it a lot as a teenager as a buddy had a cottage there. Very very popular lake, lots of traffic. Wouldn't be my first choice for a getaway.
  11. If I'm fishing with someone that doesn't fish and is going to net I tell them to do nothing more then to put the net in the water when I tell them and I'll do the rest. My PB smallie is also out of HH, there are some cows out there! Can't wait for turnover to finish then I can start plucking away at the wolf packs. Solo muskie fishing as of late has been interesting when it comes to netting lol.
  12. OPP will be all over that. Hopefully someone has reported it.
  13. Kijiji will be your best bet.
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