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  1. BillM

    Tomorrows Super

    Beauty fish!
  2. I was hoping I'd see a 9'6 muskie rod and Tranx 500 attached to it j/k Lew, gotta love a few rounds of pool!
  3. BillM

    Late Fall Kawartha Crappie & Perch?

    I find crappies move shallower before turnover.
  4. I've caught some giants in the Catt. Always a piss off when you think you've humped into the Zoar only to find giant schools of those stupid things, lol!
  5. BillM

    looking for info on a baitcaster rod

    You could use that as a heavy cover bass rod or a jerkbait rod for muskie/pike without issue.
  6. BillM

    Is your boat ready for Winter?

    Wouldn't that be nice.
  7. BillM

    Kawartha Muskie Report

    Very nice man!! Went 2 for 3 on a Kawartha lake last week. The biggun which was missed was hooked while walleye fishing at the end of the day (Go figure) I'd like to get back out there a few more times before the really cold weather hits.
  8. BillM

    Is your boat ready for Winter?

    Lots of muskie fishing to do still. Boat isn't get winterized just yet.
  9. BillM

    Lund problems 😳

    In that group as well. Like any group, you'll hear a lot from the guys with issues. It's to be expected. My '03 Pro Sport is still going strong. Pre Brunswick boat.
  10. BillM

    Fish identification

  11. BillM

    unintentional foul hooking fish

    John, I get ya and I know where the definition came from. My definition is more of a technique then where the hook ends up
  12. BillM

    illegally introduced walleye

    There's a local brownie stream I fish that's full of crappie. Needless to say the raccoons are very well fed after I leave!
  13. BillM

    unintentional foul hooking fish

    My definition of snagging, is finishing up your drift with a little bit of a hookset. Flossing is tossing your rig out there waiting for something to swim into it. Mouth, tail, ass, whatever. To me it doesn't matter where it's hooked. Still flossing.
  14. BillM

    unintentional foul hooking fish

    That's called flossing. And no you cannot keep the fish.
  15. BillM

    1st year of guiding done.

    One of my big regrets is not guiding when I was younger. Sure you're not much of a guide when you're fishing lakes teaming with walleye and pike, but still it would have been fun.