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  1. Mount the rods reels first. Pointing the tips into the wind is just asking for problems.
  2. Man buns caused Covid-19, I'm sure of it lol!
  3. I'd like spring please. Not ready for mid to high 20 degree temps just yet.
  4. On the Severn yesterday and those buggers were hungry, lol.
  5. I hate tying those things on especially when the light gets low. My fav fly for the exact river Dave mentioned above
  6. Wayne, I'd be happy to buy you a few wobbly pops for that one, lol!
  7. I'm saying find me an example of someone getting a $840 for not physical distancing.. It's a suggestion, not a law.
  8. Your friend is full of crap lol
  9. 4 Blade was great for the hole shot but I lost 3-4mph on my top end. Turn in was good, a lot more bite then the 3 blade I had on there. Currently running a 3 blade stainless. Best of both worlds if you ask me.
  10. My precious will be released this weekend, or maybe early next week. Who knows.
  11. Don't make out with your buddy in the boat and wash your hands, you'll all survive.
  12. Delay the season, that spawn probably doesn't occur until July with those water temps.
  13. I'll lose sleep over important things, not being able to fish while a pandemic plays out isn't one of them.
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