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  1. I'm not, but you can't tell me the first and third goals were good, lol. Combine that with the lack of scoring and this is how you end up losing Game #7 We got beat by the 3rd and 4th line tonight. Like I said, what can ya do!
  2. Spoons, SD/flies and MC Rockets off flashers and clean.
  3. Andersen sure picked the wrong night to let in a few softies. Ah well, what can ya do. At least now I can concentrate on fishing.
  4. We fished Erie a lot when I was a kid and living in St.Catharines... It's scary how fast that lake whips up!
  5. The biggest thing has to be consistency. Call it one way or the other but keep it consistent. Letting one game get out of hand then shutting things down the next makes for crap hockey.
  6. Smallest was about 10lbs. If I would have caught a few in the 3-5lb they would have made their way to the livewell.
  7. I think the fans are blaming that loss lastnight on the lack of effort in the 1st and second, not the refs. Unless you're watching a different game then we all are?
  8. One of the things I miss about not living in St.Catharines anymore is the early season big lake fishing. Born and raised in St.Catharines, the spring salmon derby was my fav time of year. Although living in Barrie gets me access to a lot more water up here, I still usually get the boat wet a few times down there each spring with some browns, lakers and some early kings. Alarm clock went off at 2:30, on the road by 3 at the ramp by 5. 3rd one in the lot, not to shabby. Got everything rigged and ready to go and we were off. Headed west towards Jordan, was thinking of getting out the mast and planner boards but just much work int he dark, so we just stuck with dipsys and the riggers. Well as soon as I could safely turn off the nav lights, all hell breaks loose. Riggers going off, dipsys going off, trying to drive the boat, it was chaos. At one point we had a triple header and one rod sat in the rigger for a good 10mins while we tried to land both our fish. I haven't had a day like this on Lake O in a loooooong time. The girlfriend got all the rigger fish and I got all the dipsy fish, I've reeled in enough salmon she hasn't so she was on rod duty. We got fish on spoons, SD/flies and MC Rockets. I didn't even both to put a body bait down or use the planner boards today. Wolfpacks of 3/4 fish were marked and then the rods would pop. What an awesome day. All kings, biggest maybe 15lb? All really nice clean fish. After a while we stopped taking pics and just tossed the fish back. Bite died at around 11am and that was it. Fun fun day, the gf says her arms are sore, lol.
  9. Need that 3rd period effort all game! Although it's not a Bruins/Leafs series unless it goes 7 I guess, lol! Matthews had that one pass buried..... So close!
  10. We fished out of Port D towards Jordan today, boated probably 20, lost more then I'd like to count. Crazy day out there.
  11. If I knew that I'd also predict the lottery.
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