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  1. Let's not try and compare a fly in lodge to Port Credit, lol.
  2. Search Google maps, you'll easily figure out where you can launch that thing..
  3. Tampa isn't the 2 time defending champs for no reason. They did an amazing job at not letting pucks through to the net. All it takes is one fluke goal to win you a series (Case in point). Some interesting calls by the refs but you can't leave it in their hands. Boys played until the end, back at it in Oct! The team from last year would have folded in this series, I'd like to see a little more beef on the D line, but that's about it. No big changes.
  4. People are probably hitting the pre-filled reply button by mistake. Just a thought.
  5. Yup, the old Stradic FI's are great reels. My newest spinning reel is a Sustain FE
  6. See my reply to your Facebook post as well. Put a water/fuel separator in.
  7. I'd spend the $$ you're going to pay for a new AliExpress special reel on a used Shimano or similar.
  8. Have you tried Google? Lots of information.
  9. Google is showing a bunch of reviews. Probably a good place to start. Make sure you make a trip report when you get back!
  10. Hooks are definitely not the place to cheap out. Kinda like tires
  11. Drop a Yamaha or Suzuki on that boat and you'll probably have a lot less stress
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