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  1. Art, that jet boat sounds fun. Any troots down there?
  2. Haliburton outfitters

    That's a tank! Nice seeing a pic of a fish not being held with straight arms for once.
  3. Us either. Just walked in with the paper work and that was about it!
  4. It's not much work, I think we spent 5 mins in customs when bringing back out Lund from Michigan.
  5. A true bass boat out in GBay? Eh.. Wouldn't be my first choice to be honest.
  6. Tillers are great, but getting out of the weather in them can be tough. If you're doing a lot of crappy weather fishing, you might want something with a full console that will accept a custom stand up top. But as far as making use of the space you've got, big tiller hands down. Easily room for 3 guys or more. I think it really depends on the type of fishing you do, that should dictate the boat you'll wanna go with.
  7. 2017-2018 Hockey Thread

    That didn't last long for the US, lol!
  8. 2017-2018 Hockey Thread

    His wife will like it I'm sure.
  9. Lake Joseph new regs. Help!

    No excuse for not reading the regs.
  10. Anyone here drive a BMW 325i?

    My buddy just got a brand new F150 and in the cold none of the door handles work, lol!! Gotta love it.
  11. Lake Joseph new regs. Help!

    Should have left it the 15th as Sinker mentioned above.
  12. Anyone here drive a BMW 325i?

    Crazy. I've put over a million kms on both a 99.5 Jetta and a '05 Jetta wagon. Both diesel. 99.5 has 610,000kms on it before I parked it and the wagon had 530,000 kms on it before it was parted and I bought my current vehicle. Nothing more then brakes, oil and your other regular maintenance items. I didn't even change the clutch in either car. If you aren't willing to get your hands dirty, a german car probably isn't for you, lol.
  13. Lake Joseph new regs. Help!

    So it opens two days later then last year, lol.
  14. Anyone here drive a BMW 325i?

    This is another thing that's always in the back of my mind, the car doesn't like it and tries to resist.
  15. Anyone here drive a BMW 325i?

    I'm waiting for my airbag to explode and send shrapnel into my face, or the wiring for my blower motor to catch fire and burn the car to the ground Unless then, I enjoy every km I drive, lol.