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  1. Big snakes, aka pike There' s no rapids when you make your way into Elbow. Once you get in there towards the west end you need to watch out for the giant boulders. We slammed into one so hard I thought I broke my face off the front of the boat, lol. We also did Trout lake for a day, that was fun. Nothing giant but lots of fish.
  2. Bump that up to a 7ft med power and you'll have a perfect all around rod for anything.
  3. Yup we fished that. Spent most of our time in the river and giant rocks leading to Elbow. Big snakes and big walleyes (for us at least)
  4. I don't think we pulled a walleye out of there, lol. Hammer handles all over the place though.
  5. There are some big gators leading into Elbow. But watch those boulders, lol.
  6. Not a fan of Cam lake. We portaged into Little Miss daily. Cabin was small but did the job. Not a place I'd ever go back to.
  7. I'd never use that feature, although I guess it could work in a few circumstances. That fact that it's subscription based kinda sucks.
  8. No, you'll want to find the deep basins. Be careful out there.
  9. Going to be slim pickings come spring. Gotta be ready with cash in hand and willing to drive.
  10. Warm water evaporates better then cold water. I installed an Aprilaire 600 in my last house. Pretty simple install but used a proper off/on valve not the one you get in the kit. Any questions just ask.
  11. As big as you can for the front. I'm thinking of Helix 12 for the bow.
  12. I'm sure it would be ok for the 6in auger, especially if you aren't running and gunning. I actually still use mine around the shop, but I got it smoking and popping out on the ice after about 10 holes in a row with the 8in Finbore attached to it If you're doing a lot of holes and running and gunning you want the 996 or updated model.
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