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  1. That will make quick work of the pedals lol!
  2. That's what I'm running now. Also have another pair of older Freestones as backups. Another pro tip. Sheet metal screws for studs in your wading boots
  3. Waders and breathable shouldn't be used in the same sentence. I don't care which set of Simms you get, you're going to sweat if you do any sort of hiking. That being said, Simms are all I've ever had. Sent them back a few times for repairs and no issues. Neoprenes for when it gets super cold out. And you definitely want to layer.. 1. Polypropylene base layer 2. Fleece/wool second layer 3. Your waders. Absolutely no cotton anywhere. Get a set of ragwool/alpaca mitts to keep your hands toasty even if they get wet.
  4. I'd find the deep weed edges and start there. I'll assume the boat you're renting has a fish finder?
  5. Toss it in a vice and get is as straight as possible. Replacement shouldn't be very expensive if you've gotta go that route.
  6. Topwater smallie bite should almost be in full swing right now. Won't last very long though.
  7. Don't believe so as it's not listed in either the East or West UNO districts of Timiskaming. It's also now apart of Temiskaming Shores.
  8. I'd fish the weed edges in the evening for crappie. Little stuff like Lunker City Fin-S plastics tossed to the edge and worked back as been deadly for me. You'll also find crappies pushing bait fish up against the edges and possibly seeing swirls on the surface. The action is usually hot and heavy then it just comes to a complete stop. Small body baits should also work well. I find edges in 12-15ft with access to deeper water are usually the best in the waters I fish.
  9. Do yourself a favour and get EZLube hubs. I'll never have another trailer without them.
  10. Ignore him, that will drive him even more crazy.
  11. Those are some nice Gbay fish!
  12. No problem Brian, glad you can get some use out of it. Did you export waypoints/routes from your old unit? They're stored internally and not on the card. Power up the old unit with the card in it, once booted up, export the waypoints to the SD card. After that, boot up the new unit, let it power on all the way, insert the chip card and it will prompt you to import data from SD card. You say 'Yes' and all should be good.
  13. I don't use an inline fuse with my Helix 5 when I ice fish. Right to the battery.
  14. I've had no issues using PP's this year for fishing. The one I use the most has actually been free Mon-Thurs. No day pass required and free launching
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