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WOW,This is an honor


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Getting my ties out there to many anglers and those that help promote them, and meeting the right people, it has gotten me an invite to next months,June 17th fly tying seminar   at Cabelas here. It will be a bass,panfish and pike tie combination . I have the bass and panfish baits covered and working on a pike one . A 6" dragon tail . A bit of a challenge,but I will have it down come the 17th, I hope.  Now I wonder if they will allow to have a cold one,while tying at the table ? :canadian:

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Had a meeting this afternoon after work with the organizer and the manager of Cabelas. I had thought this would be in the club room were there would be like, 20-30 or so people. Well to my surprise,this will be held out on the open floor in the fishing section. Ya,nothing like having every walker by watching.

Best have my game face on for this now. OH ME NERVES .

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1 hour ago, misfish said:


Many moons ago I gave a presentation about fishing to a pretty big crowd, who got time off from work to attend the thing.  (It was one of those "team building" things that people put on back in the 90s.)  Not everybody was all that interested in fishing, and I realized that before the event.  So yes indeed I had a thermos there with some "TEA" in it that was actually rye and water......😉


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