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  1. Mr. Nobody did it, but I just went to get one of my favorite rods and found that the tip has been broken off. I want to repair it but haven't done one before. Any suggestions on where to buy a new tip and what is the best adhesive to use. Can you order spacific diameters? If so, how much tolerance between the od of the rod and the id of the tip.
  2. Wow, that is an excellent link, thank you!
  3. This looks like it just might do everything I need, it's only for occasional use, ice fishing and a few trips this summer I am going to order one and play with it a bit. Can't do better on the price, I checked Amazon and even Garmin's own website. That $229.99 is by far the best price I can find for the unit and the freight is only $20.00 so I will just have it shipped to me. Thanks for all the replies, if I was going for a mountable unit I would be going with the Helix as it is a great looking unit! I will let you know what I think after I have played with it a bit.
  4. I am looking for a portable fishfinder/gps and looking for some suggestions. I don't need anything too fancy but some base charts would be nice. Or if anyone is upgrading and has a used one they want to part with for a reasonable price I might be interested in that.
  5. Well I am pleased to report that I got a full refund, it took some doing but I had all the facts on my side including security footage of FedEx delivering the package at 1:22 the day before it was supposed to be. Even my credit card company was in the process of launching a dispute on my behalf but it seems a complaint with the BBB was the incentive for them to issue the refund. 😁
  6. I would love to get into one of those hunts, have 12g and willing to travel
  7. The biggest problem is that they are so powerful that when they do attack they do serious damage.
  8. It just keeps getting better, turns out Wholesalelobster AKA East Coast Lobster is nothing but a broker. They make it look like you are getting it shipped from Nova Scotia when in fact it was shipped from a seafood place in Kitchener. Total scam!
  9. Ugly mug but nice pictures 😊. If you get up this way stop in, got some sample jigs I would like to see if you can replicate.
  10. Well, i did finally hear back from them, a whole lot of "FedEx isn't reliable, sometimes they deliver in one day, sometimes in two days" so they decided to ship it on the third. So much for next day delivery. They did finally offer a partial refund at least but I am still out of pocket for something I had to throw in the garbage. We'll see if they follow through on that. Anyway, lesson learned, next time I will read all the reviews then shop locally.
  11. Well, I wanted some live fresh lobster so I ended up ordering from East Coast Lobster, their website shows Nova Scotia so great, Canadian company. I ordered on line Oct. 3 and selected delivery for Oct. 5 as I knew I would be out of town on the 4th. I got home this morning and there is my package sitting on my front porch. I checked my security camera and it was delivered yesterday at 1:22 pm so it had been left sitting out in the heat for about 18 hours. The ice packs were nothing but water and the smell was enough to make you hurl. Oh, and so much for it being fresh from the East Coast, the shipping label shows it was shipped from Kitchener. I tried calling them, no answer, left a voice mail, no call back, sent an email, no response. Looks like I am out $250.00.
  12. I dehydrate some every year and use it in soups and sauces all winter.
  13. No, we went to Temple Bay which is near Dryden but it's a two day drive, chapleau is only about 8 hours drive.
  14. A few weeks ago Madjack contacted me regarding an opportunity to go on a trip to Temple Bay Lodge up near Dryden. I decided to go and boy am I glad I did. First I have never been on a fishing trip that was better organized; Everything from where we would eat, at what time, to who would drive and when was pre planned. Jack didn't miss a thing, motels and restraunts had all been carefully chosen based on years of experience. The lodge was wonderful, we did the American plan and the portions were huge, in fact we had to ask that they gave us half portions because we just couldn't eat everything and neither of us like to see food going to waste. The fishing was incredible, walleye, lake trout, bass, pike, muskie, and perch, and the numbers were nuts. The guides were the best I have ever seen, knowledgeable, competent, attentive, I have never been treated that well ever before. I have been fishing for a long time but these guys taught me a lot! They are truly pros! Anyway, this trip will be one filled with wonderfull memories and set the standard for trips to come.
  15. Well, the trip is on and the fishing is beyond belief. Yesterday was 70+ walleye, pike, and jumbo perch. Today was laketrout, 30 plus fish in about 4 hours of fishing, the biggest problem we had was trying to find some smaller fish, right now we are allowed 1 over 22", ( no problem there) and 1 under 22", best we could do was 2 under the 22" and that was stretching it. I have seen some good fishing in my time but I have to say I am impressed!
  16. Thanks John, going to have to wait until I get back from this trip but I saved the link😊
  17. I have a Rapala electric. Didn't believe in them until one day crappieperchhunter and I came home with a bucket of crappies. I have fillited so many fish I can almost do it blindfolded but he pulled out his electric. The two of us started out side by side and I was blowen away, he was cleaning 3 to my 1 and doing just as nice a job. The next day I went to CTC and bought one. It took a little practice but I love it so much my son and son-in-law now have them as well and use them all the time. The trick is to let the knife do it's job and I can assure you there is less waste than with a regular filliting knife.
  18. I am looking to buy some live lobster between 15 to 25 lbs depending on the price. I would prefer 1- 1 1/2 lb size and female if I can choose. I might be able to go as much as 50 lbs depending on price. Need them delivered to lindsay or pick up in the GTA. Anyone got connections or trusted sources?
  19. Loblaws has whole brisket on for $3.99/lb.
  20. Please share your recipe for the Indian Candy.
  21. I know Doug, but things have changed, I don't have access to the property up North anymore and I really don't have a place to use it down here. Funny, I checked the odometer and its only just over 30km, most of my time was spent on the water using the trolling motor.
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