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  1. We got missed, just turned a bit dark
  2. The 2 for $5 guy in Barrie that ties flies! Mr B, can’t get more Canadian than a Rock guy.
  3. Welcome back. Enjoy your new place. A
  4. This is strange one! When we clean the lint filter the dryer flips the breaker. When the filter is dirty it runs fine. Just cleaned it and it ran for 5 minutes and it flipped it.
  5. Where have the days gone when we could drive/walk to a river fish with simple equipment and go home. Now we need help!!! Wayne guy is in the Temog country by now. Terry needs help. Mr B help him out.
  6. My son in law is the GM at the CT and he suffered more damage up in Brooklin.
  7. Glad you are safe Lew. It came quick for sure. We lost power for a few hours. Never bothered starting the genny. Lots of roof and fence damage our way. My daughter in Brooklin lost her 10x10 gazebo and furniture at the bottom of the pool. The last storm 3 years ago the shed went in the pool!!!
  8. Now you have camper! A blow up mattress lol!!!!
  9. It had people on Kijiji ask for phone number and never called. Had one buyer actually pay me $10 more than asking because I held it for him. probably sold my phone number to some duct cleaner.
  10. You are the Michelangelo of bugs. The Leonardo DaVinci of flies. Very soon you will not have to go to the river. As they say; “Build it and they will come.”
  11. Terry, you could ask Misfish to fund you. But I know what he would say! “Fund yourself”. it does sound like a great adventure for sure.
  12. Good advice Dan. I gave up my trade (Typography) in December after 50+years. What I was taught and also taught other is no longer valid with technology and buttons. No skills at all, today ads last seconds on a phone. My work lasted months if not years in print form in magazines or newspapers. When I open a paper from the 70s and one today, there is no comparison. We came from a different era. In my case, I’m in the works with a few others across Canada building a website and archiving those days and artefacts. As for cars, looks like they are only made to last so long. No more driveway repairs I did. hard to find a dipstick today. Lol
  13. Peacock in the smoker next, you know where they live. Nice rims.
  14. Better than 2 for $5. Looking good mr B.
  15. That’s great. Dan, I have four daughters and they all have kids 1-13 (10) they donate all of the outgrown clothes and anything else others can use. My wife has been donating to CP for 30+years. Nothing has ever gone in the garbage.
  16. Yours B, are “organic,” made locally with lots of TLC, and a cold one. Field tested by many satisfied fishers. Well worth the extra cost.
  17. good for you Dan. 🙏❤️❤️❤️
  18. Here we go, 2 for $7 is coming. 🤣
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