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  1. Looking for some advice on installing Garmin Livescope Plus on my LUND 1625 FURY XL boat... I am purchasing a Minn Kota Terrova trolling motor with iPilot and was thinking about mounting the Livescope transducer on the MInn Kota, but the perspective mount can't be installed on the shaft as the shaft needs to move to go into the "stow" position. I could do a barrel mount for down and forward views, but my concern is if I use the Terrova with Spot Lock, the Livescope transducer would be moving with the motor keeping the boat in the Spot Lock position. To me, that wouldn't work for viewing Livescope. My other option is to use a pole to mount the transducer to. Pole kits that I have researched are pretty expensive. I have seen some plans for DIY pole kits, which may be the way I go...if I do, I am looking at deployment options, I have seen using RAM mounts for the pole and mounting the Livescope transducer at 0 degree angle. It would be nice to utilize the LUND track system for the pole mounting... Looking for opinions, ideas... Thanks Duke
  2. I agree with Fisherman, but Dan has a good point. There are some responsible people on the water on jet skis, not many. Slow down if you see someone fishing or avoid that are entirely. Unfortunately, most people won't do either of those things. They are city people up for the weekend and have no respect for other people on the lake/river. It's gotten to the point where it's not even worth trying to fish on the weekends.
  3. Upgrading from a Minn Kota Powerdrive 45lb trolling motor and looking at a Terrova 55lb 12v or a Terrova 80lb 24v with iPilot I have a LUND 1625 FURY XL SC and am deciding between the 55lb and the 80lb Terrova...I have a 45lb Powerdrive right now and I def want to go bigger, but not sure if the 80lb would be too much for my boat. The price diff between the 55lb and the 80lb is not much, the biggest thing is the 12v one battery vs the 24v two batteries...my battery compartment at the bow for the trolling motor has a holder for the battery, but I think it is just for a single battery, although there is room for two batteries in the compartment. thoughts?
  4. I need to get a replacement cover for my LUND 1625 XL SC with trolling motor. My cover was damaged in the May storm. From what I am reading 600D is what most covers are made out of for material... I have read positive and negative about having a boat cover go over the outboard motor...I would like to protect it from fading in the sun when not in use. Any suggestions close to Peterborough? Thanks!
  5. anyone know of a 55lb 12v Terrova for sale with iPilot? Hard to find right now with the shortage of Minn Kota's...
  6. ya, that's what I thought as well, but that means stepping up to at least a Terrova if I want iPilot and Spot Lock.
  7. I definitely fish more from the front of the boat and cast to weeds and shoreline.
  8. Looking to replace my Minn Kota 45lb Powerdrive V2 with either a 55lb Powerdrive or Terrova with iPilot. I think the Powerdrive with iPilot does not come with a foot pedal, just the remote...is that a big deal? I like using the foot pedal, not sure about remote only option. Also, the Terrova is hard to get right now... Thanks
  9. Anyone fish Cameron Lake near Fenlon Falls for Bass? Areas to fish, where to launch? Thanks!
  10. Hey everyone, Have never fished Lower Buckhorn Lake, can someone tell me where to launch close to any good Bass fishing areas? Thanks!
  11. Where to put in on Pigeon River? Is there lots of boat traffic? Thanks
  12. Got a new kayak, well new to me. Bought a lightly used Wilderness Systems Pungo 120. will be putting a couple rod holders on for a rod and a net. any advice on small lakes, rivers/creeks to fish near Peterborough would be appreciated. Smallmouth, Largemouth Bass would be main targets. Thanks!
  13. I am looking for the same in the Kawarthas area...something secluded where I can take my own boat with minimal boat traffic (sea doos, speed boats) with decent Bass and Walleye, Pike fishing. Would be willing to pay for access to "private" lake...
  14. when and where is the Mississauga bass masters spring swap meet?
  15. Also looking for a trip for this summer within driving distance of Peterborough ON. Would like to take my own boat (16' LUND 40hp), but would consider renting... Looking for a remote lake with NO Seadoos, water-skiers or cottagers...just fellow anglers. Main fishing species, Largemouth/Smallmouth Bass, Walleye. Will take big NP, Muskies. Recommendations appreciated... Thanks!
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