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  1. I like this one a lot Brian.
  2. TIPM module corrosion is terrible on those vehicles. Bad ground or 5 volt reference. All sensors use a reference voltage as battery charging system fluctuates . The computer sends 5 volts to each sensor. Bad connections at the computer due to years of corrosion is most likely the cause.
  3. Farm Boy is owned by Empire Company since 2018. Empire also own Sobies, Longos, Foodland and a bunch of others. Also Grocery Gateway and Voila delivery services. Like Farm Boy for fruit and veg, some meat and baked goods. Seems like they have some of the freshest produce and partly because its a much smaller store and you can get around it faster. However, I'm sure that it's same sources as Sobies etc. Still buy staples and canned goods elsewhere.
  4. Really like that Brian.
  5. Perfect, except, you know what I am going to say.......🙂
  6. Saw it regularly on flyovers Lew when we lived down by the lake in Burlington. The sound of those engines in unmistakable. I believe it costs around $2500 for 45 min fly around. You up for it....?
  7. Doesn't matter if you are an actor, sports phenom or rock star your millions will soon be gone living the lifestyle with no money management. Many have made their millions, lost it, made it again and lost it again, the music industry is full of them.
  8. You know I'm a fan of going smaller right?
  9. What size and type of hook Brian?
  10. Cliff, my local community has a foraging course that specializing in mushrooms that I am going to take over the Winter. I'm sure that there will be something similar close to you.
  11. If you are "sat" in one spot and the wind is blowing a one piece with hood is the dogs cojones. I have a Mustang two piece snowmobile suit and I love it for comfort, however, it does not have an integral hood so if this is important to you bear that in mind. Just a personal opinion but I would buy one a size larger so you can layer underneath and still be comfortable. I haven't done it but I know a few that have tested theirs in a pool or at the lake to give them a piece of mind that these things will actually keep you afloat.
  12. I have my own strong opinions on this tragedy. Who was actually driving, alcohol, speed and of course MONEY to afford the legal council of Greenspan...... and have had from the start of the investigation. I have no wish to share them in detail here as this is the type of thread that goes South quickly. 'Nuff said!
  13. Ya know what. I think that this thread has run its course and then some.
  14. Yeah we have stayed in that one and other cottages at Mashkinonje many times. It will be interesting to see how the new owners manage it.
  15. Will be in that cottage for a week starting Saturday 4th. Hope you left it tidy..😁
  16. Never did very well on Walleye. Muskie on top water or spinner baits. Drop shot worked well for bass. Watch out for the idiots tearing through the narrow channels. In a canoe you will be quite vulnerable to getting tossed by big wake.
  17. Ya know what guys, at 68 I don't put off anymore. Yes lumber prices are/were at an all time high but life is short and as far as we know we only live this life once. Just finished this and I swallowed hard and paid the CC bills for the lumber and other materials.
  18. LOL, one of my senior techs told me he needed a bigger hammer. I was about ready to chastise him until I actually saw why he needed a bigger hammer.
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