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  1. There was a restaurant in Halifax (might still be there) called Five Fisherman, or a similar name. They had a mussels bar, all you can eat mussels if you ordered any entree. I believe they may have lost money on me...........<<<<BURP>>>>>😎
  2. Or chop some TOFU into it! Or add cooked textured vegetable protein!!! (Can you tell I am not a fan of feta cheese?)😣
  3. Yesterday I was fishing for perch on ten inches of pretty good ice, but left when the wind hit about 50 kph. This morning that ice is GONE.
  4. How does this happen? The two most common elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity. Hydrogen was not involved...........
  5. Genz Worm Jigs........ 10 thousand perch and counting................since some time in the 90s, and including Cook's Bay. Tip it with a perch eye.
  6. We used to SPEAR suckers in the spring and feed them to the pigs........but that was a long time ago.................and man, was it fun! (Alcohol may have been involved.) 🙄
  7. Welcome back, bud. It is said that time heals all wounds, which is not true, but a bit of rear-view mirror reflective is a good thing. Doug
  8. ..........right up to bug season............😉
  9. That worked, OIM. Venison that has been grain (or corn) fed, and properly cared for after it has been shot, will taste very much like lean beef. Deer that mostly eats browse and mast (acorns etc) has a different flavour, which I would describe as richer. You would notice a difference between that and beef. Deer that the hunter has handled poorly in the field will taste "gamey" and in some cases is completely unpalatable. Failure to clean it right away, or cut out badly shot-damaged tissue, or allowing the carcass to stay warm, either by not skinning it or storing it when the temperature is too warm, all these things can make for pretty crappy venison. If a carcass smells bad, there is nothing a butcher can do to rescue it. BTW you can tell your lady friend from me that 26 years is one year more than a life sentence. 😉 Doug
  10. Is that a Traeger? I have been thinking I need one of these..............
  11. It is absolutely illegal to barter fish and wildlife in Ontario, and I was just joking. But you are free to GIVE somebody a taste of whitefish...............😎 Doug
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