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  1. Well, back somewhere in the last 153 pages...............😉 I use this commercial product: https://www.stuffers.com/products/stuffers-bacon-dry-rub-cure-1kg Cut the t-loins into pieces about four inches long, and put the pieces Into a covered tupperware container. Sprinkle with the cure at about the amount suggested per kilo of meat. (Maybe a hair less) Turn the pieces with a fork so you get cure on all sides, cover, and into the fridge. Every 12 hours or so, rotate the pieces about a quarter-turn along the long axis. Leave in the cure for at least 48 hours, 72 is about right. Rinse the t-loin pieces with cold water and pat dry. Sprinkle liberally with brown sugar, on all sides, pressing the brown sugar into the meat. Let it sit out about an hour to set up, then into the smoker for two pans of maple chips. Last time I was out of maple and used cherry, still turned out excellent. Slice it about 1/4 inch thick and pan-fry. Because it is VERY lean, I put a little bit of bacon fat or margarine in the pan when I cook it. It also freezes very well.
  2. Pork t-loin makes the most excellent bacon, I call it bacon candy. "THEY" said you can't make bacon out of tenderloin, well you most certainly can! And it's delicious! Doug
  3. Says the guy who is working 24 hour shifts right now............. a PICNIC? Maybe a picnic where you are attacked by a mother bear and her three yearlings..........😉
  4. We were three, of whom one had no driver's licence and the second (as it turned out) was a TERRIBLE driver and was falling asleep after two hours in the saddle. Driving through the night would have killed all of us, I am sure. BTW I don't plan to go on a major fishing trip with either of those guys EVER AGAIN. 🙄
  5. Pictures show a solid splashwell, yes, but methinks the outboard is going to wallow in the waves. That was on an 18 foot tiller model for sale by some marina. Funny enough, every once in a while I think I might let my beloved Sylvan go and get something newer. Stanley sure looks attractive, and thanks for that. Doug
  6. Interesting boats, but they appear to have a very shallow transom? I'd be worried about waves coming in over the transom, especially if back-trolling? Doug
  7. I wrote f a r t not jerk, BTW...
  8. I was going to reply until I saw Bunk had done so already, with his in-depth review (and with which I agreed when I read it and probably still would). And yes, I have owned a pile of boats, various hulls and designs, and would not have a boat unless it was a tiller. But then again, I am an old cranky jerk like Fisherman..........😉 Doug
  9. Three of us flew out of Nakina. We drove up from southeastern Ontario in my F250 diesel Super Duty extended cab with an 8 foot box. Lots of room for cargo, but........... I would NEVER make that drive again, unless I had a minimum of three days, preferably four. It's too hard on the body, and even with good buddies, all that time cooped up in a truck is hard on the nerves. And an extra night or two in a motel, with meals on the road, adds up as well. The extra few hundred bucks to fly would have been well worth it. Doug
  10. WOO HOO!!!!! Anyways, I missed both...........
  11. I missed those specials! What store was that, out of curiosity? Doug
  12. Very cool, Dave, and thanks for sharing. Doug
  13. Who knew that a tattoo parlour was such a lucrative business! 🙄 Or I suppose there are OTHER ways to finance such a boat................
  14. tagged to see outcome............
  15. Life is about sacrifices, for sure. But remember, vegetables are what FOOD eats! Doug
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