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  1. All true, and especially PATIENCE. I am not patient enough to be a baker, except for the real easy stuff! Doug
  2. Looks awesome Brian! Now with a glass of red wine..............
  3. I was getting tired of re-heated meals that I put in the freezer when all this covid crap started, so I said to the wife that I would like to order a pizza tonight for a change of pace. We have take-out food less than once a month, on average, but I do like the pizza from the one small pizzeria that is in our neighbourhood. ANYWAYS, a number of her friends had been telling her about this Middle Eastern restaurant maybe a mile and a half from our house, so I said OK, go for it. Buy local and all that, I'm good with this. So if I never eat shoe-warmer chicken again it will be too freakin' soon. Succulent, moist, tender chicken blah blah blah in their advertising, crap, the chicken was as dry and tasteless as cardboard. I don't eat most of the sides that came with this monstrosity, hummus, garlic sauce, a salad-looking plate covered in muck.... What a disappointment! But on a positive note, the pita that had been wrapped around the shoe-warmer was quite good with a bit of margarine on it. Next time I won't be talked out of pizza! Doug
  4. Those bones and skin etc will make a wicked soup!
  5. Hmmm. I don't generally buy ground meat because I have ground venison. But I did buy some of the lean ground beef/pork mix a year or two again and I thought it was just fine. I know I made a meatloaf out of some of it, or maybe I made two meat loaves and froze one. I do recall there was slightly more shrinkage than I would have expected with commercial ground meat - there is very little shrinkage with ground venison - but I thought the flavour and texture were just fine. Don't believe I ever bought ground pork except one time I needed one more pound of pork for a bunch of venison sausages, and I bought ground pork. And it wasn't cheap!!! Doug
  6. Looking good, Brian. I have never used pecan for smoke wood, never seen it for sale I don't think. I agree with apple for sure, but I don't recall doing turkey pieces either. They look delicious! Doug
  7. Beef/pork blend? I see it is on special at Food basics right now. I'd have bought some but have no freezer space..........
  8. I did not know that you were in the Masonic Lodge!
  9. Not sure why I am not getting notices when new posts are put on here..........
  10. Holy cats Brian,I get tired just READING this! Doug
  11. Please send address, I will be there tomorrow for lunch.....😋 Doug
  12. I love the hull design of the older Starcraft boats. They can take a lot of water.
  13. A stout cardboard box should be just fine. I use a thick cardboard box over top of my electric smoker when it is really cold or really windy (or both of course). That is a hot smoke, so there would be less moisture than a cold smoke but it should still work just fine. I sure as hell would not use plastic. Doug
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