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  1. But you have a suspicious looking face...........😉 Doug
  2. That was worth the read, thanks Smitty. Bigger coyote = bigger target......... Doug
  3. This week's project is pork tenderloin bacon. I made this once before and posted it here I believe. Bacon candy! 🤤 Doug PS) Found it, posted on 23 Aug 18, page 116 on my page view.
  4. back to ketchenany again..........I remember when you posted that a while back, and OIM remarked on it. Do you have a "root cellar" underneath the front porch, where you hang them?
  5. Those are very good looking sausages. If you can make a fresh sausage that well, you can for sure make salami, summer sausages, etc etc. Doug
  6. back to ketchenany............why do you use the string bags on those ones? Doug
  7. I use the coarse plate for grinding the meat, and no plate or blade for stuffing, just the sausage attachment. I did have one batch of summer sausage that was too fine a consistency, it was more like liverwurst. That one if memory serves me I used the medium plate and the binder/cure was really sticky - the meat hung on to my fingers like balls of snot. It tasted fine, but the consistency wasn't right. That one was Canada Goose breasts I am pretty sure. The meat has to be properly prepared for the grinder as well. If the grinder has to work too hard you will end up with a finer grind. HTH
  8. If Fisherman and misfish are giving you advice I reckon it will be right on the money. BUT............ It's not that hard to make it yourself, and you can be sure that what you put into the sausage mix is what you are eating....Even a hand grinder can cut up your meat, and you can mix it by hand, and it is possible (but sub-optimal) to stuff the casings by hand. Buying an inexpensive electric grinder, with sausage stuffing tubes, will give you years of use if you are gentle with it, and now you can make your own burgers, fresh sausages (cased and country style), pepperettes, salami, and so on. Hi Mountain makes decent kits if you go that route, or you can buy all of the supplies from Halford's in Edmonton. https://www.halfordsmailorder.com/food-equipment-and-supply Doug
  9. I think most of us who have been ice fishing for years, or decades for many of us, have had at least one experience where we went through the ice, or somebody with us did so. Being prepared for that eventuality is what separates good stories from bad ones. I have the opposite problem from my old buddy "Fisherman", the one piece suits don't fit me because of somewhat (ahem) shorter legs. I bought a Salus set of bibs a couple seasons ago, and LOVE them. http://www.salusmarine.com/productcat/coats-suits/ AND they are made in Canada: http://www.salusmarine.com/information/made-in-canada/ I have several floater coats (and a full floater suit) and my preferred top is a surplus "parka, naval shipboard" made by Mustang. It is not hugely warm, but I wear layers, and it IS flexible. Some of the older floater coats were like wearing a couple sheets of plywood. Doug
  10. I hear you loud and clear Cliff. There are some hard miles on this body, and you might have a similar experience. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Pretty much any day above the grass is a good one. Doug
  11. It's still deer season here. Not ready for the hard water yet! Simon, if you took up hunting, you would have lots to do in October/November (grouse, migratory birds, moose, bear, deer) and April/May (if there are wild turkeys where you live, and a spring bear season.........) But yes it would be good to set the hook into a crappie or two! Doug
  12. I had forgotten about that! Haven't done that since some time in the early 80s.........
  13. Thanks Dave. But honestly, ANY corn bread out of a 12 volt cooker has to be awesome.............I giggle just thinking about it! Like I said I just wish I had known about these cookers before all of my big road trips over the last decade or so. Kingston to the Yukon and back, Kingston to the west coast of Vancouver Island and back, east coast five times I think including Newfoundland this past summer. Lots of times I was too tired to do much for supper so I had a cold salami and cheese sandwich. 🙄 THINK of the possibilities! Doug
  14. Dave, thanks for that link. I went to my local Cdn Tire and bought the last one they had. I would be interested in your 12 volt corn bread recipe! Doug
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