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  1. They are not raisins, Brian. I would not eat a caper all by itself, but I really think they are excellent with smoked trout in particular. I have served that to dozens of people, who seem to have agreed. Give them another try, remember that TV ad from the 60s or 70s, "Try it, you'll like it..." Doug
  2. Capers. Like these: https://www.bonappetit.com/story/what-are-capers Smoked fish, cream cheese, and capers on a bagel, yum yum. I mix the smoked fish and cheese together, then stir in about a tbsp of capers and stir a bit more. Very toothsome. Doug
  3. I can practically hear my sphincter SCREAMING for mercy............😮
  4. Interesting video. Where did they say they don't use nitrates? I did not catch that.......... Doug
  5. There's a hundred feet of stove pipe there, Dave!!!
  6. If you are going to do bacon (back bacon or side bacon) you need a curing salt. PERIOD. If you don't use a curing salt, you can have smoked pork loin (most delicious) or smoked pork belly (not my idea of a good time), but you won't have bacon. As for chips, for bacon I use hickory. Doug
  7. I have been off-line mostly for the last few weeks. Back to Brian, I generally use apple chips for smoking pork. And I often marinate the pork in apple juice, garlic, and maple syrup before smoking. Smoked roast pork loin is FABULOUS. Doug
  8. Yes, very close to Perth, between Rideau Ferry and Perth. Don't recall if they have electrical sites.
  9. Luhr Jensen Little Chief. And then send me a note for my bacon recipes.......😉 I think I have posted one or two of them here, but not positive about that. Doug
  10. WOWZA!!! You're a machine, Dave! Doug
  11. John Slade, RIP indeed. I fished with him a number of times, what a great guy! Doug
  12. "Free advice is often worth what you paid for it." 😉
  13. All you have to clean in an electric smoker is the racks. Before you use that smoker for the first time with food in it, you should put a couple pans of smoke through it EMPTY to burn off any chemicals/solvents/etc from the manufacturing process. Doug
  14. Yes, guilty as charged sir. Me too. I have done whole chickens before, just never tried that big a bird and was worried that it would be burned on the outside and raw in the middle. The thigh temp was higher than I liked it, but the breast temp was not up to "cooked" for about 15 minutes longer. But even the drumsticks were fine, nothing dried out. And I made a lovely GRAVY out of the pan juices!!! Doug
  15. First time for me, yesterday I cooked a whole turkey (12 pounds) in the BBQ, Brushed it all over with EVO, added a bit of Montreal Chicken Spice, put it in an aluminum roasting pan with two cups of chicken broth and some Cardamon seeds, and left the two outer burners going, middle two off, for a couple hours. Temp gauge on the BBQ read about 375 F. I put aluminum foil over the bird for the second hour. It came out beautiful golden brown and moist meat. And no heat in my kitchen! And no, I did not take a photo, never thought of it until I was already carving the bird...............
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