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  1. The fishing (and eating) sound great, but that HEAT is not my cup of tea. Better minus thirty than plus thirty any day! I hear that Crow Lake has some tasty fish in it............😉 Thanks for posting! Doug
  2. Here's some gear for you lads that like heavy tackle. And please forgive me if it has already been posted, I had not seen it before. Doug Peche_Savoir-faire_pour_survivre(1).mp4
  3. My tracked Argo has a top end of about 10 mph............🙄
  4. Once you are old and arthritic, you will appreciate a two piece suit. And unless you are nick-named Horsey, you might find that it is easier to take a leak when wearing a two piece suit. (I am thinking here of male anglers...) Salus has top-notch stuff, and they are Canadian as mentioned above. I have their floater bibs, and an older Canadian navy surplus top. When that top's time is done, I will be buying a Salus top to replace it. I have not tried the FXR floater stuff, but have a pair of their rain pants (bibs) and I am delighted with them.
  5. I agree completely. But it seems the data are suspect.......
  6. I did read the whole article. I consider it highly likely that the blame rests with unregulated commercial fishing, especially by vessels from countries who turn a blind eye to conservation. I am not saying that "climate change" may not be a factor, but the much more likely culprit is over-fishing. JMOYMV
  7. nice to read a story with a happy ending. Doug
  8. Trust me, retirement is a good thing! And one of these years, you and I might get a chance to have a chinwag in person! Maybe on a lake!! Safe travels! Doug
  9. I bought an Alumacraft Escape 165 this year and I am DELIGHTED with it. Mine is a tiller boat. Fabulous ride, roomy layout, and a 40 hp Yamaha pushes it as fast as I wish to go in a fishing boat. I would have bought a Starcraft or a Lund if I had found the model I wanted for the money I was willing to pay, but I am very pleased with this purchase. Doug
  10. maybe he is from Russia and wants a good spot to avoid the draft...............
  11. I am delighted it worked out for you! Doug
  12. Might be a long commute from wherever you are. Sounds like, nowhere near here............ Interesting first post......
  13. He did not have a dozen hats like his fishing partner, so he turned one around to make a second one...😉
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