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  1. Yes, a boat for sure. I have set prawn traps for spot-tail prawns in a bunch of places off the coast of Vancouver Island. SIX BUCKS A POUND, you are making out like a bandit!!!!! Doug
  2. I was introduced to clam digging this summer in Miramichi Bay, and it was the high point of my summer vacation. We looked for the holes in the sand, then dug with our hands. It was hard on the hands, for sure, lots of gravel in with the sand....... Cliff, are you catching those prawns/shrimp, or buying them? Doug
  3. Your non-resident general fishing licence (NOT salmon) costs a pittance, and is known colloquially as your "troutin" licence. But when you look at the water that you can actually FISH, just about all of the streams and rivers are designated waters and you cannot fish there. In 2019, season for trout opened 15 May, not sure what the 2020 opener is. As Sinker says, cod is not open then. You might want to give up on your fishing plans. I was there this past summer and in four weeks I found ONE brook that I could fish. And I caught nothing but rocks. It's a nice enough place, but honestly there are lots of places in Canada that have friendly people, good food, funny customs, and lots to talk about for somebody who is not from there. Make the best of your trip, but don't expect fishing to be a big part of it. Think ICEBERGS, lots of ICEBERGS, more than you will see just about anyplace else. Doug
  4. Every job has its ups and downs, its good and its bad. Kind of like pretty much everything in life. But pretty much everybody knows when it's time to move on, and good luck to you. Best not to live life with regrets. From one of my favourite songs: Regrets, I've had a few But then again, too few to mention I did what I had to do And saw it through without exemption I planned each charted course Each careful step along the byway And more, much more than this I did it my way Doug
  5. You DO know that you don't need a fishing licence, right? Doug
  6. No cabin fever there, and you're not down here in the banana belt!😉
  7. I think most of us are getting cabin fever down here in the south, as opposed to the Great White North. I was out this morning on a favourite "first ice" spot, and about one-third the way to the fishing hole I was on 2.75 inches of ice. It was good clear ice, but there was a pressure ridge between me and my intended spot...................and we turned around. Plus temps forecast for the next while, it might be February before we get on to the ice down here. Doug
  8. But you have a suspicious looking face...........😉 Doug
  9. That was worth the read, thanks Smitty. Bigger coyote = bigger target......... Doug
  10. This week's project is pork tenderloin bacon. I made this once before and posted it here I believe. Bacon candy! 🤤 Doug PS) Found it, posted on 23 Aug 18, page 116 on my page view.
  11. back to ketchenany again..........I remember when you posted that a while back, and OIM remarked on it. Do you have a "root cellar" underneath the front porch, where you hang them?
  12. Those are very good looking sausages. If you can make a fresh sausage that well, you can for sure make salami, summer sausages, etc etc. Doug
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