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  1. Life is about sacrifices, for sure. But remember, vegetables are what FOOD eats! Doug
  2. Amazing indeed. But WAYYYYYYYY too many veggies on that plate! 😉 Doug
  3. So a number of weeks ago I decide to make pho with a couple wild turkey legs. I even remembered to take photos, and saw them today on my phone and hope I can transfer them here. It was a resounding success, even if I do say so myself. A lot of folks just breast out their wild turkey, but the legs make an exceptional soup, and with the spices like star anise make an excellent, flavourful pho. So I covered the legs with water and the various spices, then simmered them for a few hours. Then I let them cool and removed the meat from the bones and tendons. I added the rest of the ingredients except the rice noodles, then added the meat and the rice noodles and let the flavours all meld together. And it it was a real treat! It also freezes well, and I have had a couple servings since then. Nice and meaty, just the way I like it! Doug
  4. I had bought a dozen of the 11" rolls. But the diameter of the roll is too big to fit in my Food Saver!!! So luckily I had kept an empty cardboard roll and rolled a bunch of the bag material onto it so it would fit....
  5. Possum Lake Lodge....................😁
  6. I am not familiar with any modern lures of this design, but yes that was surely the case with the Power Rattle. It was pricey and had the negative issues I mentioned earlier. I had TWO of them (different colours of course) and threw them both out years ago. And FWIW I do not recall them being particularly effective. In my memory, an original floating Rapala or a white Big O fished the pants off the Power Rattle in the same body of water at the same time. Doug PS) Then I really re-discovered jigs (and jig-like techniques like Texas rigged worms) and never looked back....................
  7. Sounds like you and I had similar experiences with them..............😉 Doug
  8. And the plastic replacement tails were hard to find, generally not available in colours one would use, and they dried out quickly, even in a sealed bag. On the other hand, the wet lure tail turned almost slimy...............
  9. Good luck finding the replacement tails. They were a PITA and I am guessing most folks threw them out, like I did...............
  10. Here's one for you, OIM. Doug
  11. But he has an off-grid cabin on this one, so he probably would like to figure it out.... or yes check out a more productive lake in that area if Wollaston continues to be a bust. I used to go to a hunt camp on a lake in that same general area. The bathymetry was probably similar, it was a very deep lake in the middle, over a hundred feet deep. The Ministry used to stock it with trout - first rainbows, and then speckles, and in good numbers for the surface area of the lake. It was nearly impossible to catch those trout, and it took me probably a decade to figure out why. There was so much forage in the lake (mostly minnows) that the trout had their fill any time they felt like eating. Every trout we caught was round like a football. So anyways what I did was jig very aggressively for them, both open water and ice season, and that seemed to attract at least a few fat trout. It may be that Wollaston Lake is also very fertile, with a huge forage base. One way to test this theory would be to put out a few minow traps (if legal in that FMZ) and if you haul in a trap full of minnows after a couple hours soak, there is possibly the answer to the question. But how to catch fish that are already stuffed like piggies, I do not know the answer to that question. I would tend to go reallly aggressive with presentations, based on where the graph tells me there are at least some fish. I will be interested to hear what happens here. Doug
  12. Old FART learns new trick.....................😁
  13. NOW I know why some bags seal right up and others don't seal worth a fart!!! This is wtih the Food saver brand rolls, that also have one textured surface I figured it had to be operator error but had not figured out what the error was! Thanks! Doug
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