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  1. Brian, is that you doing a cameo as the man narrating that clip? 😁 I see that sign on the wall: WHALE OIL BEEF HOOKED. Say it quickly........... I am GLAD we have a guideline in this province for eating sportfish. I do consult it from time to time, especially if I am fishing a new-to-me area and intend to catch a meal or two. Hmmm, Quinte walleye: mercury, mirex, PCB, insecticides and dioxin, yum yum!!! I am guessing that the MNRF is NOT responsible for advising the public about consumption limits for commercially caught fish, but that's just a guess. Doug
  2. Highly unusual to see four cubs. Twins are common. Four is clearly too many for the sow to handle!
  3. Not sure about BRAVE, but definitely HARD CORE..........
  4. Anybody who does a shore lunch in shorts and sandals is HARD CORE.😉 Good read, Andrew! Doug
  5. Good stuff! I am sure the ice road is one hell of a lot better than taking it in by BOAT! 😉
  6. I assume your ice road is still in good shape? Doug
  7. OIM, you might want to check your math..............8 C is about 46 F. 73 F would be about 23 C. But yes, spring is here, and it's ruining the ice fishing! Doug
  8. Yep. But I had puff pastry in the freezer ready to go! Should have used it to make bear sausage rolls..........
  9. The texture wasn't right for the contents. Think cream puff with chunks in it. 😮
  10. Well, after I saw that rolled pizza made by misfish, I decided to try it with puff pastry. It was an interesting experiment. But I don't think I'd try it again.....🙄
  11. PS) NICELY done, Brian! Want to trade some whities for some perch? 😉 (For any nitpickers out there who want to tell me that is illegal, I am JUST KIDDIN') Doug
  12. I have frozen cooked pasta - fusili and rotini - but they did not freeze well, they were all dried out when I thawed them. HTH Doug
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