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  1. Precisely. And yes, I have had this happen a number of times, mostly on an ATV hauling a trailer on rough terrain. Tighten the nut too much and it is a serious PITA to remove the coupler from the ball. Leave it too loose and you already know what happens. But a bumpy ride can loosen the nut off, all by itself. Doug
  2. Yep, I used to tell my wife that wearing the suit would make it easier for them to find my body in the spring..............
  3. Yes, I use wine when I cook, and sometimes I even put it into the food...............
  4. This is the Internet, Sunshine. Ask a question and you will get lots of opinions and comments that might not be what you wanted. Just sayin'...
  5. I did not know that one could possess game fish without a licence, but that makes sense. If I give a feed of fish to a friend who is shut-in due to a health condition, she does not need a licence. Not that I asked her about this.... But yes there is more to this story..............
  6. I hadn't planned on using it for ice fishing originally but after seeing how easy it is for me to handle and how easy it is to pack gear I am seriously thinking I just might on the nicer days. I don't think I would even need tracks on Simco except on rare occasions. A six wheel Argo will bottom out and spin in about six inches of snow. I don't know what the snow-stopping depth is for an eight-wheel Argo because I always have tracks on my current one in winter, and had "super tracks" on my old one. You'd be fine on bare ice, or ice with a skiff of snow. NOT fine in deeper snow, nor slush. Climbing an icy slope is tricky with either bare tires or tracks, but less hairy with tracks. Tracks will increase by a significant margin your Argo footprint on its trailer. Basically, if you did not get a trailer that would accommodate the tracks, chances are high that a tracked Argo will not fit inside the box. (Assuming here it is not a flatbed, like many skidoo trailers) HTH Doug
  7. OR if they have no fishing licence, AND are not yet 65 years old......
  8. WHY would the game wardens be checking out somebody's cottage??? COs have a lot of work to do, without checking up on cottage owners who may have somebody else's fish in their possession....and BTW why would they suspect this? Definitely more to this story than what is written here.
  9. Hang some burlap over that and it might be a good turkey chair. Doug
  10. This is adding to my education, folks, and THANKS!!! I wanted to buy a new boat for 2022, but they are hard to find in the hulls I want. Doug
  11. back to Fisherman, does that remind you of parties in the Swingin' twit, late 70s? 😉
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