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  1. I’ve been buying whatever’s on sale for stabilizer. Good luck with it so far.
  2. Ok thanks. I’ll let him know.
  3. River rod suggestions. Inexpensive. Float fishing. (Not for me).
  4. i had a camper van and after that I had a truck slide in and they weren’t big enough. I’m thinking 16’ interior including v nose. All Aluminum And put the boat on a small trailer so it’s not very wide. The boat is 65” wide 15’6” long. I think this would be cheaper.
  5. The last few trips I have been tenting and i’m looking at doing something different. It takes too long to set up and not weather proof enough. I’m thinking about getting a cargo trailer that I can put my boat inside. Once the boat is out I can use the cargo trailer as a camper. My boat is heavy so it would have to be on a small trailer. custom cargo trailer so it’s not bigger then I need. Any thoughts. irishfield could build the walls and roof on an aluminum flatbed.
  6. Abu 7001. It will do it all.
  7. What a nice clean looking fish. Looks like it was eating food too.
  8. I hear the back lakes are getting hit now too. Snowmobiling in and ice fishing with live bait. Gill netting too. Ministry said the lakes look like Swiss cheese from all the holes in the winter. Loading trucks and shipping to the city.
  9. black Go to a lake with a good population of Muskie and cast a bucktail until you catch one.
  10. To fish any lake. big spinner bait. big rubber bucktail believer SS rap
  11. What a sad sight. People seem to tailgate when you’re towing.
  12. You ever cut them open and see what they have been eating. I know not much but there could be a small fish in there.
  13. It doesn’t make sense to poison a lake to kill mosquitoes unless they had some west Nile or something. I guess with the mnr anything is possible. Should be lots of dead fish floating around.
  14. Ok I have a list of ideas. Thanks.
  15. Slow speed (1.5mph) lake trout lure. j plug vs flatfish ? Any other body baits ?
  16. I’m going to be pulling my boat up on shore with sharp rocks about 2” dia. many ideas to protect the paint? lay down a carpet?
  17. We didn’t get to use any flies this trip. I caught my fish on a (basement bait) I had custom made for st clair though. I always enjoy custom lures.
  18. Quick trip to st clair as the winds looked good. Bimini made it possible 30* and full sun. All trolling , too hot to cast. 2/2 and great boat rides. Didn’t put many hours in. Just nice to get out.
  19. I really liked the engines in the ones I had.
  20. Great picture. I had something else I had to do today or I would have been there.
  21. I’m thinking about mounting the fish finder closer to my eyes while I’m driving the boat. The top of the console is too far away. It doesn’t make sense to have to lean in to press buttons. ram mounts? Or ? thanks for any help.
  22. I think the console will be better if i build it because I’ll get what I want. the steering system i posted is ok $ wise if it works good. the pedestals are about 100 each but I should be able to find them. just starting on the foam now.
  23. Steering cable is no good. So I’m going to get the one I posted. I can’t find a console under 600 so I’m going to build one. I need two seat pedestals some plywood and foam.
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