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  1. Great fish looks like the weather was nice too. Jack looks happy.
  2. I can almost see the pictures. Great that it worked out for you two guys.
  3. Drive straight north. Check the temps. It’s cold up there.
  4. What a mountain to climb to catch those fish. Nice to read a story from someone passionate about getting out there and doing what it takes to land those fish. I don’t know what’s farther away the north or the people of the north.
  5. The gaff type holder used in the picture may be as harmless as a finger in the gill plate.
  6. Went up north into the woods. Had a net man/camera man this time. Armed with lures made by board member Misfish. One lure caught lakers, bass and white fish. Caught some real nice ones. Drove around in the boat about 80miles. Had great company so not much talking to myself. One night it was almost 0deg. I had to get up at 2 am and hook up a new propane tank. Almost froze it was so cold.
  7. Wow that’s great. Nice boat too. thanks for the ideas.
  8. I ordered rear supports and slide tracks and hardware. I need the tracks so I can slide it back out of the way when not in use. The rear supports will allow me to stop using the straps. That will give me more room at the rod holders. I got quick detach pins too so I can take it right off aka bass fishing. Hope it works out for trolling.
  9. Possibly put a fitting in the hole with Jb weld and use the inside hole of the fitting to drain oil. ???
  10. Thanks Terry. I didn’t know that place existed. Looks like curb side pickup in Barrie or shipping.
  11. Need two Bimini slide tracks. near Barrie. Can’t find a store that sells them. prefer under $50. maybe legend boats?
  12. I’d like to go but it’s too much money and too far.
  13. What did you catch them on? Now I’m hungry
  14. “It slowlylost power so I immediately shut her down.“ Possibly something cracked and expanded when hot. the shifter issue- would be something wrong in the gear case.
  15. I keep waffling on it. Thing’s have changed since this morning. Now I might not Downrigger out of my boat any more this year. Earliest I’d need them is next summer. By then I might have a different boat. Lol.
  16. I guess I need mounts for my downeasters x2. Downriggersx2. Tube rod holdersx2.
  17. I’m thinking about putting tracks on my boat. Two 24”. Looks like the parts are hard to get. what brand are people using? Terry any thoughts?
  18. I’m going again this time with camera man. Only used one of the lures. Hooks are sharp too. The hair stays open as the lure swims giving it more movement. Next time I’m going to try the smaller ones for whitefish. It is special to catch a fish on a lure made by a friend. Made in Ontario.
  19. They sell a bracket that the clamps go into.
  20. When you are using it does it come loose? the clamps always needed checking on my boats with wood. So i don’t think that will solve your problem. Put a note on the motor to keep the clamps tight. a python adjustable cable lock is a quick way to make sure your motor doesn’t go to bottom.
  21. One way might be to buy at Canadian tire.
  22. Went on a trip into the woods. No net man/camera man. Armed with new lures made by board member. Tied lure on then put over side of the boat and couldn’t get the lure down. A fish hit it as I lowered it down! Two seconds of fishing time and fish on. In 15min I landed two 5lb lakers and a 2.5lb whitefish. (Sorry no pics). Satisfied with that I went bass fishing. Caught some nice ones. Drove around in the boat about 80miles. Stayed on the trip until I started talking to myself and when I didn’t like what I was hearing I packed up and came home.
  23. By the looks of it. You are going to come up at least one hole.
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