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  1. maybe he is from Russia and wants a good spot to avoid the draft...............
  2. I am delighted it worked out for you! Doug
  3. Might be a long commute from wherever you are. Sounds like, nowhere near here............ Interesting first post......
  4. He did not have a dozen hats like his fishing partner, so he turned one around to make a second one...😉
  5. Excellent! Glad it worked out for you fellows. Doug
  6. tagged for interest OP, sorry to hear about your brother. Doug
  7. In general terms., where the heck were you? Fall weather, bring it on! Doug
  8. I am over 65 and don't disagree with you. But the provincial governments of all parties have treated licence revenue as the main funding source for wildlife and fish programs. It is high time that they put some serious general revenue cash into these programs like they do with every other provincial ministry. Sorry for the hijack............
  9. Without question, Ontario does not have nearly enough COs. Doug
  10. interesting first post............
  11. Good report Andrew, and thanks for taking the time to put it together! Doug
  12. I had a Normark with the black plastic handle that filleted thousands of fish but finally broke at the tang. Before that I used one of their wooden handled knives (which I still have). But my workhorse is a longer "Uncle Henry" model by Schrade, that I bought at LL Bean's store in Maine thirty years or so ago. I bought an electric Normark filleting knife (rechargeable) and it didn't have the balls to do even one bass. That POS went back to CTC. I tried a corded carving knife, like one of my buddies uses, but kept cutting through the backbones and screwing up the fillets. So it's power by Armstrong for this guy. Doug
  13. Cliff, I have a whole bunch of hats you can have to take with you for photos............😁 Doug
  14. Now here is a novel idea for supper! A buddy lamented that I would not be serving "sticky buns" for a brunch we are hosting, and suggested this as an alternative. But he may have been joking...........
  15. OP, you have a tough audience here..........😉
  16. Awesome! And how were the bugs? Nothing like earlier, I imagine? Doug
  17. CTC has their Nautilus charger on this week at $91.99. I bought one yesterday: https://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/motomaster-nautilus-smart-battery-charger-maintainer-15-8-2-amp-12v-0111973p.html?loc=plp I had bought this one, but it did not work and I returned it: https://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/motomaster-classic-series-smart-battery-charger-maintainer-fully-automatic-15-8-2-amp-12v-0111975p.html?loc=plp
  18. I look forward to seeing CrowMan's recipe, but here is mine: DOCTOR DOUG’S INDIAN CANDY This stuff was originally called Squaw candy when I first tried it fifty years ago, then it became known as Indian candy, and now it is generally called candied salmon. It’s all basically the same stuff. The best is made from sockeye, in my view, and the runner-up is farmed Chilean steelhead that is available fairly regularly in the grocery store. I have made it with coho, spring (chinook), and pink, but I am of the opinion that it would not work for lake trout (which is delicious smoked). Thinner fillets work better than thicker fillets, but you work with what you have. You can do whole fillets, or portions of fillets, and it is best to work with SKIN ON pieces. Lay the pieces, skin down, in a Tupperware, glass or stainless container. Not aluminum, it will apparently poison you. Pieces may be pressed together but should not overlap to any significant degree. Salt generously. I prefer Hy’s Seasoning Salt without MSG, but any salt is fine. Coarse sea salt would be good. Then sprinkle a VERY heavy covering of brown sugar over them. Dark demerara sugar is probably best, but any brown sugar will work. Cover the container and put it in the fridge for overnight. 12 hours is about right, 24 would be the maximum. Spray your smoker racks with non-stick oil like Pam, put each rack on top of some paper towel, newspaper, etc (to catch drips) and arrange the fillets on the racks. Do not rinse the fillets first! Fillets should not be touching each other. Leave these out for about an hour to form a pellicle on the surface of the fillets. Put the racks into your smoker, and start smoking. The classic wood to use is hickory, but cherry also gives a nice flavour. Do not under any circumstance use mesquite, it will over-power the flavour of your fish. (Unless you prefer the taste of creosote, of course). My Big Chief electric smoker does not have adjustable heat, it tops out at 165 to 175 F. If you have a variable heat smoker, I would aim it at 175 to 185 F, but not higher than that. After your first pan of smoke has finished, it is worth looking at your fish. If your heat is correct, they will just be starting to colour up a bit but are clearly still pretty much raw. IMPORTANT: if you want a sweeter candy flavour, and/or if you want to make peppercorn candied salmon, you should do this now, or after the second pan of smoke. For sweeter fish, brush the fillets with maple syrup. For peppercorn, also sprinkle the fillets with coarse ground black pepper. Then return the fish to the smoker. For thin fillets, do it after the first pan of smoke, for thicker fillets do it after the second pan of smoke. After the second pan of smoke, check your fish again. Thin fillets may already be done. If yes, they will be a nice dark golden colour, and you can easily take a piece off the skin with a fork. Go ahead, taste it! For thicker fillets, cooler smoking temperatures, and any number of variables, you may need to put the fish back into the smoker. A third pan of smoke would be fine at this point, but I would not recommend more than 3 pans of smoke, or about 3 hours of actual smoking time. If your fish is golden brown but not cooked through, transfer the pieces to a cookie sheet with a raised lip, lined with parchment paper, and finish in the oven at 200 F. Allow to cool in an area with good air circulation. Indian Candy will keep for probably a couple weeks in the fridge if you don’t eat it first, and it freezes well if you make a big batch. I like to wrap the pieces in parchment paper, then vacuum seal them. I would not recommend keeping it for more than a year, maximum, in the freezer. I do not have experience with pellet smokers or charcoal smokers, and limited experience with whole wood smokers. Each smoker will be different in terms of smoke output and heat, so these are really guidelines to get you started. Enjoy!
  19. That is one heavy duty cancellation policy those folks have............. In that part of the country, for walleye, it is pretty hard to beat a 1/4 oz ball head jig and 3" Berkley power grub. Probably stained water, and I would go with bright colours like white and pink, maybe yellow and orange, and fluorescent if possible. Good luck! Doug
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