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  1. You said it much more politely than I was thinking...........
  2. I hear it is BONEhead these days, because the price of meat is too high........................😉
  3. Looks delicious. Tonight here it was pan-fried fresh-caught crappies, yum yum!
  4. It was early June I was thinking of, but yes late June you will be swarmed by mosquitoes at sunset I am sure....
  5. Fabulous! It has been decades since I had a feed of fresh smelts on the beach where they were caught. I am not sure if it is the passage of time, or the beverages consumed during the activities, that make the memories a bit hazy though.......... Thanks for the report! Doug
  6. shaped like a sheep? (asking for a friend) 😁
  7. Very interesting indeed, that they are so deep. I imagine you must catch the odd walleye when perch fishing? That would be a bonus! (assuming walleye are open)
  8. There are some real hawgs there! Do you guys jig for them, or fish minnows, or ??? Doug
  9. Good to hear. Hope you enjoy yourselves! Doug
  10. and the crappies are not on either!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😐
  11. Do you wear a different hat for every fish? 😉 Just curious.......I do hope you find a good fishing partner! Doug
  12. Please, for the rye recipe again. I lost it, AFTER I went and bought rye flour etc.............and did not want to go searching through 150 pages of this thread to find it.... Doug
  13. me neither, I'm too lazy................
  14. You are making me HUNGRY........... Looks awesome! Have you tried "no'knead" bread? It is also fabulous! Doug
  15. So I did buy the Minnkota Terrova 12v with a foot pedal and remote control. So if you see a bearded old fart on a Kingston area lake cursing at his bow-mount electric, and the gizmos, that will be me! 😉
  16. Another item on my "to do" list................
  17. Well, I did get my refund as well, and put it away. You guys with those 40 and 44 hour work weeks had the world by the tail. In my line of work, 80 hours a week was not considered unusual, and we were paid for 37.5 hours a week. Period, no such thing as overtime pay for salaried people. But the pension is golden, and I am not complaining.😉 Doug
  18. Yep, not sure if I have one tub left in the freezer or not. We had two inches of snow today (and so did you, probably) and I have not even looked to see if the ramps are out and about yet. Doug
  19. This build will rival the Pyramids!!!!! And I do hope to see it with my own eyes one of these years............. Doug
  20. Good for you, Cliff! Enjoy! Doug
  21. Yep. Same guy that put his tag on a buck that Marcel shot (after Marcel had already used his tag), and then submitted the buck for the Meaford Fish and Game Big Buck contest. And it says something about the club that Gary did get the prize even though he did not shoot the buck...........
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