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  1. HTHM

    Beachfront Lake Erie property for sale.

    I would never had said that. And yes it was 52 &*%(&*%)&*^(*$#^%&* degrees!
  2. HTHM

    Beachfront Lake Erie property for sale.

    It's a great boat, I only fallen out of it once. Something something anchor rope....
  3. If you are going to seed, do it the last two weeks of August. Otherwise, just sod it, water initially, every day for the next 7 days, every other day for the next 7 days, then every 3 days for the next 7 days. (At least two inches of water per application) The sod farmers have access to seed and chemicals that the common homeowner simply can't get. Source: have played in the dirt professionally for over 30 years.
  4. Pics or it didn't happen.
  5. HTHM

    Musky opener....how was it?

    Oops. Thank for letting me know.
  6. HTHM

    Damaged Diningroom table, any suggestions

    Please, for everyone's sake do that in private.....
  7. HTHM

    Musky opener....how was it?

    I tried the upper niagara with no success
  8. https://www.thespec.com/news-story/8652965-police-identify-hamilton-men-found-dead-in-northern-ontario-lake/ Hopefully no-one from the board.
  9. HTHM

    Endangered Species

    If you have ever had smoked eel you know what the best taste in the world is.
  10. HTHM

    Endangered Species

    I am envious! Nice catch.
  11. I am going to venture out on to LSC for the first time in search of musky on opening day. Probably going to launch by the mouth of the Thames does anyone have any general tips or any advice on tactics to try? If you have any advise on places please P.M. them to me.
  12. HTHM

    Buying a used boat

    In order to save a lot of potential grief, I would suggest that you do the transaction in the States and pull the boat over the border yourself. My understanding is that they take a very dim view of a transaction done in Canada for US property. http://boating.ncf.ca/buy-usa.html
  13. HTHM

    It’s a good day when she starts

    You and Tim want to find out Saturday?
  14. HTHM

    It’s a good day when she starts

    My 1996 90 Mariner had three chugga chugga's in the driveway before she fired up, and the 9.9 two pulls. This was the week before the ice storm.
  15. HTHM

    Such a terrible thing.

    Which is precisely why it is taking so long for the investigation to conclude. The RCMP have their finest on this case, I am certain of it.