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  1. Any auto parts store or your mechanic will test your batteries for you. However given their age, you may be looking at replacement.
  2. They're fishing for more wallet contents, go elsewhere.
  3. Appreciate it Dan, this job is pretty low on the list, something to do in end of January / February.
  4. There is a place on Mud Street, or just start calling around to local wreckers .
  5. I'm laid up right now, so I am unable to pull the wheels. (Recovering from cancer surgery) Soon as I am able, I'll pop a few pics up. Thanks.
  6. I have a Fisher trailer, and want to redo the brakes on it, surge brakes BTW. I believe that they are disc brakes as well. Where do I look to get the correct part numbers, or should I just take it to a shop?
  7. Good thinking by these guys: https://www.thespec.com/news/hamilton-region/2022/10/28/car-sinks-bayfront-boat-launch.html
  8. HTHM


    They may not have a boat or tackle when this is over, so not much danger of that. Hope the judge has a strong arm and a heavy book.
  9. Nobody needs a Macco job, the worst body shop in ever. Source: A 45 year experience bodyman. If you can get a glass suction cup to stick to the panel that may do to pull it. https://www.richelieuglazingsupplies.com/ca/en/category/suction-cups-handles/single-suction-cup-handles/1174434?sort=&nbPerPage=48
  10. @AKRISONER I've got a bunch of scrap that you can have, yah cheap git. 😆
  11. No Chris, auction off his slot. Double dip for you.
  12. Fantastic! Just goes to show, most errors are clerical...
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