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  1. HTHM

    Fishing Survey

    Now expired.
  2. I have a digital TV antenna, rectangular shape, mounted on a 30 foot tower with a rotor. This one: http://nutechelectronics.com/catalog/extremetenna-80/
  3. I'm on an antenna, 33 hd digital channels. If I want to watch something, I can always stream it.
  4. HTHM

    Toronto Boat Show

    $20.00 admission is fine but add $18.00 parking - too rich for my blood.
  5. HTHM

    WARNING-Lake Simcoe Ice Anglers

    I prefer fibreglass or aluminium between my feet and the water, not frozen water.
  6. HTHM

    Cork Cleaning

    Boy, the guy who owns that rod is gonna be pissed that all the mojo is gone from that rod.... Just kidding, looks great!
  7. HTHM

    Hamilton GTG Anyone

    Depends on the day and time. Set a time and place, and be done with it. Those who can make it will, those who cannot won't.
  8. HTHM

    Important Ice Fishing News

    Silly people, the way to prevent freezing beer is to suspend it by the plastic six pack ring in the ice hole. Then hopefully a cormorant will get entangled in the plastic ring and drown.
  9. HTHM

    Get ready Cormorants 😡

    How about rock salt at the nests? Or an inert substance like vermiculite or perlite.
  10. HTHM

    Get ready Cormorants 😡

    As someone on another forum pointed out, shotguns and fishing boats, in close proximity could cause some safety issues. That being said, BRING BACK THE PUNT GUN!
  11. HTHM

    With Rememberance Day Upon Us

    This not meant as a political post, but rather something that just offended me to my core: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/...etery-remembrance-world-war-one-a8627571.html
  12. HTHM

    Police boat chase drunk boater

    My nephew used to run a Hurricane for one of our Lettered agencies, he has shown me videos of him in action. Even if I had an Allison, it would hard to get away.
  13. HTHM

    Tomorrows Super

    Give me the right knife and I could fit you in the oven.... Nice fish BTW!
  14. HTHM

    Hours On Outboards

    And then a leak-down test https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leak-down_tester
  15. I once met a seller of a float suit on the corner of Front and Yonge Street. Tried it on, it fit, handed over the cash and left. He was from the board as well. We had a laugh about the optics of trying on a float suit in the financial district but hey it worked for both of us.