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  1. HTHM

    Father and son trash fishing

    Ironic you go there now to get away from the kids, eh?
  2. HTHM

    tents that attach to your vehicle

    I have on of these and find that it is a great option to have available.
  3. Lets see,... 250 feet x 12 feet x $5.60 = $ 16,800 to lay asphalt. If you know a farmer ask him for some Atrazine.
  4. You are not far off the mark, the median volume for a bathtub is 75 gallons 1600/75=21.333 bathtubs.
  5. HTHM

    2135 Cub Cadet Cutting Deck

    I second the welding shop. Or my Kubota...😁
  6. HTHM

    2135 Cub Cadet Cutting Deck

    I have a Kubota F2100 that I am selling if you want a heavy duty grass cutter. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-farming-equipment/hamilton/kubota-f2100-mower-with-more/1367222563
  7. HTHM

    Such a terrible thing.

    Let's not forget: Innocent until PROVEN guilty
  8. HTHM

    NF - Hmmm

    I really hope that's special effects smoke.
  9. I hope we hear from Wayne soon: https://www.baytoday.ca/local-news/emergency-crews-on-scene-of-fatal-airplane-crash-in-west-nippising-978773
  10. HTHM

    Beachfront Lake Erie property for sale.

    I would never had said that. And yes it was 52 &*%(&*%)&*^(*$#^%&* degrees!
  11. HTHM

    Beachfront Lake Erie property for sale.

    It's a great boat, I only fallen out of it once. Something something anchor rope....
  12. If you are going to seed, do it the last two weeks of August. Otherwise, just sod it, water initially, every day for the next 7 days, every other day for the next 7 days, then every 3 days for the next 7 days. (At least two inches of water per application) The sod farmers have access to seed and chemicals that the common homeowner simply can't get. Source: have played in the dirt professionally for over 30 years.
  13. Pics or it didn't happen.
  14. HTHM

    Musky opener....how was it?

    Oops. Thank for letting me know.