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  1. That last one is as old as I am Wayne.
  2. Check out the selection here: https://www.greatlakesskipper.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=offset+piano+hinge&cat=
  3. Just down the road from Dowsar Marine is Brewers marine Supply they are quite well equipped also.
  4. I have never seen a boat wrecking yard. Be nice to find some.
  5. HTHM


    I remember being welcomed into their home, dropping something off as I recall, and not wanting to leave because of the incredible hospitality that both Joey and Tybo showered on me. Pity there is nothing in the In Memorium section about her.
  6. That is mighty fine work sir!
  7. Golf is similar to fishing in that one can spend an inordinate amount of money on gear, but it doesn't make you any better at the core activity.
  8. I have a digital TV antenna, rectangular shape, mounted on a 30 foot tower with a rotor. This one: http://nutechelectronics.com/catalog/extremetenna-80/
  9. I'm on an antenna, 33 hd digital channels. If I want to watch something, I can always stream it.
  10. $20.00 admission is fine but add $18.00 parking - too rich for my blood.
  11. I prefer fibreglass or aluminium between my feet and the water, not frozen water.
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