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  1. Thanks Wayne. Saved me the trouble and much more eloquently as well.
  2. @F7Firecat *sigh* You're making me sin against the 10th commandment.
  3. The city of Hamilton has closed the public launches as of today.
  4. That was the intended effect.
  5. Sad to report that the boy has been found. There was another search underway for a commercial fisherman lost overboard, he has not yet been recovered. https://www.simcoereformer.ca/news/local-news/fisherman-reported-lost-on-lake-erie https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/hamilton/alex-ottley-search-found-1.5508781
  6. I was amused... I want coffee.mp4
  7. https://www.npr.org/2020/03/18/817934601/how-long-can-coronavirus-survive-on-hard-surfaces Up to 3 days according to this article.
  8. In 2033 we can expect a wave of quaranteens.
  9. I'm wondering if Hamilton Bassmasters swap meet will be cancelled as well? Might be in everyone's best interest if it is.
  10. Those lures may be worth a fair chunk of change, it appears that you have the original boxes. To a collector those are highly prized. There are others on this board that will be better able to advise you. Welcome.
  11. I was there as well, picked up a long overdue tackle bag. Love those Stanley boats!
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