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  1. What's the name of the charter, so I know not to book him
  2. Open to offers look at the pic to identify the parts Pick up only
  3. Anchors for sale Large plow anchor suitable for over 22 foot boat $ 120 Danforth/Fluke anchor $25 suitable for 12 - 18 foot boat
  4. Various Scotty rod holders available no bases. Gunnel clamp holder $5 Triple Scotty one available $30 Pick up only
  5. All Stainless steel, all 23 pitch all fit a 2006 150hp fat shaft Mercury optimax Prices: Pic 1 & 2 - $200 Pic 3 & 4 - $75 Pic 5 & 6 - $150 Pick up only
  6. https://www.homedepot.ca/product/everbilt-72-inch-x2-inch-nickel-continuous-hinge/1000770024 https://www.richelieu.com/ca/en/category/hinges-slides-and-opening-systems/hinges-and-accessories/piano-hinges/1006090 https://www.grainger.ca/en/category/Piano-Hinges/Latches%2C-Hasps%2C-and-Hinges/c/27898
  7. An upside down umbrella catches your tools and fittings
  8. Wire wheel and just spray it with tremclad.
  9. Oh, yes you can... spacer off the fence and roll up the plunge control. I had a radial arm saw and got rid of it when I got a good table saw. They scare me.
  10. You might be looking for a pressure canner. My understanding, it's a different animal than a pressure cooker.
  11. Garry2r's lived there for some time. Enjoyed visiting him there quite a lot. Hopefully they can rebuild.
  12. I see the shrinking mill behind you:
  13. Looks like an old 370V so that would be both vent and drain
  14. @Tom S Is quite good as well.
  15. Kia dealers make me feel like Satan, they are always trying to sell me their Soul. 🤪
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