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  1. Welcome back Roy. If you happen to pull my name donate the baits to a deserving youth organization instead of sending them to me.
  2. I thought of you more as a fisherman than a hunter.....
  3. There will be a marked improvement in ride! That is a sweet hull that you have! If you need a second I'm happy to accompany you.
  4. In related news, Fabricland stock has plummeted due to their biggest customer no longer needing their wares.
  5. Wayne..... she's prettier. The car turned out great!
  6. On a planet far far away, there lived a race of aliens called the Trids. On this planet there was a mountain, and atop the mountain was a tree which hosted the most delicious fruit known the the Trid race. But there was a problem: there was a cave near the top that was home to a monster, and every time the trids tried to climb to the top of the mountain, the monster would run out and kick them all back down. The trids became tired of this, and so they contacted Earth to ask for help. Earth didn't find this to be that big of a problem as they were at war and dealing with many different things, so they sent over a rabbi. The Trids were happy to have any help they could get, and so they gladly accepted. The rabbi arrived and wanted to get straight to business, calling all of the Trids to the base of the mountain. A lot of them were too frightened, so only some showed up. The rabi led the Trids most of the way up the mountain, only to have the monster come out and kick all of the Trids down but not the rabbi. Frustrated, the rabbi went to the Trid village and told them that in order to get to the top, they would all have to show up and work together. The next day more Trids showed up, but not all of them were there. The rabbi sighed, leading them up to have the monster once again kick down all of the trids, but leave him standing. The rabbi went back to the Trid village and told them that if every single last Trid wasn't in attendence the following day, he would return to Earth without helping them. The next day, every single Trid was there. The rabbi smiled and started leading the Trids up the mountain, this time quite confident that they would make it all the way up. But as usual, the monster ran out of his cave and managed to kick every single Trid back down the mountain, once again leaving the rabbi standing. The rabbi went to the monster's cave and asked "Monster, why do you only ever kick down the trids, but always leave me standing?" To which the monster replied "Silly rabbi, kicks are for Trids."
  7. Wayne, now everyone is going to watch...
  8. Go to a body shop you trust or a vinyl sign printer.
  9. Scrapping Travel trailer View Advert I have a travel trailer that has reached the end of it's lifespan. The good: Working Air conditioner/heater Working electric trailer brakes Working Propane fridge Never been used water heater Solid frame Working sun shade (dirty but cleanable) Newer Tires The bad: It has a leak and as a result the interior is mouldy (the bad kind) The floor is soft in places I am open to reasonable offers. I have no interest in disassembling anything so if you are after a part only, you will have to remove it at your own risk after paying for it. Pictures will be available via text, just PM me your number. Advertiser HTHM Date 07/20/2019 Price Category Miscellaneous Classifieds  
  10. The trick with a wacky rig is to let it sink, and then twitch.
  11. The only weight that matters is the weight of the fillets.
  12. A method that I used when replacing the transom on my Ranger for clamping was to make up two opposing pieces of plywood, same width as the transom, reinforced with 2 x 4 on edge and get 12 or 14 inch carriage bolts and bolt the plywood through the pre-drilled motor mounting holes. Torque those down to "red in the face and can't give her no more" tightness. Regarding the holes I was taught that you should over bore then prior to mounting the transom and fill then with a resin/microbead mix that way the holes will be internally sealed as well when you drill the motor mounting holes.
  13. HTHM


    Kubota Front deck mower View Advert See Kijiji link for details. Advertiser HTHM Date 05/26/2019 Price 4,200.00 CAD Category Miscellaneous Classifieds
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