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  1. Nice, Still not as good as the ones you built me, except that butt cap would look better on mine
  2. Last I understood, were all immigrants. Was I offended, NO!! I hope Don runs for Prime Minister, we need someone that tells the truth. and that so called friend Mclean should be ashamed throwing his partner under the bus. Were living in a weak world now. To many people throwing the race card if they disagree. You can't say a thing to your kids anymore or they'll run to mommy and cry, try and take their cel phone off them, life ended I'll commit suicide.
  3. Great news Bro, happy for your son.. Don't get on here much anymore, follow a few other sites from my area.
  4. NEW this year as of Jan 1st. 2019 Canadian Armed Forces, active and retired Fish for Free.
  5. Bro, that's why you were so lucky catching Whities this year Whitie Whisper to Plate Whisper You teached me how to catch Whities, now at 70 I may giver a go at the Plate thing I have all the arsonal for next winter Bro Lets hope the Whities didn't go to school not to go near that lure Headin out now for some Browns and shackin the winter dust off the boat
  6. From Whitie Whisper to Perch Whisper
  7. The Queen don't eat that good, Your the man, Perch and Eggs, can't be beat
  8. Won't waste a Whitie in the smoker, kill the taste of a Whitie, don't get many to smoke. Bake in the oven, only thing left on the plate is the bones, meat,skin, down the Pie Hole. Homers don't waste nutin.
  9. HOLY MOLY Bro, I said your the MAN !!!!! You have the touch my friend Gots to get some of those MEEGS Had some Whitie for super.
  10. Thanks Brian, those old songs bring back memories brodder. Was great meeting Rob and Terry again, great guys and thanks again, wasn't for you guys I'd be eating hot dogs or Fried Bologna tonight. instead, Fresh White Fish is on the menu tonight. You guys gots to come fish for those Erie Walleye this year, let me know when your coming and I can keep you updated on where I'm catching. MMMMM fresh Whitie for super Can't thank you guys enough
  11. Way to go bro, some good eats there. Just read there doing a rescue in Long Pt. Bay right now some guy floating out on broke up ice.
  12. Had a permanent hut for years on Simcoe and you wouldn't believe the stuff that happened to my hut, your joke was one of them. Little to say I had to move it, wife was pretty disgusted.
  13. Hi Bro, that's great your son has it, hope he has the luck I had with it. Wish now I should have kept it. That Clam Scout I bought is a little small for 3 holes, one for trans, 2 to fish and with heater, it's tight. Seeing you guys have ice, I may have to make the trek up to Simcoe. I don't think we'll get safe ice for the harbor here and Long Point is going to be iffy. Love to do the Whitie thing one day. All I need to see now is seeing you with a couple flopping around your feetwill just get me craving.
  14. Johnny the best espresso that I ever drank was a guy I worked with at that place you know on a night shift, (sad) not with us anymore. He use to make it on the landing working on the cranes in the Caster, BOF, made it in a thing that screwed together, I guess called a espresso pot. Man was it ever good, he told me it was his blend, made from a few different coffees he made at home. Tiny cup, but man, you didn't need much to keep you awake. Was a great Italian friend, passed to young
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