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  1. I just had my wife by some bug spray in the states. That high concentration deet can't be bought here, but ya, it doesn't go anywhere near plastic. I went to the Arctic 20 odd years ago and tightly woven nylon clothing is the only thing that kept me sane. (The added benefit it's great for sun block and dries quickly) Long sleeves and pants cover most of you and then deet on the exposed skin. Somewhere I have a photo of me from that trip. I have so many mosquitoes on my back it looks like fur. Sometimes I hear a buzz at just the correct frequency and get shivers.
  2. We used to call our dog Eddie spaghetti. .
  3. On the box it lists it's "break size" as 10lb in USA but 12.1kg in Europe.
  4. Looking forward to your long term assessment of it. Ten times 2.2 is 22 right? lol
  5. Our pike fishing has been slow as well. We put it up to the wet cold spring in these parts. Also unusual is we've not caught any fish over 33 inches but at the same time we've only caught one hammer handle. Just about all out fish have been on husky jerks (14cm) but that is our goto bait so it also gets used the most.
  6. The jig is a classic for walleye, and just about any fish, because it works. Having said that a drop shot does work, and in spots might be better. If it's real snaggy a drop shot might work better because the hook is away from some of the snags. It is also easier/faster to replace a proper drop shot weight than it is to re-tie a jig. If you're fishing deeper (or faster) but want a light presentation at the hook a drop shot allows you to fish a 1oz weight but have nothing but a thin wire hook between you and the fish which can make a difference with finicy walleye. I use a drop shot a lot now with my kids b/c it's even easier than a jig for them but that doesn't mean it is beginner's only technique. If there is more than one angler in the boat and jigs are the choice maybe one person could try a drop shot.
  7. Ya, the east wind kicked our butts as well.
  8. No. The first time things happened so fast that I didn't start it and the second time my son was also along and didn't bother. First ever doubles for us and neither were on video.
  9. Your girl started right up tonight in the driveway. Just like every year since I got it.
  10. Hockey tryouts and 2 filled turkey tags have meant the boat hasn't moved from the garage since the fall. Fresh gasoline tonight and the mower started right away. Boat comes out tomorrow and prepped for a fish this weekend maybe.
  11. Your truck versus my truck argument ends in shooting: https://driving.ca/chevrolet/auto-news/news/ford-vs-chevy-argument-ends-with-shooting
  12. I'll tell them you said it was ok.
  13. Good to see you Bernie. I need to move some yard waste around…. Any chance I could borrow that?
  14. How is that affixed to the ball hat?
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