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  1. My 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice is a topwater and if I have to go to 4 I'll go home. lol How thick are the weeds? Weedless spoons. Spinners with the treble removed for a single hook, I use a trailer to cover the hook point. A jighead can be rigged weedless as well.
  2. Heading up there next week with the family.
  3. Depends on how much alcohol has been consumed.
  4. The "headwaters" of the section of stream is a major lake and then the stream peters out? Generally you can look at a stream/river in 3 sections. How long each section is will depend on the topography and land use along the route. The upper part will be clean cool/cold (relative to the lower sections) water with not as much aquatic veg. Most likely to have brook trout (in this part of the country) and while there may be a number of them they won't be all that big but for me at least the most fun. The middle section will start to slow down a bit and meander a more. The temps will come up a bit and the vegetation and bug life will increase. Still likely to have brookies (temp is key) but there might not be as many but they'll be bigger. The bottom section will meander more, be slower, warmer and have more aquatic veg. Not likely to have brookies in that area.
  5. The Agenda covered this topic about a month ago: https://www.tvo.org/video/the-rise-of-plant-based-meat
  6. That is the nature of the game. Some days it's nothing but blow-ups with no hook-ups. Turning out the hooks slightly might help but it also decreases the weedlessness. I'll try a smaller frog sometimes or get a little more water in the bait so it sits a little lower in the water. Some days nothing seems to make a difference.
  7. I was very keen to see what Garmin was going to have as I've switched to a Garmin finder but so far they only have the higher end products out. I hope they come out with other options for my needs.
  8. F-117 Nighthawk I think is what they were going for. In other words "stealth". But it is very silly looking and has zero function.
  9. I love meat. I love shooting and catching meat. I also know I eat too much of it (frequency and quantity). Swapping out meat for plant based "meat" products might be helpful for my long term health and maybe it might be better for the environment. Bottom line is if it doesn't taste good I won't bother. The A&W burger is the one product I've tried that I like, I like it more than A&W's regular burger. It's not healthier than a most of my home cooked meals but if I've decided to eat a fastfood burger already… My mom's birthday is this weekend and steaks right from my friend's family's farm are on the menu. 20oz T-bone for the birthday girl, New York strip for me and the kids and a tenderloin for my wife. The only veggies on the menu are onions, mushrooms and baked potatoes.
  10. This unit gives you the battery voltage and it never dropped more than a volt while I was watching it. I was wondering if I should have a separate battery dedicated to the finder beforhand anywat since this unit would draw more from the crankin battery.
  11. Makes sense, the starting battery is 5-6 years old.
  12. I have a Garmin Striker 9sv that I'm still figuring out. My first trip out it worked fine and I spent a lot of time adjusting it and getting to know it. Second trip it worked fine for half the day and then every time I'd start the motor up the unit turns off and I'd have to restart the unit. I'm not sure if I set-up an auto-off program or if there is some sort of power surge that is causing the unit to shutdown to protect itself.
  13. Send a text to 866-218-9937 noting the marker buoy number in the message line. That is all you have to do and you will receive back an immediate reply noting the current weather and water conditions at the marker buoy’s location.
  14. You can get water condition updates right to your phone via buoys placed around the Great Lakes right now. Some inland lakes will be getting them in the future. https://glbuoys.glos.us Here is an article about the system: https://www.outdoorcanada.ca/buoyed-for-success/?fbclid=IwAR1HK98VFv29glw79WjfC3qG7Vt7qzTfdi_EZ8WZ8P5epG-9DzxDPW45Eq0
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