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  1. Ya, I don't know I want to look at photos of me from that long ago.😲
  2. Those are some nice fish your son caught.
  3. My understanding is that while there are some there they aren't in the numbers that other lakes have. Having said that, maybe there are good numbers of them but the guys are keeping quiet about them.
  4. Irish with some genuine Helin flatfishes. There was a long period of time in my youth where all I needed was a frog pattern flatfish to catch all the bass, walleye and pike on Nipissing.
  5. I’ve got one fire tiger but it’s 6 inches long. Would the Mag Lip from Yakima suit your needs? They have a lot of those Great Lakes salmon type colours.
  6. Would you have to buy the whole housing instead?
  7. I drive by twice every work day. What evidence is there of it being the out of towners? The city has been asked the same question. The city's has not answered.
  8. Where is the information showing it's "out-of-towners" that have put these area's numbers over the top? These municipalities have jacked their prices (for outsiders) and the lots are busy and the beaches crowded. That's locals crowding. Municipalities have lots millions in taxes and are clawing it back $50 at a time. The flip side is then there are less customers for all those businesses that rely on them to pay rent and taxes.
  9. Ya, he's at that stage where he's growing out of clothes/shoes before he even has a chance to wear them out.
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