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  1. I don't wear them except fishing and hunting. That was a Bass pro purchase.
  2. Same on Saturday night. With another good walleye chop.
  3. And after a winter of basically spending most of my “mad money” exclusively on musky baits and building a new lure box to house them I catch a very solid musky on…
  4. Like a weed. They were very clean if not monsters.
  5. But we lost count of how many were whacking crank baits. Biggest was just under 20 inches. Most were 16-18.
  6. Is it considered part of Lake Nipissing? Nipissing is in the exceptions. Bass opens third Saturday in June there.
  7. That's someone who knows the best place to put a hole.
  8. Very nice. They don't all come that big... at least mine don't, but they're all trophies.
  9. The trip I had planed for early June is up in the air as well.
  10. All is quite on the western front?
  11. My buddy has a boat house not too far from Picton. He's not sure if he'll be putting his boat in this year as the water is down a least 3 feet. My boat would fit but I need a ladder to get up about 5 feet to the landing.
  12. That thing retails for $1147.99.
  13. ...of $287 for a lure. Now I need a rod that can swing a 43oz bait.
  14. Really hoping I can take my kids fishing. This will be the second walleye/pike opener that I haven’t been able to fish with my brother. And let’s face it. The kids like their uncle a lot more than their dad.
  15. I did mine with cedar 2x4's (my boat is a 16 foot aluminum with a 50hp motor). Used what ever outdoor carpet they had at the home hardware in Bancroft, some adhesive and some staples. Not sure what cedar is going for these days but for only 2 for something you value as much as a boat and the years you're going to use it I think it's money well spent.
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