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  1. I'll tell them you said it was ok.
  2. Good to see you Bernie. I need to move some yard waste around…. Any chance I could borrow that?
  3. Started using it today to figure my way around it…. I'll soon be loading several minutes of changing tires and playing catch with my son.
  4. I would have tossed the "stickers" because I didn't think they would hold.
  5. Never thought about using the suction mount on the boat.
  6. Doesn't take much to get a diesel to run on cooking oil.
  7. Diesels are efficient and last. I wonder when the scales tip and the alternative powered vehicles become the majority, if the fossil fuel motors that persist are diesels rather than gasoline. I had a cvt Altima for 7 years and had zero issues with it. My wife has had a pathfinder for only 8-9 months so we'll see what happens there.
  8. Don't see as many high leg kicks like that anymore. Can he hit? lol Too bad the Jays don't play the Pirates this season. I want to get to the Pirates ball park. It looks like a beaut.
  9. Just got my first GoPro. It came with a floating handle and a head mount. I plan on getting an adaptor for my tripod and a glass mount. What other accessories have the collective found useful, or useless? I'll use it while fishing and hunting and figured the head mount might work for that but I have seen others use a gun mount.
  10. That's one way to pay for those cars.
  11. I don't know what people are getting for them but there are several used ones online asking several hundred dollars (at least one was over $600). I love books but I'd sell it in a heartbeat and have a current, always updated version on my phone.
  12. And if you have a copy of the book, people are asking mucho dinero for them online.
  13. Experiences with the app? They stopped making the books years ago I guess, which I understand, but a hundred plus bucks for an app is a concern if there are problems.
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