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  1. It's interesting to see people using something like this to take shots at other groups (groups that don't appear to factor into this tragedy). Just this week some numbers were released on snowmobile deaths in Ontario over the last 10 years. The numbers don't point to "younger" people. The numbers show that it's males, drinking, aged 45-54 and driving machines off trail. We (men) are great at killing ourselves doing all sorts of dumb things both sober and drunk. Maybe before blaming a younger generation raised by the older generations, we should look at our own generation. Now, get off my lawn.
  2. You really need me to quote what he said? That's weak. You are not ignorant so don't play it. Cherry knows it's racist. His supporters know it's racist. They support him because he is who he is. He was allowed to say it and would have been able to continue if he had apologized. He didn't, because he didn't miss speak, or stumble over his words (which he does a lot).
  3. What does he say that isn't racist. You go first because your list is shorter.
  4. Freedom of speech has zero to do with people saying racist things without consequences. Long time coming. He hasn't been able to finish a sentence for almost as long as he hasn't been able to finish a thought. And that's coming from a white middle aged male born in Canada hockey fan. The only demographic he hasn't said something uninformed about.
  5. Wood ashes or absorb-all/kitty-litter… as long as it has a hyphen. lol
  6. I understand your frustration. Too bad they put up the protective netting. I went to a sens/ New Jersey Devils game in Ottawa years ago (My brother is a Devils fan and I took him while visiting friends near Ottawa.) All through the first period the 4 guys behind us kept saying what combination of buttons they'd be pushing on their controller as if they were controlling the players on the ice in a video game. All period. At the end of the period I looked back expecting them to be kids and was shocked that the guys were my age. All I said was nobody cares about your video game. They didn't come back after going for more beer.
  7. Going for some of my favourite plant based food Sunday. Grouse.
  8. Terrible avoidable accident. The court of public opinion is very different than the actual courts. The court system would never consider that Mr. O'Leary sure seems like he'd be the type to sit back while his wife drives a boat at night.
  9. Flight crew, bait crew and a lot of baits, plus a conveyor system to drop the baits at the correct intervals. As well as several boxes of barf bags… the baits smell atrocious.
  10. Rabbies' baits would also be my guess. I did that back in college with them in the Kingston area.
  11. Right until I start hunting in mid September.
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