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  1. 30 Years ago just about all bait casters had the handle on the right side and it's only been about 20 years that left handle (used mostly by right handers) have been readily available across multiple brands. I think this is from the time of the old level wind reels, the belief was that the dominate hand should be used turn the handle. For most of us using our dominate hand to power the cast (top hand on the rod) or to one hand cast makes sense. Then, for most, we prefer to use our dominate hand to control the rod and impart action and our offhand just collects the line. The long time bait cast guys that learned when there was only one choice switch so fast and smooth that it really doesn't matter to them but it does stick out if you look for it.
  2. No ice to be seen in Kempenfelt Bay this morning. The heavy winds last night blew it out and/or broke it up.
  3. I've never been hit with any other fees from Bass Pro. The price at the checkout in US dollars is it.
  4. You can, but don't have to. I think braid has a lot of advantages especially if you are looking for versatility from an outfit.
  5. Mono is more forgiving when you are learning and cheaper to replace if you end up with the mother of all birds nests (I heard from a friend). Pound test is a little more tricky and has a lot to do with rod/lure/conditions and preferences. The general rule of thumb is 10lb test mono is as thin as you should go, so 12-14 might be good for the fishing you described. If you do go with braid then 30lb test is about as thin as you should go (again, general rule of thumb) and does work for most of our inland fishing unless you are way back in the slop for bass or you are targeting big pike/muskie. When fishing bass I don't bother with a leader except if I have braid and I'm looking for a little more stealth and tie on some flouro. If you run into pike while bass fishing then a beefier floor leader can help. I don't use wire leaders often but they can be handy if they don't dampen the action of your lure.
  6. I'd be interested to see the cranks If we ever get down to our friends in Tillsonburg.
  7. I’d been using Plano type boxes, but wanted a designated box for the lures and this was the option I went with. Three 10 foot vinyl downspouts and a Rubbermaid container. Ten inch jakes and believers are the longest I have and 11 inch sections fit in the box. Now to fill those other spots...
  8. Local news talked about some ice rescues on the Innisfil side today. High winds not helping the ice either.
  9. I'd be more likely to try wood glue with the cork saw dust. I think Outdoor Canada or Ontario out of Doors just had a cork handle touch-up tip.
  10. Anyone have experience with fishingtacklestore ? You can send me a pm.
  11. CP24 Headline: Man airlifted to hospital in critical condition after falling through ice on Lake Simcoe I can’t seem to share the link. ????
  12. Maybe I haven't focused on the musky/mustache aspect as much as I should have. lol
  13. Maybe I should have asked what worked best in your boat Rizzo.
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