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  1. Big spoons and spinners might be the best option for size/effectiveness/quality on a budget. I'd be tempted to tip them with plastic curlytails and whatnot but they have been deadly without them for generations.
  2. Ya, he uses his to clean out our fridge.
  3. Had a few days at a cottage south of North Bay and was able to land a nice number of topwater smallmouth. My son is a solid angler for 13 while my daughter is a more typical 10 year old so any fish she catches is a big deal for me and her. Besides my daughter’s fish which were caught on a whopper plopper style lure most of mine and my son’s fish were on various walk-the-dog style lures with a few poppers or crazy crawlers in the mix.
  4. Another consideration is the rod holders you use or plan to use. I have Down East holders which work great for large, round traditional type line counters but they do not work for low profile line counters. Many other rod holders would work with either type of reel.
  5. A few dollars for a pin versus thousands for parts, makes sense to me.
  6. New motors have shear pins stronger than the prop shaft? lol
  7. Always neat to see what in their stomachs. In-fisherman magazine had piece recently about the size of prey that walleye eat and the gist of it was we're (walleye anglers) aren't using big enough baits even for 4 pounders let alone 8-10 lbs.
  8. Supply and demand. Supply of new boats/engines is not back to 2019 levels so more demand for used boats.
  9. We can cast to 12 feet of water from the dock. Surface temps were 13.5-15.0 Celsius. We had a lot of talk about whether or not we'd keep any bass if the walleye bite was off. In the end we didn't have to make that choice.
  10. Quick trip to Nipissing for the Saturday of the long weekend with my brother and son. Started calm and still and we got into a few fish. A few bass were found in the afternoon. We got into more fish at 5pm when it was still calm and then the wind picked up and we had some faster action. We were able to get our 6 fish limit and had a nice feed. Sunday was wet and we had to head back south for other obligations but some more bass were caught off the dock.
  11. Is Rocky’s still fixing reels? I have a couple of older stradics that need some attention.
  12. 1. Walk the dog 4.5 inch 1oz (Casts a mile and I cover the water, and/or I'm searching) 2. Walk the dog 4 inch .6 oz (Subtle compared to the above) 3. Popper 3 inch .5 oz (Picking spots, in particular near shore and where I think the above are "too much" and better when I know the spot) 4. Plopper style 4 inch 3/4 oz (Covering water but not as "fun" for me compared to #1 & #2) 5. Never get to #5
  13. Thunder storms last night must have had some wind too. Bay looks mostly open with frazil ice pushed to the bottom of the bay.
  14. Not much wind but the ice has blown out a bit today.
  15. Tiffin boat launch today (April 11) at lunch. Some open spots over by the government dock as well. Looked to be “lots” of ice farther out in the bay.
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