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  1. I drive by twice every work day. What evidence is there of it being the out of towners? The city has been asked the same question. The city's has not answered.
  2. Where is the information showing it's "out-of-towners" that have put these area's numbers over the top? These municipalities have jacked their prices (for outsiders) and the lots are busy and the beaches crowded. That's locals crowding. Municipalities have lots millions in taxes and are clawing it back $50 at a time. The flip side is then there are less customers for all those businesses that rely on them to pay rent and taxes.
  3. Ya, he's at that stage where he's growing out of clothes/shoes before he even has a chance to wear them out.
  4. Went out fishing for only the second time this year and first time with my brother. Less then ideal conditions for top water bass but this year has been pooched anyway so there wasn’t much to be done. All of my son’s fish were caught on a black plopper and my brothers’s on a white popper.
  5. Somebody's got some splain' to do... https://www.cp24.com/video?clipId=1993868
  6. Would a caddis hatch be more likely?
  7. 1520? Hard to see with low resolution. That spring is much more robust that the drag clicker and bail springs that I've seen.
  8. Canadian National Sportsmen’s Shows has been acquired by Master Promotions.
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