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  1. I've also found that the drag with the bow mount trolling motor down gives me more speed options between the drift socks and wind/current. Sometimes that third of a kilometre difference matters to the fish or that action of the lure.
  2. I'll take yours then Chris.
  3. I'm making molds right now from some rubber gloves. Triathlete recounts 'mistaken Muskie attack' in Lake St. Clair: https://windsor.ctvnews.ca/windsor-ironman-triathlete-recounts-mistaken-muskie-attack-in-lake-st-clair-1.5549178
  4. Not sure what the pike situation on Balsam is specifically but, generally yes. The bigger pike get the more they will seek out cooler water in the summer while smaller pike will hang out shallower. Also since big pike will eat small pike they tend to not want to hang out with the big boys and girls.
  5. Nipissing and and small lake south of there.
  6. Would a knot on the end of a rope work?
  7. Two weeks on 2 lakes. We whacked the smallmouth on topwaters but only had some random esox when I wasn’t trying. My brother's dock pike had a lamprey on it. Over 80 inches of esox caught on 5 and a half inches of lures while trolling for walleye.
  8. All day there have been storm watches. They marched down from northern Ontario. Every satellite image had it. I went fishing this morning and got back in time for brunch and watched the storm dance across the lake. Pumped the boat out this afternoon and went back out.
  9. Good. More for me to miss this fall. lol
  10. Nice. See any birds on your way in?
  11. Not sure if this has been brought up here before but I just saw this and figured that we have a few guys who skip across and fish US waters along the boarder: US law for US waters when on plane: Under a new federal law effective April 1, 2021, those piloting boats less than 26 feet in length are required to use their engine cut-off switches (ECOS) much of the time. That means wearing a lanyard—aka ECOS link—while at the wheel. (Formerly referred to as, “kill switches,” the term engine cut-off switch, or ECOS, is the preferred nomenclature, whether referring to engine-cut-off switches operated by a physical lanyard or any of several electronic solutions.) https://www.boatingmag.com/story/how-to/new-boating-law-requires-use-of-engine-cut-off-switches/
  12. How are boats nowadays for accurate fuel gauges for built in tanks? My only experience is 70's and 80's boats and those gauges were terrible.
  13. My vote would have been a 9 year old PrinceCraft from a fellow member, but that's just me. lol
  14. Supply (down) and demand (up a bunch). I don't wonder if I couldn't sell my rig that I've had for 8 years for the same price I paid for it.
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