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  1. Could you make a plate out of plastic cutting board and then attach the bracket to that?
  2. Felt like an early summer day but with spring water temperatures. Nice to get out of the house and run the boat. Not much happened while casting and the kids find trolling too boring so we didn’t do much but my daughter was the one who landed the lone fish dragging lures. She was very proud to supply us with lunch today.
  3. Pike and eyes with maybe some pan fish to keep my daughter happy.
  4. Started the motor in the driveway today. Plan is to get it wet this Friday. IMG_2720.MOV
  5. Anybody have experience with this fuel treatment?
  6. Here is some Simcoe County info. Note, Innisfil is requiring pre booking your in and out times. https://barrie360.com/boat-launch-status-in-simcoe-county/ The following municipalities have announced the status of boat launches in their communities this weekend. Barrie – Tiffin Street – reopens Saturday with the following guidelines: only boat with members of your household, no guests onboard ensure a physical distance of at least two metres from people outside your household when using the launch keep your distance on the water – don’t raft Innisfil – Innisfil Beach Park with the following guidelines: Only Innisfil residents who have the 2019 or 2020 Resident Parking Permit (residents cannot pick up 2020 permits at the moment given the closure of Town facilities) or proof of Innisfil residency (e.g. driver’s licence, utility bill, or other piece of valid identification with Innisfil address) can use the boat launch Boaters entering the launch area will be required to follow the direction of Innisfil Park Staff and respect physical distancing Boaters will need to pre-book their entry and exit spots online at www.Innisfil.ca/BoatBooking. This section also features answers to commonly asked questions and other information Residents can also book their times by calling the Town of Innisfil during normal business hours at 705-436-3710 Access and use of the Innisfil Beach Park boat launch will only be between 6 a.m. and 9 p.m Orillia – Couchiching Beach boat launch and the Collins Drive boat launch will reopen Saturday: users must practice physical distancing of at least two metres (six feet) and only boat with members of their immediate household The Port of Orillia remains closed until at least May 31 Penetanguishene – boat launch and wharf will NOT reopen this weekend Severn Township – all public boat launches and docks reopen Saturday
  7. Heads up. This morning the radio is saying that many municipalities in Simcoe County are not opening public launches until later. Might what to check before dragging your boat to your usual spot.
  8. What do you use for lead core? For my trolling I haven’t really needed it but bought some to put on an old linecounter reel. This was sufix performance in 12lb test. I’ll likely try it for walleye to get some shallow stickbaits to run 12-17 feet.
  9. Anyone see the video of a mantis grabbing one of these things and eating its face while still alive?
  10. So much of their business is from the states as well. Many are owned by Americans that of course can’t cross the border to even see what shape their camps are in. The frustrating thing is that nothing can be done right now.
  11. https://www.tvo.org/article/the-biggest-thing-this-industry-has-ever-faced-northern-outfitters-brace-for-covid-19 Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Excellent Adventures co-owner Faron Buckler had expected 25 Texan doctors to be loading their fishing gear onto floatplanes in Red Lake on Victoria Day weekend. They’d then lift off for lodges in the northern Ontario wilderness, hoping to bring home a trophy fish — or at least a good story about the one that got away. But, across northern Ontario, hunting outfitters, such as Buckler’s, are beginning to worry that 2020 might be the year the whole summer got away. Non-essential businesses remain shut due to a provincial order, and the United States-Canada border will be closed to recreational traffic until at least May 20. “We're definitely worried we could lose the year,” Buckler says. “We're losing a lot of the tourists already. They're scared to travel, and they're not certain of the conditions — especially the older clientele.”
  12. Property owners only pay property taxes on the days they are at their cottage right?
  13. I think that might be clear water with a brown sand bottom.
  14. A article about bigmouth buffalo in Minnesota being 112 years old and why that might not be a good thing. https://www.in-fisherman.com/editorial/bigmouth-buffalo/371327
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