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  1. kickingfrog

    A Jiggy Jiggy Report!!!

    Are you seeing more spruce? Very small sample, but in 2 trips we've seen a far higher number of spruce to ruffed and in 2 different regions.
  2. kickingfrog

    A Jiggy Jiggy Report!!!

    We got some up your way on Saturday. HOT and thick.
  3. kickingfrog

    Who knew Terry was an Instagram star!

    ….Wear protection.
  4. kickingfrog

    A Jiggy Jiggy Report!!!

    You go for a walk with the boom stick yet?
  5. kickingfrog

    Inflatable Life Jackets

    The level of protection some foam on a pfd is going to provide is being over estimated and will not keep your face out of the water if you are unconscious. People do have the ability to make a choice, just make sure you understand what those choices are.
  6. kickingfrog

    Inflatable Life Jackets

    They are infinitely better than no life jacket or pfd. Another key thing to remember is that the standard pfds that are often used, if worn, will not keep an unconscious adult's face out of the water. Only life jackets do that and most of the inflatables are that (there are those belt type ones that are not life jackets). Another factor is that if the inflatable is not worn it does not count as a floatation device. I always have a standard life jacket on board for me in case I take my inflatable off and forget to put it back on. What's your life worth to you? No one plans on falling overboard.
  7. kickingfrog

    Lost rod and reel

    Ya, it was his first very own rod and reel and he feels pretty bad. The flip side is he isn't going to miss out on a fishing trip because of it and maybe he'll learn a lesson on keeping track of his stuff. All part of growing up.
  8. kickingfrog

    Lost rod and reel

    My son left his rod and reel (he remembered his sister's) at the launch Saturday September 8th. Pflueger reel, Berkley rod, bright yellow braid, may have had a pop-r style lure on it. Went back Sunday and is wasn't there. Reward. Call or text me at 705 795 6579. Thanks.
  9. kickingfrog


    Well damn.
  10. kickingfrog

    Another heads up, TORNADO WARNING

    Weather is complex and clearly beyond most people. The tornados called for on Monday touched down not far from here. I went out side just before the warnings started and there wasn't a breath of wind nor rain. It was still and there wasn't a sound, the bugs and birds knew something was up. It stayed like that and even the satellite never went down. The system that the tornadoes sprung from went right over out house but we would have barely noticed. That doesn't mean we weren't in some danger if a bird had farted at just the right/wrong time.
  11. kickingfrog

    Another heads up, TORNADO WARNING

    Weather network got it wrong here again. Thunderstorms predicted at 9am…. Started at 8:52. Like come on. Of course I'm about 7-8 minutes from Tillsonburg where the network was giving me the forecast for. Not understanding forecasts or how weather predictions work is ok. Ranting that they are wrong more than they are right (let alone 90%) is complete clownery.
  12. kickingfrog

    Father and son trash fishing

    Father and son trash fishing on the Detroit River https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/windsor/fishing-for-junk-on-the-detroit-river-1.4805683?cmp=rss
  13. kickingfrog

    Another heads up, TORNADO WARNING

    The conditions were consistent with severe weather and the possibility of tornados. There were tornadoes. Weather predictions are more accurate now then ever before and will continue to get better. The information is solid, the understanding is often the failure.
  14. kickingfrog

    Another heads up, TORNADO WARNING

  15. kickingfrog

    Camera found, looking for fisherman

    Fisherman found: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/thunder-bay/lost-camera-found-1.4798082