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    And the jokes just keep coming. Art
  2. Very nice I am glad you and Jack made the trip together. Art
  3. Here is our sister website that has a lot of reviews and information. https://ontariofishingcommunity.com/index.php?app=core&module=system&controller=redirect&do=advertisement&ad=25&key=a190b01e632f0a46bf95b067fba0c101d6b7b31ba2f994e230dd2440810275c3 Cheers Art
  4. I see we can't have an adult discussion on this. Art
  5. I have reset this from the past few comments. Please be kind and respect the death of the queen. Thank you Art
  6. Sorry to hear this, she was a class act for sure and will be missed. Art
  7. I have raced Jetskis since 1987 and with the majority of them being either Kawasaki and Now more prevalent is the Yamahas. If you do not know how to work on them I would chose the one that parts and repair can be done locally. If you can work on them then it is which ever you can get a good deal on. While riding the skis keep in mind that while riding in a confined area makes it fun to switch out riders it is annoying to others who are there to enjoy nature in its quietness. With this in mind enjoy the riding it is a great way to explore and be active on the water. Cheers Art
  8. Wow 5 pots for $ 199.00 what a bargain........Smoked Salmon is pretty nice as well. Art
  9. It will run poorly because the thrust angle is off. It could put excessive pressure on the transom. It may or may not get on plane. You will draft deeper so it would be easier to strike rocks. For the most part I wouldn't do it. Art
  10. Happy Canada Day to all of my friends up North. Please be safe and enjoy the Celebrations. Art
  11. Using the dock to unload and load but parking it there at one of only 2 spots on a dock is poor form. Once you have unloaded move your boat to the beach and park. I know that it is a pain in the butt to unload from the nose of a boat while it is beached. Art
  12. Very cool, it is always nice to fish with your friends. Art
  13. I think we have enough answers here. I will ask that those using the programs do so in a manner that is legal. OFC does not support any information that is used in an illegal manner. Cheers Art
  14. Have a look at this https://ontariofishingnetwork.com/ this is the sister site for OFC. Art
  15. Very nice mess of fish. Art
  16. Soooo did you have to Ram it on there to make it fit? Art
  17. Very cool, nice boat Art
  18. When I fish the Nip most of the time I troll a manns plus 25 deep diving lure in the chrome and blue. This seems to work along the rock walls and ledges. I am not much of a walleye fisherman though but most of the folks go out just before the mosquitos attack at dusk and use worm rigs on the edges of the weed lines that have deep water nearby. Art
  19. The reason you see the P.M. me response is in the rules of the site we do not allow specific spots to be shared. In the past sharing fishing spots created more issues than it solved. I am sure that once you see the lake you will be able to talk to the locals or the owners of the lodge and they can direct you in the right direction. Good luck and happy fishing Art
  20. At the end of the day remember this is a hobby that you enjoy don't make it into a less enjoyable job. Very nice looking bugs for sure. Art
  21. That is a really nice win brother, congratulations. Art
  22. Very nice vise it will make your tying easier I bet. Art
  23. We are glad to see you. Feel free to post a few pictures now and again of your fishing adventures. Art
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