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  1. My view on do's and don'ts is a little different. Everyone is looking for loopholes to carry on with their regular lives. We have a Federal government that tells us to stay home yet allows plane load after plane load to arrive at our airports simply telling those on board that they must self isolate? If those who choose to fly are that self entitled what makes us think that they will voluntarily quarantine? Since Jan 1 thirty (30) planes arrived in Canada with passengers that had Covid-19. We have a Provincial government that rather than doing what they should have done many months ago played the political two step and look where that has got us, a proverbial poop show! They now have declared a state of emergency with regulations that are unenforceable. It's a fact that Covid-19 does not get on a plane or in a car or on a snow machine. It needs a carrier, WE are the carrier. It did not enter nursing homes to infect our loved ones by osmosis, WE took it in getting infected elsewhere in the community. Let's be honest with ourselves, unless you get tested constantly, most of us have no idea if we are an asymptomatic carrier spreading Covid-19 wherever we go. It appears as though based on the current level of vaccination it will be a year before everyone is vaccinated. I guess STAY HOME is the one thing that WE can all do to help the cause. If WE don't move around it can't!
  2. If people don't start to stay home and stop the community spread you ain't seen nothing yet!
  3. Hi All, Does anyone have any current information on the condition of the lake, weed growth, recent fishing, lake traffic etc? I know that it has received lots of pressure in recent years from bass tournaments. How easy is it to access the rest of the Trent System?
  4. When the NE of England was burning coal to heat homes walking to school in the winter was a lung burning experience. Oh, and BTW I walked barefoot, both ways..
  5. I will check with my cousin but doubt LOB's has safe ice.
  6. Where are you fishing in Guelph Rizzo?
  7. They are simply awesome Brian! Now the biggest challenge is tying them on to your line! Try a pair of magnified readers or a monocle...lol.
  8. John


    In my teen years we caught them by the dozen in local rivers at night. Sadly, our lack of conservation knowledge back then and the fact that they were, and still are, a popular food source has dwindled their numbers down to endangered level. Their life cycle is very interesting and a good read, it takes more than 10 years for them to reach maturity.
  9. Radial Arm saw is my preference. Maybe not as portable but way more versatile.
  10. Now ya talkin'! #20's in that pattern was my go to, except tied on barbless spade hooks. They were a much finer gauge wire. In those days #16's were large hooks and 18's were average.
  11. I like those Brian, what size are they?
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