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  1. Does Hartley get safe ice? I have fished it in the spring and LOTS of current.
  2. I was a diehard F150 guy until I bought my first EcoBoost (2012). Had problems (misfire) until I sold it and replaced with a 2016, same issues and some electronic probs. Have friends who bought F150's with 5L V8's. They had issues with very high oil consumption. Not saying that they haven't fixed the issues by now, but, I made the decision to go with RAM 1500 this time, (I am not a Chev/GMC truck lover). Bought a 2019 RAM 1500 Rebel and have driven it for 4 years, problem free, fingers crossed. Love the interior finish, great performance, better overall fuel economy than my F150 EcoBoost, (assuming you don't have a very heavy foot 🙂. The one thing I would change is the OffRoad tires on the Rebel, they are quite noisy, (more so in town than on highway). Tow a 30' trailer and 20' glass boat and sometimes forget I have something on the back..🤫. Not sure what your budget is but used trucks seem to be pricey, particularly at dealers.
  3. Alrighty then! I stopped posting on this site because of asses making replies like this! You want to disagree, fine, but try being a little more respectful and a little less of an ass!
  4. Well Cliff, I'm not sure I would go that route, especially where you live. I have a neighbour who bought a high end Ryobi last season as he has a matching Ryobi lawn mower which he is really happy with. The snow blower handles 2, 3,4" of dryish snow, he has a 50' single car driveway. However, the first heavy snowfall of 6-8" it bogged down and ran out of battery 2/3 down. Don't think it would be even close to handling the accumulation at the end of the driveway from the plow. Buy a higher end, mid size 4 stroke blower, don't go too big. Put chains on the drive wheels and it will go through 'most anything. I use gas treatment all season.
  5. Was in Ketchikan last year. It was amazing to watch the seals chase the salmon up the creeks...amazing place.
  6. I fished them almost exclusively for 5 or 6 years, (limited success). Accumulated probably $1000 + in Muskie baits. Always fished the same 3 or so..😳. Black and Orange spinnerbait, Same colour Double 10, Jailbird Believer, Clown Jerkbait.
  7. If you can I would suggest putting as much as you can on CC, exchange rate is more favourable than cash transactions. But yes, all banks and most stores, lodges etc accept US dollars at a rate of exchange. Banks will have their pound of flesh both ways, US to Cdn and Cdn to US.
  8. Awesome! Have fun you two!
  9. Are you using cheap stamped steel knives or a forged one. A good quality forged chefs knife and a decent steel to align the edge between sharpening are worth the investment.
  10. That's awesome Brian. You do great work and I'm glad you are starting to get some recognition! I wish you the best..
  11. Damn, you are just a baby!
  12. Not my thing, as you know, but hey market to the rappers 🙂. All of your designs are a thing of beauty so finish one and put it on line. I know you don't need the work but I would love to see it finished..
  13. Have fun you too. Work hard and play hard. Watch that Crown it messes with your head.😁
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