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  1. Yeah some of us know how dangerous the West Arm can be Lew. As you know, every year we were up there someone "found" another unmarked rock or shoal. Even those that have 10+ years boating up there. I can name a few right now including myself. What frightened me the most is in years of low water levels rocks and shoals appeared that we ran right over the top of in previous years. And of course navigating the trip through the big and little cuts to Monetville and the scary trip to Cross Lake....😮
  2. John

    Ontario fires

  3. John

    Tires and Rims 3 months old

    Sorry guys didn't realize size would't show up on mobile app! Size is 225/65r16 rims fit Dodge Caravan and many others.
  4. I guess you would need that kind of output to climb fully loaded?
  5. John

    NFLD bound

    Great report, thanks for taking us with you. On my bucket list! Great choice of tipple BTW!
  6. John

    Tires and Rims 3 months old

    Look up in title tire size has been on there since February...:-)
  7. John

    Well this isn't something you see every day ...

    $100K for a nice one!
  8. John


    Crocs are awesome. Have a pair outside the front side and back doors of the house! A pair in the trailer and I think one or two others kicking around somewhere!
  9. John

    Nitro fish n skis

    You can set your search to say 250KM.
  10. John

    Nitro fish n skis

    You may do better across the border. A little more hassle and not the deal it used to be but more inventory and you may find what you want. https://www.boattrader.com/search-results/Type-Power/Category-Fish And Ski/Make-NITRO/
  11. John


    Yeah great work Chad! BTW I would love to see TJ cooking, just sayin'...😀
  12. I was asked so politely 😉 to post all in one group so here's the rest.....pick up in Burlington , will ship at cost. PM me or text 289-828-1804 Group 8 $55.00 Group 9 $60.00 Group 10 $55.00 Group 11 $90.00 Group 12 $60.00
  13. $35.00 pick up in Burlington , will ship at cost. PM me or text 289-828-1804
  14. $50.00 pick up in Burlington , will ship at cost. PM me or text 289-828-1804