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  1. For starters I know little to nothing about this technology. I am looking for a device to allow me to receive streaming services, Britbox, Acorn TV, Amazon Prime Video, Sports etc. Ideally I want to get rid of my very expensive Bell service, if I can keep some network channels great, if not I can learn to live without them. I don't have a Smart TV presently but probably in the market from Santa. I know that there are a few gurus and converts on here and any advise would be received with thanks. If you would prefer to PM me or text (289-828-1804) that works. John..
  2. In most cases there should be an expiry date? I would replace anything over 5 years. Definitely 12 yrs is past its best before date.
  3. Was our Spring and Fall trip for many years. Stayed at Atwood Island Lodge, great food. Fishing was always great, catching tough at times. Fished early morning and evening till past dark. Took in scenery trolling mostly during the day. Caught the odd Musky trolling and did OK with walleye in the early and late hours. In recent years moved to Upper French and then Nip West Arm. Catching, in my opinion, is better and the scenery is always great.
  4. Not a big believer in luck. Whether it's your success in life or raising your kids to become responsible, respectful citizens, I feel that we make our own luck. It's funny how the harder one works at something the luckier one becomes. Non of us knows what lurks behind closed doors. All may look hunky dory at face value. Teaching our kids morals, with respect, responsibility and consequences for their actions is a process that is ongoing and starts at day one. Barbara and I were extremely "lucky" in as much as our children grew up well as have their children.
  5. This thread, (and the one that was locked, rightly so), is the reason I am on this site less and less. So many armchair quarterbacks with heresay and theory and statements with little merit or science. Before we execute the innocent, 'till proven guilty, let's see how the legal eagles handle things through the appropriate process .. just sayin'.
  6. There is a huge amount of information online Tom, including an article from the Mayo Clinic.
  7. I don't get these threads, sorry guys, but there is only one way that this thread is going.
  8. There is an agent/broker in Burlington called High Risk Auto Pro's, that's all the do..
  9. Happy Fathers Day to you Kelvin and all of the Dad's and Granddads out there!!
  10. Looking for fully qualified Gas Fitter in Guelph area (or willing to travel to Rockwood, ON) to install gas fireplace. Please call or text John @ 289-828-1804.
  11. Hi Cliff, welcome back. Now that I have completely retired maybe we can get out on the water or on the ice once in a while. As I said in my PM and texts if you you ever need to talk you know how to get in touch..
  12. John


    View Advert Explorer SportRack Car Top Carrier Like new, used once, Explorer SportRack Roof Top Carrier...Retails for $299 plus tax......$125.00 Advertiser John Date 03/14/2019 Price 125.00 CAD Category Miscellaneous Classifieds
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