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  1. I think it's roughly between Sauble and Owen Sound..
  2. It was a teen fishermans dream Brian. Could walk to the river that I fished almost every day or catch the train and be at the beach in 20. Winters could be an adventure with rivers rising so fast that you could be fishing the eddys one minute from dry land and the have water past your ankles the next. The beaches and piers could be dangerous with big tides...lots of fun though.
  3. Lower French can be tough fishing this time of year especially walleye. It's been 10 years or so since I fished it. As I remember it the run in from 69 to Hartley Bay can be tough on vehicles and boat trailers. Should be lots of weed growth. Watch it outside the channels as the rocks bite hard.
  4. Good morning to you too. Haven't fished seriously for quite a few years now, seemed to lose my mojo, like another good friend on here. Starting to get the itch again so who knows what the future holds. I grew up in England close to the coast and in an area where I was spoiled for choice as far as where to wet a line. In Spring, Summer and Fall I would chase Browns and Salmon in the many rivers close by. In the Winter I would fish Grayling and more often fish off the beach or piers for Cod. Sadly most of the Cod have gone, at least in the numbers there used to be and most of the Trout and Salmon waters have been taken over by private clubs. I would like to get back into fly and float fishing but don't have a lot of patience to stand shoulder to shoulder with 40 others..🙂 Maybe I need to get my arse out of bed in a morning and find some new water to try. Be well and tight lines.
  5. Love these stretches Brian...Reminds me of water I used to fish for browns as a teen.
  6. Never been happy with Kingsford. Buy good charcoal and pay a few more $$ it makes a huge difference.
  7. They are the cats behind Brian. If I get back the fishing bug I will look you up!🙂
  8. Never a fan of Walmart for groceries, especially meat. I object to being charged a fixed price for a package of something when I don't know how much is in there or how much per pound they are charging. Another rant while I am on a roll is bought a package of peameal bacon from a supermarket. I weighed it at home and within a very small margin of error the weight was right on. However, when I opened it there was a thick wad of packaging underneath the meat soaked in what I believe was water. I weighed it at 5oz!! Since moving out into a small community we have embraced the local butcher, baker and produce stands. Great (much superior) quality, no unnecessary packaging and prices not much higher than the supermarket. Rant over..🙂
  9. Don't worry about dressing that fly too much Brian. If it sinks so be it. I caught some of my best fish with a sinking dry fly.
  10. I tied pretty much exclusively 16 and 18 for browns in smaller rivers and streams. Started off with 12 and 14 when I first started fly fishing and doubled my hookups when I when significantly smaller.
  11. What size are you tying there Brian? Over the years I had more hook up success tying very small.
  12. Can't really help on the lack of smallies but this is a pretty good read on the history of the lake .. http://quinteconservation.ca/site/images/stories/water/studies/east_lake/el_sol.pdf
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