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  1. Just flurries here Lew but significantly colder than earlier in the week. Had 18 degrees now -2...!
  2. When I got the muskie bug many years ago I went gung ho and bought the lakewood box and probably $600-800 in lures. Found myself using the same 4 or 5 baits continually so eventually left the box on shore and took the baits and rods already set up and a couple of extras.
  3. A wench? Is than newfie for winch?...Or are you dreaming?
  4. Great report Andrew. Hope that 2022 will be less stressful!
  5. good reel for casting 5oz weights off the beach....🙂
  6. Yeah Ford was very aware that they had issues with Coyote 2018's. A couple of members of this board found out first hand. Some 5L's were burning a litre every 1000Km's. They seemed to get it under control in 2019.
  7. I was a Ford guy through and through. Had 3 F150's in recent years. Last two gave me sleepness nights. Both had V6 Ecoboosts. Between undiagnosed misfires and electronics that would go blank and reset while driving. I also know at least 3 friends who have had problems with 2018/2019 F150's with 5L. Huge oil consumption. I assume that Ford has fixed the issue with 2020/2021 models. So, I went to the dark side. Bought a 2019 RAM Rebel with the Hemi. Love it so far. Put over 30K on it and not a squeak. Gas mileage around town is not quite as good as the V6 Eco, but with the trailer or boat on it's night and day. The twin turbos were forever kicking in on the Ford and mileage went down. On an East coast trip I was averaging around 25L/100Km. Unless something unforeseen happens I intend to keep this truck 'till either it dies or I do...or, maybe a RAM TRX if I will the lottery..🙂😁
  8. There is a big difference between the known and the unknown.
  9. 100% class gentleman who had time for everyone particularly youth hockey players. Met him a few times at tournaments. He would stay until everyone had said hello, got an autograph etc. Walked him to his car one night after a game. Can't say enough about him. RIP Walter..
  10. The big difference Lew is that you could buy an RV for 30 points off MSRP a couple of years ago, now not so much. Now you have to make an appointment with a salesperson to essentially sign a contract...
  11. Talked to a couple of financial guys and they are amazed at the RV market. Customers taking out loans for 40 and 50K trailers and 100k+ motorhomes on Lines of Credit. Hope I am wrong but I see a huge influx of 2 year old RVs on the market once this thing settles down.
  12. We have been searching for a waterfront or on water site for months. There is little or no inventory. Anything that we found available was either in a run down park or in a park owned and manage by conglomerates and had extremely bad reviews. Many parks are kicking out long term residents and putting up rates through the roof. Some have started "add ons" like charging for golf carts, sheds, outside fridges and a popular one now is adding service charges to every item on the bill. It seems as though everyone has taken up camping in times of Covid in trailers, motorhomes etc. and this had created a crazy off season with everyone looking for the same thing. We are on lengthy wait lists on a few parks but hold little hope for 2021 and maybe 2022. We have decided to stay transient for this season however it is going to be tough to pull the trailer and the boat at the same time. Good luck and stay safe..
  13. I remember a different type of fishing but the fun was just the same. Every day that I could skip school I was down by the river. Fishing for browns during the day and camped out all night catching eels. When winter came the grayling appeared and when the river was flooded I took the train to the coast (about 20 min) and fished cod off the beaches and piers. Fishing gear was expensive, at least for a teen. My total collection was a 10.5' glass rod (metal ferrules), a 5 weight 8' fly rod with cheap reel and a 12' glass surfcasting rod. I remember saving up to buy my first fixed spool reel a Mitchell 300. Used if for float fishing and bottom fishing. Acquired lots of expensive gear over the years but didn't really catch more fish. Just had to work harder for what I did catch..
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