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  1. I have my own strong opinions on this tragedy. Who was actually driving, alcohol, speed and of course MONEY to afford the legal council of Greenspan...... and have had from the start of the investigation. I have no wish to share them in detail here as this is the type of thread that goes South quickly. 'Nuff said!
  2. Ya know what. I think that this thread has run its course and then some.
  3. Yeah we have stayed in that one and other cottages at Mashkinonje many times. It will be interesting to see how the new owners manage it.
  4. Will be in that cottage for a week starting Saturday 4th. Hope you left it tidy..😁
  5. Never did very well on Walleye. Muskie on top water or spinner baits. Drop shot worked well for bass. Watch out for the idiots tearing through the narrow channels. In a canoe you will be quite vulnerable to getting tossed by big wake.
  6. 1176985469_PorchandDeck.jpg
    Ya know what guys, at 68 I don't put off anymore. Yes lumber prices are/were at an all time high but life is short and as far as we know we only live this life once. Just finished this and I swallowed hard and paid the CC bills for the lumber and other materials.
  7. LOL, one of my senior techs told me he needed a bigger hammer. I was about ready to chastise him until I actually saw why he needed a bigger hammer.
  8. Funny how gas prices have become a secondary focus.
  9. Glad that you finally made it guys. Enjoy, de-stress and have fun. TJ, Monique will let you catch one or two, I'm sure...😏
  10. https://cde.boaterexam.com/canada/lostcards
  11. I needed them quickly as I ran out. I broke down and went to CT. Going to search out other options up here. Thanks guys.
  12. I have had less issue with getting email to say my item is ready than when I arrive to collect my curbside pickup I am there for a half hour or more! To watch them deliver orders is painful. 5 or 6 teens with no instruction or guidance carrying order out to cars one item at a time. I must have seen this one kid go back and forth 10 times each time bringing out one small item delivering it to a car and strolling back to get the next one! Why not load a trolley with multiple orders???
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