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  1. John

    Remote car starter

    Yeah law enforcement already using the technology..
  2. John

    Remote car starter

    Take me take me...lol
  3. John

    Vintage Rod Building

    I good friend of mines' Dad used to build split cane fly and float rods back in the 50's and 60's. He is long gone now but the time involved and craftsmanship was epic. There was no fancy wrap or detail but everything was so precise and the balance was perfect. Sad to say I had a 5 wt, one of the last he built as he couldn't compete with the glass rods of the time and arthritis was setting in, but I left it in the UK in the early 70's and it didn't survive my parent's house move..๐Ÿ˜•
  4. John

    All Weather Tires

    Being a tire dealer I`m going to try to stay impartial here. There are distinct differences. The All Weather tire is really a hybrid of All Season and Winter. All Season tires have a relatively straight uniform tread pattern designed to provide a good ``all `round`` performance in dry and wet weather. The tread pattern also helps to keep down road noise. These tires have the hardest compounds and longest life. All Weather tires are relatively new to the market, perhaps 5 years. They have a much `blockier`tread pattern, and softer compound. The blockier tread and softer compound provides better steering and stopping performance in wet weather (and slush) however the compromise is they are noisier and have shorter life. Winter tires, I think most are familiar with. They have in general a uniform block tread with a much softer compound. They offer significant improvement in grip, steering and stopping distance in ice and snow however they are noisier and have much shorter life. If you are buying Winter tires spend a few hundred dollars more and get a set of dedicated rims. Your tires will last longer not being taken on and off twice a year but the changeover is significantly less expensive. Just a note on Winter tires. It is not the air temps that kill them it`s the temp of the road so get them on when the road temps have had a chance to cool down and more important get รจm off before the roads heat up! I have had customers drive to Florida on Winters stay for a few months and complain when they get back that their tires are wearing too fast...
  5. John

    How old is OFC/OFC?

    Yup I remember the wild west days well! And some of the gunslingers too...lol. It could go from entertaining to stressful back to entertaining in 24 hrs. ๐Ÿ™‚ I think that I miss the early days GTG's the most though..
  6. John

    More fishing fines laid!

    Unfortunately nothing will change until fines are increased to where they hurt!
  7. John

    ACL tear/repair (NF but kinda F)

    My son had ACL surgery many years ago. It pretty much finished his soccer and football careers. If you play any sports count on being out for a year. He was back up and walking in a couple of days but any twisting or side to side movement is a no no! Exercise bicycle helps as soon as you can deal with it. He had a custom knee brace made which came from California, I assume that now they are available in Canada. It helped a lot as far as day to day getting around for the first month or two and held the knee stable in case he slipped or fell. It was expensive but worth every penny. Good luck with the surgery if you want to know any finer details of the surgery PM me.
  8. John

    What to do with a butler?! NF

    What he said
  9. John

    Fish'n Canada Season 2

    Hey Limey I have those beat! 1960's soccer (football) shorts I wore in UK back then. Pretty wild!
  10. John

    Where is Big Cliff

    I have tried to reach Cliff a couple of times with no luck.
  11. John

    Lake of Bays Bass - Help

    Have only fished Dwight Bay, summer for smallies and winter for lakers. Most success for smallies out from mouth of Oxtongue River. Dwight Bay is deep but goes from 100' + to 18' very quickly there. If you wander into the river there is supposed to be pike however never caught one. Watch the markers if you do.
  12. John

    Nip/Upper French Report

    Great pics and awesome report Marty. Miss you guys!
  13. Yeah some of us know how dangerous the West Arm can be Lew. As you know, every year we were up there someone "found" another unmarked rock or shoal. Even those that have 10+ years boating up there. I can name a few right now including myself. What frightened me the most is in years of low water levels rocks and shoals appeared that we ran right over the top of in previous years. And of course navigating the trip through the big and little cuts to Monetville and the scary trip to Cross Lake....๐Ÿ˜ฎ