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  1. Will see if I can find out anything further on the LCBO mgrs comments. I struggle to imagine that Islay distilleries have started "blending" single malts!
  2. Not a big Highland Park fan but what didn't you like about it? It received rave reviews a number of years ago and had a huge Japanese following. Seems to have lost the plot recently and reviews have been mediocre at best.. Not a serious whisky. Frivolous and over priced. Viking Pride? HP whisky should do the work itself without having to be given a ridiculous name. 24th December 2019 What the hell happened to Highland Park? Who doesn’t like Highland Park? Used to be the refrain of every whisky drinker I knew. Then they lost their damn minds, deciding they were a Marvel Comics tie-in product. The bottles and labels got absurd, the quality of the actual whisky fell, it’s all over the place, and it seems as if they’d be happier making “Odin’s Fire Cinnamon Schnapps.” Edrington ruins everything it touches.
  3. Big Islay fan myself. Just "acquired" a new bottle of Lagavulin 16, (my fave), (Christmas prezzy). Haven't opened it yet but will report back. Bruichladdich is another of my guilty pleasures, not quite as smoky/peaty as Lagavulin but a nice tipple. Bowmore is a nice, pleasant and affordable everyday Islay, less than half of a bottle of Lagavulin, worth a try. I am planning a trip over the pond early this fall and would like to do the Islay, and other, distillery tours.
  4. Allowing 3+ goals a game will not win too many, especially come playoff time! They can not continue to try to outscore the opposition every night they will win some but lose more. I liked the idea of starting Andersen every game and pulling him end of first or second if they are up or down by 2 or 3. Having said that, I am not in favour of trading their developing players for a backup or d'men. It's time we find out if defensemen from Marlies can play NHL hockey.
  5. Perfect Kelvin. Sounds like a great deal..
  6. Has timing belt been done Kelvin? Could be up to a grand if not. If it's been well looked after and has service records that's a pretty good deal.
  7. That's a tricky price point Kelvin, especially 6cyl, 7 pass, AWD. Maybe she should ask herself the question as to what kind of driving she does and what her real needs are. If those are hard wants she is going to be restricted to something with well over 100K . If she is OK with 4 cyl, 5 pass., then it opens up a different group of options. Toyota Rav 4, Honda CRV, Subaru Forester, Nissan Rogue. If she is going to stick to her wants then stay away from Ford Explorer and pretty much any GM. Honda Pilot, Toyota Highlander perhaps Jeep Grand Cherokee , but she will be buying 6+ years old. PM me if you want some specifics.
  8. Pretty sure this thread ran its course some time ago.
  9. For starters I know little to nothing about this technology. I am looking for a device to allow me to receive streaming services, Britbox, Acorn TV, Amazon Prime Video, Sports etc. Ideally I want to get rid of my very expensive Bell service, if I can keep some network channels great, if not I can learn to live without them. I don't have a Smart TV presently but probably in the market from Santa. I know that there are a few gurus and converts on here and any advise would be received with thanks. If you would prefer to PM me or text (289-828-1804) that works. John..
  10. In most cases there should be an expiry date? I would replace anything over 5 years. Definitely 12 yrs is past its best before date.
  11. Was our Spring and Fall trip for many years. Stayed at Atwood Island Lodge, great food. Fishing was always great, catching tough at times. Fished early morning and evening till past dark. Took in scenery trolling mostly during the day. Caught the odd Musky trolling and did OK with walleye in the early and late hours. In recent years moved to Upper French and then Nip West Arm. Catching, in my opinion, is better and the scenery is always great.
  12. Not a big believer in luck. Whether it's your success in life or raising your kids to become responsible, respectful citizens, I feel that we make our own luck. It's funny how the harder one works at something the luckier one becomes. Non of us knows what lurks behind closed doors. All may look hunky dory at face value. Teaching our kids morals, with respect, responsibility and consequences for their actions is a process that is ongoing and starts at day one. Barbara and I were extremely "lucky" in as much as our children grew up well as have their children.
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