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  1. Down sizing, getting there

    They look pretty darn good Brian. Nothing in nature is perfect............
  2. Flowers in the garden.....

    Still coming down. About a half inch of ice under that stuff...
  3. get gas if you need it today

    Filled the truck this morning for $1.13 at Costco vs $1.33 at Burlington stations. That's $25.00 a fill up.
  4. Wednesday Funny

  5. Sportsman Show any good?

    We were at the show yesterday for a few hours. For opening day on March break I would say it was dead. We went for something specific so the lack of crowds suited us just fine but most of the exhibitors looked bored to death and unfortunately showed it. Food court which is usually slammed had 75%+ empty tables which may have something to do with the crazy prices. There was the usual compliment of tackle, hunting and lodge exhibitors with what seemed like a lot of "filler" stalls. All in all it looked disorganized possibly due to being the first day. The free parking helps! BTW customers are your life blood and come in all shapes, sizes and personalities.......treat them all as "captains" and they will come back to you.
  6. Make me an offer Brian rather than just making comments!😕
  7. Thanks Mike if someone wants to make a serious offer I can throw in a bunch of salmon spoons , spinnerbaits and bass lures....
  8. Large lot of mostly Muskie lures 68 at last count for one price. Not really interested in splitting them up. Keep what you like sell the rest...They must be worth $375.00. Less than $6.00 each.....there is a lot of $20.00+ baits here. Call or text 289-828-1804
  9. Baysville Area?

    Hi Paul. Still 12+ inches of blue ice on bay however shoreline is iffy. Barbara's cousin is doing some construction on Bigwin and he goes across daily on ATV. His is sending some pics will post when they arrive.
  10. Tires and Rims 3 months old

    Kinda surprised that no one is interested in a set of essentially new rims and tires in one of the most popular sizes out there for less that half price... $400.00 or I will sell them for $700 in the fall...
  11. Definitely a fun ride, but don't let Art drive unless you take spare jockeys....
  12. 2017-2018 Hockey Thread

    Prob just a rental...
  13. Tires and Rims 3 months old

    OK how about make me a sensible offer..
  14. Tires, tires and more tires.....

    Just posted some Winter tires and rims only 3 months old...came off 2012 Dodge Caravan great deal for someone..
  15. I Have a set of Michelin X-Ice Winter Tires mounted on steel rims (Rims 5 - 127) - probably less than 3,000km. Were installed on 2012 Dodge Caravan early Winter and customer sold vehicle. Tread depth measures as new. Rims and tires were well over $1,000.00 3 months ago looking for $500.00 firm (cash) 289-828-1804 text or voice...