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  1. With respect, I think we have all gone electronics mad. There is a big difference between need and want. I see boats out there lit up and equipped like Christmas trees, do they all catch more, or bigger fish? To be honest, at my age, it's more of a distraction than a useful tool. My one 9" screen gets me where I am going, and back, and shows me what I am looking for in the water. Just my .02, not a criticism.
  2. Hi Lew. As a retired tire retailer and garage owner there is no such thing as warranty invalidation by not doing an alignment at the time of installation. I know the folks at Michelin and if they had changed their policies I would be aware. We offered a no charge alignment check to our customers and provided them with a print out showing the alignment of all wheels. If there was a problem we would explain it and suggest that they correct it. However, if they chose not to there was no immediate warranty invalidation. If they returned say a year later with a wear pattern problem then there might have been a discussion as to to why they had that issue..🙂
  3. John


    Just curious. Why are bass tournaments live release yet walleye tournaments are not? Maybe I have lead a sheltered life..😊
  4. I owe an apology. It was reported earlier that Queen Elizabeth did not have dogs over the past few years. This is untrue. She had stopped prior to Philip's death but relented and added 4 dogs after he passed away. Apparently according to British Press two have been taken by members of the Royal family and two are being cared for by the Royal household. As I said this was reported through British press.
  5. Used to have a contact in NB. A friends brother fished lobster, packed them in seaweed, put them on AC and we could pick them up from Pearson early afternoon. No ice to add weight to the transport charges. Don't think I have his contact any more but will check. We could order both markets and canners or a mix.
  6. Spiel is one of the best.
  7. Will be there next week..
  8. Thanks guys, this was a relatively expensive boat and didn't think I would be fishing out of it at the time. I will do a little more investigation..
  9. Has anyone got/put tracks or downrigger/rodholder mounts on a glass boat? Any info would be appreciated.
  10. Anyone have any information on this place? Service, food, accommodations etc.. I understand that the fishing (walleye and northerns) is.pretty good. It's a fair drive so just trying to get.any opinions good or bad..PM me if you like.
  11. If mortgage rates hit 10% there will be waaay more than toys on the market! Many will see their mortgages more than double. We have had too many years of ultra low interest rates and many have forgotten the real estate blood bath of the early 80's?
  12. I like this one a lot Brian.
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