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  1. Them 'merican gallons don't last too long....try our big donkey imperial gallons they last much longer..🀣
  2. I guess being an old guy a few MPH doesn't matter to me. On my Princecraft, 17 1/2', 90 4 stroke, with 2 in the boat and little else we were 39 or 40MPH at WOT, about 5700RPM. Hole shot was pretty good. Was told, by Merc techs that stainless would make little difference on a 90 4ST. Although my knowledge is somewhat limited I would empty the boat and see where you are. 600# is a lot of weight in a smaller boat. Try the easy stuff first...πŸ™‚
  3. That would have been awesome. My aging brain lets me down now and again. Next time.
  4. Jesus Paul, how do you see where you are going? By the time I figured out how to use all that stuff I would need a few scotch's and a lie down!πŸ˜‰
  5. Well, dropped off the boat this morning at Bay City Marine in Hamilton. I was fairly picky as to how and where I wanted the screen and the transducer mounted. As it's a new to me boat I also wanted a basic check up and make sure all was A1. She passed with flying colours (colors for my 'merican friends). Picked her up around 3 and was very impressed with the install and how everything was as I had asked. Price was as I had expected 😡 but don't mind paying for quality work. Kudos to BCM for a job well done!!
  6. It essentially came down to price between the two. The Hook2 7 was on sale at Sail ..lol for under $600. The Helix 7 was approaching $800. Time will tell if my choice was a good one...
  7. Those that know me know that I am not a super serious fisherman. I like to get the gear out now and again, but I like cruising around . I mainly use the GPS and some of the structure settings. My previous Humminbird 9 series was a great unit but had layer after layer of settings that being an old fart just confused the hell out of me. I wanted something decent but plug and play, smallish and simple to use. Did some research and decided that a couple of units would do the job. I considered the Helix, but went with the Lowrance Hook2 7". It was simple, had decent ratings and the price at Sail was rightπŸ™‚ No really Gung Ho on any maker, however Humminbird/MinnKota was a customer of mine for many years....
  8. It's an I/O but maybe I'll get a Yammy kicker...lol. Thanks, tried a few locally but they are into mid Sept. I have a good recommendation about 45 min away so booked it in with them. Was originally going to put the transducer inside the hull but was talked out of it.
  9. Thanks guys. It's my first experience with a glass boat. With my previous Princecraft Pro I installed myself it was an easy project with easy access to the wiring bundle and lots of room to put a Ram mount. A little nervous with this one..πŸ™‚
  10. Brand new in package Lowrance Elite 7 Suncover/Dustcover. Pick up in Rockwood or maybe Burlington. Call or text 289-828-1804.
  11. Looking for a somewhere to install a Lowrance GPS/Fishfinder on my boat. It is a glass hull. Prefer somewhere withing a 50 or KM radius of Rockwood/Guelph.
  12. This is the way to go Glen....
  13. Lots of interest in Spring Rock Lew. But, they have a waiting list longer than my arm...πŸ™‚
  14. Yes I have been in touch with Deer Lake. I believe you can access Vernon and then of course Mary, Fairy etc etc..
  15. We are considering trying a seasonal campground to park the trailer for a year or two. It must have decent fishing, prefer walleye, pike, bass and good access to larger lake systems. Prefer Kawarthas but would consider Haliburton and maybe Muskoka if it's Huntsville area. Any suggestions, recommendations? It seems as though it's a tough find these days. Thanks, John
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