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  1. My Nephew had them for sale at one time. They were sold in a micro jig box with 30 tungsten jigs. 3 different sizes. I will find out if he still has them. He can be found on Facebook under Gremlins jigs I think.
  2. Wow, And to think we were (") this close to meeting up. I should have taken pictures of you and your lovely girlfirend. We came into the one bay and we asked if you guys were at the camp on the island as I mistook you for another couple. I asked why you weren't chucking with the fly rod. We kept our distance as you had the fish cornered. LOL There were a lot of sore lips out there that week. Cheers, Ron...
  3. Sold pending pick up. Tks
  4. Yes it comes with a foot pedal and remote. this is the 60 inch model.
  5. Nice walleye! Did it fit in your purple barbie sled? lol
  6. SOLD PENDING PICK UP For sale... 5 yrs old. 80lb thrust terrova with I pilot, GPS spot lock. Looking to upgrade this unit. $1000.00 and it's yours. It is still hooked up on my boat if you want to see it in action. A great working rig, especially shines for vertical jigging in deep water or holding a spot in a current area.
  7. Gremlin's Custom Baits. He's got about 150 different molds, even 10 lb cannon balls. You can buy his jigs in Gagnons in Oshawa as well as a few places in Belleville. You can also buy direct from him. Located in Cobourg. You can find him on facebook.
  8. What day did you want to go Garnet? I have snowmobile, seat 2, and 2 portable ice huts. No walking and warm from hut to truck. Low low fee as well.
  9. epic time with your son Cliff! Fishing was merely a bonus! It seems as thought the fishing was second to none you have ever experienced. Good on yas!
  10. Well, if any of you have fished Cobourg Brook this season, you would have seen new signs posted at the entrance to various access points. They had a public meeting a week or so back now and many many many anglers were present to show the town this is not acceptable. We hope the town council has listened but to be sure, I put a reminder on the back of my truck for them to read. Unfortunately, a few anglers who do not respect the area/property and ruining it for others. I will not tolerate this and we are now lobbying the town to enforce the existing bylaws, not change the bylaws. As it stands right now, it is illegal to even take a picture of a sunrise in Cobourg as you are breaking the law to get to the waters edge. The deputy Mayor said "Oh no, that's alright, you are just walking through the park, your not stopping"! Yes people, if you are walking your dog, or going to take pictures of the sunrise, it's OK. But HEAVEN FORBID, you got a fishing rod in your hand, guarenteed, the home owners will call the cops! If anyone is interested in putting a sticker on their vehicle, they are 5 bucks for a small one. (about 6 inches high, 8 inches wide).
  11. Due to the high water levels, the fish lift is cancelled. It will be rescheduled for next weekend.
  12. This is a great event held every year. It is the perfect way to get kids involved in the outdoors and educational at the same time. The lift is not going to start this year until 10 AM. You register at the dam. Please bring chest waders and a net if you have them, be sure to bring an extra change of clothes just in case you get wet. We lift anywheres from 100 to 220 fish up and over the dam with a net and pulley system. We try to get the kids involved by getting them to net the fish. They then bring the fish over to a holding pen where then samples are taken by a biologist, counted and then lifted to let them carry on their way to the spawning grounds.The event usually takes 3 hours. Another update will be given on Friday to confirm we are going ahead with the lift.
  13. The Gliden Rap has been discontinued for more than 3 years now. If you can find them, buy em all. Sail just had a bulk order come in from rapala of discontinued lures to blow out. Oshawa got emptied of the Gliden Raps in the first hour of opening.
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