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  1. You sir are the Michaelangelo of fishing rods.
  2. You mean there is a Hwy, no more driving in front of the ship yards? what next a bridge at the orchard?
  3. where I live they are all over the place! no stop signs and in 17 years I saw no accidents.
  4. been looking at that Cliff. they said they were trying to vent the gasses and fell through the roof. I read one comment, at 680 news “why were they on the roof”. Can’t believe people who comment and have no facts as to why! Hope it all works out well for them.
  5. we need pictures of your feet!
  6. Are you sure you want to advertise this one ?
  7. Those retired guys! Sleep until noon! You drive while he sleeps and when he wakes up he can fish!
  8. No Terry, you can’t put ice tires on and take it on Simcoe. Brian would love you if you did.
  9. Lew that happened to me at an advertising agency. We collected food for a church on King street and me having a van volunteered to deliver it. Pulled up with a trunk full and got some help unloading. Went home and looked in the truck to unload my own that I had bought for Christmas a few days before and it was all gone! It was only two cases of soft drinks and other items. Now I unload the day I bring it home! didn’t mind that they took it!
  10. No John he is only 10. I take them out on walks and teach them to Respect nature and people. and yes they have iPads and the internet that can influence them. Maybe when they will be teens they will change. Hopefully not on my watch.
  11. Put a mattress in the back of the “truck” and jig away!
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