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  1. Where you get 2%? The Italian bank? how you doing John D, you are missed here. I just got over fractured ribs, three months. I was never better working for 50 years.
  2. Death and taxes comes to mind. They will get us sooner or later. I will attempt to do my driver and heath card soon. Hey, maybe they will cancel income tax returns 🙈😂😇
  3. Clarification ‘yes’ you can run out there Terry but if the ice is thin that pressure will do you in. Walk slowly and carry a spud. Better to take Brian out with you.Have him test it. They also have no ‘clause’ on portable fishing huts. I would think that the “you are too $&#$#& close distance fishing rule will be good. One good open-water cast away is fine. keep safe
  4. happy Birthday DanD. Yes family is important. I had milestone last year and did nothing . . At Christmas one of my daughters gave me a lifetime gift that they all had planned and paid for. A hardcover book of my life in pictures, mostly important dates and a lot with them (4 girls) and their kids, family holidays etc. I was lost for words. Where they dug up the pictures is beyond me. But I always had camera with me and took thousands. I’m going to finish it off with my Typograpghy Journey I have written (52 years). I will burn a DVD and put it on the inside front cover. Many more Dan.
  5. There is also a large bird looking for lunch!
  6. thanks for posting Dan good to know. have they not tested this stuff before putting into use?
  7. Can’t go wrong advice with a guy who flies planes, sorry Wayne!
  8. Some smooth velcro on the arm would solve that.
  9. nice one Dan. Could be a “social distancing” apparatus on Simcoe. Call it covfish.
  10. mine is connected to the “cold” line that goes to the water heater!
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