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  1. Lew, my reno took longer than “quoted” but it was done to my satisfaction. Our basement stairs were builder installed and painted grey. The stairs were capped with hardwood, riser and step. Matching the floor colour was no easy task, took him over a week to have stain custom blended. Electrician was someone I worked with closely because of the generator hook up outside box. I gave him and extra $100. When it was all done a close friend and also an electrical contractor came over and wanted to see the hook up, outside perfect, inside NOT, need to separate what circuits you want to run in a power outage. he tasked me to find the lines and label them, I did. he put in a pony panel and transferred all of the lines. Cost: espresso home baled goods and a good conversation. I did his logo when he started his own company also at no cost. when I started the reno I could have picked electricians and other trades but having a lot of people come in it causes confusion and sometimes pisses off other trades. I have to do my roof next year and that scares me a bit.
  2. Comes in very handy, she made three huge pizzas Saturday and they were all ready at the same time! Lots of room for a family get together no lugging food down stairs. daughter that lives with has it all set up after she sold her house in Bowmanville.
  3. I had my basement done in 2018. Drew my own plans, not to scale but very close. Got 3 quotes and they were as different as night and day. We do this we do not do that. I was going to do my own plumbing and move a water tank (with help of a master plumber/gas person and my own supplies) saved lots of labour and on my own time; new sewer lines, custom bathroom, water gas and fixture installation. . .I could have bought my own electrical supplies at almost cost, not. I did decide and made my comments insurance . . . Timeline was 6 weeks. He did what was needed and if it was not what I wanted it got fixed right there. I wanted LED counter lights in another kitchen, NO problem . . . No charge, never a no charge , a small addition, generator hook up cost me $100 (a tip) he did the box work. YET, a six week job went to 8 months. I had no care what was the hurry was just get it done, he never shut me out and any changes were done. I never agreed with him suppling what he had no idea on anything I wanted so we agreed, I would purchase kitchen/counter installed, flooring, bathroom fixtures and flooring, he installed. got these a great prices while I shopped and got quotes. The project turned out amazing. We collaborated and agreed, he gave some and I did my own thing to find what I wanted at the right price, a nice project with no nightmares. We sat and had many espressos with home made goods my wife supplied while they worked. Just a happy ending.
  4. The votes are in. Who wants to die from this? myself I’ll keep my family safe for now. I practise the rules. Hopefully we will all get through this. SOME won’t. It has not affected my family yet. Please, this is not a joke It will kill some of us eventually. .
  5. Some protection is better than none, I’m with Beans. i do not work outside my home. When I go out I follow the rules. We have our ‘bubble‘. This was not spread on it’s own. We have to keep it from going forward. my wife and me are in the age range of getting the worst affects, it and it will probably kill us if we get it. I have followed this closely, I lost my job because of it. In April the US had 42,000 deaths, look at them now! A vaccine may not be comfortable for all of us, which is our right, but let’s not put others in jeopardy who want to follow the guidance from our experts. When I need a plumber I call a plumber, not a lawyer.
  6. We had lots of wind, no power out; some damage to my patio coverings , have to replace them.
  7. Cliff, I never knew they existed until a few year back. I had one next to my office in Markham and used them, amazing. I ordered a cable for my generator for a hard hookup for my house online and they came through with an amazing price. Couldn’t buy the wire for that. I’m live closer to the Brampton store so I go there. Congrats on your new toy.
  8. Cliff I had saved 20 of them and gave them to small winery. I have a few left. If you strike out email me and we can arrange something.
  9. Thanks for making me 15! I started in the trade at age 18. That shot was one of many taken for a graphic art show booth. I was 21.
  10. Lew, we are came from the same ‘boat’. You in the navy and me from across the ocean in 1960. Respect and family. We can’t go wrong. hopefully we see our kids do well and carry on our values. The Canadian way.
  11. i appreciate your wishes. having family and friends appreciate my accomplishments is all I could ask for. Advertising is a close family affair, my daughter took it like fish to water and I was the “guide.” We all have rough times in our life but we will get through it. keep well.
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