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  1. Good on her Dan, we live on a street where on one side is all retired seniors and I see people dropping stuff off and those that can go out for a short errand.
  2. Roasted for freezer, under vinegar, roasted in jars.
  3. Yup, help thy neighbour. I always find a bushel
  4. Here is another pepper thing. slice Sheppard peppers lengthwise in to strips so they fit into a mason jar pack it tight with cloves of garlic at the bottom. boil vinegar and water I did 3 part vinegar to one part water. Was bit strong. Fill jar with hot liquid and close jar turn upside down and let cool. jars will vacuum seal. will be ready to eat in a month or so. I have two jars that are 5 years old.
  5. WHY: they taste good, freeze even better, fix and jar them, last for years if you do it right. HOW: early September- October — Sheppard are the best (long ones) I’ve also done orange or yellow. On May BBQ roast until charred all around DON’T over cook, better less than more. Let cool. 1) remove the stem and squeeze out water, seed and remove the burnt skin, pack and freeze for one meal I do 4-5 per bag. 2) as above but don’t remove the skin until ready to eat. Note they have to be washed and any remaining seeds removed before eating. Fixing them: rip into pieces grain wise, add oil, salt and parsley and garlic, done. IF you want to jar them use the fixing method; fill the jar and top off with some oil, close jars and give them a boil for about 15 minutes and ready to store. I use small mason jars. refrigerate what we don’t eat.
  6. Yes JD home made vinegar is the best, that’s what I do just top it off, but not much or it becomes weak. Roasted papers have been my favourite for many years and make it a point at least one bushel a year..
  7. You can’t can peppers! You roast this and freeze them OR roast them, fix them with oil, garlic, parsley, jar them and boil bath! Last for years. wine vinegar is good, did you sell it? In the last 17 years I made 15L
  8. So am I the wife and four kids and the rest of my relatives that ever ate at my house and we had lots! and yes Brian is alive, I have met him lol
  9. Yes you can. after jarring them I use a 45 gal drum fill it close to the top fill it with water and let it boil. When it’s boiling on top keep boiling for 20 minutes or so.120 jars per drum. to make thing go a bit quicker When filling I use about 40 L of hot water and rest cold. we used another method many years ago after grinding we boiled the sauce in large pot and and filled the jar, closed them and turn upside down. The heat of the sauce sealed the jar. A tad hard on the hands and could cook you:) I’m looking for food quality steel drum:) after awhile they start to rust and have to chuck them.
  10. I also had the pleasure to fish with him a few times. A true gentleman. I also did a fishing book with him for Ontario Tourism. He wrote an amazing article about one of our best Friends in April 1999. The spinnerman, David Fernie. RIP John it was pleasure knowing you.
  11. Brian, been home since the 13th. Advertising is finished for the near future. They have been long days, hope to dig up the garden and go outside.
  12. I’lI warm up the oven, one for Brian too.
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