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  1. https://torontosun.com/news/provincial/fried-fish-falling-walleye-causes-power-outage-in-north-bay
  2. They were probably passing by from the fish store and showing them what happens later! Location, location, location . . .
  3. it also repels fishermen!
  4. NO chovies Brian? Just take out the cheese.
  5. And one of these! That is why B was at the back.
  6. Good read B. But more like pop, you want to go hiking! You should have Notty done that at your age. Lol but may want to ganny again.
  7. The surfing should be great Lew! Wear a life vest. Hope it dies down before then, this thing has caused enough suffering.
  8. Get OI to get two cement blocks and Bobbie be gone! Nice story and pics. Chris what is that marker on the rocks. Border or . .
  9. Damn you are good. Start up a building business there and relax and supervise.
  10. Lew, The east may be getting soaked later in the week by the way the model show it. Nova Scotia May get it as it moves up the coast. Unless it goes inland. Good luck on your trip. A
  11. Do they NOT store what they bought in other years? seems every time one hits the stores are cleaned out. My daughter and family were there the Sunday before and drove straight home 24 hours.
  12. I knew that was coming lol. I told you so!
  13. Terry, the guy who gets up late and knows the Notty like the back of his hand. he knows Salmon fishing spots, takes rock/grass pictures better than you. You never take him, he would show you his spots!
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