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  1. Welcome to Canada Derek. Welcome to our site. hope your products come north. You like our lakes I read, In Ontario we have 250,000 of them. I have worked in tourism for years. Ontario is a great destination to vacation. We have it all. And we are even bigger than Texas. Algonquin Park is bigger than some countries. We are parallel on the north to Sweden and on the south to northern California. 14 million people visit Niagara Falls each year. Oh NBA champs ) A
  2. Rabbit this weekend. One of the best meats with NO fat. Roasted in the oven in white wine, potatoes and carrots. Lettuce grown in the yard with a home made vinegar/olive oil dressing. All washed down with wine.
  3. All you need is projector and a screen on that door and your mint. You hVe the chair.
  4. You spoke Italian with Yankee accent, Hei cumpa sogno Americano. Who the hell lands at Ciampino. Must have been 40 years ago! Never had a problem at Leonardo, but in 75 they gun toting soldiers above customs on catwalks!!L due to the Israeli conflict.
  5. Chris, it’s mine too, in a certain way. I was putting a Tourism book to press years ago and we get a call from “someone” late at night, I was not involved in the call, only production “I want that Highway on the map”!! What is going on here? Press time and correction cost thousands. we had a standard Ontario map we used with major highways but all of the sudden a “let me look good” person who pushed for the road decided the map had to be changed, never mind the cost, the map got changed. Lost little sleep on that one. hope it’s well used!
  6. Just say, just a minute I’ll get a paper and pen to write down the information and sit and have dinner! They will get hungry later.
  7. You have never been to the Ganny! It’s all here say. The peace and quiet will overwhelm you. You really have to try it. now if you are talking The Beaverhead that is another story. No people there either
  8. If he sings it backwards, he gets his wife, truck and dog back.!
  9. Could you not add “the special herb” to the smoker! Lol B I do like smoked salmon on a special occasion. But it stops there. I make the other stuff.
  10. Same here Lew! Suck you in and then spit you out next week.
  11. I read the post title really fast and looked like Wet Brian! Oh crap he fell out of the toone again!
  12. Just trying to help those that drive a lot and not contribute any more taxes B. I’m good for 10 days and more between fills when I work. I will top it of tomorrow even though I have 10 days off. Toon away B.
  13. 1 cents tonight and 3 on Saturday. Filler up.
  14. Brian, those are tough units. My 6800 is also a 2008 year. Yes, I cover it and under a gazebo, but outside, it does get wet and snowed on. I have (me bad) left it on two times. Mine is natural gas it ran, sad to say. But no damage done. I always run it on low for a short time after cooking, burns the grills of any residue, scrape it clean and shut it off. the first time I left it on nearly killed me. CT has changed vendors but CENTRO is still alive. One thing I do when it reaches temperature I brush the hot grills with a mixture of olive oil and vinegar. It flares up for a second and flavours the meat. BTW I use a celery stem with leaves or parsley for a brush. use it well my friend, it will last a long time.
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