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  1. When I was young I worked midnights and had dinner at 4 am. Difficult to sleep in the summer so one morning I figure do some garden work and have a beer at 9 ! Until my neighbour came in her yard and saw that!!!!! I never tasted whiskey! BUT a when my daughter was born I got a bottles of King’s Ransom. Or something like that. Nice looking Ceramic bottle, that was in 77 and opened it when she was 40. The cork fell apart and to it tasted terrible. I’m kept the bottle. I also have Crown Royal from 64 and a small tiny thing around the same time. Wanted to have all the sizes but gave it up during moves.
  2. The. Bottom of his boots get cold! OIM, I have a pair of those wool gloves that have half of the fingers and a “hood” you can pull back. Wear them when using my snowblower when I need finger work I pop the hood, They work well. Something to consider.
  3. Go out and buy some large "KEY" rings and some of those screws feed them through and you have it. you look pretty in the sun,
  4. When I ice fished I used snowmobile “mitts” never had a problem. Gloves were cold.
  5. Show her this and tell her the horse will be replaced with Sally!
  6. . Under the front stairs I have a small space where I keep my wine. I hang them on the ceiling. I control the temperature with my door or the outside vent. I have a thermometer and keep the temperature in the high 40s to Very low 50s. Now it’s at 49F. I can drop it at will. They are a piece of work to make. Packing is of outmost importance. We have manual machine and one person controls how tight they are packed, avoiding any air spaces. If not they will rot. We haven’t lost one yet. I have friends that make hundreds of them. A family tradition we carry on from our parents. Our kids have no interest but eat them at will.
  7. It’s elastic netting, helps compress the meat and release any air bubbles as they cure. These are called supressate. Pork butt/shoulder ground and mixed by hand. After a week of hanging I put them under weight, again to compress them and after a week hang again. They come flat when done. The casing are synthetic. January or February is the time to make them. Temperature/location is very important in the curing process. I do about 30 a year. Italian tradition from the south. I’m not southern! My wife is.
  8. No worries B, they would have loved you for a fishing spot, but NOT the good one. many years ago in the Parry Sound area we were ready to go to our camp in the islands and sure enough an OPP boat pulls up to do a check! We had nothing to worry about so the conversation got light. One of my buddies asks “how are the mosquitos out there”, don’t they pull out their guns and point them, “had no problems, we have these.”
  9. Those fish you are eating will let you live forever. Happy birthday.
  10. We were fortunate and only got rain. I have special project on the go and spent my days were spent in front of a computer. nice warm office May venture out tomorrow. Anyone want to buy my 8” auger, used two times!
  11. They are selling them whole with the head so they are probably a few days old.
  12. How do you cook the fish? They are selling at 2.99 lb this week, may want to try some.
  13. almost had you beat at 13! Oh wait, there was - in front of that!
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