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  1. Depends on where you reside. Read the regulations regarding open season dates. Simcoe is popular in southern Ontario. .
  2. Sumbuca is good but there is another! A bit pricy but you would fall for it. It goes with everything, on panettone, in espresso and even ice cream!
  3. At what stage do you start drinking the liqueurs?
  4. That would be a Cougurette!
  5. great looking page Mr B.
  6. Build it and they will come, seems to be working for you.
  7. Looking good Mr B. Need one of these 🇮🇹 To confuse them! Arrived here today in 1960.
  8. We got missed, just turned a bit dark
  9. The 2 for $5 guy in Barrie that ties flies! Mr B, can’t get more Canadian than a Rock guy.
  10. Welcome back. Enjoy your new place. A
  11. This is strange one! When we clean the lint filter the dryer flips the breaker. When the filter is dirty it runs fine. Just cleaned it and it ran for 5 minutes and it flipped it.
  12. Where have the days gone when we could drive/walk to a river fish with simple equipment and go home. Now we need help!!! Wayne guy is in the Temog country by now. Terry needs help. Mr B help him out.
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