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  1. One of these days I’ll post picture of a coin my dad found in a tree cavity in the 50s. A papal scudo from 1634. I found it in our family homestead in 1967! It was written up in the Toronto Star. i wrote the article and was paid $50.
  2. JD too bad we can’t sit and have a glass of vino and some supresata and just talk. He still has his boat and does fish with his son and brothers. Many memories for sure on my part. i did make them an espresso.
  3. Years ago I went to a local fishing supply shop local and friendly. Hwy 7 and Islington; ‘Fishing Stuff’. They were great people, all family. They sold us bait at all hours and loaded my reels. They ran it 24/7 seven day a week. The family that ran it also worked other jobs. They finally closed 20+ years ago due to the long hours. Well it all comes around, my brother was redoing his tiles and I also needed some done and we were introduced, masks on. . . This morning they showed up, small job set up in the garage for power. . . he sees my fishing pictures on the walls and my fishing rods and lights went on. We have a common interest!!!! He was the guy who was the owner of Fishing Stuff! As he said you do look familiar! What a blast that was. he has kept the loading line machine and loads of reels and parts and a lots of other stuff. I was shocked, he is the next door neighbour of my brother’s daughter who she put us onto him! My highlight of the week for sure.
  4. i found something in my mailbox too! i worked for a place for 21 years, one year ago they folded, our client cancelled their advertising contract. slowly but surely they have made due with severance payments and today #2 arrived. One problem, the CRA wants it eventually! A thing called income taxes passed during WWII to help the war effort and would be rescinded once over! Did that happen? Irish, good score! Now they know where you live! :)
  5. JD ities never pay full price. I know about a chap here that makes them at home, and believe me I have eaten them. he makes them to order and clears a huge amount! There was a market north of Bolton I rook my dad, veggies and stuff. he also had hundreds of rabbits running around, not for sale! I stopped in years later and NO rabbits! But a huge selection of his Calabrese goodies. Spent close to $100. Asked about the rabbits. Government said not if you make this stuff. All inspected. If you can eat it do. I make my own 38 this year. But when the kids show up two are always gone.
  6. In the Western world we read from left to right. Our first attention is focused on what we see first! Look at a newspaper headline. MAPLE LEAFS WIN STANLEY CUP! It what catches our eye. A logo is not what the eye wants to see as opposed to who posted and their experiences. Your ad partners alway have attractive compelling headlines which attracts views and generates income. We should also attract viewers with compelling posts.
  7. not a good idea IMO. Misfish posts about smoking and there is a smoker on the balcony or a fish on the counter! Lew takes a picture of a turkey . . . TJ goes to camp jiggy Jiggy? Yes, I do see the point, in advertising, we show a ‘teaser ad’ The only teaser I see is the OFC logo on the left. The post headline is what attracts views. i.e. I went skating on lake Simcoe as opposed to Had very productive ice fishing day on Simcoe. Which do you read? The bunny one was cute.
  8. I have a few still the package!
  9. The neighbour across the street from me had a guy trim his bushes, under it was a den and two came running out! That explained rabbit heads and fur all over the place! keep dog inside for sure.
  10. Mine fed it self on the lawn, when it snowed it ate two rose bushes that had tender branches. .
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