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  1. Royal Oak Charcoal briquettes 7kg/15 lbs. $8.99 at CT #85-1635-2. until July 9.
  2. No guru here. I bought 12 tomato plants and , Thought one was cherry so I put it in pot for easy access, very large and then I find out this pot has MINT roots How did that happen. well the ground tomatoes have a ton of fruit/flowers and the potted one only has flowers and is a foot shorter! I water it but it dries out I guess Mint is taking over the pot. If you can (I can’t) tap water has fluoride and other badies. Let it stand for 24 hours before you water. The chemicals will almost be gone. who knew on Canada Day since 1960 I’d be giving advice to the best of us a Newf (can’t say that now) a real Canuck has ring to it. I’m a CunuckIT. Happy Canada day my friend.
  3. Brian that could be lack of water. Any container planting needs close attention to watering. Don’t worry as the pepper gains weight it will point down.
  4. Since I have been “forced to retire” I’m part of the group! Enjoy your time.
  5. Probably squeezing them for the last cent, WE sell it, you have it , accept our our price policy! I have been in a very large retailer’s office with an advertising concept and the line up to see a buyer is beyond belief, they will bid for the last penny, but then the sales are in the millions of you get the order. In today’s situation, sales people have no choice and the retailer does not pass on the savings. a few cents marked up we will not notice but it puts millions in their coffers. Go have a hair cut and you will see that they have raised the fees, what do you do? example a men’s shirt reg $80 goes on sale for $19.99 for a week they still make a profit! Called a loss leader because they got you in and will buy something else. fun times in the retail world.
  6. Can’t agree with you on that John. I was in Advertising and Packaging is an important part. big price point $5.00 per. . . And we all fall for it. That blotter is there to soak up liquids and we pay for it, we also pay for the foam tray. My family has had our butcher for 50 years, my parents bought 1/2 veal for 76 cents a lb. 120 lbs each. now we pay a lot more but don’t buy a half, Just what we need. the meat is cut in front of you and packaged the way YOU want it. My mom could not go in later years and she would place and order and they delivered. We would give her crap for not saying go get it for me. Our butcher was more that happy to take care of her needs. He came to her funeral and we went to his. Just a side note they make the best Porchetta (pork shoulder) we have ever had. Custom made and spiced. Takes 10-12 hours to cook at 325 but the result is a meal to die for. had some this Father’s Day. NEVER BOUGHT MEAT AT WALMART! Fortinos yes, I know the butcher and he guides me.
  7. Brian, Fortinos this week $3.99 lb.
  8. Hopefully after along wait you can spend some time with your loved ones. Since this began we celebrated holidays and birthdays with a drive by or a computer visual celebration. Today we gathered at one of my daughter’s homes with a huge lot and pool, There was a lot of space, we had a late lunch outside and enjoyed a day as a family, within reason. We are all well and have been locked up at the same time and done the same thing and not mixing as best as we could. Hopefully OFC members and others can do the same. Whatever the situation may be in your community have a great day. Personally, having guides to follow has/will get us out of this sooner.
  9. That’s a beautiful picture Lew. Hope she is out of there very soon.
  10. I bought some Epsom salts today and they say tomatoes benefit from the spray so I did peppers and tomatoes, we’ll see.
  11. Hei Brian we did the same thing! we went to see our 3 grands in Newmarket! Daughter supplied all of the eats, great few hours with them. Next week we will do another. Train her well, she looks like a natural to learn.
  12. Would be good in the oven With some potatoes and fresh rosemary, while you tie flies. My friend the rabbit munched on two 12 inch pepper plants last night, I may be looking for potatoes if he doesn’t stop.
  13. We are all done, great guy and great work, good instructions on how to keep them looking good and well maintained (that cost me a beer, two espressos, a bottle of water and a tea) Lives only lives 5 minutes from me, who knew. Doors are foam injected and sealed, and the frames were capped. Now to do the front door to match this weekend.
  14. The reason I went with foam insulation, do have living space above and the double garage being 12 feet high I believe it can hold a lot Of cold air. When I get in my car in the winter it never goes below 3-5 C. If you are going to do it do it right. I saw my brother’s and his inside is very neat and clean and well sealed.
  15. OF my Craftsman has been here since 2000 and it works great, one I had to replace and went Genie, They stooped making Genie they say cheap China crap. Door guy told me use it until it craps out, no fixing them. Lowe’s took over the Crafsman brand here in Canada. Doors are going up Thursday.
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