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  1. ketchenany

    phone down an icehole

    On Simcoe an operator used to charge if you did not bring back every beer bottle or caps, Sure enough a cap went down. I always carried a magnet and after a few attempts the cap came back up. from then on I always carried a spare cap!
  2. ketchenany

    Did you feel the bump ?

    Speil , make sure you are not tying an eye when this happens! I have only felt one, my office was on the shore of Lake Ontario, but felt one more inland above Hwy 7. Shake it when you can, there is nothing we can do. Lew don’t worry we will be fine.
  3. ketchenany

    Did you feel the bump ?

    Lew there is a fault in the Ottawa Valley which is active and one south of Toronto under Lake Ontario there may have been a shift. A few years back there was one shift that was felt all around us. Here is a chart where movement can/has happened. See that dot near Peterborough under you house lol.
  4. ketchenany

    Well that was fun

    Way to go B. That froze fast!!! Who towed Terry back?
  5. ketchenany

    NF NF back up camera

    Here is one for you Wayne. A friend that works with me owned this in England 66 Coronet 700 hp. He now live is Horseshoe valley.
  6. ketchenany

    NF NF back up camera

    I have had three also A 1995 Grand C Lorado ran amazingly sold it at 276,000 buyer was going to use it for parts until he saw it! Got a Compass, a bit to small ad it went three years ago in perfect running condition. Dealer took it! This one is great also only 40,000 in nearly three years and not a scratch on it . Twisting my neck is not like it used to be lol and I have driven my kids cars and they all have them and find them helpful. BTW never had them over 120 and oil was changes every 90 day neeed or not. The new one is on a meter and it tells me when.
  7. ketchenany

    I know it's early but

    I have a few. I hadn't heard from you guys and this year i sent about 15 to be recycled. I'll check this weekend and I let you know if I can get rid of more. I keep a few for when I do my tomatoes . . .
  8. ketchenany

    Cappuccino for pennies a cup

    Grappa in espresso, yes, cappuccino, no! but then I have never had Baileys in coffee!
  9. ketchenany

    Cappuccino for pennies a cup

    We had Italian relatives come over and my wife made espresso on those Billiatti stove models, we loved it. They thought it was dishwater!!!!! I now run a SAECO Xsmall, does it all. Nice foam on the espresso.
  10. ketchenany

    NF NF back up camera

    Has anyone had one installed. After market? I would like to have one put in. Any thoughts. $$$ any buy it and have it installed or let them do it all. I have a Jeep Cherokee 2016. DIY . . . Thanks
  11. ketchenany

    I know it's early but

    Welcome back Cliff. If you are thinking of an ice trip on Simcoe for perch I may be interested. I’m off Mondays now. Keep well. Albert
  12. ketchenany

    Cappuccino for pennies a cup

    il tempo cambia. Grappa in cappuccino?
  13. ketchenany

    What is the word Im looking for ?

    Thank god you didn’t catch a fish, that story would have gone for another 1/2 hour! You are lucky that the beaver didn’t slap his tail. The day is over when that happens. Food reading B
  14. ketchenany


    All the best everyone.
  15. ketchenany

    Wheres the report

    Salmon at Costco was good yesterday!