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  1. And this happens! Kids are so taken when this happens.
  2. Chris, I understand your feelings and whatever happened could have been avoided. but when it happens don’t go on Tv and want sympathy. Yes if it does happen we save others not ourselves. better to be aware befor you go out. let’s all learn a lesson here and next year we won’t have to post.
  3. Yes they made that decision to go out unfortunately one died, sad to hear. Last week two kids died (15 and 11) going on ice at midnight. Of all hours. What were they thinking and where were the parents. I saw a news report how they lost great kids. . . But nothing about their responsibilities. RIP, every year the OPP and others warn about ice conditions but some won’t listen. Many years ago off the 9th solid ice about a mile out and at shore one of our guys went through in three feet of water. drainage ditch was flowing underneath.
  4. Well they guybthat bought mine must like history or he likes a shelf full on nice looking books.
  5. Must be the currents out of St Clair that break it up.
  6. Thanks my Italian brother. I have a phone at $10 a month and never use it unless someone calls me and only when it rings I the car on speaker mode. The window is 73 minutes a day and only If I’m running late. only my wife has the number!!! Only one caller. AI I started culling old technology this week. Sold my Funk and Wagnalls books dumping a 20” TV and a MAC G4 tomorrow. Wife asked why do you need all of those wires and rotery phones? I have phone we purchased from Bell. Selling for $75. . . I have wooden type from the 1900s worth a small fortune to the right interior designer! hard to let it go. Funny part they are always asking to donate stuff. We called and were refused “you don’t have enough for us to pick up” I guess better in the landfill. when I grew up stuff was passed around. SORRY!
  7. Or cooking! Man those fire guys can buy the best stuff. I see them all of the time. Grande Cheese or Fortinos in Woodbridge. Lew, years ago I was in a grocery store and two of York Region Fire were shopping and one said to the other, What peanut butter shall we get? I was so close and know the ad business, “the one with the peanut on top” smiles all round. glad they were rescued, but there was guy with a phone taking picture for what, how close you came Be safe no fish is worth a life.
  8. At least you din’t have to pull him in. A step up from a Smitty, known as Smithsonian.
  9. Can’t help with WIFI thing but is that software free to use. I’m going to be doing a project and it looks interesting. thanks
  10. YouTube stardom made him do it.
  11. I’m buying you those yellow flags! People drink that water. Wait, Timmis water comes from Simcoe! 🤫
  12. So tell us, one large Timms can mark 1km of yellow snow!
  13. That Coors light is in the batter!
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