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  1. i have less wires on two 27-inch Macs! Lol. All you need now is one of those things that goes beep beep like the hospital beds have! !! Just kidding. So I bought a meat thermometer for my BBQ, I stick it in and while holding it my hand burns!!! BUT it works. Wrist is rare! One year we BBQed lamb for New Year's day in front of the garage, charcoal . . . We kept tasting to make sure it was cooked! Almost didn’t make it in the house! And yes wine was involved!
  2. You are the smoker dude! just saw the news and a few propane tanks went up in smoke.
  3. It worked, the valves are out of the rim and tires fully inflated after a week. Lots of good suggestions, the hammer one is ok but it could bend things.
  4. If the tree had fallen on its own (act of god) yes, but the cowboy did it, no! Happened to is many years ago lost a garage, FINNALY his insurance paid for it, they put it down as wind damage, dead tree. . .
  5. Those babies aren’t coming off, I did manage to twist the tire until the valve popped out and now will inflate them. Probably the only way is a torch.
  6. All solutions are welcome, I’ll start tomorrow with the lube thing over night soak, ‘rubber’ hammer. I have until the snow comes. This thing is 32 years old (Craftsman) start great and runs the same. Only used it once last year. But want to keep it looking good.
  7. 3B7C786F-1BE5-480D-B36B-D3677AFA5057.png
    Smoke away my friend! So you went ‘big’ but going to drill a ‘small’ hole! I just purchased this for my BBQ, has the long cord that you may be able put the wire in the door and still close it.
  8. Removing the whole wheel to get at the valve.
  9. Any tips on removing seized wheels? They have never been removed. I had tubes put in but now the valve under the rim! Thanks in advance
  10. Glad you guys are ok. I’ve seen one and it missed us. keep well. Feel for the ones who lost their homes. You never know if and when.
  11. Doesn’t take much to make you normal. A smoker and few fish and happy B.
  12. Cliff, got nothing from both shots. I have had a flue shot for the last 30+ years and they NEVER said what brand it is. NOW we have this idea that one is better than the other. Which is probably the reason why some people are not getting it. Yes some people do get reactions and some have lost their lives. The lives saves outnumber those situations. Hopefully clinical studies show that we only have to get it done once. Our leaders should prepare and learn that this may not be the last. canada should build our own facilities to manufacture PPEs and vaccines and not depend on other suppliers. Like saving for a rainy day which always comes. keep well.
  13. E62AF50F-E212-4810-9EB7-1233C371BDFE.jpeg
    Irish had all of those, and the wife for back up just in case . BTW people collect “tubes’ I have about 5 or 6, never used in package.. And if you have the drugstore tester consul model you have small fortune. collect my friends, I collect anything coins, cameras and type stuff. Lots of advertising I built in the 80s . . . Keeps the grands interested on what I did with my life. I look back at history in my office. Here is one the grands love on our walk. just like Lew I like getting out with nature close by
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