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  1. This morning’s sunrise is hazy because of that!
  2. Lew a few years back our back area reached the 15 year roofs replacement and they were here like ants. We then started seeing entrances to ravines and other private drives just full of unloaded shingles, they even blocked trails the the Kortright centre for conservation up the street from me. I guess they didn’t want to pay to dispose of them. I made a promise to myself when I do mine my address along with the Company name that took them down goes in the bin. I cannot imagine what it cost Vaughan to clean them up and the private drives that had to have cement block put in after the cleaned their property! DandD, nice touch, keep the address in case they bring their car in and fill up the trunk when they leave with your garbage. :)
  3. i have a blue from years back! Never seen green! She killed it?
  4. Hei we have been down that road many times before. At least you got out. Keep well Mr. B.
  5. But did you catch fish? DanD that is an Italian marvel you cooked there. I’m NOT in your class. My butcher prepares mine and we cook it for 12 hours at 225. This one was 15lbs. when we put in buns we also add roasted hot banana peppers to “taste”.
  6. Thanks for the post, I need some to clamp my tarp over my patio table/chairs.
  7. Don’t worry, they look great. Misfish fishes rivers and his boots also get muddy, like his mind on occasion.
  8. For 24 years I worked on tourism advertising to bring our American Friends and many other nations here. I’m sure that this situation has not helped the businesses that depended on that income. Probably has closed some of them. Hopefully things get under control south of the border and we can welcome them back in the next year. We do need to protect out own at this time.
  9. Sorry to hear JD. Can they figure out if it can be fixed?
  10. Walking back to Regal Road Public school after a trip to the library up Dufferin street.
  11. Your mudder will be chasing you!
  12. Too bad us ordinary Canadians who have built this nation will be left out and a few who know who will do well on our expense. Canada should be united, yes provinces, have a certain identity as I have with my family, when it comes in times like this we should unite as a Nation.
  13. I understand that we have to import and export. Some things that concern our Immediate needs like we have experienced should be built in CANADA. especially our health needs. BC produces the pulp to make masks, we ship it to the states, WHY not keep some and have a manufacturing plant. Just like our oil goes south. YES. I do support, import and export; some things we should manufacture and store for ourselves. All nations should in case the supply line is broken. Which it has. Yes they are expensive to produce, so allocate a few of our TAX dollars to the cause. I have extra supplies stored for my own use in case of an emergency. The essentials. For example power goes out and you out of groceries you have to pay CASH, so keep a small amount of cash on hand. My son in law ran a CT franchise out of his phone when the power went out. I learned a lot in 2013! My wife loves to bake and at the beginning of this years I found 22kg of flour at 8.97 I bought three bags for Easter baking. WHY did you do that For she asks, hei cheap and it lasts. We are down to out last bag and will NEVER see 8.97 again. keep well and remember your grandparents made tomatoes and peppers and all sorts of stuff for the winter. WE rely on our supply line too much. I was home this year and my small garden produced tomatoes, hot peppers, lettuce, zucchini basil, parsley and even some potatoes that had gone to seed and planted. Keep well JD. I will be doing more next year if we are still on this earth.
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