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  1. HTHM I been thinking the same thing. Dave has not posted in a while.
  2. ο»Ώ Stay where you're to 'till I comes where you're at.
  3. All our banks convert US $ to CND. Th exchange is in your favor. Bring your own beer ours is expensive. Enjoy your stay with us.
  4. Get yourself the biggest Tim you can find and fill it with cold one or one of these! You are becoming a tying star.
  5. For high-end fishers. In a golden river.
  6. I have β€˜64 Crown. may never open it!
  7. In early 2000s I was working on a Fishing Ontario Tourism publication with John Kerr and we exchanged many emails for his input. My cousin was his assistant at the Aurora Ministry office. Very pleasant man to deal with.
  8. Don’t leave the door open or it will cut your lawn too!
  9. You have tail for the rest of your life!
  10. Welcome back, we have place close by that my wife goes to occasionally. Might be a bit of a drive. (Just 7 km closer to you than my place). I have only gone twice for mussels. https://www.seacoreseafood.com another one that has a huge warehouse close by is Toppins, they area distributor. good luck ps how do you cook writings (sp) ?
  11. Take a couple of these instead.
  12. Not quite 3 hour Lew, but I did the same. No cake, she was grateful. He husband is very ill.
  13. The new MOD is taking time off to go fishing? 😲😲😲😲😲😲😲
  14. many years ago in a hut during the night the ice dropped! Holi water came in, lots of it! those little guys will remember what they were offered!
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