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  1. Black Gnat is my favorite, especially for Brown Trout and Grayling.
  2. I know exactly what you are saying. I've been there. With your talent misfish have a few sips of that cold one to shake the nerves and just impress the H~ll out of everyone. I know you can. Just do it Man.
  3. He's a very happy boy now. Thank you.
  4. Yeah he's very happy now thank God. When I got him home here if I picked up my gloves, a stick, anything be would run to the farthest corner of the yard and cry expecting a beating. It was especially bad when I grabbed a broom or the snow scraper. Once he realized I wasn't going to beat he was happy as can be. Once he knew I wasn't going to beat him with snow scraper he joined me by my side all excited every step of the way. Still does it.
  5. Hey Doug, I appreciate your input. You put my thoughts into perspective. I have never given any though to guilt and regrets being bad for one. You have given me something to ponder and digest for sure. It's just been a thing with me. I do love eating fish and know they are good for us. A couple weeks ago I was sitting in a Drs. office and they had a video playing and it is now recommended to eat fish especially the fatty ones such as salmon, etc. for omega three as you know three times a week rather than the recommended once a week from years ago. Thank you.
  6. Congrats misfish, I am not a bit surprised having seen your work if I may call it that as you obviously enjoy and take great pride in it. You deserve it Man.
  7. I expect you guys have had about enough of my best buddy Trooper. just an update, a story and some pics of him all healed up now. I went with my neighbor when he bought Trooper (eight weeks old) and then he realized he didn't have the time for him so he let him go to a farm. Four and a half years later word got back that Trooper was being beat and abused and had been for the time they had him. So we jumped in the truck, drove out to find him tied up just outside the patio door with a six foot extension cord, no food, no water, no shelter. I was fit to be tied. I didn't knock on the door as there would have been He%$ to be payed. He recognized me right away (dogs don't forget) and almost went nuts. I released him from the extension cord. He knew exactly what was going on and made a bee line for the truck and couldn't get in the back seat fast enough. By this time the farm owner realized what was going on and tried to chase us down even driving through fields, that's where he wrecked his truck Haha. He's very lucky to have gotten off that easy. Some of you may have seen the pic with his face all buggered up, any way he's all healed up now and has a very happy home and we love each other to death. Thanks for reading.
  8. I know what you mean Lew. That's a nice musky. I would have put it one the wall back then as well. My walls are covered with fish from back then. Fifty years and more ago no one at least where I fished released any thing. Not to brag or throw flowers at my self but I caught so many big rainbow up to 18lbs that I filled my mom and dads 23 qubic foot freezer and they had to buy another one and I practically filled it. I feel really bad, sad and sick now for keeping them all. For about the past forty years or so I've been fishing barbless and releasing everything. I've kept a couple and felt bad and guilty.
  9. That's priceless. Reminds me of my first dog ,sheperd and black lab cross. He grabbed a rainbow that was about to flop itself off the dock and back into the water, brought it back to the middle of the dock and lied there with it between his front legs.
  10. Seeing your dragon flies reminds me of a time I was fishing for large mouth up at Stokes Bay and noticed two large dragonflies on some reeds about eight feet in front of me (I was wading) We had a heavy dew that night and their wings hadn't dried out so they could fly. A couple minutes later a big large mouth came out of the water and picked one off the reed, a few seconds later it came back and grabbed the other one. It was something to see especially that close. That was the same day I caught my 8.5lb large mouth on a big hula popper. Out of all the ones I caught that day the smallest was 4lb. all on the surface in thick lily pads.
  11. Awesome job as usual misfish. They appear, to be dragonflies. You'll have no problem catching bass with them. Looking forward to some pics or videos of the action they create.
  12. I can't help but wonder if maybe someone flicked a cigarette out their window and it wound up in the boat. Regardless, How can he not see that. Likely too busy fooling around with his phone. One of my wife's best friends was hit head on and killed by another driver while they were texting.
  13. Lucky you, do you have room for one more? My wife has an uncle in Orlando, been living there forever, has a few airplanes. I'll see what and who he recommends.
  14. Howdy Kickingfrog. Long time since I've seen you post. I thought maybe you were posting a pic of that 7lb 2oz bass. Maybe you're still after it. That's why we haven't seen much of you. LOL.
  15. My boys, Farley and Harvey, the two pictured in the RV who sadly are no longer with us.
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