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  1. I'm just re-reading your post. I get the impression that you're fishing alone ? Re-thinking our time on that water, that may be an issue. Although mostly deep water, the current is fairly steady and often powerful. There were 3 of us, so 2 would fish, but one of us would always have their hands on the wheel with the boat under power...even when drifting to make course corrections. Not sure how that would work when you're by yourself. There are slower pools where you could drift and cast..specifically right below the dam. Not sure how you feel about fishing moving water solo. It's like fishing the lower Niagara...although deep, the current is relentless...and personally I would always go out with a buddy...but that's me. But if you're experienced and comfortable fishing moving water... Of course, you can also just fish the mouth and bay below town. We saw several boats doing just that with success. Anyway...FireTiger J-13 for the Chinooks...and Hot Pink Blue Fox spinner or Rainbow Trout Little Cleo for the Pinks worked for us..
  2. We fished the Nipigon River 2 weeks ago. There's a great launch with a dock right in the town of Nipigon at the mouth of the river. Another decent launch (but no dock) just below Alexander Falls Dam at the top end...pretty shallow though for a 20 footer. 15km of fishable water between the two...the river runs plenty deep and most rocks are pretty obvious. Be vigilant and not too cocky and you'll be fine. We had a 20 footer too...no problem putting in at the town dock and running up river. Plenty of Chinooks and Pinks around....even got one Steelie, but struck out on Coasters (Brookies)...as mentioned they're closed now. Also, some spots are sanctuaries..like Gapen's Pool at the Trans-Canada hwy where the world record Brookie was caught in 1917. Read the regs thoroughly. Some other species were in to feed on the Salmon run too. Got a little surprise when this 44" snotty shovelhead bit my spinner...it coughed up a 3lb Pink when flopping in the net...
  3. Speedway Fuels on the Tyendega Reserve has signs saying "Ethanol Free Gas"... and it's definitely not. "False Advertising"...on the reserve...lol...they are their own Nation and don't have to play by the rules. They were openly selling weed on the Reserve 10 years before it was legalized...and if you want some Walleye fillets at a good price.. I'm not saying it's wrong...but that's just the way it is in a country with 3 founding Nations...
  4. The only time I might run fluoro as mainline on a spinning outfit is when fishing spybaits....and it would be 6lb so not so stiff. Even then...with spybaits I just run a very long fluoro leader off the braid on spinning gear..
  5. For fluoro mainline...Seaguar Tatsu..very limp and supple. For leader material (6 to 10lbs) Sunline Sniper or Seaguar Gold.
  6. The only reason we have ethanol in our gas is the political system. It has nothing to do with climate change. The way federal ridings are set up, rural ridings have a disproportionate number of MP's compared to urban ridings. So a relatively small handful of corn farmers can effectively lobby for legislation that makes a relatively inexpensive product (corn) that more valuable. It doesn't matter what political party it is (Lib, PC or NDP) they will all cater to the agricultural lobby groups.
  7. Nice ! Never tried freezing them. We do the same but can them in jars...fire roasted peppers with olive oil, red wine vinegar, garlic and oregano... Great on a sandwich...crusty bread with prosciutto, Calabrese salami, and provolone !
  8. Yes...there are only 4 fuel refineries in Ontario....Imperial Oil in Sarnia and Nanticoke...Shell and Suncor in Sarnia. There is also one in Clarkson/Mississauga but that only produces lubricants.
  9. The OMNR should just shut down Salmon fishing in the smaller tribs. It brings out the worst in people. I'll never forget a few years back on Bronte, some morons pulled a picnic table into the middle of the creek and sat on it as the old tired boots made their way up..one had a pitchfork and the other was using a kirpan (ceremonial sword from his home country). There's just something about 20lb fish in 6 inches in water that turns people into idiots..
  10. Great rod for the price...gets good reviews.. https://www.wired2fish.com/fishing-rods/daiwa-tatula-xt-casting-rod-review/#slide_3 https://www.tackletour.com/reviewdaiwatatularod.html
  11. Absolutely....if I could only own one casting rod it would be a 7ft MH Fast. That and a 7 ML spinning rod will pretty well cover 90% of the situations on Ontario lakes....except Muskies of course
  12. It's priced at $60. Like most things you get what you pay for....so it's going to be a cheaper blank (heavier and less sensitive) and cheaper components. Some may not agree with me, but a better rod will help you catch more fish.. Considering the rod is your primary connection to a fish and it should last many years...personally I wouldn't cheap out on the investment. All things considered, it's probably one of the least expensive parts of fishing...how much is a tank of gas these days ? Frankly, it's many years since I've spent less than $250 on a rod....but I'm a bougie mf who appreciates good gear...but that's me Both the Fenwick and the St Croix offer MH. If you like Daiwa take a look at the Tatula line...
  13. I definitely prefer 1 pc and I would go 7 ft for the most versatility. Not sure what you usually use it for, but you may also want to look at Med- Heavy. Fenwick HMG 7ft sells for around $150...good bang for the buck I saw this deal at Peterborough Pro Tackle...the Mojo line is good value and it's on sale
  14. Nice fish !! Did you get a measurement ?
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