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  1. Beautiful fish...thanks for the entertaining read !
  2. Another mod I like for Suicks is adding a small spinner blade. Just drill a small hole in the metal tail...put on a split ring, a swivel, then a small Colorado blade. I like orange for stained water, silver or brass in clear.
  3. 10 lures...eh ? Not me, I'm a certified tackle junkie. I have at least 2 dozen Plano 3700 boxes filled to the brim, 4 shoe-box sized containers packed with bags of soft plastics, and a Lakewood Musky Box for all the over-sized stuff that won't fit anywhere else. On top that, a couple of roll-up pouches of Salmon spoons, and another box of flashers and dodgers. Plus the boxes with terminal tackle...hooks, swivels, leaders, weights. Oh...then there's a vest and a Fishpond satchel packed with Steelhead stuff. Even though not all of this has caught fish...I have used 100% of it. Anything I don't like, I give away. Yeah, I'm probably addicted...but there are worse things to get hooked on...excuse the pun. And my wife certainly prefers this addiction to others. If 10 lures is all you need, then in my opinion you're either: A. only fishing for one or two species (Crappies and Muskies are generally not caught on the same baits) B. only fishing limited or a certain type of water and conditions (lakes, ponds, the Great Lakes, rivers, creeks, deep, shallow, clear, stained, etc...all require different presentations to be successful) C. you are missing out on a lot of fish you could potentially be catching
  4. Yes, original photo is a Bowfin. I just wanted to clarify the different species, as one of the posts stated: "Bowfin we were told were Dogfish or Burbot or Ling..."
  5. Lol....not sure how you cooked it, but I'm not the only one who likes them...this is c&p from Tastilicious: The burbot is a white fish with a mild flavor and a subtle sweet undertone, resembling haddock or cod. Its texture is firm and buttery with tender white flakes. Burbots don’t have any bones, which makes eating them easier and more enjoyable. It is an excellent fish for kids thanks to its combination of mild flavor and boneless meat.
  6. Just to clarify...Bowfin and Burbot are completely different species. Bowfin are a warm water fish usually found in shallow weedy water, while Burbot are cold water fish usually found deep. Yes, Bowfin are commonly called Dogfish, and Burbot are called a number of names depending on the region...Ling, Eelpout, Lawyerfish. Burbot are great eating...they're also known as "Freshwater Cod"...sweet, white flaky meat. I often catch them incidently ice fishing for Walleye or Lake Trout/Whitefish...they make for a delicious meal of fish and chips.
  7. Lol...I don’t think you need a "fancy fillet knife" to not waste meat...as long as it's sharp, the rest is just skill and practice. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) I'm in FMZ18 so we can only retain Walleye between 40 and 50 cm. We let the big ones swim. After all, I want my Grandkids to enjoy fish dinners with their kids too. Waste not, want not.
  8. My kids got me a Bubba Electric (lithium battery) Fillet Knife for Christmas. It's a game changer. Comes with different sized blades. I like to put on fish fries at the cottage for the all the kids and grandkids. Of course, Grandpa would have to do all the work. Now its so easy....zips through a pile of fish in minutes...
  9. As you can see from a chart there are literally 100's of offshore reefs out there. Some are absolutely loaded with Smallies, some are barren of fish. The best reefs top out in 10 to 15 fow, have broken rock (not smooth) and ideally have some sparse weed growth on top. If you find one with boulders from softball to basketball size, you've hit the jackpot. Best approach is to map out a bunch of them, pick a flat day, and then run 'n' gun. You'll know within 5 minutes if it's a productive reef. Once you develop a milk run...it's easy pickn's. Top water bite usually peaks with the "frog migration" later in September when the water cools a bit...and the SM come back into the shallows for awhile. That being said, there always seems to be a few eager ones willing to slurp something off the surface in the morning or at dusk, regardless of the calendar. Sometimes, in the middle of summer right at sunset I've caught them on topwaters in over 70+ fow. Packs of Smallies will drive Cisco/Shiners/Shad to the surface. It's almost like saltwater fishing...you'll often see a bunch of Seagulls and Terns swooping down as the baitfish boil, jump and scatter on the surface...with the Bass underneath.
  10. No...sold that place 10 years ago and bought a place on Crow/Bobs Lake in Eastern Ontario. My wife would spend the summers on the island...she can drive a boat, but was always worried that if there was an emergency and it was stormy or at night she wouldn't make it to back to the marina. As you know, lots of boating hazards in that area. So...we bought a "drive to" cottage on the same lake as my family had a cottage on back in the 80's. Yeah, the world record Ken Bailey fish was caught at Blackstone. In my time there, I saw some that were probably almost as big....always got my knees shaking when you see one of those monsters...getting them to bite is a different story. My best success was with silver Bulldawgs in the deeper channels around the outer islands in late fall. Whitefish would stack up with big hooks on the sonar mixed in.
  11. Nice...thanks for the report. Yeah...that area is a Smallmouth factory. I had a cottage on Wahsoune Island for 12 years. Kept my boat with Chris at Moon River Marina. There was an offshore reef that I had waypointed on my GPS...maybe half an acre across and topping out at 10 ft (during the low water years). Most people would just fly by it. I once made a bet with my buddy that was visting for the weekend that I could catch 10 Smallies on 10 casts...I ended up at 17 before I finally made a cast without a fish. Musky were a tough bite in summer, but come November they would set up in some of the outer passes chowing on spawning Whitefish...still few and far between but yeah some of the thickest fish I've ever seen...
  12. Bring some small (size 0, 1 and 2) Mepps, Blue Fox, or Panther Martin spinners...tipped with a piece of worm...can't be beat for Brookies in the rivers and creeks.
  13. I've fished in LSPP many times over the years...mostly the tributaries in the spring and late fall for Steelhead. The Pancake R, Speckled Trout Cr, Agawa R, Sand R, and Old Woman R...all get runs of migratory Salmonids. A little early for Steelhead but you should run into Pink Salmon this time of year. This is Trout Country. Most of these tribs also have resident Brook Trout (some even migratory Coasters). There are trails that run off hwy 17...the further you hike in, the better the fishing. You can catch Pinks and Speckles on small spinners and spoons, or trout beads under a float...or even just a worm. The Pinks also like green or pink gaudy flies and jigs. Most of the lakes in the Park have just Lake Trout and Speckles...a few with Pike. Never really ran into Bass or Walleye. The Trout in the lakes will be deep this time of year...I'd focus on the rivers and creeks. Enjoy...it's a beautiful part of the Province...lots of wildlife, beautiful (cold) beaches, unbelievable sunsets, and the best scenery this side of the Rockies..
  14. Lots of choices in smaller Musky hard baits beyond Jakes and Suicks...however non are cheap: Believers, Triple D's, Super Shad Raps, Super Shadow Rap, SaltWater X-Raps, Producers, Raiders, Ernie's, Chaos Minis...to name a few With bucktails...I always have a rod ready to go with Double CowGirls...there's something about the Esox species and spinners.. Also don't overlook spoons for Pike...a large Williams Whitefish hammered gold/silver tipped with a 4" curly tail grub has put countless big snot rockets in the net for me...
  15. Pierre Beaudoin is Chairman of the Board of Bombardier and Corporate Director at BRP...hmmm
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