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  1. I can imagine they were fine eating. Those Quebec Reds are definitely on my bucket list. My son, an Environmental Engineer, worked at the Mary River mine on Baffin Island for a few years. He would come home twice a month and always brought back fresh and smoked wild Arctic Char...damn, one of the tastiest fish that swims. I've also bought Arctic Char from my local grocery store or fish monger, but apparently it's farm raised...just not the same at all.
  2. Of those three, Parry Sound (G Bay) would be my first choice, especially this time of year.
  3. Nice ! I'm curious...did you notice a difference in taste between the Quebec Red Trout (which are basically land-locked Arctic Char) and Speckled Trout ?
  4. Yes...a lot folks use lithiums for off- grid camping/RV's. The solar panels would be fairly substantial though. However, a generator will certainly work.
  5. You won't regret spending a few more $ if your main motor quits and you need to limp back to port with the TM. Speaking from experience.
  6. Smallmouth in the river below Sauble Falls. Upstream even better Bass and some small Pike, especially in the feeder lakes (which also have LM) to the north. If you have a canoe or kayak, a float trip down the Rankin R. (trib of Sauble R.) can be very rewarding. Musky in the middle section of the Saugeen is your closest best bet (again a float trip will get you to the best spots). SMB throughout, and some big Cats in the lower river.
  7. It seems the MNR does "come down on someone based on a pic". Don't get me wrong, the example in the link is apples and oranges compared to the photo that was posted here...but it looks like the CO's do troll the fishing forums on-line.. https://www.orilliamatters.com/local-news/social-media-photos-of-lake-sturgeon-net-fines-for-local-anglers-1639609
  8. If you're looking for the closest good Chinook fishing to Ottawa, then it's the west side of Prince Edward County. A number of years ago, I would regularly fish out of Wellington in July. Classic spots like Scotch Bonnet would consistently produce the biggest Salmon during the first half of the "Great Salmon Hunt" derby. These were mostly US fish that would disappear by early August. Lately, the local Angler's Club pen raises Chinooks to maintain a summer long fishery. Scott Walcott from "Bay of Quinte Charters" still takes his boat over to Wellington for the month of July. He also owns West Lake Willows Resort, if you're looking for a place to stay. He runs a 35ft Kingfisher. There's also a few other guys that run charters out of Wellington and Brighton that time of year.
  9. As far as I know, only one person can have possession of the fish. Someone will need to claim it, and they'll get the summons/fine.
  10. Given the extent of their actions in falsifying documents...beyond the Fish & Game Act violations, they should've also been criminally charged with Fraud under the Criminal Code. That would have provided for a far more reaching punishment, than basically what is the equivalent of a speeding ticket or similar under the Highway Traffic Act. Although they received fines and suspensions, they get off with no criminal record.
  11. We went out for an ATV ride to some new waters and ended up with some dinner..
  12. Yes, the city's changed since I was kid growing up in High Park in the 60's & 70's, but it's still the same town in a lot of ways. 3 million people, but it remains a city of neighborhoods. The horse stables at Sunnybrook (Leslie just north of Eglinton) are still there...my daughter used to ride there when she lived in Leaside. A little bit of the countryside in the middle of a metropolis.
  13. Vito is one of the best on the lake. Runs a beautiful 38ft Tiara. https://lordofthekings.ca/
  14. I agree Lew....but the photo should never have been posted on the internet in the first place. Some of the responses and reactions to the photo of an OOS fish were entirely predictable. As Smitty55 noted, these kind of photos usually result in instant deletion and even suspension of the OP on most fishing related forums/sites. I don't have a problem with taking a quick photo in this instance...but put it in the family album, and explain to the young lad why you can't post it where 3 billion people may see it....and it becomes a teaching moment around the respect for regulations and ethics. As a father of 2, and a grandfather of 4, that's what I would've done.
  15. The second Saturday in May is always a great weekend in Southern Ontario. Pike and Walleye also open in most zones...but the powers that be really need to move Mother's Day to another weekend...lol
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