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  1. I see this is not going to get better. Art
  2. Nice Job Terry when you said Camo I thought how hard can it be to paint it Canadian Camo White. Art
  3. https://www.cdc.gov/easternequineencephalitis/index.html
  4. Very nice fish for sure. Glad you had a good day on the water Dave. Art
  5. Well done, I am glad to see that you are taking all of the steps to becoming a safe and happy biker. As time goes on with the knowledge and the skills you have learned it will grow into a set of instincts that will save your life someday. Art
  6. here is a link to a how to repair it that worked for me in the past. https://www.inmarinflatables.com/INFLATABLE-BOAT-REPAIR-s/34.htm Art
  7. aplumma


    We all have had our say this is reached its useful life here. Thank you for all of the views expressed. Art
  8. Marty with the party. Nice week of fishing Marty thanks for sharing. Art
  9. aplumma


    The need for tradesman are still there but the jobs are not for the taking but are for the earning. I hired 3 new helpers 2 under 20 1 over 30 guess which two quit in the first month because the work was to hard and dirty. Don't applaud the 30 year old he only lasted 4 months. My first 2 years were spent in a ditch running sewer and water lines. If I had decided to stop because the work was hard and dirty then I would not have advanced. I knew to get ahead of the others I would have to be more valuable than the other mechanics. I went to trade school as well as college to show management that I wanted to be a leader, that I wanted to get ahead. This took commitment and to prevent myself from getting into debt I worked overtime and at a hobby shop. It has to do with being proud of what you can do ,it has to do with showing others your self worth. See as an employer I need to invest 40,000.00 a year in wages and benefits to train someone how to be a plumber. If you are not impressing me with your work ethics and showing a desire to advance I will cut you loose quickly. What I am offering that person is a career that can earn in time 80-100 thousand dollars a year in wages and benefits as an employee. With people being short sighted and wanting things easy it just is not a good mix. If you want to get ahead in life you have to make sacrifices and bid your time none of it is easy but if you stay the path and resist the easy path of drugs or alcohol then you will be able to prosper. "The only person who owes you something is yourself" with an attitude like that you can get ahead of life and reap the rewards it brings. Art
  10. aplumma


    When I got out of the Navy in 1983 I had 1000.00 in the bank an old van one beanbag chair and a triumph motorcycle. This is what I started life with and I went to work in the field I had trained in which is plumbing. With this I then purchased a townhouse and continued my training and putting money aside for the future. By controlling my expenditures meaning no starbucks or eating out and all of the other ways to spend money without getting a material return I amassed enough money to start my own company. If someone wants something they can achieve it if someone wants the easy way out then they will turn to drugs or other destructive traits. I agree that a few can have a path that can't be avoided either by environment or situations but that is few not the many who are on drugs. Government programs and bailouts support and enforce the use of drugs. Personally I want drug testing before and program hands out money. This view while unpopular is unpopular because there are enough people abusing the programs who can make enough noise to keep it from changing. I am a darwinian type of person I like the fact the harder and wiser you work the greater the reward. I want the system to be tuned to help those that want to help themselves. If you have massive debt it is you that spent the money no one else. If you spent it on an education what prevented you from working and saving the money you got from working at the age of 16? If you do take on the debt man up and pay it back ASAP where is the pride that you should have? If you are not college material then don't waste your time and money going to college. There are plenty of other jobs many require hard physical work, long hours, unpleasant environments but they don't cause you to be in debt. The trades are an amazing place o make a living but it is very hard at the beginning and if you do not have the initiative to advance then you will work very hard for not a great reward. Now follow the same path and show you want to advance and you can one day be very well off. A drug is just an easy way out with thought and planning you can be as great as you work hard to be. I will say that one or two per hundred can follow this and still be an addict simply because there is no such thing as 100% but they are the exception to the rule. Art
  11. Welcome an ask away we have some really good bass people here and they are sure to give you some advise. Art
  12. Very nice trip thanks for the pictures. I am also sorry your wife jammed here back. Art
  13. Something to think about as you fish is that fish look for the easiest meal available. This means that a fish that sees a frog that is health will not be tempted to eat it because it is not putting off an easy prey signal. When a fish is not healthy then it will swim with a different cadence. This means that if you are fishing with a pull pull stop cadence then try to switch it up with drag drag drag stop stop rhythm. You also have a few different types of frogs to try. Some have a streamlined for dragging over top of the grass and pads and some have a popper type of face to make more commotion. The use of topwater lures is one of the most exciting bites for sure but it is less productive as the water warms up and as the sun becomes stronger. I can throw topwater as long as there is shade on the water but it becomes less effective as the sun shines brightly into the water. If I am not getting a topwater bite I will switch to something that goes deeper such as a crankbait or a spinnerbait. IF there is not action then I will go to sencos or soft baits to find the fish that are deep. Hope this helps Art
  14. Very Nice trip Gino thank you for sharing the adventure with us. Art
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