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  1. Soooo did you have to Ram it on there to make it fit? Art
  2. Very cool, nice boat Art
  3. When I fish the Nip most of the time I troll a manns plus 25 deep diving lure in the chrome and blue. This seems to work along the rock walls and ledges. I am not much of a walleye fisherman though but most of the folks go out just before the mosquitos attack at dusk and use worm rigs on the edges of the weed lines that have deep water nearby. Art
  4. The reason you see the P.M. me response is in the rules of the site we do not allow specific spots to be shared. In the past sharing fishing spots created more issues than it solved. I am sure that once you see the lake you will be able to talk to the locals or the owners of the lodge and they can direct you in the right direction. Good luck and happy fishing Art
  5. At the end of the day remember this is a hobby that you enjoy don't make it into a less enjoyable job. Very nice looking bugs for sure. Art
  6. That is a really nice win brother, congratulations. Art
  7. Very nice vise it will make your tying easier I bet. Art
  8. Another great batch of "B bugs" very nice. Art
  9. We are glad to see you. Feel free to post a few pictures now and again of your fishing adventures. Art
  10. I guess I am guilty as well, I have way to many bits, parts, and pieces of assorted metal scraps for making brackets and such. I just can't seem to throw them away. They never fit into the bucket or stand in the corn right. Art
  11. When the weather blows up or someone gets hurt the 25 will get you back to the dock quicker. Art
  12. I am sure there are better places to have this discussion than a Fishing forum. Thanks Art
  13. Well Karma really is a good friend. After drooling over pictures of small lures for Crappie and other panfish I made a wish and Misfish sent me a care package in the mail. I am amazed at the creative mind and the talent in his hands that found a new home down here in the South. Thank you once again Brian for the more than generous gift and I will report how well they work after the thin ice melts and allows me to go fishing again. Art
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