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  1. The good news is that I have 2 14 gallon fuel cells with a separate tank selector. I put 13 gallons in the left one and fish that one going out and use the 14 gallon tank to get back on. So far I haven't run out of gas yet. I am very happy that gas down here is in the $2.15 a gallon here so I can keep running my 2 stroke gas sucking pig of a motor. Send me a picture of how your seats attached and I can tell you if it will adapt to yours as well. IF so I can send you photos of what I motified to get mine in. Art
  2. that extra 32 OZ sure would help it would add another 20 seconds to my gallon of fun. lol Art
  3. https://www.overtons.com/tempress-deluxe-bench-set-300614.html?cgid=helm-fishing-seats#start=1&cgid=boat-pontoon-seats%2Fboat-seats%2Fhelm-fishing-seats%2Ffolding-seats These are the seats I put in. The seats on the 89 bolted to a fiberglass lid on the storage area below. I had to redue the brackets and pivots to make it work. It was well worth it because the 89 seats were 1/2 inch thick and snapped into place. These seats give you a hug as well as plenty of padding from the rouge wave. The driver seat can barely touch the trim on the throttle when tilted forward when it is in neutral. The center pee pad seat is actually more comfortable than you think and flipped down allows easy access to the rear casting deck. Art
  4. I really like the Ranger 350V it is one of the best riding bass boat I have had. I have quite a bit of weight on my pad of the boat with 3 batteries and the 2 fuel cells on board. The rebuilding of the boat with better seats and accessories did add some weight but it is well worth it. I am content to run at 35 MPH all day long because when you floor it you are burning 9/10th of a gallon a minute. I do like the fact that you can usually get ahead of a storm front if it is not moving to fast. Art
  5. Check the boat for deformities on the back edge called a hook. Remove all excess weight that you have stuffed into the boat over the years. Size and change prop to a stainless steel. Out of all of these your biggest gain will be removing all of the extra crap off the boat that you do not use. Realistically you will not gain 10 mph unless you have a major issue slowing down the boat. For example a Ranger boat with 150 HP GTX (racing series motor) stainless cupped prop with little to no extra weight is doing 58 mph with a stainless and loses only 3 mph with an aluminum prop. The bottom of a bass boat in this series runs on just a pad when on plane with about a 6 x 4 ft area actually touching the water. your boat will have a much larger wetted surface and will have less improvement on changes. Art
  6. Well if we can't post info even from Clarks own clients then this site is worthless too, sorry!


    The list posted is a value to all, period. Wow!

  7. Thank you for the information. IF anyone needs clarification please contact the Resort directly and work it out through them. If any Resort owner wish to contest this information please contact our admin. staff for corrections.
  8. As much as I would love to be up North right now, it is not a good time for our border to be open. I do hope that all of my friends make it through this with the least amount of harm and discomfort. I also wish all of the Lodges get enough support from Canadians to make it through and be open for business next season. Art
  9. aplumma


    This is for news articles to read not comment on. If you want to post something that is not locked that is fishing related then you can post in the main forum. Art
  10. Is the complaint that it is not running correctly at WOT or is it you are not getting the same RPMs you were? The drop in MPH could be drive train friction or prop damage. A strike could have damage the drive train creating friction or it could have spun the shear in the hub. I agree new coils are a good idea as the cases get old they can get small cracks in the windings and miss fire internally. We also should look at the timing and the timing advance linkage to make sure it is not binding up and that the screw that limits the advance from over advancing is timing. Both of these require a timing light as well as the specifications of the motor. The final thought is that the metering screws have debris on the end of them that needs to be flushed out. Remove the screw after counting them in and flush them out reset them the same amount they usually do not need to be adjusted to a new setting unless someone moved them. Art
  11. Nice rig bud looking good. Art
  12. https://www.raid.com/en-us/products/raid-max-foaming-wasp-and-hornet-killer Art
  13. You forgot evil laughing and touching myself as we bath in the power we hold. lol Art
  14. My rule of thumb is if it is a new brand name item and it is not a personal sale and the price is less than what a reasonable profit margin is then I pass. Art
  15. It is a teaser lure that we use in saltwater fishing down here. Save the money and just buy a jitter bug it will work just as well and easier to remove from the fishes mouth . Art
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