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  1. That is called the ram seal it may be replaceable it depends on the manufacturer. If you can find the parts blowout and it is listed as a seperate part then you will not need to replace the whole ram assy. You need to read the instructions on the process because it may involve tools that you may not have. Art
  2. They have a CC on file from me with no issues. I trust them. Art
  3. You can check the oil level to see if it needs more if it does it means you have a leak if it is low. The pump itself may be damaged but first verify the fluid levels since it is cheaper/ easier. If it is the pump then it can be replaced on a scale of 1-10 it is a 6 for most people. You should consult a manuel to see if it is something you are comfortable doing. Art
  4. I see soooooo many things wrong with that weather report besides the snow. lol Art
  5. sorry but this was part of another thread that failed. Art
  6. It was a good try however it got ugly with members tuning against each other and feelings hurt. I had 9 reports on the thread. I consider it a fail the no religious and no Political posts are still not allowed and will be cut off quickly. If we had a room full of people who could respect that opinions are allowed and that not everything is black and white we could breach these subjects. Art
  7. Most local fire departments will take the old units in for free and have them properly disposed of. Art
  8. John check your tv for a HDMI cable port. This is how the apple tv unit feeds information to the tv. If you have that then look at the apple tv gen 4th . While this unit is more expensive it has the ability to be controlled by a remote as well as any ipad or iphone you have with a simple app. You can control it using your voice to a certain extent which is really nice. So far I have hulu to get all of my local channels and stuff. I found PLUTO tv to be very entertaining (free) and use my amazon plus to view a whole range of movies and shows. So far we went from 120.00 a month to 55.00 for hulu. You can try most all of the paid services for free for a month. Art
  9. A fire extinguisher is one of the most important items on a boat when it is on fire. I have a unit that has a gauge as well as a size that is larger than required on all of my boats. Every six months it should be checked for the charge level as well as turned upside down and tapped and agitated to make sure the powder has not clumped up in the bottom. I replace them every 4 years and then take the old unit and store it in the garage next to my current one in case one is not enough. Art
  10. aviation gas sometimes also know as race gas is gas used in an airplane that still has lead in it. It is illegal to use on road . Most times it has an octane rating over 100 which is good in the high performance high compression motors. It will destroy a catalytic converter and in modern day motors damage them due to the lead and the confusion they cause in the computers. It is different than JP5 which is also an aviation gas but is a kerosene based closer to diesel than petroleum. Art
  11. The running of a 4 stroke dry has no effect on the lubrication of the mechanical parts this only applies to two strokes. I personally run my two stroke to the point where it first sputters with intermittent shots of fogging oil and then choke it out using full spray of the fogging oil. This puts a nice coating on the mechanical parts as well as allowing some to back feed into the float bowl and coating the carb. Four strokes can be done the same way except you do not need to intermittently spray the carb as it uses the last bit of fuel but then gag it when it sputters. Art
  12. Dave a 12 volt 500 gallon per hour pump pulls 2 amps per hour. If it is only to get rid of rain water meaning the boat does not leak much you should not need a charger if you are visiting it weekly. Now if we get one heck of a rainstorm season then you might need to check on it. I have a 28ft that lives in the water covered and it has two pumps 2000 gallons an hour that are hooked to a bank of two house batteries . I haves been off shore power for a week at a time with no charging except for the motors being run without any issues. Art
  13. Never run a two stroke dry it will remove any lubrication till it stalls as well as heating up the rings and cylinder thus drying any lubrication it would have had. Carb seals and gaskets dry and crack when left dry. Better to keep the tank full using the correct oil mix and use marine staybil in the tank. Using Seafoam and allowing it to stay in the fuel tank all winter is not a good idea it is a solvent in the tank which will dissolve all of the varnish and gook and then it will be sent into the carburetor in the spring.
  14. Looks like a good time for sure. Keep yourself on top of the water it is getting cold up North. Art
  15. You can ignore maintenance for as long as you want however you can be sure that it will catch up to you eventually. I prefer to do maintenance and put the odds of failure in the worst time or place at a minimum. One of the reasons to change the oil is to see if you have metal shavings, water, or other contaminants which will tell you before a catastrophic failure. Art
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