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  1. aplumma

    Rebate Program

    Good information David thank you for posting it. How are the seminars going for you this winter? Art
  2. aplumma

    Dishwasher install...

    Back to sleep Art
  3. aplumma

    Did you feel the bump ?

    Check the pool table to see if it is still level Lew. Art
  4. aplumma

    Checking in - NF

    Thanks for checking in I hope the new job slows down enough to let you play soon. Be well Art
  5. aplumma

    Don't worry, I won't give up my day job.

    Looks like a great time in the nasty white stuff that makes me cold. lol Art
  6. aplumma

    pic test

    Glad to see your back now bring on the pictures. Art
  7. aplumma

    Help Art please,,,,,,,,,

    I will say if it was possible I would have one of these guys in the back yard. Art
  8. aplumma


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    View Advert hippo lost dog Art Advertiser aplumma Date 01/04/2019 Price Category Boats For Sale Boat Make / Manufacture Boat Make / Manufacture: Aquasport Boat Year Boat Year: 1 Boat Length Boat Length: 22 Engine Hours Engine Hours: Number of Engines Number of Engines: 0 Fuel Type Fuel Type: Gasoline  
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    lost dog Art


  11. aplumma

    2019 HT Ice Tour-FREE Seminars

    Very nice wish I was closer to attend. Art
  12. aplumma

    Thought Process - Common Sense

    im pretty sure there is something I am missing but it appears this is not something that needs to be here. have a Great New Year Art
  13. aplumma

    Death of a Boat

    Tom with a power boat you can fish more of what the river has to offer. The thrill of running a boat thru the thin water and rapids is amazing. Find the right guide and try it you will not regret it. Art
  14. aplumma

    Death of a Boat

    Brian the river is famous for the small mouth bass population. It is a series of shallow water and rifts with a hard rocky bottom. You will find up to class 3 rapids between stretches that takes a special kind of boat and motor to run. The bottom of the boats are usually beefed up aluminum and some even have a hard plastic shield like the puck boards on a hockey rink. The Motors are a jet drive which draws water from the underside and accelerates it thru a snail shell cone providing thrust out the back for propulsion. Reverse is achieved by a bucket that drops over the drive outlet and redirects the water. The controls are moved forward to give you a better view of what is coming up before you hit it. My boat has an air boat steering assy on the left and the throttle on the right side. They are a very flat bottomed and wide boat to ride on top of the water making them draft less than 4 inches on plane. The motor is actually slightly higher or even with the bottom of the boat so damage is limited depending on what you hit. Art
  15. aplumma

    Thanks for speeding things up Admin!

    Thank you we are investing quite a bit of money lately as well as having Chad being our IT guru to get the site both secure and more fun to enjoy. This new path is the shot in the arm we have been looking for and to be honest it would have not been possible if Chad (blueye) had not stepped up and helped us so much. So give a thank you to Chad for all that he has done. Art