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  1. this thread is locked you all won't listen. 7 reports in 24 hours. Do not try to start a new one it will be deleted. Why you all can't be adults here is beyond me. Art
  2. The only ice fishing I do is to take a cube out of my drink to give to the dog. Art
  3. I actually could survive in Canada I think.... I have a pair of Arctic muckluks, The snipers lobster gloves from my Days in the Military. I added a firewire heated vest and the final piece to round off my collection is a real Russian Fox Ushanka hat. When I go hunting and need my fingers I use a fuzzy insulated waist tube with a few hand warmer packs. I really hate being cold when I am outdoors. Art
  4. https://www.amazon.ca/VentureHeat-Unisex-Adult-Battery-Heated-Medium/dp/B01HE8UGPY/ref=as_li_ss_tl?creativeASIN=B01HE8UGPY&imprToken=oBYkvb1-1leOFNVyLkzhbw&slotNum=6&ie=UTF8&qid=1506719696&sr=8-1&keywords=venture+heated+glove+liners&linkCode=sl1&tag=sport0a0d-20&linkId=c9d13e2e5b80d528c9cabf483a7ade4a My Pops had big issues with circulation in his hands called raynaud's disease with these pair of heated under gloves and a good pair of over gloves he was fine. The advantage of these under gloves is you can pull the outer gloves off and they are thin enough to do more delicate work. While pricee they are a good answer to your issue. Art
  5. O sure have a contest that shuts me out. Hopefully someone here at OFC wins good luck. Art
  6. Let us all take a breath and slow this current storm of name calling and bashing down. I do not want to delete it if it can be saved. This is getting out of hand again. Thanks Art
  7. I will throw a 2008 mini cooper S in to the mix. Poorly designed that year with issues with oil cooler leaks and being easily damaged by engine temperatures. It also had issues with carbon build up requiring a $900.oo decarb using a BMW dealer only machine to do it. I guess I had more heart burn over the dealers attempts to jerk a lot of money out of your pocket every time it went in for repairs or maintenance. This is why BMW and Mini Coopers are no longer on my buy list. Art
  8. Sorry to hear this Chris, for all of the times we spent time with you and Brook she was always happy to see me and snuggled me like a long lost friend. Art
  9. Very nice offer as usually Big Cliff. Art
  10. The good news is so far it is just rain. We are in the low 30's and the forecast says we are far enough South to avoid a winter mix. The scary ones are when they come from up North with the cold and snow. I just have to say that people down here do not take driving and snow seriously enough so we get quite the bad show of drivers. Thanks for checking on me Brian Art
  11. Take this with a grain of salt because I have not repaired an icehut but on my boat covers I use a cloth patch that is self adhering. This is placed on both sides with atleast an inch and a half over sized than the hole. You can find this at Amazon https://www.amazon.ca/Dritz-55206B-Stick-Patches-Assorted/dp/B001LXGKK4/ref=sr_1_4?crid=A6L4V3RT6KHY&keywords=fabric+patch+stick+on&qid=1576154873&sprefix=fabric+patch%2Caps%2C130&sr=8-4 Art
  12. I have a paypal account and it is fine. I make a lot of purchases with it and have it tied to a credit card. I do not have it tied into my bank account because of the possibility of them getting into my money. If you do want to sell on E bay or some of the other platforms it is better to just open a bank account that has just a minimum of money in it. Art
  13. Bed time for this one it seems to be a few people who do not know how to accept other opinions are just as valid as theirs. Art
  14. Easy solution do not open it, do not read it, do not comment. I get bitched at for letting them run or for shutting them down. Lets see if we can be adults here. Art
  15. This is going from a discussion to an argument. Discuss things without attacking others opinions is the only way this thread will stay open. Art
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