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  1. Please remember no politics, no religious, all they do is start fights. We also ask that you remember that kids read this forum so if you wouldn't show this to your kids or grand kids then please do not post them here. Feel free to share it by P.M. with your friends that like blue humor. Thanks Art
  2. If you are using the battery and then charging it like you should then you can continue using your lead acid ones. I switched to AGM optima batteries in all of my boats and some are 7 years old now. I fish in some places where I can not plug in at the end of the day so I went with the AGM. I also do not like the acid venting in the battery compartments and while the AGM also vents it is much less and will not spill if it is cracked or tipped. Art
  3. What a loss to us all. My boat is named after one of his songs Art
  4. Let's keep this friendly or I will lock it. While this is trying times, we all need to do what is right for each other. If you can avoid going out and possibly spreading the virus stay at home. If you need to go out for an essential trip take all of the precautions that you can. I wear a cloth mask over my mouth and use sanitizer on my hands before I leave my vehicle as well as when I get back in. I do this because I do not want to spread this to my family. I think I might be able to survive the virus but what if I don't? What if I do survive it but kill my Mom or brother? I don't want to find out so I do what is needed to lessen the risk. This is NOT the Flu it is much worse. Are we making more of this than what it needs to be? We will never know because if we do these steps it will be over quicker and have less casualties so it proves both sides of the argument. Take the time to try to understand that this is not like a war where you know that the enemy is just over the hill and you might die but think about it as a invisible enemy that will attack you 10 days before you know you have been shot. Be civil please and don't think that your answer is the only one that is correct or that other opinions are not valid. thanks Art
  5. Lets keep this polite please. We all have opinions on what to do so feel free to share them without name calling or insulting each other. Thanks Art
  6. If you bulk store gas remember that they should be stabilized to preserve the octane rating as well as the additives. The fuel needs to be vented as well as making sure that vapors do not build up in the storage area. Some areas make it illegal to store more than a small amount without having permits and special insurance . Art
  7. We are still waiting for the T.P. to return to the shelves here. We also seem to be short on sugar and flour. The missing thing that we really want back is the hand sanitize and good cleaning products. Art
  8. My name is Art an I have a boat addiction. With the variety of water I can fish from the ocean to small rivers nearby I have 4 boats. A 28 ft twin engine deep water boat, a 19 ft Ranger, A 18 ft jetdrive john boat and a 10 ft pontoon boat. The boat you saw is a great boat for shallow waters with it's ability to run in 6 inches of water and reinforced bottom it can take a strike pretty well. It however is not happy with weeds which clog the intake and has to be cleared by hand. Art
  9. Think of it as the difference between a tractor and a car. The 4 blade will move more water meaning heavy loads can be negated so if you load up for camping, pull toys or have 4 adults they make it so you can accelerate to planing speed easier and then back off to get better fuel economy then 4 blades are preferred. If you run light and are not pulling toys then the 3 blade is preferred because you can increase top end and also economy by backing off the rpm's. The backing of of the rpm's is tricky because if you have a loaded boat and a 3 bladed prop the amount you can back off is less than if it is a lightly loaded boat. The act of having a blade cupped which accelerates the water off the tip can account for a higher top end as well. The material the prop is made of also affects the pitch needed , the stiffer the material like Stainless Steel the less flex so the more efficient it is. For my 150 HP I have a 3 blade cupped S.S. prop because usually I have only 2 people in the boat. Art
  10. Run it through small engines . The car could have an issue with it in the catalytic converter as well as driving the computer nuts with the reduced octane. Repairs on the boat engine could make running it a costly experiment. I use old gas in my golf cart and lawnmower mixing it 50/50 with no issues . I however think that the use of the marine stabil makes this not much of an issue and nothing bad will happen. Art
  11. Very nice tournament for a great cause. Thank you for the report and the participation. Art
  12. Here is a link to our Sister page they have many reviews and places for you to chose from https://ontariofishingnetwork.com/ Art
  13. Welcome to the site, Here is our sister site https://ontariofishingnetwork.com/ They have lots of reviews and options for you to look at. art
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