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  1. Wrap sewing thread around the worm. Art
  2. aplumma

    Yes problems

    I think we are going to turn on comments and see how it goes. People are posting things that seem to request replies. Hopefully it will go well if it does then we will keep it going if not we will turn them off again. Art
  3. I will ask Blueye to look at this. art
  4. I can't believe that you painted a turkey and then took a picture of it. Sheesh some people will go to extremes to fool us. Art
  5. Looks like a good day of fishing and fun. Good job. Art
  6. Big nope on an under powered boat. If you need to outrun a storm or have a medical emergency you are not going to be in a good way. I run a Ranger with a GTX 150 and it will do 60 MPH most times I run around 30 mph but when the river blows up getting to shelter is a must. I would pass on getting a boat that is at least 80 percent of the rated horsepower. Art
  7. I mounted mine on the floor both pieces to make it a tight grip. You can also mount it as you see in the picture but as soon as it comes out put a flat metal piece spaced up with a few washers so it is at floor level and then mount the buckle catch as normal. Art
  8. Nice score Brian, I can't tie a fly to save my butt but I can see a work of art when they made that vise. Art
  9. Don't make me come up North and start beer can tops in the stores. Art
  10. A sad day when someone loses their life trying to raise the Nations Spirit and Honor. A salute to you for your Service to both of the persons on this mission. Art
  11. I know that my personal business burden is $65.00 an hour per truck that it is on the road. This leaves me with $35.00 an hour to pay for business expansion, savings , bonuses and profit. This is not about someone being greedy which does happen but about the cost of business. I had an estimate to replace the stairs, planks and rails on my deck that I rarely use on the front porch. They came back with $3,200.00 dollars with $900.00 labor. I at first read it and choked but after pricing the job out it was $320.00 material mark up and 2 men 10 hours or $45.00 per man. That which looked expensive actually was one heck of a deal. I live in an area that is one of the highest cost of living in the nation (Metro area outside of Washington D.C.). It sucks when you need to hire someone who can do a job you used to be able to do. As I get older there are jobs that I prefer not to do anymore like taking down 2 trees that were close to the house. A phone call away was a guy who dropped the trees, cleaned up the area for $900.00 dollars and I got the job done . IF you had told me 10 years ago I would pay that instead of doing myself I would have called you crazy. The pill is not so bitter paying others because I have a trade that command a better price than most jobs and I am able to work as much as I want. "getting old is not for the faint hearted" was said by someone and I can't agree more. Art
  12. If a company has to drive to your house to do the work then it will be at least $50.00. Remember it is a business which has overhead, insurance,equipment, employees and trucks to keep running. They have to account for the travel time to your house so if it is one house only then it will be a higher rate than if it is someone who has other jobs in the area. You also want to be able to do it on your schedule meaning you are not a steady customer. A professional will always be more expensive than a local kid so decide if you want the professionalism of a company which cost more or a local kid who could be more of a headache than you want. I would expect a bill of $75.00 a cut to be more than reasonable from a lawn company. Art
  13. here is a little more of the backyard builds racing Art
  14. Please do not argue or attack someone for their opinions, remember we all have one. Thanks Art
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