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  1. aplumma

    Lund problems 😳

    I am still running a 1989 Fiberglass Ranger boat and the only issue I had to address was where the floatation foam in the floor had shrunk and the glass needed to be reinforced and leveled. As others have said a good boat well taken care of can last a lifetime. Art
  2. aplumma

    brush cutting blade on a weed trimmer

    https://www.homedepot.ca/en/home/tool-and-vehicle-rental/p.brush-hog.08831.html You might find this to be the best answer. Art
  3. aplumma

    1st year of guiding done.

    Well done I hope that you have as good a time next year if you decide to do it again . Art
  4. aplumma

    Engine diagnostics report. Help please

    The information is for diagnostic purposes and are for the mechanic to look over for red flags. The individual numbers are not as important as what they mean in combination with each other. Think of it as an electrocardiogram the scribbles mean nothing as a scribble but by comparing and looking at all of them it tells you if things are meshing correctly. If there was any concern the mechanic would have been happy to explain how it was going to cost you more money. Art
  5. Lets keep this as a discussion of what we know on the subject. If it gets personal or political I will lock it up. The O.P. has been a member since 2008 so I will give him the benefit of the doubt on this being a PETA spam. Thank you Art
  6. We do not allow a person to have more than one account. If you have more than one you must delete any others you have made. If you are found to have more than one account than all accounts associated will be flag as a spammer and banned from the board. This is a big NO NO Art
  7. aplumma

    2018-2019 Hockey Thread

    Lets keep this polite and not inflamative please. Keep in mind that some of the friendly insults and arguments are between people who have know each other for years and fish together. Thanks Art
  8. aplumma

    Sta-bil or Sta-bil 360 Marine?

    The fuel treatments work 2 ways first it creates a barrier between air and the fuel in the tank much like oil floats on water. This barrier cut down or stops water absorption into the ethanol in the fuel. It also encapsulates the water in the fuel and allows it to be processed thru the fuel system. If you get a slug of water in the fuel no product will separate the alcohol and the water it will settle to the bottom of the tank and the fuel pick up will send it to the carburetor/ efi. Art
  9. aplumma

    What to do with a butler?! NF

    I look at it this way $50.00 takes me roughly 20 minutes to make to give that to someone who is doing everything that they can to make my vacation better is easily done. When I am on Vacation I have usually laid out 6-10 thousand dollars a week another $50.00 isn't going to cause me to lose sleep. If spending $50.00 stresses your budget then tip less but once you are at the point in life where you are taking 6-10 thousand dollar vacations this should be an easy thing to do. Treating the people around you as good as you can will always bring positive rewards and good Karma. I am sure that when the person got home he told his family about this generous and very nice Couple he got to work with and that to me is worth $ 50.00 . Glad you had a good time my friend. Art
  10. aplumma

    Sta-bil or Sta-bil 360 Marine?

    Stabil 360 marine is designed to keep a barrier between the fuel surface and the air. It also will help with corrosion of the tank more so than sta bil. I use it always no matter what time of year or whether two and four stoke. A note the two stroke oil can come out of solution if allowed to set for long periods of time. Always give it a shake no matter what brand you use. Art
  11. aplumma

    Rivers , Facebook and migratory fish. RANT

    this is going to have a very short life if it goes the way most flossing threads go. Keep it civil please. Art
  12. aplumma

    NF - Thursday Funny

    Where did you find T.J.s truck parked? Art
  13. aplumma

    Inflatable Life Jackets

    The caution I would have is if you are wearing both meaning a class 4 high impact usually has 3 or 4 straps that will not move when you are skipping across the water at a high rate of speed as well as an auto inflate vest you could be in trouble. The straps designed to not loosen in a tumble will not allow the auto vest to deploy and leave room for you to breath. A cracked rib or getting the wind knocked out of you is possible as well as jamming the release buckles so make sure if you are using both that it is a manual one. Personally I strap my manual vest to the leaning post when I am using the main motor and that reminds me to put it on before I start fishing. Art
  14. aplumma

    NF. New Motor - E-TEC 135 HO

    Nice new motor you are good to go now. Art
  15. aplumma

    Inflatable Life Jackets

    I do not think that the auto inflates or the manual inflatables are rated for speed impacts. While running the bass boat we wear 4 strap jetski impact rated vests and full face helmets with whiplash collars. When off plane in waters that the shore can be seen and easily reached I do not wear a life vest unless the water is below 70F. When fishing alone or the shore is to far to easily reach I use a high speed rated while under power and a manual inflatable when fishing. I raced Jet Skis for years competitively and a full wetsuit , whiplash collar, spine guard ,helmet and impact rated PFD were needed because of the 50MPH wrecks that occurred. I have been thrown off at full speed and had a helmet cracked when someone hit me as they went by. The difference was we had water rescue on the course to pull you out of the water immediately. Always be safe and take the time to make sure you will come home again. A