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  1. aplumma

    The Result of Gun Contol

    Sorry folks I didn't see this till now. We do not need to discuss this here it never has ended in a good way and it is not Border friendly. Art
  2. You are showing all of the signs of a worn out oil delivery system. This could be due to a leak or the pump is going bad. The reason the thicker oil is allowing the sensor to be quiet is it is creating back pressure between the pump and the sensor. This is usual for a high wear on the pump situation. The mechanics are correct that is the issue and the noises you expect are the damage done after a low pressure has allowed excessive wear on the motor. You can either run it till it blows up and replace the engine or replace it before it blows up but it is going to blow at some place or time. If you have a second vehicle or if it blows it will not be stressful then let it eat. If you travel in it and it is the only car then consider repairing it or replacing it at your convenience. With high mileage vehicle I hesitate to replace major components when the rest of the vehicle is the same age. Good luck Art
  3. aplumma

    Another Off the Bucket List and a New PB!

    Vey nice looking fish you got there. Glad you enjoyed them. Art
  4. aplumma


    To keep this open I did some editing to get it back in line. Please be courteous and respect other opinions. Going down the same road as before will end this thread. Thanks Art
  5. aplumma

    Sharpening auger blades

    Many of the high end knifes I make are finished using a glass plate and wet sandpaper working up to 3000 grit. The finished edge when sharpened using the ultra fine grits do not create a burr so the edge is super sharp. I have since switched to using diamond honing paste and balsa wood which it actually not only leaves a burr free edge but it micro polishes it to a laser type shine when you rotate it in the light. Take your time and be precise is the way to get a wicked sharp edge. Art
  6. The funny part is I bet people rushed out and bought one just like we do now because it looked like it would work. Art
  7. That IT I cant sit back and watch someone looking like President Lincoln beating a dead horse for 5 minutes any longer. Looks like this thread has run its course and should be put to sleep. Art
  8. aplumma

    She made me so PROUD NF

    Very cool she has the right views on life. Art
  9. aplumma

    First Surf Fishing Experience

    Very cool , but be careful you can fall in love with ocean fishing and soon you will have another type of fishing to spend money on. Art
  10. aplumma


    I hear you Chris I am not happy when anyone walks away from a debt. I own a plumbing company and personally if a deal is struck I will lose money on a job that I have given my word on before I will break my word. Art
  11. aplumma


    I love to hear things like this Brian when a company is so close to the employees that it is a family type atmosphere. I have found this is possible when a company is small enough to stay in touch with each other and they have the family picnics and know the employees family members by name. The reality is when a company goes from this to being a company with shareholders and policies that affect 100's to 1,000's of employees it has to be done with a broad sweeping brush that does not try to make everyone happy but tries to give something to everyone while protecting the shareholders that they answer too. I am not saying it is fair nor will I say it is always right but it is the way business is done. I have stocks as most of us do and if a company keeps losing money whether the reason is it is trying to be nice to the employees or it is failing for any reason we will pull out of the company as an investor. The deals that may have been made in the past had a way for GM to legally close the plant regardless of if it has or has not repaid the debt to ?Canada? Sorry I do not know anything about the loan so I can't speak on it. If they are walking away from a debt then it appears the penalty for doing that is less than telling the shareholders that they lost 4-6 billion dollars. I will watch to see how this unfolds because it appears there is a piece missing. A major company does not close down a division in a foreign country unless it is no longer profitable to keep it there. It could be union demands are excessive, the cost of electricity and materials are to high, or government subsidies are being lessened and eating away at the profits. The biggest and hardest thing for people to do is to distance themselves mentally from the fact that a business has to survive first before it can have any compassion for the employees. While harsh it is business 101 similar to cutting off a gangrene rotting foot to save the life of the person. It is not the first choice nor a pleasant choice that has repercussions down the line but the person lives to fight another day. Art
  12. aplumma


    I am surprised to read how many people think that this is personal. The GM pull out has nothing to do with it being Canada but everything to do with keeping the company alive and profitable. We see this all over the place in many countries even down to the the cities. A Home Depot closes down when a Lowes moves into the area then they both pull out when they are no longer selling to the new construction boom that was going on. The Lodges up North that sell or close when they people no longer want to travel that far for poor fishing conditions. Business are there to make a product that generates a profit not to make sure that the people who are employed have a job. How many times have you heard of a a man starting a business and failing meaning he has sold everything he owns of value and now has a future of debt and the hard times of rebuilding his finances. The employees then have offered to work for free and give back some of the money they earned to save the owner. This only happens in the movies folks most people say tough luck you made a grab for the brass ring and missed. Now let this man create a business that makes him rich and now he is the bad guy because he has been rewarded for taking the chance and making smarts decisions. Art
  13. aplumma

    Fall Largemouth Question

    Bass are heading out to the secondary weed lines. As you look at the weeds when they are dying back the O2 levels start to go down which pushes the minnows out further. Look for areas that have deeper weeds and baitfish still present. Once you find them a rattling crankbait is a good bet as the day warms up meaning getting up at the crack of dawn is no longer needed. While scouting a bonus on the secondary weedline is warmer water even if it is only a degree or two. I look for rock points or feeder creeks entering the lake or large masses of rock that hold the heat. The fish are feeding in smaller areas and less often so slow down the presentation using a rattling pig and jig or blade lures jigged up and down. While you are moving about some of the minnows are now balling up in deeper water and fishing the edges and underside is a good way to find fish that are actively feeding. Try not to break the ball up with noise or casting into the middle of it. If you do come on a busted ball that you feel was not because of you then send a rattle trap thru the middle of it looking for feeding fish. Hope this helps Art
  14. Nice Job that is a couple of cold water jewels. Art
  15. aplumma

    Lund problems 😳

    I am still running a 1989 Fiberglass Ranger boat and the only issue I had to address was where the floatation foam in the floor had shrunk and the glass needed to be reinforced and leveled. As others have said a good boat well taken care of can last a lifetime. Art