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  1. Looking good Brian, I have been using the ones you sent down and so far they have caught every species of fish we have. The Crappie and Bream seem to really like them. A few bass and a catfish have also fallen victim to them. Due to the lack of safe ice here so far South I am just about to wrap up my season till spring. Enjoy the hardware up North I am sure with a few of these in your arsenal you will have many a fish fry ahead of you. Art
  2. I am sorry for your loss. I have always had a special place in my heart for doggos. Art
  3. Very nice trip Brian, Thanks for sharing. Smoked Salmon is my favorite with cream cheese, capers, and red onions on a bagel. MMmmmm slap your momma good. Art
  4. Check your local motorcycle shops they might be able to match it. Art
  5. remove the bolt and wrap the fitting in plastic tightly and tape it closed. this prevents the line from draining down and you can match the bolt at a local parts store. Art
  6. I have always gone up North with USD most stores have the ability to make change and price adjustments for USD. If you get way up North and will be using mom and pop type stores they are less likely to have USD and will return CAD if they need to. The smaller companies also may not be using the most current exchange rates like the big box or chain stores do. Cheers Art
  7. I replaced my cables with this unit which was really much easier than trying to feed the cables through the chase. It has no feedback and has performed flawlessly for 8 years now. It also will allow you to vary the length of the run so it fits perfectly. Once a cable goes stiff it is because it is full of bits of rust and frayed cable. You can lubricate it temporarily but when it breaks it is a long trip back to the dock. https://www.westmarine.com/dometic-baystar-outboard-steering-system-3400934.html cheers Art
  8. Well done Brian, your videos might have to be changed to a lower resolution to downsize the files. I sadly can not tell you how but you can see if Blueyes has an answer. Art
  9. I think in my world earth tones are a better match while fishing. The skill in the process is as usual excellent. Maybe matched up with a Ron Gardner Reel would make it aesthetically balance better. Art
  10. Welcome, Fishing takes a lifetime to learn and it will also teach you many valuable lessons. Part of it is reading but the big part is to find someone who fishes and see if you can barter a trip with them. I started off hanging out at a local boat ramp and fishing from the dock. Looking at what people have on their rods when they pull in kind of lets you get familiar with different baits and ask them if they had any luck. if someone seems friendly and answers your questions you might ask them if they would like to have you fish with them from their boat. Tell them a little about yourself and offer to bring them a great lunch and chip in for fuel. That is how I met my mentor who gave me 30 years of companionship, wisdom and morality that has served me well. Cheers Art
  11. very cool, enjoy the day. I would say good luck but the lures are going to just fly out of the buckets. Art
  12. Here is a great place to explore different places to vacation up North https://getnorth.com/ Cheers Art
  13. Dave is one of the most passionate people who truly supports fishing. He is on my bucket list of people I want to meet. if you ever make it to the Washington D.C. area I have a standing offer still for a free fishing trip. Art
  14. Looks really good Chris, I would think that a special addition matching Ron Gardener reel would be a winning combination for sure. Art
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