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  1. That is a 31 year old boat, during a time that boats are selling for stupid money right now. If you decide that it is the one to own have it looked at by a trained marine mechanic to make sure that the major components are solid. Remember if there is a major component that needs to be replaced like , motor, hull damage, rotted transom the repair cost will make this a huge mistake to recover from. Art
  2. Imagine this a world where we all can agree that having different opinions is o.k. Art
  3. wayyyyy of subject. Back on track, stop bashing each other or it gets locked. Art
  4. There is no such thing as a tiller fan...... let the games begin CONSOLE Art
  5. Sorry but this didn't go well the last three times. If you want to discuss covid there are plenty of other sites that will let you argue about it. Not here. Art
  6. Nice looking fly brother now find a school of Crappie and I bet you would clean up on them as well. Art
  7. Take the bolt to any good auto parts store and they can size it for you. Be warned you are buying a drill bit,tap, and coils. Art
  8. When you helicoil apply grease to the drill bit and drill slow. This will catch the filings as they form. IF the grease melts you are going to fast. Grease the tap as you rethread the hole for the new helicoil. With this method you can drill and tap a sparkplug in a head still installed. For a video look at one for helicoil an aluminum head and you will find one. Art
  9. The waterways up North are brutal with the rock shoals and the cliffs that have become water basins. Down here we have lowlands with soft bottoms of sand and muck in most of our navigable waterways. Our rivers that are shallow are mostly weedfree and we use outboard jet drives to get around in the shallow water. If they do suck up weeds it is easy to hop overboard in the 2 ft of water and clear them out. I brought that boat up North a few times and cold cut through between islands with no fear of grounding with a 4 inch draft. The down side was the weeds clogging the pump. I since then use my 150 hp bass boat and a aluminum prop to hunt for rocks up North. While dangerous it makes getting around a lot faster. Art
  10. Looking good Cliff looks like a few nice summer fish there. Art
  11. Just turn it into a rock hound I am sure you will find lots of rocks that will volunteer to ruin your day up North. lol Art
  12. Ford has continued to make the trucks and SUVs which only need the chips that are not available. The lots are so full they are considering shipping the trucks without a chip to the dealers and installing them in house. The down side is the new trucks are sitting and getting surface rust, door squeaks, and funny smells from sitting closed up in the weather. People are paying a premium, waiting for months and getting a less than perfect vehicle. The mustang, dodge charger and dodge challenger, are idle on the production lines. The golf cart industry can't deliver them fast enough to the golf courses so the ones that are replaced and sold to the public are hard to find and are selling for more than the asking price. I keep finding phone numbers and cards stuck on my boat at the marina asking if I want to sell it. Art
  13. Same down here Brian. The local car dealer who usually has 350 new cars now have 34 as of today. RVs, boats, even golf carts are very rare and are at a premium price. Most of it is not being able to get the smaller components to build with as well as delivering the finished products. Many people during lockdown pocketed the money they got and added the money they didn't spend on vacations and are actively buying sport and luxury items now. As the transportation industry gets parts and finished products back into the pipelines we should see a return to normal stock for new products and many slightly used sporting goods up for sale at a reduced price once people decide they are not as outdoorsy as they thought. Art
  14. All covers will rub the paint if you cover them as you are driving down the road. They also have the problem of when wet they hold the moisture in contact with the paint and decals will be more likely to delaminate the decals. Your best friend is a coat of wax and only cover when you are parked. Art
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