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  1. looking good Lew it looks like it is time to make some sawdust. Art
  2. I have a smaller battery that is used for 12 volt emergency lighting from home depot. I am able to use it for 5 hours without recharging. This keeps it from getting any electrical interference from the starting and the trolling motor on the screen. If you want to test the starting of the motor that is making the unit shut down put a volt meter on the battery and see if it loses more than 3 volts if so that is the issue. Art
  3. O.K. folks talk hockey and about the teams. You can express your opinions that you hold DO NOT EXPRESS OPINIONS ON THERE OPINIONS if you need clarification send me a P.M. I am really tired of this crap that some of you are expressing about others opinions and the bickering back and forth. I now ask if you disagree with someone to the point that you are going to insult them the simply block them. Bickering and fighting opinions will now get you into the penalty box automatic 1 week suspension from the site. I am tired of refereeing adults and if you do not have the self control to follow the rules then I will help you. Final warning if you think this might be addressed to you it most likely is. Art
  4. I am not sure who makes this one but it really sucks. Art
  5. I recently ruined a friend of mine he caught a 7 lb Bass the first day out using a baitcaster for the first time. He so far has spent $400.00 or better buying a new rod and reel. He now has the bug. lol Art
  6. If you decide as you go thru Virginia Take a day and Fish the Potomac River you will not be disappointed. I have fished further South and have had a good time fishing for Bass but I find that I get side tracked for Crappie and if Saltwater is near,forget it I am hitting the inshore fishing. I went down to Florida in March and caught a few nice bass nd then it was all Saltwater . I am lucky that an accidental fish was released called the snakehead in the Potomac it has proven to not do the damage forecasted and has added a great sport fish that taste excellent. I hope they do not get out of the area and with the saltwater influence it has the possibility to contain them if people do not get stupid. I will say the reason I fish around is to target the different species and the glorious Great White North has a huge place in my heart both for the people and the outdoors that you all have and thankfully share. Art
  7. I think anyone breaking the law should face punishment. If you see it and you do not report it then you are as guilty as they are for turning a blind eye. I personally disagree on the state of bass fishing in the U.S. I have fished for both and honestly don't bass fish up North because I can do that down here. I however do not have musky or pike due to the warm weather so they are what I target. I think that up North needs the added protection due to the short growing season and the higher mortality as water levels fluctuate. Art
  8. When I am up North where the blood sucking creatures are way more active than down here. (meaning I am not used to feeding them). I use a bug suit as needed and 100 % deet on my hat and cuffs to keep them at bay. I also wear latex gloves on my hands when they are exposed to keep them from biting. One of the good things about the little buggers is when you are out fishing and you have a dozen or so dragonflies on the carpet deck on the boat and they attack the incoming horseflies. Lots of fun watching that when the bite slows down. Art
  9. https://www.aircanada.com/ca/en/aco/home/plan/baggage/restricted-and-prohibited-items.html It appears you are good but read this and decide. Art
  10. Good luck with your project I have moved this to the correct place on the site. Thank you for the discounts and if you would like to increase your exposure we can set you up with a banner for a reasonable price. Art
  11. Very nice fish keep up the good work. Art
  12. Very nice trip and some pretty fish for sure. Art
  13. 3....2..... stop trashing each other I am getting tired of this crap. If you continue I am going to make it so no ones posts can be seen till I review them once a week. Who thinks I am kidding? let me know Art
  14. Mr. pike you have only 200 rpms if it makes a difference. Art
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