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  1. Those are some nice kitties. Art
  2. We have had to many people taking sides and arguing about covid rules. With this in mind we are limiting the number of threads as they are causing hurt feelings and arguments. I am sure there are many other places that you can find to have this inflamatory subject discussed. Thanks Art
  3. well done as always Spiel thanks for sharing. Art
  4. What a cruel joke mother nature is playing. Here is hoping for warmer weather for you all. Art
  5. Apply carpet runner plastic (comes in a roll)it is self sticking and used when remodelers are going to be walking on the carpet. The correct answer though is to remove paint and reinstall like Brian said. Art
  6. No offence taken we do have very good advertising rates and would welcome you to discuss them with TJQ He has a few avenues that I am sure could help you increase your business as well as support this site. Good luck and hopefully we can get back to a more normal world this year and fish. Art
  7. Time to put this thread back to bed. If you want any more info it is all spelled out here in the thread. If you want to P.M. each other for additional help you may find that useful as well. Art
  8. What you have chosen is a good set up for general fishing conditions. A MH for perch is no fun but a ultalight is no good for pike so the first rod should be something that does all jobs well. Eventually you will find the direction you will go to start tuning you're equiptment to the species and size you want. Art
  9. That BB vid of Arnold is political so should be removed. As Moderator you are now taking sides by allowing this one-sided perspective. 

  10. Good point Lew Some parts of the program are templates that do not allow us to change them. Art
  11. You can have all of the free speech you want as long as they do not break the rules of this forum. This is a private club that you have asked to join with that in mind we ask that you follow our rules. if you can't follow them then you may go elsewere where the rules do not apply. Art
  12. Let me clue you in we do not have moderators or Admin. we are the owners of the site. Art
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