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  1. Let me clue you in we do not have moderators or Admin. we are the owners of the site. Art
  2. I will leave the video up but have turned off/ removed comments they had become confrontational this is not a place where political stuff can be discussed nor will we promote it. Thanks Art
  3. We are back on track. Take TWO......... Art
  4. You can use a wire lug that is the correct way to splice large wires. They are used in electrical splices up to three phase connections. They can then be covered with NOlox a compound designed to prevent corrosion and then taped up with high voltage tape which is stretchy and seals to itself. This is not like the electrical tape you use which is thin and plastic it is the rubber type of tape. Art
  5. Everyone is entitled to have an opinion no matter what it is. The issue is when people do not accept other opinions as being valid is where the problem lies. People seem to want to argue about their opinions backed up by what they read and feel all other ones are wrong. If someone disagrees with an opinion that is o.k. just leave it as "we will have a difference of opinions and move on." I haven't the time or energy to referee adults on how to respect other views. It is easier for me to be the bad guy and lock the thread and put the offenders in modQ which I hate doing to adults. Thanks for listening Art
  6. Do not argue in this thread or it will be locked and people modQed Thank you Art
  7. O.K. we still can't seem to talk politly on the Covid so all of the threads will be locked. If you three want to discuss this use P.M. or you will be ModQed. Last chance Art
  8. Veery nice job, I don't have the patients to tye one fly much less a batch of them. Art
  9. Well said Drew thank you for starting this Holiday off with sound advise for the times as we figure out how to be better to each other. Art
  10. Merry Christmas or happy holiday which ever you prefer. In the spirit of the holidays I am going to lock this down. My warning appears to have gone unheeded. Art
  11. y'all just can't play nice. Consider this your only warning it will be locked next time there is an insult typed. Art
  12. You also run the risk of not catching any fish with the live scope because you never wetted the line because you were watching the screen all day. It really is facinating what you see but what is the line where you have to big of an advantage over the fish. I think that when you go out some of what makes the good trips better are the trips where you did poorly. I enjoy looking at a flasher and figuring out the puzzle of what is going on below and then proving it by catching the fish. Art
  13. Being that you are ice fishing meaning you are not in a constant flux of moving trying to measure lots of different elements, I think the improvements a new system would have would be wasted. When I am either running over 50 MPH or stationary in the boat I use my flasher more than my Lowrance unit. It tells me the depth, bottom hardness and floating objects easily at a glance. When I am looking for things I cruise between 2 and 8 mph then I use my Lowrance down or sidescan. Art
  14. Any weld on aluminum cleaned and welded correctly should take an hour. If you are looking for cheap then the best way to get your money's worth is to go local and not spend the extra time driving for a "deal". Hope this helps Art
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